I think , don’t eat rice daily
but if you gave me daily rice, i will eat it daily
Because It’s my Favorite
Assalam o alikum everyone, how are you all? hope you all fine
Today we are at Ideal Murgh pulao and Refreshment
this is new branch, opened 10 days before in Hasan abdal
We had to try it anyway
Today we came out for buying shoes
we haven’t found shoes yet, so I was hungry
we decided to eat first
So we are here to eat Pulao
Before This setup, they have Bakery named Ideal Bakery
After that they started fast food and pulao kabab
This newly setup is in front of Ideal Bakery at Hazara road Hasan abdal
Now let’s give the order of Pulao kabab
let’s check how it is?
Assalam o alikum
Walikum salam
What is available here?
Chana chat, Dahi bhaly, Fruit Chat, burger, Shawarma, Chicken Shawarma, Chicken Burger
Shami, Shami Burger, Egg Burger, Pulao, Biryani
Chicken Biryani, chicken pulao
4 chefs belongs to Sailkot
ok, all from Punjab
yes 6 workers work on bakery also from Sailkot
I think Ideal’s setup managed by Punjab

Mostly whole setup
Tell us about your menu
In single Plate you will get single piece of chicken, two shami, raita and salad with rice
and in special?
in special you will get chicken piece of your own choice with raita and salad
quantity of rice is enough?
Sir it is a plate of Rice with two piece chicken and two shami
Will we get extra if we needed?
okay two special for us
now we came here to eat rice
I am eating rice from many days
I am destined for rice from a week
rice, rice and rice
now we gave order of here’s special plate
in which there are two piece chicken, two shami with raita and salad
Waqas don’t like chicken
That’s why he order to replace one piece chicken with shami
but my two piece and two shami kababs
here is our Pulao, let’s try it
Buddy Pulao is good and tasty
It is not spicy, if you like spicy then it is not for you
because it is not so spicy
Raita is also good
There Dinning area is also very good
with good lighting
and with beautiful decoration
it is newly opened, it’s been 10 to 20 days
and now I hope the cleaning will continue like this
Their Pulao is competitive to Savor
they have taste just like Savor’s rice
Their roast is just like
and shami kababs are also so good
if I talk about quantity of rice, I think it is enough
you will get extra rice if you want to eat
We have finished food, Pulao was tasty
But service was slow
they have new setup may be it will be better day by day
But now their service is slow
This is their Ideal bakery
Pulao kabab is in front of it
after eating pulao I decided to show you Ideal Bakery
So let’s go to see Bakery
Once again on Quetta Hotel
by the way it is second time in video, but this is our favorite place, we came here to take tea
we like here’s brown sugar tea
and PSL season has begun
so tell us in comments, you are supporting which team?
Me and Waqas are supporting Zalmi.
we have did full Vlog of Quetta hotel before
If you haven’t watch it yet
press icon button in the corner, you can watch it

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