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this video is brought to you by a product I use weekly harri’s more on them after the reaction citizens of the reject Nation it’s time for Fallout episode 5 I’m Greg this is Michael I haven’t played the games he’s played all the games you know the drill like

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there as well I’m ready to kick butt butting kicking let’s go well watching again oh what are we looking at this a flashback oh damn we Maximus you ripped that thing inside out and it’s guts were flying everywhere I thought it was dead me a having a smile

you should brand me you sure it really hurts I want you to I want you to please Michael Emerson’s head it is your most sacred duty to protect the Brotherhood after which it is your most sacred duty to protect me do you accept oh yeah a he’s so

happy oh he did an intense one oh thank you hi Titus he could just never leave the suit turn to base sit

looking at everyone’s faces when they see us return with the target Titus and daddies the te- boys yeah you going to tell him before we go

back there’s probably something I I should tell you yeah whatever you want officially your Squire now you can tell me anything something going to interrupt this moment thoughts regrets love life stuff I don’t care I’m gay oh damn he’s just showing him Maximus wow was not expecting that

what did you do where night Titus oh he’s he’s dead wow that was not well thought out you and I we we just have to get our story straight before we go back they’re going to kill you that might mean they don’t have to find out it’s the

Brotherhood they’ll find out oh damn this is really bad oh no should have known better than to trust you oh I’m sorry stop moving oh he’s got the key don’t leave me in here kill you fot you should have oh stick your head’s mine now no get back

here please he did not think this through Maximus what is wrong with you and the dog going with him ah that dog has had so many compan dog just switches owners like nobody his business dog’s a yes yes I hope that we spend the entire episode in here

and there’s one fly and then it’s directed by Vince Gilligan Ryan Johnson’s the one directed that episode was he yeah he really does not like going to different locations that’s a Star Wars joke really yeah oh rad roach Lucy yeah fate that’s how you do it I thought

the way Max handed that was really bad wasn’t smart all that was you back in Philly that was me someone stoed my Fusion quick please can you please let me out believe me I really want to trust you but I’ve had a rough week yeah what’s to say

uh man I left with with her whole body hey I’m looking for his head I mean that’s why I’m passing through you radiation sickness I I got rat away left in the sleeve of my armor you can have it if you let me out take the chance I

really want to believe you but practically every person I’ve met up here has tried to kill me so you don’t get this medicine you’re going to pass out and if you lose Consciousness his voice sounds like it could be in a video game what’s your name say your

real name I’m n Titus I’m Lucy there’s a manual option I got it she knows wow some real Luckman the t60 right I’ve seen these in Old engineering manuals but never in real life well save her be her hero I could go for some corn how did the

Raiders get a hold of my mom’s pit boy maybe the logs were falsified why the mom died in the famine there wasn’t a famine how’d you get intuition about this one section so in the beginning of his game he picked really high intuition a oh man that’s too

bad it looks like they were trying to get into 31 but why oh that’s intriguing what’s in 31 are you going to report back the truth if anybody ask what we were I’ll have a heart attack Norman where were you Chester where have you two been I think

she knows more oh for sure we’ve been planting T potatoes potatoes well run along now very well handled what remarkably different sized humans mhm I had no idea people lived in those vaults what did you think was in them monsters no regular folk like me that’s what’s in

31 could be experiments oh my Squire stole something vital to the Brotherhood they were trying to get into 31 why would they try to get in if it’s a Monster yeah I’ve got to go after oh so he’s not going to mention the head you guys have more

of those t0s and guns I have a Tracker that’ll lead right to that head seeing as everybody on Earth seems to be after that thing I’m guessing that’s what you’re looking for too what are you suggesting you team up we use my tracker to catch up to your

Squire get the head and take it to the Brotherhood in exchange for my help then you’ll lend me the services of five or six of your nights to save my father yeah just say yes figure it out later I get that trust doesn’t come easily up here but

you can trust me and I’m from a place where the worst someone can do to you is forget to say thank you thank you now the unity between them Glory Glory Hallelujah America’s back baby we’re doing it ah man smell that Greg that’s the sound of Freedom that’s

patriotism right there I want more more freedom ah good more freedom ah God more freedom this is getting better all the time oh Betty’s running good I’ve got a bad feeling about this election uh yeah I think it’s going to bring out the worst in all them they’re

so good about keeping their emotions in check and this going to rile them up I’m sorry re I just feel that in times of Crisis you need someone with experience hey it’s youro no heart feelings dve but I’m never sharing pie didn’t have to tell him oh this

poorer the Water Crisis and the prisoners just all the uncertainty really it’s fine we vot in private booths for reason right Betty’s already been overseer once I’m going to vote for Betty I got that in R what are you doing man he’s not going to vote for himself

is he am I kidding it’s actually bad luck to vote for yourself can I ask you a favor okay can you tell me what’s happening in the last 200 years Exposition let’s do it I know about the Great War and the bombs falling and the 320 years of

American History I just need help with the last 200 years after the bombs fell damn America hasn’t been around that long the bombs fell when I was a kid is that what they tell you in your Brotherhood wow they’re lied to we don’t even know what’s in it

that’s true oh they’re just bonding like people I come from a place where the world is what you make of it up until I was six I really thought that the big light in our farm was the sun my mom used to take me to play out under

that light I could feel the sun baking my skin I realized it was just her that made it all feel so real now how do you relate so like Earth is round Earth is flat where are you guys at on that these days hey we’re still trying to

figure it out here Lucy so the bombs dropped in the 2070s in Fallout timeline just so you know but he was saying the bombs dropped when I was a kid that’s what Maximus just said no yeah he did he said that and that’s why she was like is

that what they tell in the Brotherhood yeah oh yeah well the bombs dropped in the 2070s yeah 2077 31 to 33 it is my honor to announce that with a 98% majority Betty Pearson has been elected Vault overseer oh oh my God she is the thread I’m so

honored to step into P McLean’s shoe she is the thread one piece of arival evidence that they could not seem to bury congratulations overseer thank you follow it up follow it up oh that’s a scary look this is really scary like I love that she’s a terrifying character

hey now you armed no probably probably should have lied are you armed no we’re just going to walk on by that okay with you give me your gun there’s no one here but Us and Them us or them I missed that what’s happening over there yeah we’re just

being careful you can come on through are you trying to us the gun I think we’re all feeling some attention yes this is her job this is what she did well why don’t we all take a deep breath what the are you talking about I love seen any

close-ups on them this is from their this is an LA person visiting New York how about on the count of three we all raise up our arms we already said we don’t have any weapons and neither do we could we just give it a try raise up your

arms it’s amazing anybody made it yeah ever on the count of three ready 1 2 3 hey cooperation they’re going to see the gun now let’s tuck behind her oh that’s good have a great day this is like pandemic times I like your hat Steven dorf oh stand

off Brotherhood oh no that was a really well done scene that scene was excellent again like her hope for everything is just shattered she was sheltered why a fiends should have known I absolutely adored that whole build up in seed I was like about to go fine you’ve

been shot it’s just a scratch happens all the time what’s a fiend it’s people who eat people people cool I hate it up here it’s a civil defense water bin oh sweet I have a couple of those nice work with Woody overseer of the future man attention that

last SC I’m that’s probably going to be one of the scenes I remember the most that was great you ran a great campaign I know must have put 10 posters up put a few posters up and let democracy run its course hey man you know I ran once

and then that Weevil famine came lost to none other than Hank McLean you know what they say when things look glum vote for somebody from Vault 31 what’s in Vault 31 when things look Clum I voted for Betty oh that’s so interesting maybe Betty’s something like actually something

not more than maybe they’re not even from a vault yeah you don’t think it’s weird that we always like an overseer from Vault 31 they did the same exact thing in Vault 32 honestly no by all accounts VA 31 has more resources better education system and you know

they got that phrase they said don’t trust management and Vault 32 when things look glum vote 31 it’s a powerful slogan this is getting really interesting it’s feel like Black Mirror that’s Fallout baby you might as well be asking why everyone prefers Jello cake to apple pie I

don’t know why they just do well the texture of jello cake you like the texture of jello we just snuck into a vault filled with dead bodies not to mention steps from Vault 31 how’s Vault 31 different from here why did your dad tell you not much actually

gee I don’t know maybe the mashed potatoes were a little better that is what my dad used to say maybe that’s it must be true then oh was she like brainwashed memory wiped I am so excited to unra this mystery cutting R to the mashed potatoes yeah I’m

like really hooked I have like my have my talks about like it’s slowly becoming the most interesting part of the show when before I was like it’s the least interesting part of the show yeah yeah that’s the F man this really should have been a weekly show God

the fact theories and stuff that would such a waste oh look more civil defense water it’s definitely the same Barrel that they’re just rolling around all across the set why Shady SS you never heard of the new California Republic 34,000 people lived here after the war the the

entire purpose of My Vault was to come up to the surface one day and and restart civilization it’s it’s it’s Reclamation day it’s what keeps us all going and oh man it already happened without us these two have both succumbed to a belief system need to find their

individuality well if make you feel any better it didn’t work out new California Republic is one of my favorite Fallout things and I hope that we get to explore it a little bit I was first introduced in the like the OG OG Fallout games and they have some

of the coolest armor damn Jeff basos this is expensive holy the library it was worth my Prime Membership oh my God what happened it’s the same thing that always happens War everyone wants to save the world they just they disagree on how well put I wonder if anyone

survived I did oh so it did happen when he was a kid he thought the bombs going off in the end of the world his end of the world was the fall of the NCR not the old world but the new California Republic yeah wow he did Indiana

Jones it yeah I did I stand corrected buddy boy this is more than just a graze we have to get you something somewhere you’ve been keeping together really well man we need to get the head the head can wait come on I hate whenever a woman says that

to me GRE I’m telling your wife wife well you’ve enter Tim buron Fallout spook fille oh it’s a voltech hospital there could be anything in there yeah like a first aid kid never never got into a voltech building and the way this show narratively intertwines these like side

missions without making it feel like we got to do it cuz video games is so well done when I step out I’m like oh yeah that’s probably like a video game level right you say something I’m like oh it’s probably like a video game level but it doesn’t

feel that way at all it doesn’t feel like we have to do this you know the side quest yeah are so well done like yeah this is this is really like they they narratively like tie this all together so well I’m not even like thinking about a video

game at all it’s crazy this is exactly what it feels like too this is spooky the lighting love how it’s called Hawthorne and it feels like the Hawthorne labs and stranger things oh no it’s Hawkins my bad yes still works sure does oh she really just barged right

on in huh yeah man just go get her she needs that first aid kit Le this hospital is really well laid out oh my God it’s experiment oh no I hate vault tech it is important to me for us all to see this place together as a family

so that we can heal together and rebuild together did they clean up the mess now I spoke with the overseer of Vault 31 and we agree these vaults of ours are too sacred to leave empty which is why I am announcing a resettling campaign oh boy some of

us will stay home to rebuild 33 others will be moving into Vault 32 in the coming weeks oh no that’s so messed up4 you got to speak up man that’s so freaking creepy but they must have got rid of like the dead bodies and they they not only

got rid of the dead bodies they cleaned it up man it this is it right here this is it oh my God yeah new carpets the toaster side toaster stop saying that word sorry my bad good wow what’s going on in 31 three democracies and three vs separated

to prevent the spread of threats but connected to Aid one another in times of need would they run the same experiment that’s exactly what they’re going to do we will carry on until the day we bring that light to the surface oh she knows find anything interesting great

job cleaning up the raid is destroyed so much but not our Spirits when my mother died what happened to her pit boy it was buried with her how are you so sure you bury she buried him because I buried her myself me and your father you know I

just get these like subtle little looks oh where oh where you’re just going to go exploring cuz you’re just going to get trapped that’s fall caution falling objects that’s you did they take it to another Vault very very likely it was a vault tech building where are we

it’s okay we’ll be all right yep what is this place we’re in the best place in the world they’re in a vault what what are they do in this Vault I think this is the one that we saw in the trailer I don’t remember the trailer huh oh

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right beats God I love this show so much it goes all the way up the ladder we got to get to the top of this we got to get to the the top of this the bottom of this we got to go all around all around up and

down need someone to be like I trusted you when you line I’m so happy that we’re exploring the back story of the new California Republic this is like everything I’ve ever wanted as a Fallout fan uh this is truly intriguing mystery I am I am hooked I have

no idea where it’s going and and I think every storyline is so gripping and and it’s like watching a messed up Stepford Wives um yeah that idealic Utopia uh of a perfect Society you’re and you really you’re like I don’t know ex I have no idea what’s going

on like are they like what is going on like clearly there’s some it feels like the old days a lost you know where you’re like I’m I’m not I feel like I learn so much but I learn nothing that’s exactly and not having any idea of like are

they good are they bad am I good am I bad is this person brainwashed yeah are they not brainwashed yeah no it’s a that and that’s the beauty of Fallout is it’s constantly it’s throwing everything on its head all the time and keeping you guessing in the most

miraculous and wonderful of ways and I think the really really exciting thing is that because of the fact that like like vault tech and the like the it’s a story that literally spans hundreds of years and I think that’s just the coolest thing in the world that like

you are seeing these things uh and and each Fallout game takes place at like a different point in time which also adds additional elements where like it’s it’s kind of neat um for me as like a fan of the games to like position be like oh okay this

is where we’re at in the the overarching like that’s cool you know um trying to like connect all those dots uh but it’s I it I’m so impressed particularly with how they’ve done such a good job at like for somebody that’s like a huge fan of the games

they’ve been able to like feed like the big like macro wants that I wanted for this series and also have like not failed in the slightest at this extremely focused personalized drama um and it’s fun it’s dark it’s weird it’s scary it’s just all these Bonkers things combined

into this like perfect shorish Board of like weird Fallout magic and uh and it just it feels real which I just I don’t have no idea how they’re pulling that off like honest like for such a Fantastical weird ridiculous world I’m like so impressed that I am like

fully bought in and uh yeah God I just I love this freaking show um well it kind of feels like the road um when they’re traveling together uh what’s her what’s his name Magnus yeah Maximus Maximus Maximus uh Maximus and Lucy traveling together uh and watching their kinship

form the note that I was like popping up my head was like you know you get to know these characters individually and one of the strengths of the show is that whenever they have these characters actually interact with each other even though they spend so much time apart

from each other especially in the beginning everyone has chemistry and everyone reads off of each other very well everyone bounces off each other really well and I love that you you have a true Ensemble of a show like that where does like part of the excitement is oh

we’re actually going to really see you know Maximus and Lucy interact with one another and you see how this relationship is going to be completely different than all the other relationships that she’s formed and anytime you think it’s going to go down a cliche path it actually doesn’t

go down a cliche path and I appreciate that they drive away from that and it’s so much about watching the affect of it because like I absolutely adored that scene um on the on the railro brid yeah the bridge um when they saw them in the distance and

they couldn’t make out the strangers and then you you’re like maybe Lucy’s IDE way yeah might be able to be a positive influence on the world and you really don’t know which way it’s going and they’re playing the music and then in a heartbeat it goes wrong you

know no there’s a moment where I like literally thought they were going to like compliment each other’s outfits like I literally was like oh it’s going to be like nice hat I thought it was just going to go fine and it didn’t and I I thought and the

way how you watch like Lucy just so devastated U is so wonderful so I think the way that they’re illustrating our characters is beautifully done and but at the same time Lucy barged into the creepiest sketchiest shouldn’t go in their room and then whimsically ended up in a

place that is arguably the safest best possible option of where she could have landed yeah and I think that kind of gets to the heart of it of like it it’s both of these characters I’m particularly excited for for Maximus because I think there’s been a Maximus feels

like he can’t be himself or he has to be this caricature of himself and I feel like Lucy is going to be the character that can help him be actually Maximus and there’s like that kind of like big moment when she like asked for his name and I

was like please say your actual name like please say your actual name and then when he said Titus I was like damn it yeah um well I think they philosoph the way they believe is they both follow an order right yeah and the difference in the way they

follow is Lucy genuinely believes in everything she was taught and like that Golden Rule like she firmly believes in that stance as as an individual as a person yeah and Maximus like needs something to believe anybody has no individuality and you’re watching these characters who’ve LED their whole

lives designed by like this construct of of a belief system yeah and now they have to make their own choices in life it’s and it’s really interesting the pair those two up with each other and then have like the ghoul who’s been like a wild card amongst all

this to take that to like a larger like macro philosophical level the whole world that they have inherited has been shaped because of decisions made by people who were put in that exact situation sure like like ultimately the Chinese and the Americans who were indoctrinated could not come

to terms and that led to this and I think that’s like and he uh uh Maximus like kind of hit that to like yeah at the end of the day it’s like a bunch of people trying to save the world ultimately making the same mistake over and over

and over again I thought there was like wow what a profound realization for somebody that is actively participating in that same exact process over and over and over again and it’s like it’s so and again Ron Pearlman where are you like the phrase and they better end the

series with it or I will actually be upset and I will I will write a letter to Todd Howard uh but like war war never changes that is like such a fundamental truth of of this like Humanity like Humanity never changes The Good the Bad and the Ugly

of it right and I think that Lucy represents the good of it and uh the cool represents the ugly of it and you know there’s a whole lot of bad but there’s in between it there’s a whole lot of other stuff too and and you take it and

you you compound it and ultimately at the end of the day like it is what you make it and it’s all very fragile uh and I think that’s something that I’ve always loved about the Fallout universe is that it exposes a lot of truths you know that it’s

it’s a very you take away the pleasantries you take away that idealic 1950s and all the and you peel it back and at the end of the day like if if you give in to what we are not everybody’s great but also in the absence of that you

also see the best of people and I think that’s something that I at least in my Fallout playthroughs and again Greg you have no context for what I’m about to say but like I look at like the Minute Men in like Fallout 4 for instance and like like

we got to go save another settlement you know there’s a settlement in neat uh like there is something to be said about in this helpless world going around aimlessly and saving a bunch of NPCs over and over and over and over again and it’s redundant and it feels

pointless and yet at the end of the day like it’s this like radical Act of goodness in this world of absolute Carnage and awful and um I think you know these dystopian type series and and and worlds tend to get this notion of like we’re painting a picture

of like what the future is going to be like when in reality I think they’re actually painting a picture of what our reality currently is sure and the radical acts of rebelling against that and showing that we can come back from it uh and I think that’s just

like such a powerful interesting piece of of Art and maybe that’s not where Fallout started as but it certainly is what it’s become and there is like this and I’m sorry for going off on a tangent har Greg um when Fallout 76 came out uh which is the

the the MMO mhm there was like a whole lot of questions about like oh what’s going to happen when you give like players nukes you know like they’re just going to like bomb the crap out of each other and what ended up happening is the nicest group of

players in the history of online multiplayer games I remember I like showed up I started playing I was like like struggle busing and somebody comes up to me and I’m like oh I’m about to get like absolutely wrecked by this guy in Power Armor and he goes and

he emotes and he waves at me and he throws uh a little like goodie bag at me and I check it and there’s like 100 stim Pags there’s like a 100 rataway and there’s all these guns and these armors and there’s a little bobblehead and I was just

like oh my God like in this postapocalytic post-apocalyptic World these people are showing so much kindness and you know I I I think maybe it’s something to be said about Fallout fans and I think maybe that’s that’s how they view the Wasteland um but it’s it’s why I

love this franchise it’s why I love this series and I think they captured the magic of that and um yeah anyway rant over that a beautiful rant beautiful monologue and this is also uh the other thing we didn’t think about is that this is also a fantastic advertisement

for people to play the game because I’m like damn I got to play this game so dud it’s worth it um uh question for the audience what Fallout game should Greg start with my suggestion would be Fallout 3 that’s where I started it might be hard to play

these days because it’s old now came out in 2008 uh but or Fallout 4 Fallout 4 is probably a good entry point um but I’d love to hear your opinions uh but do us a favor reject Nation don’t forget to comment below with your favorite part of the

episode and what game you think Greg should play first be sure to hit that notification Bell we’re going to watch the next episode right now are you down sure one more all right we’re going to do another episode right meow we’ll see you there peace Tyler Tyler listen

up I am ready for your character Arc to begin because you always talk about how chill you are and that’s cool I like that you’re chill chill I like that you’re a friendly guy I like that you are a protective Spirit but a spirit not prone to lashing

out but you know what I feel like uh what’s the arc you could do causing some chaos into your own life get worse all right first of all start taking a lot of caffeine all right you want to up your energy level because think of how many more

shows on how many more screens you could take in with your add brain you know stimulated uh no in fact imagine just how many things you could see outside in this life you would be running through the streets peering through every window into every doorway seeing who you

could meet and how many people you could talk to individually except also all together in the same room and uh yeah you know you could be out there hoofing it growing calves the size of Tree Trunks and being like a Forest Gump of the people because again you’re

such a kind heart like just emanates from you and it and it you know stretches across time it’s been a minute since we’ve seen each other face to webcam face but uh but dude I feel like you would be out there in the streets just making people’s lives

better you could be a nomad Tyler you could be like a Lord of the Rings you know one of those big Jolly dudes who’s just like always on the move but he always comes through town once in a while and when he does he’s got fire you’re a

wizard Harry so we love you Tyler no matter which of the choose your own Adventures of life you decide to ultimately Embrace we love you and are compelled by you as a character so keep on keeping on or don’t or change it up either way we’ll be tuned

in next season love you buddy

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