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I will bring you an open-world
shooter game called Far Cry 3.
The version I’m playing is the copyrighted version from Steam.
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Far Cry 3 is a game of adventure, action
and first person shooter (FPS for short)
was developed and released in 2012 by Ubisoft
on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.
This is The third in the Far Cry game series,
is one of the extremely successful
and famous game series in the world with its
iconic storyline and villains
as well as leaving a deep impression on player.
The graphics and sound elements are unquestionable
for Far Cry 3 – which is already so popular.
The game has an extremely large open world
set in a fantasy setting of a tropical island
in the Asia-Pacific.

The environment and scenery are very bright,
the green lawns or the long coastline
are simulated in great detail.
The sound is not inferior,
gunfire, footsteps, animals
and the typical sounds of a tropical island
are perfectly reproduced.
Referring to Far Cry 3, the first thing to talk about is the Story.
We play the character Jason Brody who
is taking a vacation with a group of friends
to celebrate the fact that his brother Riley just got his pilot’s license.
And the happy holiday quickly turns into a nightmare
when they are captured by the pirate boss – Vaas.
He planned to ransom his family
and then sell them off as slaves.
With the help of his brother Grant, the
two brothers were able to escape the cage,
but Grant was shot and killed by Vaas on the way,
Jason escaped and fell into the river,
where a man named Mr. Dennis Rogers
of the indigenous tribe saved his life.
It was Dennis who realized the special potential in Jason
and gradually trained him to become
a true warrior to save his friends.
The plot of the Far Cry game series in general
and Far Cry 3 in particular have a relatively similar motif.
About the journey of change and growth of the main character
after wandering to a faraway place
in the situation of thousands of pounds hanging hair.
However, Far Cry 3 itself is getting a lot of attention
because the game has successfully built a character that has to
be said to be the most memorable villain in the game world.
What are the details and how Jason’s journey ends
, I will not reveal more, it will be better
for you to experience for yourself!
As I introduced from the beginning,
Far Cry 3 is an open world game,
which means that the resources in the game are almost limitless.
Adventure on this rich island
you can do a lot of things:
From picking medicinal plants to make medicinal herbs to support yourself,
to hunting wild animals,
collecting materials from their corpses
to crafting equipment to upgrade characters.
Not to mention that if you like
you can collect hundreds of relics,
letters, memory cards and dozens of side quests to
hunt down enemies scattered throughout the island.
But the main focus of the game
is on a special system called
Radio Towers and Outposts.
At the beginning of the game,
your orientation map is completely blurred.
Every time you activate the Radio Towers
scattered throughout the game
, a map area around that radio tower
will be illuminated,
helping you to see the way, the
hiding place of wild animals,
or bonus chests as well as enemy bases.
And if you successfully occupy the enemy base and
turn it into an Outpost
, you will receive a lot of benefits,
most notably the ability to quickly teleport between Outposts
as well as trigger dozens of different side quests. .
However, the occupation of Outposts is
inherently not simple,
each enemy base has different difficulty,
with different quantity and quality of enemies.
You’ll need to plan ahead and consider
whether you’ll just sweep straight into their base
or sneak in from behind,
gently finishing off each soldier
while the survivors don’t care. know.
The stealth gameplay of the Far Cry series has become a trademark,
there are many videos on YouTube
documenting the scenes of wiping out enemy bases
with professional assassination style
from highly skilled gamers that
will make viewers extremely enjoyable.
Through the activities of activating the Radio Tower,
occupying the Outpost
and completing the side quests
will earn us XP points.
When XP points reach a certain milestone, the
character will receive skill points,
adding this to skills will help Jason
become more and more skilled .
The game provides the character with a skill system
with 3 development directions, respectively:
Gray Heron, Shark and Spider.
Gray Heron Direction includes skills that
help take down from afar and increase mobility.
Shark Direction includes
daring knockdown skills and increased regen.
And finally, the Spider direction
includes stealthy knockdown skills and increased survivability.
In addition, every time the skills are added
, a new tattoo will appear on the character’s arm,
this is related to the plot in the game
and you can find out more by yourself!
Due to the particularity of the Open World
, completing the game 100%
in just 7 hours is of course impossible,
70 hours is lucky, guys!
so I just focus on adventure
and explore the main plot.
I have completed 11/38 main missions,
activated 5/18 Radio Towers,
successfully occupied 8/34 Outpost areas
and unlocked 15/54 skills.
My overall game completion rate is 19%.
I will also soon have another video
summarizing the main plot of Far Cry 3
on my YouTube channel in the near future
and hope that you will also support it.
Above is an overview video of the game Far Cry 3,
the game still has a lot of other cool things
that you can discover and experience for yourself.
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