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the highlights and watch Longs included let’s get to it peeps o the commercial news ah my heart there we go hello there hello there yep it’s me Cooper Howard no today I’m here to show you a vast and wonderful place oh boy not made by God Almighty but

the Working Man a veritable Camelot of the nuclear age oh man it’s going to break it down for us four four now I’m speaking to you from deep inside the fully livable model 96 JQ 1164 and what a be she is and what a song she sings great

sound design now that right there is Vault for’s 3ft thick Le casing strong enough to keep out the RADS and the Reds

the RADS and the Reds where you’ll wave howdy to any one of your 200 Neighbors on your way home for an enchanted evening with your loved

ones meet the Hawthorn Hawthorne no Lloyd and Cassandra here are both scientists and we’ll be living and working right here in Vault 4 group of 80 volunteers will be conducting a 5-year trial of Vault 4 to demonstrate to the world that no matter what comes our way America

will be ready well I may play a hero in the movies but you all are heroes in real life and now you can be a hero too by purchasing a residence wonder if we can call that I was going to say we absolutely can call that and cut

that was a great take you happy in the color I kept thinking I kept thinking it looked like it was in color and converted how’ we do we were so nervous we were so nervous but Askin I have see southern California operations I uh came over to voltech

and Q3 after 10 years SED westtech a defense contractor very familiar with you guys you designed the T45 power armor first of its kind you know I I oversaw the the roll out you know the design flaws were ridiculous but I wore the T45 and we almost lost

the great state of Alaska to the Reds oh gotcha you overseeing workflow optimization and management timelines I’m all about scale that’s thinking in three dimensions and I’m talking about four because what is the Ultimate Weapon to destroy your competition it’s time and that’s what he has the future

of all Humanity comes down to one word yeah what’s that management and that’s the thing that you can’t trust down with management oh that’s what they wrote on the VTech yeah how’d his career fall what happened how did he lose his wife love Roosevelt I’m sorry you can’t

come buddy I’m heading into enemy territory oh H he had a dogy dog that explains it oh boy a man and his dog that was the movie this almost almost always looks so beautiful but it must have smelled so awful indoor smoking forget it all right well I

only do it for close friends and beautiful women but you two already halfway there I Bol him you codsworth am ever ready to serve it’s the voice of oh the machine my heart that’s such a great Cameo it’s Mr Handy’s voice codsworth he’s also your companion in Fallout

4 I’m telling you radicalism is sweeping through Hollywood like a bad case of the clap a world run by people who wear pocket protectors to a pool party I mean I di my bits in the same gravy train Lucy was hanging out with that atap pool so my

VOC rise to that spinning robot guess how much they paid me for that 10 million no I got 186 pre-tax maybe you could ask for more well I did ask for more my agent gotten to throw in one of those robots every time I walk into my own

house my own voice saying hello sir do you want to sit down it’s crazy listen to me Hollywood is the past forget Hollywood the future my friend is prod sorry the world is a product and for those of us who can successfully Embrace that I’d say the future

is golden to the Future to the Future oh why do you stay oh hello there boys destroying a legitimate business that’s illegal around these parts says who the government lordy do oh neon what’s going on here and it’s Fall 4 fun I know you mentioned you’re eager to

keep moving but your friend is going to have to recover here for a couple of days before it’s safe to travel I’m fine had a rotten human tooth lodged on your shoulder you’re not fine I don’t know if you’ve been to the surface but it is not good

I was born on the surface oh H oh you seem so normal they’re more honest down here my mother was a courier I was 11 and traveled with her to Philly 3 days walk from home and we could still feel the heat from the blast you’re from Shady

Sands many of us are oh interesting we just need you to stay in quarantine a few hours longer to make sure you don’t track in oh this could have been him yeah maybe all four is a good place I don’t trust anywhere any day anyway any any I

think I’m getting tired Greg you smell good what oh what you want to have sex whoa you mean use my yeah this might be the experiment are there Fair moons I don’t know that weird thing Could Happen well it’s just for some guys not me for some guys

you know when they make it move gets all big and hard like a big pimple and then it pops and they say it could happen to anybody but it’s still it’s it’s gross right uh that’s actually completely normal happens all the time this is this is strange I’m

a knight you have to be celibate we’re not supposed to okie dokie wow she was just so direct about it but yes they’re watching they’re watch test subjects interesting to pull back back and let the audience in on it before them it’s fun because we saw that test

subject sign in the the very beginning of the episode oh yeah walking through we shouldn’t be wasting time down here you heard the doctor besides we made a deal to find that head together you trust them way too much I think these people are trying to trap us

here and some of these people are from the surface like you that’s his point this is a cult same as any you’re in the Brotherhood this is a safe place where people take care of each other p a c well not always in the vault F we recognize

that we all need each other just like I needed you on the surface I’m fine we’re stuck here until you’re able to travel so give this place a shot CH going to be baby our overseer wanted to say a quick hello overseer Benjamin this is and Titus Chris

forell welcome to Vault 4 just some housekeeping a few things to be aware of stay out of level 12 and we only have one Foos ball table so if you want to play you got to sign up that’s definitely a cyclop and if you’re unfamiliar with how the

bathrooms work just ask trust me we’ve had incident after incident with newcomers okay you’re so uncomfortable we’re glad to have you thank you it’s like he formerly had eyes and then it be he became a cyclops oh they all have weird things yes you are correct that was

weird right you overseer lots of people have one eye yeah not in the like it’s a cyclops his was in the middle a little to the left a little to the left and the level 12 stuff I mean fman doesn’t get any better than this no you ever

think about working somewhere else I used to but with you doing these ads it’s practically the family business don’t put it on him waltech exists with or without me does do anyone any good to complain from the sideline I need this job Coupe it guarantees us a spot

in the vault we’ve got money we can buy a spot in the vault one of the good vaults oh she knows what’s that supposed to me elaborate I request elaboration I’m doing what I can trust me please she knows way more than she should and said way more

than she should this is when the Divide between them happens Vex devil man my wife works here you really think Barb’s a devil I like Barb okay do you know what produce your responsibil means I have noing idea I play a Cowboy voltech is a private corporation that

has a fiduciary responsibility to make money for its investors and how does it make money by ending the world voltech has the fiduciary responsibility to make sure that it don’t work out wow yeah how are they going to do that I don’t know to the military-industrial complex Greg

wow remember that movie we did with Johnny Morton you were the sheriff and I was some generic Indian come on man don’t say that tall hand Mud Lake could talk to horses voltech is a trillion company that owns half of everything and after 10 years of war the

US government is Broker Than a joke the cattle ranchers are in charge Coupe this is very topical come on man you sound like you’re a cult you’re sitting here defending a system that’s ready to set the world on fire Cooper maybe you’re the one in a cult oh

oh you should come to a meeting you should learn the truth about where your wife works that is funny Hollywood Forever Cemetery that is funny how um Maximus immediately assumed it was a cult too his cult mentality I love that the meeting is 2 minutes away from my

apartment forun can I get one more we need War keep the military alive we need disease keep the pharmaceutical industry alive it’s kind of the big issue of our society it’s going to be hard on her that’s all what is living in the vault you know no dogs

in the vaults says who no dogs in the vault says who and she’s wearing it too yeah dogs eat meat it’s an avoidable inefficiency all I’m asking is who decided that there were no dogs in the ball well I think that is a relative trivial concern given the

prerequisite conditions of us living in a nuclear fallout shelter I didn’t go to war defending that freedom so that I could live in a Cellar under the boot heel of chairman but as a his core beliefs his wife stays alive I stayed home and every night I was

driving myself crazy every day I go into work and I think about how Humanity can survive a nuclear event and I come home and you’re talking to me about hiding out at a ranch up in Bakersfield what a debate billions of people are going to lose their lives

I will do whatever it takes to make sure the people I love that is you and that is Janie aren’t among them wow what a decision you have to make holy to make sure we go into a special Vault for management where we will oversee all of the

other vaults oh you don’t get it that is the best we can possibly hope for for Jamie man and be caught right in the middle of this God know you always try to do the right thing that’s what I love about you guys such a great guy I

think the magnet itude of the situation it’s beginning to really set in the Divide on this Choice it’s obvious he doesn’t let her let his daughter go I’m I’m actually from of all Goosey mlan oh no no it’s it’s Lucy nope it says Goosey you’re from here five

generation proud of it huh I just thought because of the people here seem to be refugees from the surface tell me about it these people am I right what is the what’s the point of the one eye what’s the purpose they were the first experiments if you don’t

like people from the surface then why do you keep taking them in it’s a policy from before my time if you want to get elected you have to respect their traditions and tolerate them and not call them surfy see what they’re doing but it’s like you can’t make

a funny joke about it without offending these guys what was the joke I forget all I know is it was a huge bomb what’s on level 12 and why can’t we go we don’t talk about that you should go now I only wanted to goodbye Goosey goodbye Goosey

two different timelines mirroring the truth to this Vault situation all around Vault four I love the just total lack of awareness around how freaking weird they all are it’s not suspicious at all that they found it I mean I think they might have mentioned where it was where

are you guys get your power from uh is he going to grab a fusion core he’s going to steal a fusion core that’s not a bad idea that’s usually what I do on my way out of somewhere and fall out it is a satisfying twist and pull let

see you found our Fusion core how are we adjusting to life down here I’m leaving soon oh some people who come here have a hard time adjusting to finally feeling safe she’s seducing him all the things you’ve had to do to survive still fresh in your mind in

her own way she is come easily to those of us with a guilty conscience boy you know how to cut to the core unit 428 how about you sleep in a room of your own tonight have a hot shower nothing wrong with a little bit of comfort or

it’s a trap don’t take the bait and when you say hot shower what does that mean exactly he’s so boyish arguably the most unsettling thing in this world for him no he’s going to have a real meal H getting the simple life and that’s what our ghoul wanted

oh the way this episode is going back and forth between ghoul story line and then what they’re experiencing today is really well constructed except this is a false version of it I’d take the bait I’d live in The Matrix oh yeah it’s it’s way more pleasant what’s going

on up above oh do they have an NCR flag she’s catching up on history rebirth oh The Fallout theme yeah so good oh Craig the D like the bear hybrid yeah this is the fall oh I literally just got chills this is the first real use of the

Fallout theme H oh excuse me what’s going on it’s a surface dweller tradition and get a am bous for my taste you’re welcome to come sure what a shifting character finally get to me amongst Vault people and she’s not behaving at all like how she used to the

government oh ly has gone downhill a soral Booker I heard it was a ghoul that up that super duper Mark nobody told me it was the G you boys know who you just brought in this son right here used to be the best bounty 00 to ever shoot

a man in the ass say you got a needle and thread we don’t do a lot of knitting around here it’s called sewing I think I got some in my bag what is he going to sew gloves his finger oh he’s going to take her finger and give

it to himself well that’s kind of beautiful look at you 200 years I don’t know what keeps you going maybe you just like the feeling of that good old California sunshine on your wrinkly ass face Maybe you’re still looking for her oh I can confidently cross one reason

off that list for you I sure as hell ain’t still alive so that I can have unintelligent conversations with dip shits like yourself mind you good mouth that’s the president of the government you’re talking to it’s the president of the government her being the daughter or Mom and

what I am hearing there’s a whole lot of chatter about some woman name of M davood classic they call her the flame mother now that is dangerous when it comes to leadership these days dangerous is what they call a prerequisite you know why these boys brought you in

CA I up a poor defenseless gang affiliated organ dealership that super duper Mart you gutted was under our protection so if I wanted to let you go scotf free folks might lose Faith about what we’re trying to do here and then what Anar in the streets exactly I

have this story is always a spaghetti was Western you got anything to say in your defense guilty as Char if you need any more evidence I can tell you about this town I just shot up Philly oh I must killed nine or 10 people my daddy lives in

Philly well not no more he don’t unless he’s a coward my daddy ain’t no coward oh well then I guess the only question is are you take Sheriff Troy’s guns away very presidential of you might have just saved that man’s life sure did never mind dual wielding why

do you have this picture on your wall That’s MAV why oh he has a connection with her that’s not how I remember her as all who is she well how do you remember her is that his daughter or maybe she’s a member of this group oh I’m so

intrigued they have got me hooked oh we’re coming back and forth in two timelines shit’s really starting to feel like a cult I love this back and forth participate participate Lucy you’re not going to be smiling much longer oh boy they’re getting naked okay and why are they

doing this flame mother we remember flame mother we remember flame mother oh that was her nickname yeah we bring back Shady Sands we bring back those taken from us by covering ourselves in their ashes no and I think there’s somebody you should be yeah who’s that so she’s

been around this whole time blood must spill oh my god dude Maximus got the blood inkling really early on the cult Inkling oh yeah she’s been around she got time salvation I’m a big fan time is the ultimate whatever that guy said and she’s not a ghoul Titus

we need to leave right now these people are insane this so unsettling I know this must all seem really nice compared to the the shoot show that’s up there but this isn’t it they gave me a robe these people are hiding something from us I’m going to prove

it to you okay I’m not leaving without you nope no oh my God I don’t want to look okay I thought there out there oh she going to 12 you think she’s there what you think she’s there no no I do not I hope not what episode are

we on six oh this just became like a religious cult show it’s very very government conspiracy political thriller religious like I said one of my favorite things is it’s a a series the drama extends 200 years the whispering and the music damn do you think her dad’s been

around this long too oh they created the creatures did you know that yes they created a lot of things oh my God they shouldn’t have created a lot of the monstrosities of Fallout Universe yeah yeah this is terrifying oh my birth what they give birth to is that

her birth that would be ironic nope oh my Lord what the hell is going on and then they started to devour her piranhas it’s the little it’s the big thing that from earlier all those little things are the big thing from earlier one of the many many many

creatures created as a result of Altech that was so disturbing I don’t even get the point shut up Michael don’t say anything is that a cry out chamber stop feel like alien that it would appear to be a crowd chamber there more than one yeah yeah again this

is so much like lost feel like I’m learning something that I’m like I don’t a person behind her there’s a person behind her she’s being trapped in there who is this huh Mr nose glad you’re all right uh-huh saw the door was open I worried one of you

might have got now he knows too much w w hello it’s a good thing he has an extra nose not an extra ear am I right wow he just suspected something no you know Harpoon Gun oh God one at a time you got this come on fight like

a service dweller you’re crazy you people are crazy your entire culture is insane culture I’m sure if we came to your home You’ say the same thing that’s suggestive that’s me watching this is that where we’re going to end yeah that’s a cliffhanger fiddle sticks oh Gregory I

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to really be appreciated cuz like by the time you’re at this point it’s like this is so different than how we started like no this this would have been the Talk of the Town every week yeah this is great you know what it dawn on me why I

don’t feel like I’m watching a video game adaptation is because I don’t feel like I’m watching like an action show and normally would video I think that’s what’s great about Fallout is it’s not there’s action moments but it’s not an action game by any means but it’s like

the It doesn’t feel like it’s just about ex like the way they do like sneaking around or exploring doesn’t feel like I’m watching like something that reminds me of action yeah um it’s just like story based yeah uh but yeah don’t ruin anything for me I don’t know

what’s going on uh I don’t understand the point of these experiments but I could tell you I feel very uncomfortable I feel very unsettled yeah I love a good cult movie so watching The Cult element be brought in here and it’s kind of cool because when you when

you’re first looking at like the uh world that she inhabits Vault 3 three Vault 33 I’m like you know I never looked at them like a cult but they are like a cult and then that line that bar that that over over not the overseer but the woman

says at the end there and it’s funny how this place has an overseer but there’s really a woman in charge overseer there’s really a woman in charge and the same thing with our vault you know but yeah I feel like it’s a very um unsettling experience and watching

The Flipper Roo with Maximus taking the bait drinking the Kool-Aid right now and her Expos uh trying to expose the truth I don’t even get like why the experiments or or what the purpose is but damn that is that is really gnarly backed with the um implications of

everything that was happening with explaining the Vault the origin of it via this backstory of Walton gogin we still don’t even know exactly how the Divide came to be between him and his wife but we’re getting some good inklings of it of what yeah what caused it in

the first place yeah I I thought that was such a brilliant way to elude they’ve done such a great job of that each episode right of like before dropping the heavy hit they give you the subtle seed and then they like and and like such a a brilliant

way um you know and and it’s interesting like without getting into spoiler territory I feel like you can play every Fallout game and know the lore inside and out and still have just as many questions as you have um and I think that’s part of the Brilliance of

this is like there’s still a lot of stuff questions to be answered world to be explored and um uh every bit of this universe always as much as it answers a little bit and every answer that you get gives you 10 more interesting questions um and I I

think this has just like opened up like there’s some like really really cool things this is like this could be our new if it was weekly this could be our new lost well that’s that’s exactly I mean it it feels like um CU they haven’t brought over any

characters from the video game right they they’ve made mention but they haven’t like directly brought over like no I mean other than the voice of of Mr handy which was such a wonderful Cameo um but like a human character yeah no uh uh not that I’ve picked up

on and if I have missed that I’m so sorry please forgive me internet so the ghoul don’t answer me if you know yeah only speculate with that’s how we should ride the line only speculate with me if you don’t know yeah donate answer if you do know so

is the ghoul like a failed experiment of this time thing that is like what is the cult what is the leader’s name the one who’s been around the fire fire fire nation lady so funny uh yeah you know who we’re talking about we know who we’re talking yeah

yeah they people should know but the um cuz she cuz they were talking about mastering of time I was and like he having the conversation like okay must be the ghoul thing but then see her like she’s in like perfect shape no no I ghouls unless they’re about

to canonically change what we know about ghouls ghouls are just a result of radiation okay um and are just like like most of the creatures that we see in Fallout so G so but really quick so ghouls can survive if you are exposed to this the level of

radiation you can survive for hundreds of years like not everyone most people just get radioa like uh uh uh radiation poisoning and die and and walting goggin is able to survive because of whatever this time thing is from before the bombs no no some people are just how

their body happens to take on radiation or the levels of radiation for whatever reason they’re predisposed to becoming gos I’m like watching this going what the is the g i just like I’m trying to understand like what is the game exactly that’s the funny thing about Fallout right

like like you go into it and you’re like oh yeah it’s like a you know post-apocalyptic and then there’s like all these like crazy Fantastical creatures and beasts and like and they really again they’ve been really really light with us meeting a lot of those like if this

was a Fallout game you would have seen some things that you would have been like um and I’m sure we’re probably going to as we get closer to the end we’ll probably see some more of those um but uh the body horror here is insanely disturbing that’s Fallout

um sickening yeah it’s it’s really no it’s not it’s sickening it’s lovely dude the giving birth to those piranha things no that was that was pretty sick um I mean it’s that’s Fallout I mean that’s part of the fun of the games is like you go into these

dark scary places and then like one of my favorite parts of the game is you’ll like find a computer in this like room with like a broken flashing light after you’ve like made your way through like Ghouls and all these terrifying things and then you’ll find like an

O an overseers computer that will describe in brutal detail all of the experiments and then you’ll go like room to room to room of a vault and you’ll find these like corpses that are set up in such a way that play out all these scenes fascinating uh and

it’s so fun to like watch that unfold in this sort of setting where they’re able to of course do it in such a a cinematic uh sort of way what do you think of Walton goin’s performance man oh man I mean I it’s funny because I feel like

the like episode to episode gets better and better and better um like you can see the like it it’s the way the wheels turn I got to say like the way the wheels turn the minations it it just keeps going in a route when I say unexpected I’m

like this is not your typical version of Storytelling like it just keeps swerving in ways I’m like did and and I feel like they kind of got a lot of that out of the way early on with Lucy like oh we’re going to watch Lucy change we’re going

to call attention to that and then now that we’re like past the halfway point like we still got a few episodes left a couple episodes left but it’s been like this for the last couple we just like now it’s not going to go going all like how you

think it’s going to go no and and I think it’s I think it’s good I mean they gave Lucy the room that she needed in the beginning to have that Arc and now they’ve kind of left this really open space for these other characters to really have their

their time in in the Sun and for the ghoul I mean his Arc and even the way that like just love him in the past like the little things too and and how they’ve like him having the dog and the fight over the dog and realizing that’s why

he had saved dog meat I’m like that’s so brilliant like to see these little character choices and understand the intent behind it and that to me is like whoa okay yeah his Humanity has been intact from the beginning there is still good in him but why does he

carry on well why does he carry on we got an illusion the woman that he’s looking for now is the woman his daughter is the woman the fire keeper the fire brand lady the fired yeah yeah fire lady fired what’s her name Bender you want way is what

black panther says um when they chant to go fight in not what it is I don’t think it is what that is what is her damn name I don’t did they see the characters names on the credits it’s so funny that we can spend so much time watching

a show and have absolutely they don’t say their names in the C no they don’t wait wait maybe hold on a sec Barb okay bird sorell she wasn’t really in this episode though was she I mean she had a scene oh that’s true she was coar news anchor

I feel like she’d be like a guest star yeah so she’s probably one of the names that they didn’t but anyway um but yeah like uh the conspiracy of the past linking a here so so freaking brilliant but I love Walton goggin’s performance so much like my God

anytime he’s on screen he is like gripping and he’s not even he’s just so subtle too yeah yeah no it’s uh I mean he carries so much feeling in his performance and like I mean Direction’s just like out of this world uh and yeah there is a a

gravitas across the board on everyone’s I just like they they don’t waste any beat in the show no never and and hopping between povs and not skipping a beat is like it it’s amazing like for an episode that was like 56 minutes I feel like I just watched

a three-hour movie dude I’m exhausted no I’m exhausted I literally like the right I literally feel like I just watched like the Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy like then they even introduce um government um government you know yeah and the Pres like oh this this is

the real half-ass attempt like let’s just become the wild west again and I’ll be the sheriff and I’m the president like just a bunch of uh crazy it’s crazy yeah no that the World building is um and it’s only going to get better um I’m I’m actually really

uh oh man and the moment when they showed the new California Republic flag and played the real Fallout theme why they choose it for that moment you think well I think the new California Republic flag in a lot of ways like represents such a like special symbol of

Fallout okay and what it is and it it’s this there’s also something to be said about and I’m curious what you guys think for me like the introduction of Fallout as you’re like you’re work working your way through the Vault like picking your skills and all of that

and you like have to stop in the classroom and there’s the projector and all that I think setting it in the classroom and then having that reveal I just I it felt really appropriate um yeah I it I also think it it sets it up really well for

if there is a season 2 which I’m not going to lie if there’s not I’m going to be livid um but if there is a season two I think there’s um there’s some really really interesting stuff with the Brotherhood and with the enclave and with the new California

Republic and a lot of other things and uh and I think that however this story ends I imagine that it will have an impact on that and um I would love to follow I’d love to continue this story and I think what’s nice is the other Fallout stories

and characters for the most part um I think that they can continue to explore this side of the world without affecting uh other things although we don’t know where the next game takes place yet so um Fallout five um what’s up Mikey well uh reject Nation this has

been so much fun we have a couple more episodes to go but Greg and I need to take a break I need to go take the dog for a walk uh but we love you all so much don’t forget to subscribe cribe hit that notification Bell if you

want to make sure never miss an episode and don’t forget the commies are bad and they’re coming for you voltech calling Cameron Lane was looking at your name and it reminded me of a couple of different people this is not based off of any other shout out that

we’ve done recently but look think about it James Cameron one of the most prolific amazing filmmakers of Our Generation the patri Nathan Lane one of the greatest sort of Broadway style but he’s also on the big screen kind of showman out there think about if you super gay

with super technical innovations and you could get a whole new uh kind of City you could make the good version of cats with that cross you could make it’s you could make cats gayer than it is already or not you know whatever you choose to do but either

way it’s going to look amazing all right and it’s going to break ground it’s going to make a billion dollars and somehow people are you know maybe not even going to confess to loving it and yet whenever you come back around with your big gay Innovative energy people

will turn up in droves they will and you will change the shape of Cinema forever oh yeah and uh then we’ll have newu to react to and so the circle of life as you know God intended it moves us all and it continues to because of you James

Cameron Nathan Lane

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