FAMOUS Actor (Accidentally) LEAKED Borderlands MOVIE INSIDE INFO

hey guys I wanted to make a video and update you as to where the Borderlands movie is right now in production when it’s supposed to come out and then some drama that is currently happening with the movie I’ve got a friend that works in the film and television industry and he’s worked on all the popular shows and films that we’ve all seen I don’t even know how I got so lucky to know this person but they have a bit of an inside scoop on this drama I’m also going to show you where the actors leaked

some of the major scenes in storyline detail and also leaked kind of the release time there were also people that have seen some of the footage from the movie and I will go over exactly what they said and their impression of the film so the Borderlands movie filmed in Budapest Hungary back during May and June of 2021 since then we have gotten no trailer or really much information at all it’s been pretty silent but we did get some information from a cinemacon 2021 and 2022 at the cinemacons they did show really short clips of the

movie but you had to be there to see it and nothing’s been released publicly the only thing we got that was released public quickly were the Silhouettes of the characters

the next information that came out wasn’t until November 2022 when someone on Reddit had posted that they got an invite to go see the test screening of Borderlands movie then the next thing we heard was just a few days ago where they said they had to do some reshoots for the movie but in addition to that they were going to be using a new director there’s

a lot of speculation on this there’s people saying that Eli Roth needed to go work on another project and that’s why they’re getting a new director and then some people are speculating that Eli got let go and that’s why they’re bringing in the new director Tim Miller regardless of what’s going on I think that Randy Pitchford CEO of Borderlands is wanting the movie to be fantastic so whatever they’re having to do to make it work that’s great to me this doesn’t seem like a negative thing at all but I wanted to ask my friend that

is in the film industry and has been for a long time what does he think about all this I wanted to ask him why these news outlets are making such a big deal about this why are they talking about these reshoots and if they need a new director to kind of come in and help out like what’s the big deal he said yeah it’s been radio silent from Lionsgate regarding the film which Lionsgate is the studio that’s developing the film he said the main reason this got out is because it’s Tim Miller directing the reshoots

then in these news articles they’re saying that it’s going to take two weeks to do these reshoots but he sang from his experience he believes it will take four weeks he went on to say that the usual rule of thumb is if another director is brought in for reshoots then there are significant changes to be made and they’re usually requested by the studio side which would be Lionsgate wanting these changes his take on it was that maybe Lionsgate wasn’t happy with how the director’s cut was going and in doing their own producers cut decided that

the film needed more work and brought in Tim Miller to help and Eli Roth could still be working on the film they’re just bringing in more people to help or it could be the case that yeah Eli is busy they said he had to go work on another film and they needed to do the reshoots and they again brought somebody in to help for me I personally doesn’t matter like I’m just excited to see the this movie whatever they got to do to make it amazing I know they’re gonna do the one thing I was

truly interested in was finding out his idea of like time frame of when this movie might be released now that we know that we’ve got these reshoots he said it depends on what’s involved with the reshoots if it’s just involving narrative and not visual effects it will be quicker but if any new visual effects are required that will extend the time I asked him could we see the Borderlands movie release this year he said yeah it’s still early could maybe be a summer or fall release depending on where they’re at in post with all the

visual effects I Googled what’s all involved in post-production and it said that that’s the phase of creating a film and it usually takes longer than the actual shooting of the film and it can take several months to complete because it includes the complete editing color correction and the addition of music and sound I asked him why are they telling us about these reshoots is that not just a normal part of the process that films get reshoots I asked him why are these media Outlets reporting on this why are they telling us about these reshoots in

and then bringing in a different director I mean for me I don’t know anything about filmmaking I’m thinking maybe reshoots are normal maybe bringing in other directors to help is normal like I don’t know he explained well reshoots are generally news regardless of a director being changed out the last time I remember a high-profile director change was made on solo a Star Wars story when the Lego film directors were replaced by Ron Howard but that was a bit earlier in 2018. he said normally the original director would be responsible for any reshoots so for them

to bring in Tim Miller is definitely news I was like all right so what’s the caliber of this Tim Miller director like what is he known for what do you think about this guy he said Tim Miller is a former visual effects guy and head of blur Studios known for their incredible game cinematics he directed the original Deadpool film which was a huge hit and he also directed The Flop Terminator dark fate he also said that Tim Miller is a producer director of Netflix’s hugely successful love death and robots and that Roth is known more

for his torture porn series hostile and more films in general but he hasn’t had any huge hits like Deadpool the last thing I asked him was well are these reshoots normal is this something you see when you’re making a film and he said to some degree sometimes it’s just pickups that are needed shots that were missed or in the initial shoot sometimes it can be reshoots due to Studio feedback usually negative he said it varies from film to film so my takeaway from my conversation with him was that I’m excited to have this Tim Miller

helping out with this movie this guy sounds awesome and that it is early enough in the year that these reshoots can be wrapped up post-production can be wrapped up and we could still see this movie released in the summer or fall the next thing I want to talk about are some people that actually saw a clip of the film it was like a minute long and they showed it at the cinemacon 2022. they watched a Sizzle reel or a short teaser of the film and these guys here geek Tyrant reported on it and this is

what they said they said it wasn’t a lot of footage but it was enough to get me excited for an Eli Roth movie I’m not an Eli Roth fan but looks like he pulled off something pretty cool here if you’re a fan of the game you’re gonna be stoked by what we saw they went on to say that they showed the characters and that they looked spot on that Kate Blanchett looks amazing as Lilith and you don’t even recognize her Krieg is in there and he looks badass when he comes out and you see him

for the first time and that menacing look he just looks the part seeing Creek walk through the doorway I was like oh here we go this is when I got excited I was like okay they got this they said that everyone seems to be perfectly cast and that Tiny Tina seem to be perfectly cast and that fans will be super happy with what Roth has done with this they said the colors in the movie are really boosted everything pops it’s unlike any other movie you’ve seen and the colors are so vibrant and just come out

of the screen and you are just like wow this is a video game come to life there are no mute colors that would try to ground it in reality they brought the style of the game and brought it to life and it works and with hearing them talk about that with how colorful the movie is it May makes sense why this advertisement is so colorful like you see up there on the screen it says Borderlands with like these splash of colors looks like paint Borderlands is known for its style being like concept art and some

people call it cell shading and that’s what we’re normally used to seeing when we see advertisement but this big splash of color that’s definitely a clue to say yeah the spin on this movie is that they’re making it extremely vibrant the scenes that they showed were Kate Blanchett as Lilith and she was getting into a fight in a vibrant cityscape and that black and white photo on the left is Kate Blanchette dressed as Lilith this is the first time we’re seeing it I saw this on Reddit I do not know where it came from what

they have put out in the media is just those Silhouettes so this is a first look they showed Kevin Hart as Roland and then they also showed claptrop and in the scene he got shot by Lilith now claptrap is being played by the awesome Jack Black he’s one of my favorites and I was wondering like how are they gonna do this claptrap has a very altered high-pitched voice and if it’s altered too much we’re not going to be able to tell that it’s Jack Black so how are they going to make it work where it

sounds like claptrap but we still know it’s Jack Black well someone reported on this and hopefully it will work they said just saw the first footage of Eli Roth’s Borderlands movie was about 20 to 30 seconds and looks like the video game has come to life also heard Jack Black as claptrap he sounds like Jack with an electronic twist so that’s good he is recognizable next thing I want to show you guys is where one of the actors did podcasts and he spoke a lot about what it was like to be in this movie he

explains what the set was like and he actually leaks some of the storyline detail I don’t think he realized he was doing it but for people that play Borderlands and know the story really well he only had to mention a few things and we knew exactly what he was talking about I’ll play some of the podcast from Bobby Lee he’s an actor comedian he is absolutely hilarious this guy’s amazing and he played a crimson Lance Raider and those guys have a huge part in this story you’ve got the crimson raiders leader which is Roland he’s

being played by Kevin Hart then the co-leader is Lilith being played by Kate Blanchett so these guys have a lot of scenes together because in the game or story they’re all working together as crimson raiders but here’s Bobby Lee in a brief section of a podcast where he is describing what the film set was like but then so I so I went to shoot right it’s like you go to this desert and it’s like thousands of people like extras like and I play a soldier right that’s basically what we’re wearing okay this red like Stormtrooper

suit metal the whole thing it’s in it’s hot as and there’s hundreds of us in the desert I’m sweating too I’m sweating this right and the tick takes for 20 minutes it’s like the people are just running with machine guns and uh spacecrafts yeah you know I mean all kinds of going on but then all of a sudden they go oh we switch things around we’re doing your scene so they’re switching it around let’s go let’s go to the the the church because and with Kevin Kevin’s waiting for you to rehearse and you go there

and it’s like hundreds of people uh cameras everyone’s there he says some more but I’ll go over what he just said so he says that yeah it’s hot they’re in the desert and they are they’re shooting in Budapest Hungary in a desert area of that location he describes his Crimson Raider outfit and then he starts talking about spaceships the most famous spaceship would be Sanctuary 3 but based on the storyline it doesn’t really fit because when we see Sanctuary 3 Roland is no longer in the story I don’t want to be giving away spoilers but

I think everybody knows at this point that Roland died in Borderlands 2 at the end of it I’ll be curious to see if they are following the game story exactly like maybe some of the parts based on some of the things Bobby Lee said in this podcast which I’ll show you in a moment it looks like they could be he mentions there is a church scene with him as a crimson Raider and Kevin Hart as Roland and I’m not sure what church that could be I’ve looked around a little bit there are definitely Church settings

in Borderlands one two and three and three has a big church Cathedral like Mega a church setting it’s the Cathedral of the twin gods and again this is Borderlands 3 and Roland was no longer active in the story so if we go back to maybe Borderlands 2 maybe one of those churches there’s a side mission on the dust that’s behind Ellie’s garage and it’s the church on Boot Hill then maybe one of you guys remember if there was ever a crimson Raider scene with Roland and they were at a church this next part of the

podcast I’ll show you is where Bobby Lee is talking about his voice lines that he had with Kevin Hart he said his voice lines are really short and he had hardly any what’s up Roland I just want to go you just killed it I I want to see Kevin’s Heart Card I I’m in a bar and I go ah bro what’s up that’s one of my life Kevin Hart’s name is Roland in the movie yeah yeah so it’s a cartoon and now we’re out in a desert and it’s one of those sets where it’s like

there’s just if you look like a half a mile down there’s these gigantic green screen things up all these like spaceships and machinery and like Jack organic like um dinosaur bones sticking out of the sand I mean it’s like and there’s three four five hundred people just a sea of people working on all kinds of stuff so he said he was in a bar and his line was just to say hey what’s up Roland to Kevin Hart and when you hear that you’re like yeah we know the famous bar from Borderlands so it’s already been

reported that Gina Gershon is gonna play Mad Moxie and in my opinion yeah she is going to be great as Moxie definitely looks the part but even better news is that yep we’re gonna see Moxie’s Bar come to life in this movie also he talks about dinosaur bones being on the film set and yep if you go play Borderlands you see these giant lizard-like dinosaur bones we don’t actually fight these creatures but we do see their remains everywhere so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this particular type of creature in the movie in the

next part of the podcast I’m going to show you is where Bobby Lee talks about how his part cannot be cut from the movie like he has to be in the movie because his lines are really important to the storyline there there’s a will there’s a way there’s no way there’s a through line in the thing about the whole movie would not make sense if they just completely cut me out really yeah because there’s a scene where Kevin needs to escape this thing yeah and the whole reason why he’s there is because of me uh

we are man yeah so it’s like it wouldn’t make any sense so he says Kevin that’s playing Roland needs to escape this thing and the reason why he’s there is because of what Bobby Lee’s character does well Bobby Lee just said does describe one of the main missions in Borderlands 2 it’s called a damn fine rescue Roland’s been captured and we need to go into the Bloodshot Stronghold to rescue him when we finally make it to his jail cell we think we’re going to release him but instead one of the loader Bots busts through the

wall which allows one of the big Constructor mini bosses called Warden to capture him and Bobby Lee saying there’s a scene where Kevin needs to escape this thing and the reason he’s there is because of me well this thing could definitely be that warden miniboss so there’s a really good chance that we might be seeing this Constructor boss in the movie and yeah we might also be seeing this storyline play out next thing I want to play for you is a podcast where Kevin Hart talks about what he had to do to prepare for this

role as a Roland and then his impression of the film so I went I did some training with some Navy Seals I got real good with weapons I got real good with my hand in hand combat and the experience here in Budapest filming Borderlands has been unreal visually it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen fan base that follows the game is already huge and unreal but I don’t think they’re even have a clear understanding of how close we’re coming to the game it looks like the game it’s unbelievable he definitely makes it sound exciting and me

putting together this video and hearing what all of them have to say like I cannot wait next thing I’m going to show you is we’re on Instagram some of the actors for the Borderlands movie were showing them behind the scenes and they were also kind of giving some information about release time here’s a shot of behind the scenes it’s not the movie but it’s showing Jamie Lee Curtis’s chair while she was playing Patricia Tannis this picture here was posted by one of the actors and in the description he gave away some information so this was

posted in 2021 when the movie wrapped and he said it’s a wrap Chrome my character for Borderlands film has been filmed a special thanks to the man with vision director Eli Roth for getting me in big nasty on set together to give you all an Epic Movie experience in 2022. this wasn’t shocking to see but at the time the actors did believe that the movie would be releasing this year he didn’t give a month or day because that would be impossible to know at that time but based on what my friend in the film industry

is saying yeah we’re probably going to see the movie this summer or this fall the guy on the left is going to be playing krom from Borderlands 1 and he is a Dutch bodybuilder and he is seven feet two inches tall the guy on the right is a German Romanian actor and boxer and he’s called the big nasty in the ring and he’s going to be playing Krieg another interesting photo that the actors from the movie posted on Instagram was from Ariana Greenblatt and she is playing Tiny Tina we’d only seen her silhouette that was

released during the cinemacon that you can see on the right but on her Instagram I guess when they wrapped maybe they did fireworks I’m not sure but she took a picture of the back of her costume those rabbit ears are pretty tall and that right one is bent and that’s all the news we have right now for the Borderlands movie hope you guys enjoyed this and we’ll see you next video

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