FARZI – Official Trailer | Raj & DK | Shahid, Sethupathi, Kay Kay, Raashii | Prime Video India

“Money can’t buy happiness.” Those who say this are bloody losers who have no money. I want to make so much money that… I don’t need to respect it anymore! The rich have devised this system… where the rich get richer, and the poor are always in their debt. Actually we are not middle-class, we’re the middle-finger class! To break this system, we need a bloody revolution! Have you bloody lost it? You want to make counterfeit money? Some human somewhere made this note, right? Let’s just make our own money! Every artist has their own style. Me? I’m an

expert in all styles. I can replicate anything. What will you do once we hit gold? Gold iPhone! Gold chain… just like Ludacris. Ludacris?! You’ll look ludicrous! If you tell me what I want to know, I can give you a new life in any country. Malaysia, Thailand… massage, massage! Enjoy! You choose. You know the secret to success? Fear! You need fire under your butt, to take off like a rocket! You guys aren’t doing anything wrong, right? Of course not, Grandpa. Swear on Firoz. The design is brilliant, sir. We need to stop him or he will be

unstoppable. This is the biggest shipment so far. We are talking so much cash it can fill this whole office! There’s

a crook inside all of us… just waiting for a chance to emerge. Mess up one more time, and I’ll shut this unit and expunge you! What is ‘expunge’, sir? TERMINATION! You’ve reduced a minister to a bloody translator!

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