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this video is brought to you by asao more on them after the reaction peeps citizens of the reject Nation we are here today to watch Fallout episode 7 rejoined by Michael Tesla our Fallout expert Michael how you doing today I’m doing fastic how are you doing fulus thank

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I really don’t want this to end neither do I then we’re not going to hang out anymore it’s going to be a problem are you going to play the games thank you to prepper for helping set down these highlights thanks to all you have joined us at our

patreon page that’s where you get the full l through watch long where you sync up with your own copy of Fallout and we cover several things over there exclusively with highlights of watch songs included all right Chums let’s begin metal detector nope nope just sweeping sand sifting no

no mind detecting new California Republic armor I’m just as excited and the Fallout theme it’s an NCR Ranger oh this is very

very exciting Greg I appreciate that they they’ve reserved the Fallout theme for the NCR is that Eric Estrada kind of looks like him Sandra we’re home

need a better look Sandra oh no what did you do to Sandra Sandra Oh please don’t be eating Sandra no no no you didn’t have time to cook Sandra thank you Daran what a great way to toy with him he just stayed quiet oh wait you thought that’s

a fair assumption in this world that’s what a gray way to toy with him didn’t even do anything just sat there and ate Co Prejudice is real for H I probably still got some of your l in me somewhere say am I out of date or did I

hear you had three kids three kids I had an older son but he’s gone this guy’s teeth are really white took up with that mad woman in the Hills 2 years ago we haven’t heard from him since mad woman in the Hills particular lady with a fire cult

mhm there’s always some new little faction a’t there brand new team of Believers with their own dumbass ideas about how they going to save the world oh well that’s how you make video games what did you say the name of your eldest was was it ruthless what did

you do what is that envelope well you see Daddyo now from what I can tell oh he’s been writing letters oh Rufus got Tommy had mixed up with that mad woman too oh no Rufus sent Tommy a stash of caps to pay a courier for the safe transport

of an enclaved Defector oh wow to that very same mad woman in the Hills m d okay but my problem is by the time I got this letter off your brother it was a little bit hard to read oh boy now you give me that location and I’ll

be on my way that’s a fair trade I didn’t want to spend my life digging through dirt I want to build something and we have the chance tell nobody he wants to know or else he’s going to kill us all including your little sister ah I hate Cults

depends nope hate them all Greg depends she’s she’s at the observatory Observatory what you thing Tommy am I really walking out of here today or you going to try and draw on me for what I did to your big brother don’t try you won’t Maybe not today but

maybe someday d man I hope the ghoul’s just toying dude Tommy I don’t even know these people and I care about them that’s tough wow he lost both his kids it’s literally like the plot of The Patriot in a sense yeah did he just unlock Mel Gibson that

was a classic Western shot right there at least he left the dad and the daughter we were told America’s always getting better it’s always moving toward a better future but the future is getting closer and we can see it all right a little too close to home this

is poignant then we do with the people here in power the Real Enemy that’s about all the hor I can take whoa Mr Howard sorry I didn’t hear what you said I said that um this is about all the I can tell I have my principles Miss Williams

that’s all uhhuh and those principles of yours how much did vault tech pay to take them off your hands oo vault tech is the largest company in America there’s a lot of money in selling the end of the world he was doing just fine without it though sure

there’s a lot of money in selling a political ideology that ends in breadline sorry this was a mistake we’ll be no no no this good debate you see it happens that I know your wife and and perhaps a side of her you don’t uhoh having this conversation from

everyone huh better hope he doesn’t have a gun to sling on you how do you know my wife my research company was acquired by her division we were developing this kind of Technology that’s difficult to monetize my favorite kind that’s what I was on the verge of achieving

when vault tech swept in and bought up every company I’d ever worked for millionaire communist hypocrisy is like violence in your movies if you only let the bad guys use it the bad guys win America has been locked in a resource world War vault tech bought the means

to end that war all because it didn’t fit into their business model I want your help in getting it back wow it started off as a partnership it’s a listening device you want me to spy on my wife yeah yeah I do may you 5 minutes ago I’m

not a communist Mr Howard that’s just a dirty word they use to describe people who aren’t insane yeah that’s why people call me a communist I’m so curious and like the current politic climate of today how audiences are going to navigate just talking about this man you put

it in a different era makes it easier no for real ooh BL BL BL God I freaking love this show saw what you were doing to those poor women it’s sick she needs to see the holotape all right it’s like a theme park right your history your history

despite our results here I want to reiterate that a society governed by scientists is the ideal social structure oh that’s the couple from the from the back then should not be used as a case study for what happens when scientists are given unregulated control love how fun house

this feels our test subjects were less compliant than we expected whoa Creature Feature ah the start I don’t understand I saw your doctors trying to ease the pain of the poor souls your people lured into this place his ancestors were used as Lab Rats by the original residents

of Vault 4 creature in the video was actually my great uncle Peter on my mom’s side whoa you have infected our home with violence and now you must pay the price oh so for maybe isn’t as bad as I don’t know there’s a conversation to be had that’s

so interesting that took a really unexpected turn yeah oh tough choice oh red rocket an essential location and fall out are you done okay here okay I love the usage of this dog hopping from player to player oh Jesus Mary and Joseph when did that happen when uh

when he was in the power armor and I stepped on him oh yeah okay I got to re-evaluate here what do I need what do I need can’t believe we get some solo time this too huh everybody wants this guess what it’s mine think everything’s for you it’s

pretty selfish actually you know that bite what you want to bite oh my God if he takes the head can’t eat this you don’t look like you’re in that much pain I’m sure he’s on some drugs lot of space You Loose Cannon all right this is a very

important Mission I can’t have you jeopardized oh my God great oh this guy is on my list now that is so cruel all right got a radio tower Brotherhood his head oh I want this guy to get ripped to pieces now we are all survivors here it doesn’t

matter where you come from or what you believe got popcorn buckets this is entertainment for them unless you threaten that piece she wasn’t aware though well oh for causing harm to a fellow Survivor you are hereby sentenced to death by banishment to the surface oh I love Fallout

you’re just letting me go n don’t question it just go certainly an optimistic perspective you’ll be killed almost immediately on the surface my Lord knows what that’s why we’re giving you two weeks of supplies to take with you after that you are on your own Goosey Goosey can

I just ask you one thing obviously someone will carry the supplies to the surface for you my friend really likes it here and he’s a good person he deserves to be somewhere nice and safe L you’re such a good person I know that I’m homeboy still in the

he’s going to call some though he’s about to call some can he St oh no backup power initiate he’s trying his best let her go no Maximus no oh man oh God not the popcorn oh what are you doing no no no stop oh God they’re letting me

go really yeah oops sorry somebody made me check on him oh no bunch of Misfits a they didn’t get to take their snacks what we stole their Fusion core you I needed it for the armor well without their Fusion core their auxiliary power will only last a few

days and it’s not the right thing no yes no giving it back is the right thing to do it is without the fusion Corp this armor is useless I can’t be a knight if you’re nothing without the suit yeah but I can help people with this armor you

can help people without it you really want to give them their Fusion core back if it means you don’t get your dad oh yeah that mission my dad found out that I destroyed an entire Community to save him it’s not worth it break his heart perspectives are so

skewer here a lot of subjective takes in the show I like it really thought like four was like evil well it’s fun cuz there’s so many moral decisions to be made in Fallout and just to like watch all the characters make all those choices for you that’s fun

I hope they give her the food oh they didn’t even make a big deal out of it just dropped it off thank you thinking about those oysters mhm say goodbye to Bliss paradise and you say goodbye to his souit fix the world Greg we can have caviar again

radioactive caviar I was supposed to marry a stranger from another Vault she’s getting very vulnerable with him it didn’t turn out so good I don’t have the best luck when it comes to strangers Titus I can honestly say you are the best stranger that I’ve ever met oh

he hasn’t been completely honest though when all of this is over you could come and live with us in Vault 33 with me a there’s something I should tell you yep got be more honest my name isn’t Titus it’s Maximus there we go Titus is the name of

the Knight who owned the suit before me he was threatening me so instead of helping him I watched him die and I took his armor and I lied to you so all that stuff you’re saying you about uh about me being a good person I’m so proud of

him you still are a good person I just threw acid in an innocent man’s face the Wasteland sucks yeah sometimes do you want to come live with me and Mya oh it’s a really cute pickup line yeah also a really creepy one Maximus going to die absolutely I

have very little faith we’re going to make it to a happy ending here yeah it’s pen ultimate so little concerned with this too happy of a moment and he’s not armored but stripping away the armor allowed him to reveal his true self broadcasting from the base of the

once beautiful Hollywood Hill hey so weird I like live there like not in the Hills couple blocks down in my small But Mighty collection of fiddle Tunes ah he’s sand walking if you don’t like what you hear just a reminder that I don’t take visitors at the station

enjoy the fiddle dude his foot must just be falling apart is so gross yeah the use of music from The Fallout games is so freaking fun I just want to punch him so badly sure he’s a lovely guy in real life oh is that the guy who was

eating the chickens doing the not eating but you know what I mean doing stuff with the chickens M he looks a little different but it might be doctor I can help you yes I believe it is haven’t run into many people traveling with the human head yes absolutely

is welcome to my humble Pharmacy have a seat my dear boy let’s this is going to end great o someone stepped on my foot sometimes fatal but you’re in luck cuz I’ve got the Cure serums and potions for every mity and Misfortune that could possibly be set what

a crook well now when it comes to serums not many people know the difference between the noxious and the benign a Mera Hue of green could Aid the humors a brackish hint of Shamrock and get some tumors uh that’s the sound of your lower intestine falling right the

out which is which fine just give me the right one okay but for what price before we start there’s a small matter of my fee I don’t have caps is is is that a fusion core you don’t see those Around Much Anymore do you but if you do

want to survive not a bad trade but what to stop him you should you should do the thing with the foot first before giving the fusion core yeah this is uh not a great way to handle this situation I bet this was the guy that put the spikes

in the boot MH in the very first episode I must warn you The Taste not great just give it would it repair his foot but the results the results holy moly oh thank you sure thing buddy boy uhoh something something bad’s going to happen is it do I

can find a radio tower it’s near a town that used to be called Shady sand place is radioactive as hell you don’t have to worry about that anymore do you buddy boy toodles what a fun encounter have to worry that anymore we just turn into a ghoul yeah

I feel like it’s just going to keep amplifying in a system some way God I love this show phenomen us about that what a ah oh prison back to the Vault that was a really fascinating shot they already added the Vault 33 outfit to the uh fallout shelter

mobile game I got mine I feel like he might end up recruiting them in preparation for repopulating our neighboring Vault 32 overseer Betty will be sending out Vault assignments later today remember wherever you end up that’s where you belong seems like a good way to quell a resistance

but could he bring order to them doesn’t seem like not order but he can bring chaos you I feel like you need to find the whoever might be the leader in that group what uh-oh there’s a disease going or a poison the medic says it looks like rat

poison I wish it would end what did I tell you Norman words have meaning people are going to be upset when they hear about this what does she mean by words have meaning people like to have something to fuss about it’s just a distraction it wasn’t him she’s

behind it I mean yeah it’s interesting they’re cluing Us in on this like breaking perspective and showing us tidbits oh wait what are they separating them how peculiar oh hi nor it’s just terrible about the Raiders isn’t it don’t be too long I’m holding the baby so you

have to pack everything we’ll miss you Norm way to reel that man in yeah you’re going to yeah Steph and I were given a starter home unit so you’re just going to forget about everything we’ve seen I feel like this is a good moment for a fresh start

can I live in a little murder house you’re a coward you know that CH what a terrifying situation living with someone from 31 sure we all are Norm Vault live in a vault oh boy I think the character development here is really interesting why I really thought we

were just going to leave this character behind and maybe at the end of the show come back but I love that we’ve stayed in the vault we follow this narrative and I think we’re going to get something interesting by the very end I think we already have got

yeah feel like he’s more save the dog feel like he’s more of a constant of the kind of acceptance and deniability that we live in life is that that representation sure or he’s going to grow up and save the maybe Boy Can Dream I’m so glad he’s going

to save dog mate oh my heart the dog is such a good thread yeah all right let’s go find your daddy thankfully he can hunt the scent ah yay flashback love these flashbacks I know I get so imersive I could watch a whole prel series don’t do it

I’ve got three hot coco on Deck two marshmallow one plane three you have one for me I’ll be out there in just a minute he’s going to tell the secrets to our daughter I got to listen be out in a minute what do you got therey parallels you’re

right Roosevelt what are you thinking don’t put it in a trash throw it in the fireplace no dogs in the VA huh this is love of dogs really going to be the thing May me motivate me I get it no same could have save the world ah he’s

back at Hollywood Forever I’m sorry dog meat but you Ain him officially called him dog meate it’s Canon I love it I love the ghoul story of the search for identity playing an actor where you’re posing as Heroes and then what purpose do you really serve in the

real world you know yeah my uh ride should be getting here any minute thanks again for letting me use your radio that was really nice Fred Armon so you’re saying ear that some people they don’t uh like the sound of this music perfect Cameo these are the original

recordings you can’t get that warm sound anymore you know the base the treble oh here oh that okay really got that thing on it well it’s not on it it’s in it oh yeah some people they’re just so ignorant to music it’s kind of sad I would say

this guy’s a great bullshitter great job on these traps by the way really good jeez people just uh can’t be nice oh oh she just firing aimlessly they’re blinks I Just sh didn’t even look like you were aiming at them who are you I’m the person who got

it off oh oh no but the thing he was infect uh he’s got ghoul juice or whatever that’s true ah yeah why am I not dead that’s a question I I I wouldn’t do that well I’m I just going to leave it there oh that’s what oh ah

rapid healing sick you check to see if you have Wolverine claws I I think you might be a ghoul oh no so stupid I should have never trusted a doctor that smelled like that that was such a great reaction the Brotherhood you got a haul ass man they’ll

kill me if they find out what the Brotherhood is a good guy go complicated organization it’s the most odest thing you said so far I’ll slow them down you’ll have time to run I’m sorry about a lot of things you it didn’t mean for okay nice Mee you

shouldn’t be likable but he really is like so funny he’s so it’s the last character that I really like what are you doing if they want a head I’m going to give them a head find your dad go home that’s what I want for you let go in

they in this graveyard I’m not leaving I’m not leaving trust me love this I so you this sh a smile he still going are we Fred armison I’ll wait for you okay 33 find me I hope you don’t die this season Maximus he’s in a precarious situation he’s

got a lot of explaining to do yeah Titus the armor yep wouldn’t want to be in that position hope he has high Charisma which he does not we say goodbye to all those who are leaving us for Vault 32 uh-huh I’m not going VA I’m not going I’m

um I live I live there wow they get no choice in the matter huh sorry that was weird we are proud to announce as interim overseer of Vault 32 Stephanie Harper good luck 32s hit it a sound that will never get old it’s crazy in this switch that

they still they intentionally keep the doors closed and no one questions it I mean you’re born in the vault you live in the vault you die in the vault yeah but it’s it’s like there’s people migrating from Vault 33 to 32 and yet they won’t no one questions

why we they can’t just keep the doors open and shut I mean people move from America to Mexico and but it’s right next door we keep it it’s literally the country’s right next door but we got fence this is a door well we got a a door between

the fence Greg it’s borders dangerous dangerous dangerous ah sick all right let’s see if I can do it this is one of the hardest things to do that was fast leave right now right now oh what are they going to do to 33 with the compromise they’re going

to you think that was Betty do you think Betty was aware of this message I think Betty was aware of this message I I just what are the likelihood of the overseer being at their computer at the exact time that I don’t know I don’t even know if

there’s a person in charge over there I wonder if it’s a computer you’re not even doing a Betty impersonation it’s me Betty on this week’s episode of Catfish what if it’s his mom good theory it’s either his mom or a robot one’s a tad more emotionally impactful I

hope this episode never ends I know the editors disagree but damn you really build that screw crazy vaults like this exist like across the country can we buy one yeah get it installed hello hello there oh I thought the episode was over hello Mom no oh boy hey

it’s mirroring the shot of our Ghoul from earlier ah maybe it is a machine no one did greet him you were right or son of a I appreciate going back to the fiddle wow there’s really only one left shout out to astero for sponsoring us so some fun

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thank you again as a pro sincerely man I love this show Greg I love it too man it it it’s just Fallout is so good at being so many things at once you keep crediting Fallout and not really the creatives behind the show just saying Fallout well no

then in full credit to the creatives behind the show specifically Greg uh not specifically Greg Greg had nothing to do with the creative behind the show you don’t know that I know that definitively you have no idea what I do when you’re not who directed this episode uh

I think it said Frederick Douglas Frederick Douglas the Civil Rights Act and uh like the Frederick dou Catherine Keener or something okay well Frederick Douglas came back from the weird thing for Fredrick Douglas civil rights he’s got that special he’s got that special juice keeping him around Douglas

is a ghoul that feels offensive so I’m going to tread lightly on that subject it’s not it’s not offensive uh no no I I think they have just somehow managed to capture the lightning of Fallout in a bottle and have done such a a perfect job at bringing

it to life in a way that feels like so new and refreshing and I just I love that like every time that I think I’ve got something figured out they totally upend it and they do it in the most wonderful unexpected ways sure like when we’re in this

like Vault experiment thing I got like this whole like cocky cons conspiracy in my head about where we’re going and then they just no we’re going to take it in a completely different direction and it pays off in this like weird fun hysterical way that still moves the

plot forward but in an unexpected way uh and that challenges the morals of the characters and that puts them on these kind of interesting you know almost like like any great you role-playing Series has these like interesting moral quandries that challenge the characters continuously uh and I just

it’s it’s so freaking fun and I think there’s so many different dimensions and the fact that we’re hopping between so many povs and I literally there’s not a single POV that I’m like God damn this one again like I’m jazzed to be with any of these characters for

any amount of time now do I have favorites absolutely like I I wish we had more flashbacks like I would love to spend more time in the pre-war drama just because I find it so fascinating I would also love to just spend more time uh I think like

Lucy is just such a great protagonist I think they really knocked her out of the park in particular and the ghoul is such a compelling character um you know but I just across the board the show has just been it’s just been a fun ride and as a

Fallout fan I’m like contextually trying to put the clue together about like like this was a good they gave a good little tease because there was that minute when you had the two guys in the father and the son in the new California Republic Ranger outfits where I

was like oh hell yeah like the NCR is like really coming back this episode um and like timeline wise I like finally mentally figured it out my brain so this takes place after all the current games so we really don’t know anything about like where the new California

Republic is at and I think that’s really really interesting in that like they’ve really they have a a genuine blank canvas uh and I think it’s it’s fun like for for uh a fan that’s really into the lore and exploring all of that there’s been so much for

me to like dive back into and to like go back and like I’ve been like a couple hours earlier just like deep diving into like oh yeah like back in like Fallout one and two like you literally are like there at the founding of like shady Sands and

like you see how this like little village in the actions of your character like plays an essential role in creating this city that ultimately ends up becoming the sprawling government and I just think it’s so cool that they’ve managed to like tie something back from the very beginning

of this Fallout uh experience in Universe into something that is like now you know 100 years later uh and in this whole new medium uh just it’s just freaking amazing and I’m just having so much fun and it’s it’s honestly more than anything it’s so fun experiencing it

with you as somebody that is new to the universe uh and just like watching your excitement and seeing how you react to so many of like the Fallout isms um and also just like it’s an inherently cinematic world right like um and it’s it’s amazing to watch it

adapted to screen and it’s amazing to see how you are taking it in and there’s like one of the big complaints I think about Fallout is that it has up until Fallout 76 anyway which has a lot of mixed feelings about it uh has always been like a

single player game and so it’s a very solitary experience even though it’s universally beloved by fans it’s not something that you ever get to enjoy with somebody else and so that’s been really kind of fun to be able to experience this world with somebody that I I care

about um and to like be like oh I’m so glad that I’m not alone and finding like that weird stuff like really enjoyable and like knowing that that like odd sense of humor that it like really Finds Its like its happy place on and the strange ju ju

deposition of like humor and genre bending uh just it’s like so validating and so enjoyable but enough me Greg what did you think of this episode I thought it was I thought it was another really solid episode I who’s the guy uh who the guy with the m

up foot who’s now a ghoul uh Fus thus uh the way this show can take characters that initially I’m I I kind of write off at first and go I’m not too interested in what they’re going to be doing with this guy and then they managed to make

them really interesting a lot of that does come down to good casting but also there’s there’s a certain kind of pitch for the that you do have to find for these characters because everyone has to be on the same note about the world that they inhabit and I

feel like this is the kind of show where maybe it is the game where they all had the time to get to know what the tone of it is what impresses me most about the casting here and the direction overall is that the reason why I think we

can cut around to so many characters and characters who are in a variety of different types of personas but still still constantly flows is everyone still feels like they’re a part of the same show they’re all part of the same world and a lot of the same like

like he had like certain kind of reactions when he was in that Fred Armon scene and I’m like and the in this world this reaction from this guy to how he’s responding to these Revelations makes the so much sense sure sure and you have to be on the

right to cuz I’m like oh was kind of like hearing the script and I’m go and I’m imagining someone who’s going like so dramatic or so heavy or or playing too much into comedy yeah and I’m like and but everyone in that scene they all have the right

tone and and I think that is probably the hardest thing this show had to get down and I feel like this this is one of those episodes that really demonstrates that because you need to have this great middle ground where you can go to the Past like I

love those flashbacks and it’s interesting with our ghoul what I what I love so much about the ghoul character is he’s like trapped he’s in this present moment in this journey but he’s also trapped before the uh what’s the event called when this all happened when it I

mean it’s it’s a hydrogen not the hydrogen what was it hey that’s my project what’s it called available now on amazon.com no uh uh I mean it it has a lot of names to but what do they what do is there is there a term that they have

for the 50s event the well it it it happens it’s not like a particular nits the day the bombs fell um okay it’s 2077 it’s the the Great War the whatever you want to call it so yeah we’ll call we’ll call it that like he’s trapped between that

and the moments leading into before the Great War right and it’s all the the whole journey of his time at the Wasteland as a ghoul is not something he really ruminates on maybe if they keep Walton gogin around they will I I feel feel like out of any

of the characters he might be the even though he’s like kind of the scene stealer I could also see him being the one who’ll go I hope I hope that he does for him I want him to stay forever selfishly but he’s an amazing actor but as a

character seems like he should find his rest kind of tortured yeah because he has to he has had so many he’s probably one of he the only character really alive who at least in his mind could have perhaps actually stopped this from occurring yeah and that’s probably part

of the torture yeah yeah it’s a hefty weight not to mention losing your wife presumably daughter um I mean there’s still the question mark of of the woman that he’s looking for if it’s not you know because that was I don’t know how they phrased the language there

in in the previous episode has me wondering if he’s looking for someone else or holding out hope I’m not sure I mean we’ll probably find out in this which be kind of interesting because if his daughter is a ghoul and survived as well she is still a kid

um at least in a physical form uh even though she’s grown up uh mentally that’d be interesting but I think uh loose the the whole story in the vault four clarify that with me a tiny bit what they were saying with it when it came to Chris Parnell

yeah so basically in the vault 4 situation originally the the scientists that were there decided to start running experiments on an assortment of test subjects so the monsters that we’re seeing are originally humans were all originally humans so like even the one in the water as they showed

here was origin those were just original just normal people that were turned into all different sorts of creatures those creatures for what purpose just for the sake of some s being scientist you know for the same reason that like Dr mangala and like the Third Reich did awful

things like in their mind it was like for science ultimately the experiments uh killed the scientist and then took control of Vault 4 and then after Shady Sands fell they let in the survivors and so all of the people with like the weird physical deformities were all the

descendants of the original test subject of Vault 4 got it but they were under the impression that they were doing that that they were still doing that themselves yeah okay but they didn’t explain the cult worshipping thing well the cult worshipping thing comes from apparently at some point

in Shady Sands people started believing in this sort of cult but that happened prior to the bombing of Shady Sands or whatever explosion of our of our woman who encountered our ghoul yes who has a name Greg which is Rosemary nope Michelle nope um uh Amar you’re getting

warmer what is it and that is a Fallout character name what’s her name I don’t know dang it uh but I comment in the section below so okay so when they’re like worshiping her at the altar there at the very end I I know at the end of

last episode is she did they view her as like some type of Liberator of sorts I’m trying to put that mystery together myself because that kind of seems like what her intention was in in the first episode all I know is that she is not a figure that

I am previously familiar with from The Fallout universe and she definitely did not exist at least to my knowledge in the new California Republic at least in the last time that we were there in Fallout New Vegas um so part of me is kind of curious if she

maybe had something to do with it going I’m wondering if the over I feel like she’s very antiv Vault and I think the overseers um my theory is that these overseers have the longevity lifespan that she has you know there’s a lot of different ways that this could

go down um but there’s one way to find out and that’s for us to watch the very final episode and how what did y’all think of this episode leave your comments down below don’t forget to hit that like button if you enjoyed our reaction and uh do us

a favor and uh if you want to be aware if there’s any impending atom or nukes or hydrogen bombs on the way hit that notification Bell we’ll be sure to tell you we will react to it in real time Greg do you want to show them what our

reaction would be if one goes off whoa and that that’d probably be that whoa I like that it’s crazy I never understand anything like that you think we can upload fast enough all right we’ll see you on the next one Chris Wham off Christopher listen up buddy I

saw that you showed up in Greg and Coy’s recent live stream now he didn’t show yours and thank God he didn’t because really it’s way too too much pressure when you come around man all right I try to live up to your example each and every day and

yet and yes you know I feel like if I was actually in your presence even from just across the internet in a live stream scenario I would be flustered I would be flx I would be all of a of a of a tizzy just trying to figure out

you know oh my goodness you know is there something I can do to help Chris because Chris all you do is just show up and help us I just notic he only could pretty much mainly contributes to the big bucks when I’m around you know that is something

I’ve just had to come to grips with all right TR to wonder why it doesn’t really happen when I’m not in the live trying to wonder why this doesn’t happen when I’m why I’m going to the gym again Chris because now I want to be worth your love

uh no matter how much you know pleasing and and you know betrayal of my own personal self I have to do to get there even though Fitness generally is a good idea and I’m sure you have a good fitness regimen which I would be embarrassed about myself to

see upon beholding your beautiful gorgeous body so Chris keep on staying away from me and uh keep on keeping on supporting the G train because it’s the only train worth riding let me tell you that’s the word around here love you Chris stay sexy

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