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watch alongs included oky doie the roaches rad roach God how cool would it be to go to these sets oh is that what I think it

is like how they hear the horror and they’re like let’s go check it out that’s nothing else to do his name’s Roger rer Roger my name is Roger hey Raj his voice is like echoing a fellow ghoul oh this is what he can become you for that Bounty

too huh yep a oh that’s horrifying oh yeah he’s turning oh well there you go how you feeling no you know D smoothies can be so unkind you think you got a smoothie your smoothie smart to introduce this yeah you don’t have to have any vials do you

I mean he’s too far gone right yeah you’re and your smooth face friend my want to clear out before things get ugly oh he’s a good girl I did okay 28 years since I first started showing yo this guy’s good ability to deliver sincerity and then just snap

into it how long since you first started wastelanding a long time it’s a lot of vials well I’ve always been good at making money Roger you remember how good food used to taste blamco mac and cheese I ice cream and apple pie damn apple pie you know my

mom used to at least he gave him a good memory well we know that gun can kill a ghoul why’ you do that stop you don’t have to resort to what’ you say your name was Lucy mlan still doesn’t remember mlan mlan John mlan it ain’t all canned

peaches and marmalade left up here sweetheart sometimes e Fell’s got to eat a fell oh my God oh my God you know my Vault has endured hardship too everyone had to quarantine they couldn’t work the Farms together my dad dropped 128 lb and he still that’s what people

say they did and what they really did well I bet your daddy was first in line at cooker I bet he had a bill with a drawing of his neighbor’s ass on how do you live like this why keep going that is a good question why why the

am I doing all the work come on vaulty ass jerky don’t make itself ass jerky the snack that smiles back wow I love there’s always a different title smash hello are ah an elect democracy I hope that guy wins that says leader right there yeah he looks like

it it’s firmer than gelatin any Lu I asked him all sorts of questions who he is who he works for what organizing principle if any they operate under 200 years with no contact the Terrible Things this creature must have been through what’s he doing oh no 200 years

they said we’ll try again tomorrow a made pie if you’d like a piece I was there the first time that you try rhar pie and ice cream you sure did pie that day our goals were just reflecting on ice cream you’re the last standing mlan your voice carries

more weight than you might realize M I hid during the raid I got into the storage space and I hid your sister kind of forced you in there does that make you angry what does it matter now it’s time to prove yourself regular boys can’t get angry and

they’ll just pee on the wall so do grown men I was going to say that’s how we met you’re lucky not to have seen where that can lead poisoning the prisoners with red poison just tread lightly why don’t you run for overseer I mean it seems like doesn’t

matter who’s overseer seems like she probably is uh the one who really pulls her strength I was going to say she has the true influence around here oh my God he’s just making her succumb now you’re get how does that Golden Rule Drive what’s going through your head

right now what are you oh I’m you sweetie you just give it a little time n NOP you’re you’re ruining your mic drop all right Lucy Jesus oh wow that is the point of impact damn it what you think you going you ain’t going nowhere oh look what

she’s coming there you are you little killer oh he’s kind of proud you did that so slowly oh is he going to eat it now that right there is the closest time we’ve had to an honest exchange so far little quick proquo I just love how she does

it just for survival and he does it just to just for fun just to break even I kind of appreciate that I think he likes her you know in his own sadistic way I’m really waiting for this guy to get truly interesting hey hey I thought I’d just

stop by and see how you’re doing not great same bro first I lost Lucy and then I lost my job as the gatekeeper how are you handling the uh lost my husband an MI you know same I was actually just organizing some of Bert’s things and well I

thought maybe you might want some of them he was a good man Steph he took great care of his shoes doesn’t really know him I loved him so much did you and those monsters took him away from me hate those guys it would mean a lot to me

if they were dead if you took BT shoes wow thank you used stff very little feet I know they’re like comically short and this bird oh this is a should really have given them to the brother he probably would have fit in them pretty well oh God don’t

do it man don’t do it man just keep it on while oh yeah of course I’m sorry what was you thinking oh Lordy to yes I am oh Jesus now that is one oh my God that is one lady oh my God super duper Mart Greg oh man

they even made her walk around with one like Barefoot on one foot I’ll say this Greg I’ve never entered a super duper Mart without my blood pressure way up two month supply of aisles exchange one female Mint Condition near Min condition condition grading requires physical evaluation please send

her in I love a good Mr handy you’re selling me have problems out here too sweetheart best you try your luck behind that door oh Ma’am I don’t want to separate these two I love them together oh they’ll be back oh he’s really trying to hold it together

just keeping up appearances huh oh buddy welcome to Five Nights at Freddy’s I would do like frantic missions to collect little shopping carts to scrap as metal for my fort never seen somebody cowardly run to pick up shopping cart so fast in their entire life Welcome whoa I

I’ve been kidnapped you’ve lost a finger ah that won’t do at all let’s get you taken care of this is intriguing it’s Mr handy would you mind taking a seat on that gurnie in front of you now what have we here ah this one will do it oh

my God now if you give me your hand e okay you’re going to feel a slight pinch a big fish ate my head and I need my head to get back that’s much better isn’t it oh she didn’t even feel it she didn’t react at all to that

that feels really really nice that’s a good makeup that creature that brought me here you seem unhappy he did not treat me very courteously really really and he made me drink from pot of water that I’m pretty sure was just some kind of animal I mean I thought

I was here to be a sex lady no what a disgusting idea who’s that I’m simply going to harvest your organ oh well at least uh he gave her a finger why do you give her a finger if he’s going to harvest her organs cuz you sell the

full product right there’s the jelatin that he’s poisoned hey Veronica wait they’re getting jell cake those are my orders I wonder what your dad would say about this don’t eat it Veronica do you want it nobody’s going to know I don’t think he poison it then what are

you looking at a murderer in a cage paying the price for what you did to us interesting but what you did to the innocent people in Vault 32 I don’t know what the people of Vault 32 were up to but it was anything but innocent oh the mystery

is rising I mean it sound like the dad did something deceitful in some way and I just I can’t I’m not sure if he’s from the vault originally interesting plot twist and I appreciate the red herring with the jello spooky nothing worse than an abandoned Vault you see

whatever Happened Here happened a long time ago so it wasn’t the Raiders trying to see if I could piece the mystery together and I can’t cuz the Raiders the the ones who raided the leader of them who Lucy is looking for seemed like she had a real personal

Vendetta well I I think there’s a so some some kind of connection to oh my God a sick use of a foosball table stick the last bio signal detected was two years ago holy so for two years it’s been like this oh interesting we can’t say that word

on YouTube I didn’t know that the once Bountiful food the once endless space they eat each other in their desperation to survive it’s a voltech experiment so like they intentionally threw them into these conditions to test their survival skills to test all different sorts of psychological and messed

up warped things and the dad must have been behind it in some way some of the overse years were privy to the experiments I mean it looks like they strangled each other with their hands do how strangling works but if the dad knew about it why would he

allow the marriage with Vault 32 to happen I’m not sure if the dad knew about this experiment but he might have known about his own experiment okay oh my God alive she have a baby in her hand our latest arrival has arrived what are they asking snip snip

60 V we can do 60 is that what’s his name from I Carly so she’s ready for the next oh that guy no I don’t know nice robot where are you from again who never been there myself hope to go there someday soon oh man you can’t like

reason with a AI like this be afraid a little snip snip and it will all be over this won’t hurt a bit oh my God oh my God excuse me whoa a that’s creative there’s no fudge here there’s no fudge here look at you getting creative and surviving

there was a minute there where I thought she might actually just die the show’s been good at I thought she’d at least get cut into like the show the the show’s been good at allowing her to get harmed hands up do as I say and snip snip doesn’t

get hurt it’s aing robot yeah you might as well be holding an air conditioner hostage snip snip tell them what a brao does to the human body if you’ve got a clog that’s full of muck trust a brao draining fluid it’s very pleas that’s all you need here

okay you can walk out of here not just me the vials them too oh my God she’s a hero should all of them be running around hey thank you a I said all of them lady those those ones you don’t understand yeah yeah I mean I don’t know

if all of them should be let don’t be scared you’re free oh God uh oh holy oh these are just straight up zombies now oh hello there that shooting text oh damn still managed to get the shot in Martha my name is Martha why did you say their

name your name is Martha time to make a choice no look she’s doing what the ghoul did earlier was that her first kill oh you might be right about that it’s very poetic this moment damn the suffrage these guys must have been de holy yeah most Vault scenes

are pretty intense all right no joke I have that exact chair that’s a mod way it’s episod the overseer this episode is dealing so much with the false identities that you had perceived about life I think it’s safe to say they went bananas it still doesn’t explain how

the Raiders got in unless they just open the doors for them death to management that’s relatable if there were any survivors down here they probably open the door and welcome the Raiders right in it says it was open from the outside no they need a pit Bo open

the door they had one Dad Dad the mom mom mom ain’t Tad oh my God you’re so badass how the tables have turned she going to give him the vials you don’t get these you turn into one of those that how it works I love her so much

such a transformation my proud dad I may end up looking like you I won’t be you I’ll never be like you holy maybe that could open up his heart ATT tab bit golden R it was that moment his heart grew three sizes this is phenomenal look at all

that scrap metal Triumph dude she’s excellent ah got those extra vows you can get there’s total jackpot in there for you man yeah good place do a little RNR just literally doing every dress it’s like a buffet oh my God what a jackpot you sh why don’t you

just take the box I’d love to share some as we all but we all wanten invited to this party oh is he going to see himself oh yeah dude be so delicate with those bottles would you is that the movie he was shoot shooting at the beginning or

last episode means he was ugly strong and had dignity well Joey I’ll give you two out of three on that front he was always pretending to be somebody else I hope you like the taste of Li you Comm son of a and he protested the violence he didn’t

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we just stayed we didn’t do any Maximus yeah um I kind of like that it was nice to be a little focused I didn’t actually think about him at all during this episode say I did either H it was it was mainly Vault and the what’s it called

super what Market super duper Mar that’s it okay super duper Mar uh yeah I thought that was really cool I mean just watching Lucy’s transformation in real time yeah so she’s like physically transforming throughout this journey and watching her being broken down by the ghoul and then ended

up in know in positions where it’s unintentionally like uh emblematic what the ghoul did and then having to make a choice at the very end to show yeah yeah that was really cool it it’s fun translating like the video game equivalent of having these things done to you

and needing to make those respective choices and then deciding whether or not you’re going to let that like affect your like moral righteousness yeah uh and I feel like they’ve done such a great job at like making Lucy a believable character like throughout that entire experience uh I

I thought the super duper Mart Arc was just it was perfect um like they got into like the slave trade and the organ harvesting trade is like historically speaking like a you hear your mic move what is that noise like jiggling or something am I am I a

jiggling it’s like I don’t I don’t get it I hear it on yours but I don’t hear on mine I get excited um I’m not a crook do I just Bobble am I a Fallout Bobblehead uh God I had a really profound thought Greg uh I had to

interrupt it yeah I know you’re really good at that I had I just kept hearing it yeah you were talking about the Mart and yeah it it was a like throughout the Fallout games you have these like really horrific scenes that you come upon uh that are particularly

devastating um around like that cover like slavery like I mean there are like scenes for example where you find characters that have these collars that have literal bombs attached to them so that if they like leave the perimeter their heads will explode nice I love it um yeah

not not necessarily like the most like I mean it it gets really dark and I was a little concerned that they were going to shy away from some of that stuff because you know obviously TV you know it’s hard to capture a lot of that in a way

that is you know comfortable for an audience and I feel like they did a really nice job of that and I I thought but this episode um I mean god it feels like two episodes ago that we saw the first other ghoul uh but that was this episode

um and I thought that was such an introduction to show what can happen and then to then see the final stage of a ghoul and the way that they’ve held on to that I thought was so brilliant and how Lucy took that and was able to show Mercy

it was beautiful um what are you feeling about the Vault uh what am I feeling about the Vault yeah I’m so as like somebody that doesn’t like I’ve I’ve got an idea of where we’re going I’m so curious what you think is going on I mean I I

think the the stuff that our vault is 33 right where our main character is from I think the stuff going on directly at 33 is not super compelling comparatively to everything else that’s going on sure but when they went to 30 two and start unpacking that mystery with

all the dread and death and the and one thing the show is really good at doing is letting visuals dictate um feelings of History without having to like fully lay it out you know leave a lot to the imagination and feeling and I love that I love the

way the show does that so seeing the atrocities at Vault 32 did really Peak the interesting because you start to worry about how can this bleed over and effect Vault 33 um because I I enjoy the characters at Vault 32 I’m not as uh I guess say not

dislike dislike is not the right word I everyone else I’m kind of rooting for in some way you know what I mean sure like Lucy easy one to root for um even the ghoul to a certain extent you’re you’re just like I find him incredibly compelling he’s insanely

compelling you know and cuz you you he’s fun to watch be ruthless but they do a good job at hooking you into who he was before like guy still has to be in there somewhere and um the and of course Maximus you know again Underdog easy to root

for whereas I in Vault 33 it’s like it’s interesting stuff that’s watching that’s on watching happen but it’s uh I I guess like when you’re hopping between story lines where like these are characters I root for and I don’t really root for anyone there yeah um it it

it just by comparison it just slides down the scale of I’m not as interested but when they opened up VA 32 and started going down there I was like okay this is getting really interesting did you ever watch man in the High Castle I did not okay that

there was a like the main character’s best friend reminds me so much of the the younger brother where it’s like I want to really care but I just just not quite there I just don’t yeah uh but the I mean the reality is the mystery of 32 definitively

connects to all of these narratives are colliding um and it’s like it’s it’s so fun how they’ve taken the same formula that makes every Fallout game great and have managed to just like seamlessly apply it to screen um because it always starts in a vault with a vault

dweller who goes out and there’s a parent that goes missing and it’s a whole you know and and you end up I just I I just I love the formula and I love how even though I have no control over the situation as I would in the game

I still feel like I’ve been playing along this journey um and like as I’ve observed things I’m like oh I want to go that way and I Lucy’s taken us on that journey and I think that’s like it’s fun um I love the horror of this episode a

lot oh and and again it’s the coolest part about the show is that every episode you can get two to three different genres um and it does all of them flawlessly like this got some great horror um and there’s also some freaking great dark comedy um I mean

Mr handy and the way those lines were delivered was just so freaking funny I just love the I love how it just with the ghoul and Lucy it is essentially a battle of philosophy yeah about life and like what is the word I’m looking for it’s not jaded

is not the right word of but basically how they have a definition of what life is and they’re they’re trying to show like this episode was really showing that life isn’t what they thought yeah it it is or ought to be what is that word I’m looking for

God damn I can’t pull it well the there is a ju toos between them um but but I think like that’s what the ghoul’s been trying to pull out of her you know to show like this well she yeah she there is a I I know exactly what

you’re trying to say here there there’s that is that word there’s a was one word that some that up and I just can’t find it right now he’s he doesn’t want anyone to think that there can be anything but what he has experienced uh which is like pretty

emblematic of like how you’re living in the world today you know like uh and I think what’s beautiful about Lucy is uh For Better or For Worse even if she has to confront the realities of the Wasteland she refuses to lose the best elements of who she is

and I think that’s what makes her such a compelling character is that even though like Yeah The Vault 33 like bring back the American way it’s never going to happen but there is a better way and it it just involves like just trying to be a good person

yeah even if it’s not ideal even if you don’t get to be the best or it’s not ideal and you can’t you know and and I think that’s the you know at the end of the day I I think it’s the same thing for um you know like

for the brotherhood like it’s you’re never going to be this ideal night like there’s always going to be uh I just I love the themes that we’re playing with here it’s just so fun and interesting um but what did you all think uh leave your comments below and

uh why don’t you join us for the next episode we’re going to watch it right now and uh hit that notification Bell uh to make sure that you don’t miss any future episodes and uh don’t forget to check that Geer counter to make sure your radiation levels are

where they should be and if they’re looking bad try rataway rataway for when you drink that dirty dirty water right away right away say quo Galindo all right you know what I think of I think of a breadstick shop I think of your name oh sure yeah I

think of like an Italian not a restaurant but like a store like an import store yeah like wines bread sticks Pizza you know like American Italian food like that Pinocchio Deli exactly what I was thinking of was like the pinocchios in Burbank yeah that kind of spot where

it it looks it’s like very pandering Italian but but not real Italian but you walk in you’re like I like a slice of salami you know that’s the kind of store that I imagine you would own is some type of delic of touristy you know neighborhood yeah super

gentrified Italian store yeah with with like jepetto out outside on the front yeah I could totally see that can’t you just hire an old Italian lady to sit in the shop and pretend like that’s all the credit gindos right you can see that you sell canoli yeah you

can have fresh bread sticks that you give out for free yeah we brought a bread stick so many times the sh I’m just saying gindo gelato oh the Triple G come on man Triple G get some Y in there you know you can see it right John that’s

all this all makes sense we are filling in the blank here I feel like we have given you the best uh you know Endeavor to pursue some type of form of capitalism and that is um opening up gelindo gelatos

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