Fast Food Ad vs. Yelp Review Taste Test

– Do these new foods deserve their nasty reviews? – Let’s talk about that. (bright music) – Good Mythical Morning. – Hey, we’re about to taste some of the newest, most intriguing fast food items on the market, and determine who is really telling the truth about ’em, the advertisements, or the angry customers. But first, I wanna celebrate my buddy’s big day. Today’s a big day, man! – Is it my birthday? – No, it’s not your birthday, it’s your album. – Oh, yes! – There we go. (crew applauds) – My full length album, the artist name’s James

and the Shame, that’s what I’m calling myself, that’s my middle name. The album is Human Overboard. If the idea of a country album that explores spiritual deconstruction sounds a little bit weird to you, well it probably is. But maybe it’s interesting, as well. Check it out wherever you stream your music, it launched today. – Yeah, I mean the concept sounds weird, but I will say, the album sounds great. I’ve heard the whole thing, multiple times. – Are you saying that because you’re my friend? – Yes, but also because I’ve heard it. – Okay, I believe

you’re being honest, thanks for that. Okay, but, I do have a question for you. Do you ever see an advertisement for a new food, and you’re like “Oh, I think I’d

like to try that.” But then you see a review that somebody has left on the internet that’s negative, and you think “Oh, okay, I’m not gonna try that.” – Yes, I do see those, and yes I do decide, just like with movies that have bad reviews, I don’t consume them. – Well I understand it with movies, but if it’s a food, I wanna see myself,

I wanna try it for myself. – Well, you should be happy because you are gonna taste everything today, regardless of how negative the reviews are. – And you should be happy, especially if you’re like Link, because we’re gonna tell you what’s not worth actually trying. It’s time for “Customer Gripe vs Restaurant Hype, part two.” We’re gonna be trying recent new menu items from McDonald’s, Shake Shack, and Taco Bell, to see just how they stack up against the hype from the ad campaigns. – We’re also gonna be reading some negative reviews from people who’ve tasted the

item, and, well, reviewed it. – Yeah. – To decide which is more accurate, the marketing or the user review. (cheerful music) – All right, first up we got the Land, Air & Sea menu hack from McDonald’s. So back in February, McDonald’s launched a campaign using customer-submitted menu hacks that you could order by name, but here’s the thing. They weren’t gonna make ’em for you, this was basically they were making you buy all these individual ingredients, and then disassemble other sandwiches to put things together. – It’s making you buy more stuff. – So it’s not really

a secret menu, and people could kind of do this on their own, but now, if you said these things, they knew what to get you. You know what? Let’s just watch the commercial. – The mouth-watering Big Mac, with a savory Filet-O-Fish, and a tasty McChicken. My goodness, that looks good. Oh? Oh! You’re making a McDonald’s menu hack! Yes! A Land, Air & Sea! Oh, it’s gonna tip over. No, it’s good, it’s good, very stable. Order the Land, Air & Sea by name, build it by hand, and hack the McDonald’s menu. I’m surprised at how attracted

I am to it. Ba da ba ba ba. – That made me uncomfortable. – Well, first of all, they got the dude from Succession. Like, the… – Oh, gosh, that was him! – He’s like the most buttoned up dude in the world, he’s talking about menu hacks? – Why is he happy? – It’s not fitting, man. – Yeah, why was he…? That guy’s not happy. Like the only time he was happy was when he was just acting like he was happy to manipulate people. – Oh, is that what’s happening right here? – I think that’s

what was happening! That’s why I felt so uncomfortable. – I’m ready to be manipulated, sign me up, ’cause I like the idea of this thing. – All right, so we got a review here from – Oh, that’s my favorite website. – I think it’s Massachusetts, I don’t, based media site. Writer Nick O’Malley gave the building instructions, so you can put this thing together. I gotta say, I was excited about this episode, I’m really hungry, and now this is what we’re doing. – Okay, so- – like, I’m not excited about this. – Well, just

tell me what I do. I’m gonna make you happy. – Make me happy. Remove both buns from the Filet-O-Fish and McChicken, leaving just the patty and sauce. – Oh, gosh. – Open up the Big Mac above the bottom patty. – Above the bottom patty? – Above the bottom patty. – Okay. – Insert Filet-O-Fish patty. Open up Big Mac again. – Oh, hold on, I gotta put the Big Mac back together. – Above the top patty. – Done. – Insert McChicken patty. – Okay. But I got like, there’s some tartar sauce. Well. – Let’s go with

the tartar sauce one. Or, you wanna go with the- – No, I have to have sesame seed bun, you have to have sesame seed bun. – But this one has cheese on it. There’s a bunch of extra buns here, that I’m not feeling great about. – You can have all these buns. – Just a bun sandwich? – Look at that. – This is another menu hack, the Quad Bun! – And I’m gonna just, just so we can enjoy this like buddies. – “You don’t eat this as much as you attempt to perform a controlled demolition

of it with your mouth.” (chuckles) “Biting into this sandwich is like putting your face five inches in front of a TV and turning it on. It’s chaotic overload. But the sauces play well together.” – There’s a nice cross section, Link. So the things that McDonald’s said about this, the Big Mac would be mouth-watering, the Filet-O-Fish would be savory, McChicken would be tasty. – I mean… (crew laughs) Dink it. – Does that make you wanna eat it? And sink it. – It’s still very Big Macky. – It’s also very Filet-O-Fishy. – Chicken is totally lost. –

Chicken gone. – And I don’t like the fish in a Big Mac. Like, how could this be a good idea? I love a Big Mac so much, adding chicken is totally fine. Like, replacing the middle bun with the chicken patty? – Lemme try the buns. – That’s a good idea. – Lemme try the Quad Buns, because I think this might have a better chance at being enjoyed, because it’s got a little extra cheese in there, look at that, that’s so uniform. – There you go, Rhett, don’t hold back. You getting that tartar sauce? – Oh,

have a bite of that. – Oh yeah, is it great? – Honestly, it’s pretty good. New from McDonald’s, Quad Bun. – I mean, that’s unswallowable. – The bun? – Yeah. – I swallowed it just fine. – I don’t mean to be a Debbie Downer here, but… – Well, you can’t help yourself. – I freaking… – I gotta say that, there’s a lot of competing flavors happening here, but I kinda like it a little bit. Just a little bit. I like it more than I hate it. – You like the fish in a Big Mac. –

I mean, I just, it’s hard for me to not like any of these things individually, and so putting them together, I’m just kinda like, “Yeah, that’s what’s gonna happen in my stomach later on when I order these three things.” I’m not really excited about it, I’m just a little bit excited about it. Don’t get the wrong idea. – This is Rhett saying that something sucks, so, just take that into account. – Yeah. (cheerful music) – All right, next we got Taco Bell’s Cantina Crispy Chicken Taco, which is a mouthful, at least to say. It was

introduced back in February, then it left the menu, but then it came back in June for another limited time run. So, was it warranted to bring it back a second time? – We’re gonna find out. – Let’s check out the commercials. – Crispy chicken tacos for Anna, and I’ve got my usual. – I can’t believe you don’t wanna try these. – You think I could try a bit of that sauce? – Sorry, all out of sauce. – Try the Cantina Crispy Chicken Tacos for two dollars each with special pricing on the app. (Taco Bell bong)

– The way the people interact makes me uncomfortable. There’s something unsettling about that friend group. – “Can I try some of your sauce?” – “Sauce is gone now. I just had it with my thing.” – “Gotcha.” – “I got my usual, it’s in my bag.” – Nah, I do like to try other people’s sauce, you know? It’s like, “What is that?” – “Oh yeah, do you have a little extra sauce for me?” – “I didn’t have the guts to actually buy this, but I do wanna try it.” – There’s another commercial that has a slightly

different angle in trying to entice you to eat the taco, let’s see that. – You look really nice. – You look so cute! (Taco Bell bong) – New Cantina Crispy Chicken Tacos. Try them with creamy chipotle or avocado ranch sauce. (Taco Bell bong) – Okay, so you’re supervising your children’s prom photo shoot, but the bell rings. – The younger brother bricks, and it sounds like the Taco Bell? – That was one of the best things I’ve ever seen in an ad, is the timing of the brick and the bell. I love that. – That was

on purpose. – Yes. – Is that…? – Is this worth leaving your children’s prom shoot for? You don’t even need to be at your children’s prom shoot to begin with, they’re like 18, let them do it. – Come on, Rhett. That’s like the thing I was looking forward to. – Let ’em live their life! I hate to be that hovering parent that’s like “This is how,” don’t be that parent, go inside! Go to Taco Bell. – “I hate to be that loving parent.” Is that what you just said? – Hovering parent. – Well, it’s not

what it sounded like. – Hovering. Are you one of those parents that misinterprets love for hover? Oh, yeah, okay, all right, well let’s talk later. – Taking the prom photo is kind of a thing to- – Let ’em do it! Hire a professional! – Prom photo, Taco Bell. – Okay, now, the customer review that we’re going to be taking into account is from longtime YouTuber, been playing this YouTube game almost as long as us, we got ReportOfTheWeek. – ReportOfTheWeek. – And he reviewed this back in July. He called it “The worst Taco Bell item I’ve

ever had.” Tell us how you really feel, let’s watch. – You know, I try to give items a chance. I really try. I’m just gonna say this outright, with this item that I got today, this is disgusting. This really is, it is… This is completely disgusting. I mean, I’m not usually… I try not to be this direct with these reviews, but there is not a single redeeming, I mean the tortilla, I guess. That’s it. (Rhett laughs) I don’t think there’s, aside from that, and, maybe a little bit of the lettuce, I can’t think of a

single good thing to say about this. – He’s very upset. – Oh, come on, ReportOfTheWeek. – I mean… – I thought I was being the downer. – I feel like I can’t, you know what? But he can get away with it wearing a suit like that. – Yeah. – You know? – I… I mean, he said, the only positive thing, it’s a fried chicken strip. – Why’s it so light? Let’s find out. – Why’s it so light? – The consistency of putting a fried chicken tender inside of a taco, so dry. – It’s really salty.

– Mm-hm. – That’s the only positive thing I can say about it. And a little bit of lettuce, as he said. I’ma take another bite. Can you keep talking? ‘Cause it takes a while to chew this thing. – I’m gonna try to pretend that this was just a tender with sauce on it, when I think about it. Something’s wrong with just the fried chicken part. I mean, I’ve almost finished it. – This is a somber occasion. – And I would. (crew laughs) – Like, do you really wanna feel like this at Taco Bell? I mean…

– I don’t know if I agree with ReportOfTheWeek. You can’t, I mean… I feel like you’re going all the way to ReportOfTheWeek status, I’m gonna leave a little daylight. – Oh my goodness! – Enough to get a finger in there and have a little fun. – Look at that. (crew laughs) – Somebody’s gotta be having fun. – I know! I’m not. – Yeah, you’re closing out the finger hole, I’ve got a finger hole. Look, I can do it this way, too. – Oh yeah. Here. Have a little fun with my hole. – Look. I can

have fun with both of our holes at the same time. – All right. We’ve gone this far to try to make this positive. This sucks. – Yeah, so we pretty much agree with you, Reviewbrah. (cheerful music) – Quick reminder, it is the last day to get your tee, and enter the Golden Tee of Mythicality giveaway. You could randomly win one of three unique prizes by grabbing the official tee shirt at You’ll get the silver, but if you open up that box, and it’s aqua, rose, rosé, or the granddaddy of them all, golden, in color,

well you have a special treat. – If you get the golden tee, you and your friend are gonna be flown out to LA on an all expenses paid trip to our studio, you’re gonna hang out with us, you’re gonna get a Mythical Kitchen meal prepared by them, you’re gonna get accommodations at a glitzy Hollywood hotel, and other surprises, okay? If you get the aqua tee, you get a Mega-Beast pass for you and friend to Mythicon, this October, including air fare and hotel. And you’re also gonna receive an autographed Mythicon poster limited edition merchandise, and more!

And finally, the rosé or rose tee, wins a virtual taste test with us. – Yeah, check out to enter the 2022 Golden Tee of Mythicality giveaway, for a chance to win one of these three incredible experiences. No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, visit now for details. – Okay, now, we have Shake Shack’s Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger. – Yes. – Okay? Say that five times fast. – Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger, Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger, Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger, Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger, Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger, Bourbon Bacon Cheeseburger. – Okay, this hit Shake Shack menus in May of this

year, has managed to stick around for a while, and in an official company tweet, they said “With every bite of our Bourbon Bacon Cheddar Burger and chicken comes a bit of smooth Maker’s Mark bourbon.” – Now the tweet makes you think that there’s chicken and burger on the same thing, but maybe that’s ’cause we just went to the McDonald’s fiasco. – You can get chicken or burger. – Yeah. And we got the burger here. Diving into more of the details, “Our new Bourbon Bacon Cheddar menu features bourbon bacon jam made in-house.” – Okay. – “Maker’s

Mark Kentucky Bourbon, which is aged for six years and has notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak, with bacon that is smoked for six hours using real hardwood apple wood. The result is a sweet and savory sauce that we can’t get enough of.” – First of all, Shake Shack burgers are the best in the business, as fast food, that’s what I think. – I got one, too. – They’re talking about it like this, my expectations are very very high. – Uh-huh. – But what are the people saying? – Well, you got… – Gene Testimony. – Gene

Testimony from Detroit, Michigan. Boy, he looks really formal. He gave it three out of five stars, saying that he felt #BAMBOOZLED with the serving size. “I mean, really, does this burger look anything like your advertisement in size or presentation? I’M STILL HUNGRY! You guys have to do better! Gene Testimony Hall.” – Oh, Gene Testimony Hall. – His middle name is Testimony. – I might change my middle name to Testimony. Okay. – Okay, I, okay, first of all, Gene Testimony Hall, this is the size that I would expect from Shake Shack. – This is the size

of a Shake Shack burger. You gotta get out of the testimony hall and come to the Shake Shack and see how big the burgers are. – I have a confession to make. – You’ve had this. – I went to Shake Shack recently, just to treat myself to Shake Shack, and when I showed up I was like “This exists?” And I pulled a Rhett and I got it. – Well this is a very Link burger. You like barbecue-type things, you like barbecue flavor on things, and onions and stuff. – It’s got the fried onions. And I

did have a conclusion, having had it. Their burgers are so soft. Everything just kinda… It’s like one clump of goodness. – I love the, what is it, the Shake Shack one that’s not the regular Shake Shack, that’s got the peppers on it? – Smoke Shack. – That’s the best burger you can get in fast food. – I don’t love that one. When I get a normal Shake Shack, I always have to remember to add onions. ‘Cause I think it really needs ’em. This, you don’t have to remember anything. – I think that what they have

at Shake Shack is already so good, both the regular cheeseburger, and then the Smoke Stack, or Smoke Shack. – Mm-hm. – This is not as good as either of those, in my mind. There’s something too overpowering about the sauce, that’s taking away from the beautiful thing that they’re already doing. Do I like it? Yes. Will I finish it? Yes. So I’m gonna stay in the green, but I was thinking that this is like this, up here, you’re talking about Maker’s Mark, you’re talking about six years of aging, you’re talking about six hours of smoking. –

Yeah. – Bacon. (crew chuckles) And so it just brings it down a little bit when I actually taste it, ’cause the expectations were so high, it’s like when somebody tells you about a movie and they’re like “It’s the best movie I’ve ever seen.” And then you’re like “I wish I didn’t know that, I wish I showed up with no expectations.” So I’m safely in the hype, but not too hype. I can get a whole hand in my hype slide part. – What about from the backside? – Yeah, well I gotta figure that out. I can

get a whole hand in there. – From either side. He can do that. Now, my previous self, and my current self, agree with each other, which, at least I’m consistent. But the thing that’s really blowing my mind, is that my previous self and my current self both 100% agree with you. I don’t like the Smoke Shack, I don’t like the Smoke Shack, but I found myself once I was getting to the end of this burger, after eating the whole thing, I’m like, “I miss that classic burg-” I only try to eat at Shake Shack every

couple of months, it’s like a treat. I have to earn it. If you eat there every week, or more often, you’re gonna wanna mix it up with this thing, but I can’t say that it’s the only thing you can get if you’re just trying to treat yourself. – How many fingers can you get in there? – I can get four fingers, and then I can put my thumb in front of my mouth. – Okay, that’s good enough for me. All right, so taking the highest ranked position on our meal-o-meter is Shake Shack. So y’all are

doing a good job. The lowest rank is Taco Bell, but we weren’t truly blown away, I mean like, we were fitting fingers and hands up in here. – Right. – Who knows what’s next? – But we still love you, Shake Shack. – Thanks for subscribing and clicking that bell. You know what time it is. – What up? My name’s Lestanza. We’re in Boise, Idaho, cooking some burgers. And it’s time to spin the Wheel of Mythicality. – All right, Lestanza, I like your vibe. – Yeah, man. Burgers. – Click the top link to watch us find

the best brand of tater tot in Good Mythical More. – And to find out where the Wheel of Mythicality’s gonna land. Check out right now to order your limited edition Golden Tee of Mythicality for a chance to win!

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