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this video is brought to you by asao more on them after the reaction peeps Fallout episode 8 what’s up guys we were at the finale and it’s called the beginning weird guys we’re at the finale of Fallout and I’m so sad about it well sad I’m sad I

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you to know I’m gonna read everyone because I freaking love Fallout and I love talking to Fallout fans because I genuinely think that this is like one of the actual best fandoms out there full stop we got to start the show Michael gosh and now let’s watch the

show damn ah this is going to be so awkward they’re back to feeling imposing find me I will I Believe In You Maximus Maximus smms radius going through Philly Philly with a fin finny oh wow wow they’re like really encroaching in huh ah he going to get sent

north of the wall where’s your knight he’s dead is not the first time a brother in your company has fallen into Misfortune they’s like so out get him I fear you lied then no artifact my Lord just as you lie now please listen to me oh confess don’t

kill me and I can lead you to it step up please my Lord my injury was my own doing not his for the sake of the Brotherhood please listen to him such a display of loyalty don’t see that much anymore gu surv how did Titus die he died

running that is the truth the Brotherhood has lost its way we once ruled the Wasteland and yet power is taken not given if what you say is true and you can lead us to The Relic and together you and I can restore we will take power and with

it we will start a new Brotherhood with me as its head and the likes of you as its sword oh wow what an offer oh that’s some uh protagonist does he do this or does he go to Vault 33 your entire life you’ve been looking for a home

does he follow through with the fantasy build one with me oh the conflict guess you won’t die I I appreciate that they’ve created this multiple protagonist Choice yeah same as you have in a game God I would love to visit these sets so cool you could really make

a whole attraction out of this that’s nice what a real Community it’s interesting because yeah it is La but it doesn’t feel like La at all there’s Capital Records that’s cool no it it is a the they’ve captured the spirit of it I love you love you too

he’s going to be listening in from the parking lot good to see you buddy I don’t have kids myself but I do have a training program for up and cominging the basic idea is that the biggest obstacle to achievement has been the brevity of the human lifespan it’s

prevented us from working on projects that require centuries maybe even Millennia to see through so ideally buds buds will keep my project on track centuries uhoh bud we’re getting late oh yes let’s go big day today the cheap piece together say that ah he’s just not supposed to

be talking about any of that time to be a spy sneaking act like you’re interested in this buds buds project ftech is a scary place man whoa whoa nice damn going classic that was awesome Papa damn he just kept in a cage oh she has an NCR flag

interesting it’s just a relic welcome moldiver okay that’s a real ghoul right there too I’ve had a lot of time to think about this moment you wouldn’t believe the things that went through my head I think she would she’s been around a very long time one night I

actually tried to stuff an old grenade into the neckhole I was going to walk in here and blow everybody up but that’s not really how I was raised I’m going to keep things civil I’ll right on the food give me my dad back power first what if I

tell you how I know your father here we go please who he really is ah yes please Exposition feed me don’t listen to you think your father was born in a vault no 31 what if they were just like created it’s very possible that’s the I’ll get it

don’t you worry a bra just maybe I have to thank you Betty wait you’re not Betty no no no no no no no no initiate protocol 53 you can stop it I won’t answer your questions unless you let me inject you with this don’t you go in there

don’t you access the info tree or look at the terminal do it all right there stop oh God this is so Fallout there’s a new guy who works with Barb Henry he’s a really big fan of you Henry do you mind if I bring him by just to

meet you for a moment I think my theory is going to come true is see the brain no Henry’s the dad oh that my theory you’re right that was your theory I know Fallout better than you let’s face it we’d like to collaborate on some of our vaults

but it’s time to come out what if people are still alive on the surface our vaults have the resources to survive for centuries meanwhile our competitors every other human who isn’t us will be dead on the surface what is the ultimate weapon of mass destruction time time time

is the apex predator and in the event of an incident time is the weapon with which we will defeat all of our enemies damn and she knew all this is how we will win the great game of capitalism not by out fighting anyone by out leaving them yeah

who’s this if I could perhaps refocus the conversation come on bar set him straight she ain’t going to when I think about the future I think about my daughter uh-huh how do I provide her with a better future that’s what we’ve invited you here to discuss yes where’s

the rest of the Vault this is the rest of the vault is this where my dad’s from you’ll never find out oh he’s going to find out this brain oh they’re all kept in cryo Chambers these are buds buds my but America outsourced the survival of this country

to the private that’s BD in the brain we kept vault te alive instead a well-trained staff of Highly supervised Junior Executives my own assistant training program because the future of humanity comes down on one word you’re right management Bud here has an idea for three interconnected vaults but

we need more ideas we need your oh this all started with Bud where you can play out your own ideas for how to create the perfect conditions for Humanity oh my god oh that’s horrible and may the best IDE a win oh that’s awful so what’s vault 32

and 33 just people to be controlled when you put it like that sounds downright morally questionable the ultimate expression of hrr andd genetically selected to breed with my buds to create a class of super managers people with positivity people who make lemonade oh no people who will inherit

the earth after we’ve wiped the surface clean we wiped the surface clean they thought they were there to save the experiments yeah I would like to see a vault governed by it what about using a vault to develop a super mutant Soldier using illegal immigrant oh my God

but we’re talking about making a significant investment how can you guarantee results by dropping the bomb ourselves wow now that is a goddamn Revelation a nuclear event would be a tragedy but also an opportunity perhaps the greatest opportunity in history because when we are the only ones left

there will be no one to fight a true Monopoly wow I love capitalism I’m Henry but everyone calls me Hank whoa daging your father has been around for a very long time I’m just happy I got a theory right I’m so proud of you Greg this is our

chance to make war obsolete oh man Jesus how horrifying we have friction we have conflict and we have war and War well war never changes war never changes genius they said the line genius genius the line you waitting to hear this whole time he said it he said

it that was so smart doesn’t even play like an Easter egg line that’s great you think you could give me an autograph he never told you where he’s really from how could he I don’t blame him he never told your mother either oh is that why she fled

I mean he’s got to have multiple children by this point what do you know about my mother she was like you she was kind loving curious so she’s not the villain isn’t that why you came to the surface really partly to rescue your father but to know why

I took him can’t go back to the vaults now go live at the Brotherhood Lucy I’m not sure they’re on the right side here either Greg it doesn’t matter wait Dane they’re sending you punishment for what I did to myself I was just scared of going to The

Wilds I had no idea they’d blame me for it oh actually did Oh I thought I thought it was lie yeah no they’re a real one don’t be I was meant to go on that mission I met someone I got to kiss someone now she’s walking into danger

oh I’m going back to where she came from a vault it’s a place that’s peaceful and safe nobody ever goes to war asri there’s nowhere safe Max that’s the truth and there’s no leaving I wish there was woof God damn it looks beautiful though your mother discovered that

something was siphoning the vault’s water away oh curious from that one clue she deduced that maybe civilization had returned to the surface oh no when she told her husband he said it was a ridiculous idea how did she know all this and that’s when she realized that her

husband the was hiding things so she ran away I found mold and took her children oh she found this wonderful city that was everything the vaults had promised did they destroy but then her husband came after her and when she decided not to return home he took children

oh and he burned that City to the ground got it wow it all ties together Shady s oh my God that’s how VTech deals with competition just like they did 200 years ago wa they just commit acts of genocide oh man W the flashes of the real world

what you brought me is cold fusion it’s Limitless energy and we can build murderer our own world for everyone Luc It’s All Coming Back all I need is for him to give me the Cod L look at me look at me oh m moners my mother what happened

to her I think you know no what oh whoa did not see that coming oh a that’s horrible give her the code what’s the point of enduring man you don’t change at all Jesus give her the code dad her whole belief system shattered the acting here is it’s

crazy and about living by the butt butts philosophies positivity and all this that if she wasn’t trained that way she might not have made that choice either or behave that way kind of crazy how all ties together so well written terms of characters layers and layers and he

probably only changed a little bit that guy comic llin because of her you’re just going to keep me here just until we’re ready to go to the surface that could be hundreds of years that’s why I’d suggest you waited out in your dad’s pod unless you want to

starve to death not much food in here except the occasional very large bug I’d certainly put myself to sleep if I could you might break the brain seems to be a good amount of empty pods though those are all the people that have been reactivated so far hhm

I did what was necessary to save our people and that woman over there she is no different than me I don’t know about that man you’re just mental management incoming aircraft that’s the worst brother oh it’s all going to collide we even got our ghoul we haven’t even

seen our ghoul Lucy I loved your mother but you stopped being your mother when she left home that’s control sick wow that’s at the grith observatory cool yeah really has those oh oh my God no Lucy I had to make a choice but you’re a contributor to why

this Society is the way it is between their violent world and our peaceful one ah she’s literally the leader of the NCR I know I made the right choice the right choice is letting people have a choice like how this looks cool but doesn’t feel cool you know

yeah poor as hell oh oh oh my God a bright new sun will suddenly break ah man it’s the beginning of the show from the Vault to surface if the problem with the world is factions endlessly fighting endlessly at War then what is the solution but to get

rid of the faction to make the world us it’s a real uh Draconian very American of thinking that’s dictatorship man oh yeah you’re like not rooting for anyone here not in power armor oh there he is well I used to wear one back in the day it was

only one problem with there was a flaw in the welding just below the chest plate I wonder if they fix that in this new model dope I guess not awesome from a war film to a horror film you’re in here with me oh amazing amazing damn open the

door let’s go what great use of lighting trying to do a good sales pitch on his daughter can’t hide in the vaults forever wooo World Collide Lucy I’m her father can you get us out of here oh Maximus we got to get out of here no not with

him why not with him what do you mean he destroyed your home sh s right what the hell Lucy you’re coming with me head shot oh Jesus Max Max wake up would she you see what this place does to people I’m your father Lucy You’re a murderer dude

you came all this way from me you’re not going to hurt me the ghoul would yep you want another autograph young Henry your said her last name was mlan will I just couldn’t believe that it was the mlan now I’ve waited over 200 years to ask somebody one

question where’s my wife where’s mying family yeah season two setup coward hey Max wake up wake up come on that can’t be the death of him would it I got pretty hard I could see how that could kill him but damn war never changes you look at at

this Wasteland looks like chaos it’s beautiful though cinematically but there’s always somebody behind a will and that’s who I want to talk to real one in charge that’s where your daddy is headed but you let him go well it’s easier to track a stuck pig and to ask

it where it’s off to everything about your whole whole little world was decided over 200 years ago and you could stay here with him yeah or you could come meet your makers put your mom down oh Max has no idea about the truth but he probably has an

inkling that all 33 isn’t safe if he knows the truth about the dad well the brothers in a vault oh yeah that’s right Frozen phenomenal setup for another season okie dokie should really take the cold fusion with you or not ouch damn that looks painful Luc see man

video when they deliver they deliver r d jaati is really giving me some great music right now oh this is unlikely we did gross was power coming back on his home he understands what do you suppose your Brotherhood would do with infinite power maybe you can stop them

maybe you can’t maybe all you can do is try sometimes yeah still never explained how she made it imagine she hijacked those cryo Chambers you killed her no damn take the credit all hell Maximus the sh be night hereafter all all in a lie what a Dark Victory

all L to change to Brotherhood from the inside I love how both our main characters got what they wanted in the beginning but it is not a victory memory where’s dog meate good question maybe ask and you shall receive yes there’s a tail not the Hollywood sign right

there so this is one of the only only shows in the past like decade to get the actual licensing for the Hollywood sign oh really to have anything done to it Shadow sponsored by n wow what a beautiful shot oh oh Greg you have no idea no wait

is that what I think it is is it Vegas it’s New Vegas it’s New Vegas yes oh man ah well done Wayne Yip oh my God arguably the most beloved Fallout game come to life I love that they’re giving us a a New Vegas post credit scene wow

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this is a journey man man I was uh I was like gripped from beginning to end every episode every single episode was so good everyone was thought-provoking enriching character driven different that was that’s probably one of the biggest takeaways I have was like they did something different every

single episode yeah they explor something different every time and the Revelations here you know what I love so much about it and I do want to hear your thoughts about um what they did with the with the very in the flashback when Walton gogins is listening in I

love how they manag to keep these truth bombs h no pun intended keep these truth bombs in a way where it’s they’re getting this Exposition but it’s so telling of the relationship of the wife and and the and their Dynamics and what led to them being a part

as established in the first episode that as you’re getting this Exposition which is like oh man how terrible it’s also character narrative simultaneously it is it is so uh it is shocking but I I’m so curious for you as someone who like knows the Fallout world is there

something in here in this particular episode this final episode that you thought was like wow that was surprising that was shocking other than of course getting the Vegas setup I’m like so no pun intended blown away by this episode and you’ve known me a long time I’m not

usually left speechless I usually always have something I’m going to just align your mic a tiny bit align there you go um the fact that VTech managed to in essence obliterate the new California Republic at its like height of power is like so devastating that history in essence

like repeated itself and I think that is like such a like oh it’s like such a sucker pun but also it’s it’s so it it makes perfect sense um there’s been a lot of indication like I’m one of those people like when you play the game and you

go through like all the different like vaults and all the different buildings you come upon the different consoles and you can like read all the different entries I’m one of the people that reads every single entry just to digest every bit of you know um and like you

can contextually like put together that the question was always like who dropped the bomb first this confirmed but not necessarily confirmed right like it indicated that we could drop the bomb first but it didn’t say definitively that we did drop the bomb first but it it further adds

fuel to the fire that we may very well have dropped the bombs on ourselves I mean then we have to have cr do you know anything about the behind the scenes of who they they must have worked in conjunction with the video game creators that if they’re going

to mess with this is Todd Howard is the executive producer on the project and this is Canon to the game this is all Canon and so and and it was really smart because this takes place I think about 10 years or so after Fallout 4 which is the

last canonical uh piece of of the Fallout Universe Vegas was before Fallout 4 yeah just a little bit before um and yeah I mean it’s it’s pretty crazy um you know that kind of the the interesting thing about Fallout lore though and and it’s kind of hard to

explain it right like it’s a roleplaying game so in every Fallout game you decide what happens which means game to game they have to kind of decide ultimately what happened even though that might not be the path that you went sure um so in in this one the

Brotherhood of Steel like clearly got wrecked uh and and so I’m really curious like in New Vegas um there’s a lot of different like options that you could have gone with there’s a lot of different factions that may or may not exist anymore that are going to add

so many interesting elements and I thought that was a really interesting part about this is this basically implied that like like The Enclave which we only really saw in in the Michael Emerson and the open episode or two um the scientist and stuff the scientists and stuff so

like they like it it’s so interesting to me the choices that they they made but really um uh like for you did you feel like it was all comprehensive like did it all there were times I had to I’m not sure I feel like I’ve only had to

ask you a couple of questions I feel like for the most part that’s what I find so enriching about when you’re telling me these things yeah is I didn’t feel lost for the immediate story nor was it just about like I don’t it wasn’t like watching tenet know

I’m like um I kind of get what’s happening right now but uh it looks cool so I’ll just watch it like I was able to get involved in the story and the characters and I I could understand what was happening and I just I think the show did

a really ex like they extracted the right DNA person scene and per introduction of like even with the Brotherhood and stuff just to get enough and then you you talk and I’m like oh I could get like expanded knowledge if I if I play the games and get

and get all that other stuff and I think that’s the fun thing about even playing the games right like some people are literally just in it for like I want to build a fort you know like like I want to just like experience like the horror of like

exploring an abandoned Vault or whatever it is um and I think that’s what’s fun about the show is if I’m like a fan of just like horror or I’m like a fan of action like just in this final episode alone we did so much genre hopping and it

was so seamless and this just like one moment the helicopters are flying up and you’re like man this is like you could start playing like like creedon’s clear water revival and like you know Fortunate Son You’ be like man that’s great Vietnam you know next thing you know

you have the just the the muzzle flash going off and you’re in an action film or or in a horror film rather and it’s like it’s it’s brilliant you know what I just realized what this show did yeah it told you the vault tech lie you know it

starts off where Kyle mclin the dad Henry you’re in voltech and it looks like they’re the heroes they’re the protagonists and then he’s kidnapped by the baddy and the ghoul is a bad guy and all these things and as the story progresses by the time you get to

the end it’s the complete opposite you know and and I don’t I don’t want to spoil any of the games in any way shape or form but that’s where Fallout I think always succeeds the most is that you will always begin your adventure with a very I think

a a good clear moral understanding of who you are and what you stand for and what what your objective is and the realities of the Wasteland and then the realities of like really brilliant writing and character development will send you on this really fantastic Journey that will ultimately

always end you in that situation where maybe it’s not your dad that you have the gun pointed at the head at but you you always have that sort of quandry and you know I I I found there was a moment in this episode where you had the PO

of of Lucy and Maximus and they’re both going through these decisions and I’m like experiencing it as though I am playing that character and I thought that was like it’s it’s one of those things that for a roleplaying game adaptation is such an impressive thing to achieve on

screen you know I I think the The Last of Us did such a phenomenal job at capturing I think the personality and like the spirit and the character this was able to capture a whole element of choice and decision and Nuance that I I don’t think I’ve ever

really seen done before in a video game adaptation of television and you know full credit to The Last of Us creative team uh in a lot of the interviews with the Fallout uh creative team they like were praising The Last of Us for pay the way of being

like Oh no this can be done um you were a big fan of The Last of Us right I was a huge fan of I mean the game and the the game Last of Us 2 is arguably my favorite game of all time um and I really did

love the show uh but that is the difference though is that is an adaptation of a very specific story sure where this is a continuation this is an original story sure in the same world that is also continuation of timeline or from when I gather yeah so yeah

it’s so it’s it’s a different it’s a different experience and I’m like this is probably what they should be doing more of depending on what you’re adapting like if you’re adap if you’re adapting the world of this it makes it it makes more sense cuz um CU yeah

I think I think the way they introduce the world via through the characters is what makes it so excellent like sure like they they wrote great protagonists and I love how in the end they all get what they want but it’s not what they want it’s not ultimately

what they want like Maximus gets the victory of getting kned and it’s it’s uh everything Rings false she finds her dad and Truth bombs you know and finds her mom too go like that was devastating I I think they know they the writing team on this show take

it sounds like the games do it but the writing team on this show I what I just really commend them for is I we’ve all seen the mistakes that happen where it’s like you’re either going to get so much information but it’s not really tied to your characters

and then here you’re not even really noticing it because it’s so seamless they they weave it together in a way where you’re like oh I’m getting all the information but it’s also completely driving The Narrative of the characters I know I sound like a broken fiddle record uh

see what I did there not right all right clever but we have experienced every bit of exposition through the lens and perspective and the organic journey of each of these characters yeah and it has made it so much more palpable and enjoyable than just like a never-ending Lord

dump and frankly it’s like the first time that there has been a multi- uh POV show at least in recent memory that I can think of that I’ve like actually really enjoyed like probably since like House of the Dragon um if there’s any others that have um that’s

a really good point cuz yeah I mean like we’re not just talking about video game adaptations that fail it it’s like book adaptation shows fail show ad hard it’s a hard medium it’s a hard thing when there’s a big world and the bunch of rules to like oh

you got to really construct characters around this yeah and and I think they really found a way to make a character first well it was it was an interesting and I’m curious what the creative process was right like I’m sure the initial gut instinct is this is a

single player game where you have a singular protagonist so it should have a singular POV and then I’m I’m like I’m almost imagining like what does that writer room look like where it’s like well I like to play as a character that leans towards the Brotherhood of Steel

yeah well I like to play as like a gunslinger kind of bad character well I like to play as the goody to shoes that is a doter that helps everybody and eventually they probably realized well give him a little bit of everybody in that and and ultimately and

maybe this wasn’t their end goal but in the in a way they’ve organically achieved and I know there’s any Walking Dead listeners here hi uh say it anything the ones who live thank you I need but like something that I’ve complained about the The Walking Dead not the

ones who live but the original series is that it really struggled in transitioning with the multi povs into trying to become this like faction-based drama it was like either too Exposition heavy trying to be this big thing and it lost its like special character like connective tissue and

just couldn’t figure out what it was this show has somehow managed to without losing that Personal Touch still create this bigger world where I can almost imagine it whether through spin-offs whether through just the continuation of this main thread of storyline they’ve Now set up like there’s a

really interesting power vacuum now they’re setting up this idea of rebuilding the world and there’s power coming back and there’s a need for civilization there’s a lot of interesting stuff that they can do to make this more macro while continuing to experience it through the lens of these

characters in a way that feels organic and right that is that is one of the this is one of the best seasons of Television I’ve ever seen stop full stop even even looking at Walton goggin it’s like he was giving two completely different performances right the the in

the 50s or what 50s yeah or retro 50s in the 2070s but it’s supposed to like feel like yeah it’s retro futuristic but it’s the 2070s yeah it’s supposed to yeah that’s what I meant um so that and then where he is 200 years from now as the

ghoul and then by the time you get to here right with that one line of like looking for my family and then when he’s talking to Lucy you see that oh you see the the full tethering of how it’s come full circle this this performance that it is

the same like you always knew it’s was the same character you could see where the line is but then once you like peel back a little bit of that get rid of that mystery it it like bam it all it all marries together so yeah so perfectly uh

yeah and it’s like it was like haunting you know and unsettling yeah and uh funny and weird I was I was really I think this is one of the best season ones of they could totally bot season 2 but it’s never too late to bot season 2 um

but I think it’s the season one is that’s one of the best it’s I I think it’s without a doubt my favorite bit of Television I’ve watched this year yeah this powerful TV um I I think the thing that’s most powerful about it is I don’t have the

least favorite episode I don’t I like I can’t think of an episode that they all sort of bleed together a it was just a cohesive across the board I enjoyed every minute of it yeah um all right outside of the ghoul who is your favorite character Lucy for

sure okay I Love Lucy Luc I Love Lucy they didn’t realize what I said I mean like it’s the funny thing is like I when when the ghoul’s on screen he is he’s the most captivating sure um I mean Walton go it’s really hard yeah it’s phenomenal it’s

really hard to beat Walton Goggins like Walton goggin is like an amazing Act yeah it’s got to be loose D who’s yours I love dog meat he’s a very good boy sure has done a very good job despite being put into some very precarious situations absolutely um I

mean I think Lucy’s I agree a phenomenal job the um God there’s just like some subtle acting out of um uh what is the name of the uh the Overseer in the uh which one which overseer uh in Vault 33 oh um I forget her name what’s her

name oh man that’s gonna drive me crazy um Debbie Debbie I her performance like is that yeah I think it is but actually a good yeah well Sally Debbie one of those little Debbie Little Sally little Little Debbie anyway uh no I thought it the way that she

was able to just like subtly terrify the actual living hell out of me yeah um and when you go back like to rewatch this and recontextualize that like the woman with the eye patch Debbie all these characters are from the past and are middle management and played an

active role in the end of the world that is hor horrific and add such a dense fascinating layer to to all of this um so yeah I I mean I I thoroughly enjoyed I just I think the vault tech plot vault tech has always fascinated me and and

I think the scary thing is like as crazy as it sounds it’s also not that crazy sounding I I think the only part of the show that I about to fight it’s not about the VTech it was Jello it was the gelatin right what um the only part

of the show that I thought was a little perun of like okay yeah they’re the lead so they’re going to do this but I didn’t quite I love them individually but I didn’t quite feel for it was the romance and Lucy Maximus and Lucy it was forced it

was the it also like these two don’t know don’t have romance in their lives so it makes sense they would fall for each other fast but the same time I didn’t really but it didn’t strike me so much as romance as much as like thought they were just

like buddies two kids two kids that are of sexually mature age who feel things and who have not ever had any expressions of like physical intimacy and touch like I don’t know I it it didn’t strike me as like I think they might be confused using it as

that because they have no education or exposure really yeah but like you know Lucy also just the way in which they talked about sex like they don’t strike me as the type that really have a good have there no pun intended head wrapped around it yeah yeah it’s

true that’s fair uh but no I I I agree though I mean Maximus is interesting because I would EB and flow with the but also it’s like it’s a character that’s been through some crazy trauma and grew up in like a military cult uh so I love how

soft he was like in his performance you know like and I think that surprised me because when you always imagine like a character in a suit like that you imagine him sounding like tougher like his voice he had a soft voice like he played It Like a Boy

the whole time yeah it like it was that same boy who lost his home you know I thought he actually did an excellent job I feel like that’s a performance that could probably be overlooked honestly and maybe perhaps criticized but I actually really loved what he was doing

well I’m all right I’m going to give like a weird interesting as like the resident Star Wars guy in the real rejects a lot of that is everything that I wanted out of like the Stormtrooper Arc for for John boa for Finn like this idea of Like a

Storm Trooper who becomes just comparing black people who wear suits there it is n is that what you’re doing is that what you’re doing Michael just somebody that from a very young age was indoctrinated into a military cult that worked his way up already talk your way out

of that one I had my talking points ready to go Greg I I brought the re well I had the comments ready to go for you I had the receipts sir uh that being said uh both of them are fantastic actors and I think John boy boo was

given a horrifically awful script um but I think I think this has been really neat and I think the other cool thing that they’ve set up now is that uh Maximus is now in a position of of actual power and influence and I’m curious to see what does

that mean for the Paradigm of of balance in the Wasteland and like you know I’m just I’m so God I’m just excited uh and I really hope that they’ve started filming right now as we’re speaking um but Greg final thoughts final thoughts man I mean I’m I’m like

a 10 out of 10 on this show are you going to play the games dude I’m still making my way through red de Redemption 2 I picked that up a couple months ago and you’re never going to finish it’s a very long like I’m only on the chapter

three the playing this for like you are never 50 hours finished Craig you’re never going to get there not going to happen Dutch I’ve heard so many people be like Dutch is one of the best villains I’m like he’s not even like a villain yet what is going

on you just got to keep giving him his money you got to give it so that we can all get out of here Greg Arthur Arthur Arthur Morgan I’m telling you Arthur that’s the game that’s all I’m at in the game so far uh I will say this

if nothing else you should play New Vegas before season 2 if nothing else I’d like to I’d like to play because the the funny part here’s the funny part about this entire Journey yeah I have no clue what the game play would actually be like that’s the but

yeah when you were like yeah this reminds me of like if if we were going on a mission I was like that’s funny because is it’s probably not right that’s not how that work because yeah like you want you play you watched The Last of Us show you’re

like oh yeah yeah I mean you fight zombies and you hunt like it’s probably easier to like correlate what a game might be like and then for me here I’m like I still have no clue what the game would actually be or feel like or what the game

play would be if this was accurate to the game we would still be in Vault 33 and I would be looking through every single drawer for any piece of scrap until I am over encumbered and can’t walk fast anymore the game sounds forever the game is forever the

game sounds long the thing about thetha games Greg is that Skyrim came out over a decade ago and people are still playing it Fallout 4 came out over a decade ago and people are still playing it I continue to play these games over and over and over again

because they are just marvelous and magic and no matter how many times you play through you find new things each time and I think that is just abs like absolutely magic absolutely uh so anyway final thoughts 10 out of 10 for me uh honestly I’m like giddy with

radioactive I Got A Smile as big as Maximus uh Greg and how hey uh we’ll see you on season two uh in the meantime what did y’all think of this amazing show did you love it did you hate it what game should Greg play first leave your comments

below don’t forget to hit that like and if you want to watch more amazing exciting wondrous fun I’m running out of hyper have no idea reactions be sure to hit that notification Bell will also let you know of impending nuclear apocalypses uh thank you for being here and

a member of the reject Nation we love you and uh be safe out there bye bye guys thank you for being with us

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