FAST X Ending Explained, Post Credit Scene Breakdown & Full Movie Spoiler Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show I’m your host Paul and throughout this video we’re going to be breaking down fast X the drama surrounding it and also its ending the movie packs a big post credit scene that sees a major character returning and there’s lots to talk about both on and off camera has the franchise hit rock bottom can you smell what Vin Diesel’s been cooking well we can and we have some theories on where it’s gonna all be going no point in issuing a spoiler warning now as we we have kind of ruined it

but I question what kind of person you are if you click an ending explain video and then get angry that people talk about the ending you’re dead and the movie closes out with a rock returning to the franchise despite saying that he never would the family feud between the pair has gone on for the best part of a decade and I’m guessing that the Black Adam box office made him realize he was stuck between a rock and a hard place I’m just picturing Vin Diesel sitting like Thanos and saying you could not live with your

own failure where did that bring you back to me you don’t turn your back on family but it’s been a long road for us to

get to this point everything started back in 2016 when The Rock put out and now deleted Instagram post referring to certain cast members as and I quote candy asses the whole post said some male co-stars conduct themselves as stand of men and true professionals While others don’t the ones that don’t are too chicken to do anything about it anyway candy asses when you watch the movie Next April and it seems

like I’m not acting in some of these scenes and my blood is legit boiling you’re right nigida rumors of diesel being difficult to work with people instantly assumed it was him and the rock made things worse a couple days after filming wrapped in another Instagram post the rock thank dollars are the cast mates by name but he didn’t mention or refer to diesel at all like a garage that only sells unleaded Michelle Rodriguez later confirmed the onset tension though she chalk it up to them being a big family that sometimes argue that’s not a family

joke I swear she legitimately said that now on the other side of this we had Diesel’s longtime co-star Tyrese Gibson blaming the rock for the delays of past nine he said congratulations to the Rock and your brother-in-law AKA seven bucks producing partner but making the Fast and the Furious franchise about you this raised a lot of people’s eyebrows but diesel Defender Johnson by saying the delays weren’t one person’s fault the rock did go on to get his own spin-off in Hobson Shore which was pretty well received this seemed to calm things down a bit with

Dwayne saying that family were gonna have a difference of opinion on fundamental core beliefs he said that conflict could be good if it was followed by a great resolution and later on stated that though Universal would have probably been happier if it never happened on set that actually helped interest in the film so it worked out for the best diesel was being diplomatic too by saying that he was using tough love to get the performance in Dwayne to be where it needed to go things seemed to die down however the rock didn’t end up appearing

in and past nine and it was that during pre-production that things were stuck between a rock and a hard place I said that already but Johnson posted that he wished them all well on fast 10 and 11 but unfortunately that he wouldn’t be returning to the franchise later on in an interview he said he laughed at the tough love comments but did say that he regretted things looking back on the feud in a 2021 interview with Vanity Fair he said he did regret putting out the original post there however he doubled down and said that

he wouldn’t take it back and that he meant what he said it was just bad it was out there publicly the fire kept getting fuel with jokes about diesel showing up in red notice and The Rock denying ever returning to the fast films over and over and over again eventually though diesel extended an olive branch and put out a big post on Instagram asking him to return it said my little brother Dwayne the time has come the world awaits the finale of first 10. as you know my children refer to you as uncle Dwayne in

my house there’s not a holiday that goes by the day and you don’t don’t send well wishes but the time has come Legacy awaits I told you years ago I was gonna fulfill my promise to Pablo I swore that we would reach and manifest the best fast in the finale that is fast 10. I say this out of love but you must show up do not leave the franchise Idol you have a very important role to play hubs can be played by no other I hope that you rise to the occasion and fulfill your destiny

I am Groot oh that The Rock responded shortly after saying that he didn’t like that Paul Walker was brought into it as Dwayne felt he should have been left out of it he also said that he made it abundantly clear directly that he would not be coming back then the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe changed and we none know that Hobbes has returned it’s probably going to be conspiracy theories that this was a big Pia Austin to get people interested in his eventual return but let me know below exactly what you think the

scene itself follows the SWAT team breaking into a dark and abandoned location eventually one of them makes their way feather into it and we see a TV screen playing an old 70s sing-along of what I believe is Doris Day and Paul Watson the song is till we meet again and originally it was about a soldier who had to go up and fight in the Great War and thus he was singing along with his love here though it’s about the incoming battle between the two characters and how they’ll meet again at some point down the line

in front of the TVs are ringing phone and the lead SWAT team member answers this which is when we get none other than the voice of Jason momoa’s Dante Reyes we then get a flashback of the moment when Dom crashed the car into his father’s ride and this happened during Fast Five this show that Hobbs was actually the one that killed his dear old dad and this is what Dante Wants Revenge for as he arrived on the floor saying Help Me Hobbs got out the car and then shot and killed him which is why Dante

is now seeking Vengeance Dante then turns him by saying that the devil’s coming for him which and I say this every video These Days could be an odd to Dante’s Inferno I know prices for guessing that the SWAT team members actually Hobbs and he then masks to reveal his face his goatee is back at which I’m not kidding people complained about not being in Hobson’s Shore he then says I’m ready you son before he crushes the phone in his hand and we get the end of the scene at the moment the most obvious thing that

could happen is that this gets addressed in the next fast film and Vin Diesel has confirmed that they are making a Trilogy he said I can say this uh going into making this movie the the studio had asked if this could be a two-parter and after the studio saw this part one they said could you make fast X the finale a trilogy so um it’s three acts in any story so are you guys confirming right now that we’re getting a third movie wait did that just happen wait wait where are you guys going are you

kidding me right now you guys heard it here first we might be getting a third move so yeah most obvious thing is that we go in this direction however I also think that we could potentially explore things in Hobson Shore too Dante showed in the movie that he tends to go after people’s family and I think that would be the best place to explore it that might not happen though as we did get an update on the spin-off in December that said there’d be no conversations had about it I bet the rock also said he

wouldn’t come back and I can imagine that this post-create scene was likely filmed at the last minute Mamoa didn’t even need to get back in the room for it and a lot of it could be done very very easily we saw a similar thing with Henry cavill’s Superman where his scene was shot last minute and it might have been a summer thing here too they could have reignited the talks about the spin-off and the reports saying that things had stalled happened back at the start of December 2022 so six months is a long time in

Hollywood now it’s also possible that there is no more conversations about it because they’ve decided to incorporate the plot of that film into the next fast movie that would also allow to go from a 2 two-parter to a Trilogy and we could center on Reyes going after the rock store the next time and then finally get the group teaming up a fast XXX yes I have seen comments saying that Vin Diesel’s master plan has been to bring his triple X franchise in the Fast and the Furious together and if he’s done it you some so

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this stuff with The Rock the film also had a bit of a disastrous time when it was in production Justin Lin started off as a director but when Vin Diesel released the video with him people started to suspect that something was off whole thing was legitimately like a hostage video with Lynn blinking in Morse code to try and let people know that he was being held against his will what do you think Justin week one this friendship week one how does it feel s like the beginning of uh of an epic ending is it fair

to say that this will be the best one in my heart yes I think as well now though Vin Diesel had him held down and fortunately he wasn’t meant to be as Linux said it shortly after this Judo what was said to be a quote-unquote major disagreement according to report it was a Saturday to remember that start with Lynn talking about notes with his fellow franchise producer however this then escalated and Linda part of the project during this meeting his parting words were apparently this movie is not worth my mental health and the whole thing

ended with a door slamming apparently he was angered that diesel showed up to set light and out of shape and that he also hadn’t bothered to learn his lines on the other side of this sources close to Universal said diesel had been worried about the spiraling budget and that to the studio he was simultaneously their greatest star and also their biggest headache probably get the video blocked by Universal for saying that but they were gonna copyright claim it anyway so them in the stupid prince in the copyright office I just sit there and bitterly claim

YouTube reviews all day because their dreams of working in the movie industry turn out to be as as their higher personality anyway diesel apparently wouldn’t stop reminding people of how important the fast franchise was to the film industry and thus the ego he brings with it is said to have caused a lot of issues this had major repercussions in trying to get replacement director and James 1 apparently wouldn’t come back due to his strain relationship after fast seven in the end Louis lataria took over and that brings us to the movie itself the film Sanders

around Vin Diesel saying family far more often than usual and in all honesty it feels like the franchise doesn’t have much gas in the tank left as constant callback surprise films with Fast Five being a very strong focus 6-7 in the fate of the Furious also get heavy knots as well and at points of fuels like they’re going back around the racetrack again and passing by things we’ve already seen the phrase just playing their greatest hits Springs to mind and we kind of hit a point where these movies need to start innovating now before the

trailer for the movie released I jokingly said that Fast and the Furious movies will have you thinking that once you you hate your 20s you never meet anybody new and everyone you come across is just someone from your past that turned out to be the case as well and I don’t know why they can’t just be like here’s a new character that no one’s ever met before don’t you worry about it when I heard about how Joker tied in with the Wayne’s I thought that was a bit stupid because you don’t need to tie every

character in with every character’s backstory however I thought they did that well in the final product and to be fair fast X does do it well with Dante Reyes as well Momoa tears up the scenery and it feels like the movie finally begins once he enters the picture I had heard in advance that he was a bit over the top but even that didn’t prepare me for how campy was guy was like a pantomime villain and you know what it was hilarious now in the movie we learn he’s been planning to torch it down for

what happened to his father and the group head out to Rome which is where he frames the famous terrorists after they try and get rid of a bomb some days you just can’t get rid of a bomb the Gang has split up and they run into some familiar faces along the way including Jason Statham Shaw Charlie’s Throne Cipher and we also meet Mr Nobody stood a test who’s played by Brie Larson along with this is Alan Richardson’s aims who we learn leads nobody’s agency John Cena and Helmer and come back to the slots-like guy pops

up Pete Davidson does a cameo and there’s like tons and tons of returning faces that end up crowding the film we meet Danielle mlki’s Isabel who’s tied in with the franchise and Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow appears in the film too adding to one of the many touching tributes adente’s plan is to make domenko suffer and he wants to prolong this for as long as possible because you shouldn’t accept death when suffering is owed we see his backstory and learn that he’s a sociopath it was taken out of a psych ward and this was due to

his father’s influence I honestly thought right and don’t kick off but I thought he was meant to be a sort of antichrist type figure he is the son of the father and we get constant cuts of the Christ statue in Rio with his arms out which is summing at Dante does too might be a reach and as we touched on before we see the scene from Fast Five from a different angle the opening of the movie reintroduces his dad and then we replay the safe scene from a different angle Dante is now part of the

action too and we watches a DH Jason Momoa is inserted into the scene and see how he survived this leads to Fast Five arguably becoming the most important film in the franchise with all of the events revolving around that now as diesel touched upon before this was originally a two-parter that’s luckily gonna start off its own Trilogy if this one does well either way because of that it kind of teases why they took the direction that they did for this one and it very much ends on a cliffhanger with a crew being lost divided and

with a lot of questions remaining unanswered the first major one of these that you probably have upon leaving the theater is how the is Gisele alive yep that’s right if you’re watching this video without seeing the film then you’ll probably be surprised to learn that garlic is back the movie features Letty getting captured by by the agency and after some help from Tess Cipher gets in to save her from a black site located in Antarctica the pair managed to make it out and in the wilderness we see a submarine emerging from the ice a woman

with binoculars pops out the top and when she takes this down it’s finally revealed this is gal gadot’s Giselle in case you don’t remember she first popped up in the Fast and the Furious 4. as someone of a villain before she came back as an ally in past five last movie Saw Han returning back from the dead and Giselle was actually a love interest of his at one point how the she alive well because Wonder Woman 84 flopped and James gun rebooted the DC well if we go back to the runway scene she died during

that and sacrificed herself in order to save Han her body was never recovered but after Han was killed by Shaw it made the entire thing end on a tower note they actually have a big scene with Sean Han coming face to face with each other again and Han of course has come back from the dead now in the case of Giselle as I said her body was never recovered and thus they can bring her back reunite her with Han and have them drive off into the sunset off a cliff and then attach onto a plane

and fly away who knows though cause man was getting matches on Tinder like I get thumbs down when I make crap jokes I think with the way that she fell back on the runway though that she could have landed on a car or something as we know in the fast universe that learning on a car is like dropping onto a safety mat now there are other possibilities and I’ve seen two times about how this could be a twin sister or even a clone I think that the latter is a little bit too ridiculous but the

former could be a possibility and you never know with this franchise however I do think that we’ll likely stick with Gisele and in the next film learn about what happened it’s possible that they could reveal she was connected to the submarine and Fast and Furious 8 and this may be how they retroactively show that she was there all along now her coming back could also tell us that some of the characters who seem to meet their demise in the end could come back too the film has Jacob dying in a bid to clear a path

but Dom and though I really don’t know how the guy could have come back from that explosion looking at everything in this franchise you know it’s still a possibility I highly doubt they’re gonna pass up the chance to have the rocking seen her on screen at the same time and though it seems like there’s no way the guy gets out of it I think he’s gonna come back now as for Dom and Little Brian the latter is taken by Dante but Daddy Dom manages to save him the pair gets stuck on a dam and their

end is planned to come with two old tankers racing towards them however Dom drives up the side and down the almost vertical drop in what’s easily the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen you know I’ll tell you I was hi anyway tante has bombs placed over the entire location and after he activates it we close out with their fate unknown he’s clearly planning to blow the dam and they might do a Die Another Day where the pair just winsurf away from there and there’s also the fate of the rest of the crew who are describe

as being occult with cars though it seems like Ames becomes Dom’s buddy he is revealed to be a traitor and he ends up shooting down that plane so yeah I think obviously these guys are gonna make it out there too because they’ve got more lives than Captain Scarlet and then being in this location could be what helps Dominus son get out there now before I saw this film I saw a lot of people saying that this was the franchise’s infinity war and it does end with everyone taking an l and the family being at their

lowest point will be interesting to see how and if they will work this into a Trilogy as judging by this ending I think it works better off as a two-parter rather than dragging it out for another film you can’t have a cliffhanger and then another Cliffhanger at the end of fast XX and yeah I think it exploring things in Hobbs in short 2 and then tying in with another film would be the best way to go sure does drive off to go and save his mother and I think hobbs’s daughter could be pulled into that

too the ending is about the family being at the lowest point and we are meant to get the idea that divided they fall so I think the main focus for next time will be about bringing them back together with potentially Giselle leading this reunion when looking over Dante’s plans we learn that he’s trying to tear them apart and that he’s even going after Dom’s friend’s family which I think would make some good spin-offs I can’t imagine that the next film will culminate with everyone from over the years finally reuniting and then fast XXX will be

our Noe home style film this will be where all the forces unite to fight this big bad and who knows they might even have some of the baddies team up for a big villain family as Dom says in the film if you’ve got no family then you’ve got nothing so we could see family vs family for the finale of fast in the family so yeah that’s what I took from the film and as for my thoughts I think he can kind of tell what they are off the tone of this review I remember a couple

of months ago that Vin Diesel compared himself to J.R.R Tolkien and the mythology of the Fast and the Furious Universe pretty ridiculous and when watching this it’s actually difficult to know whether the franchise takes itself seriously or if it’s well aware of how stupid it is and just Hamming it up there are a lot of jokes here that feel like they’re tongue-in-cheek and though some actors feel like they’re in on it others don’t I think that everyone needs to just sit down with vin one day and say look mate we’re making is in Kane yeah

just chill out I think this series needs to decide what it actually wants to be and make up its minor whether it wants to lean into being stupid or go with a more realistic tone like the first couple of films had you’ve got these two sides to it and these are exemplified perfectly in vinimoa the form is acting like he’s auditioning for his Oscar nomination and the latter is Hamming it up and just going all out it’s also the fact that when everyone’s doing all these dumb stunts at there’s absolutely no Stakes to it it’s

difficult to feel like the characters are in danger when we’ve seen them do what they do unless you’re kind of left thinking it’s all just a waste of time so yeah you’ve got this weird thing with that and then there’s also the fact that we’ve seen a lot of these things before in the franchise I think once they’d gone to space uh that was kind of the peak of where things could go and now they’re just going through the motions of rehashing the same dramas and bringing back the same characters from the dead with the

announcement of more sequels it feels never ending and yeah the next few years are gonna be interesting but should you go and see it well if you’re like the Fast and the Furious movies then you already know what the answer is if you don’t then there’s absolutely no way this is gonna win you around and I can imagine that if you hate this franchise that it’s gonna feel like torture now I’m one of those people who can fully take this out of it because of how ridiculous it is but I can also see the charm

and humor in it which I think keeps me interested Cena Momoa ludicrous and Tyrese they all keep their laughs going now at least stop the movie from being as dumb as it should be I don’t want to give a score because it’s either one out of 10 or a 10 out of 10 depending on what you like but I’m gonna give it yeah this is a new score I’ve invented it’s so bad it’s it’s sometimes good writing so yeah that’s my thoughts on it let me know yours in the comments below and yeah what did

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so thankful for your support and if you want something else to watch then a video is linked on screen right now Jared’s just done a massive breakdown of the Mario movie pointing out every Easter egg in it so definitely head over there right after this but out of the way thanks for things through the video I’ve been Paul and I’ll see you next time take care peace

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