[Fat BaBa Unboxing EP02] Nespresso Vertuo Next & Aeroccino3 Milk Frother Review Best for Stay Home!

– Hi, I’m Fat BaBa.
Today I will open and review
this new coffee machine.
Let us begin.
(relaxed electronic music)
I’m so excited.
I’m going to unboxing and review this
Nespresso Vertuo and milk frother.
We have the K-Cup machine already.
Why I chose this one instead
of the Nespresso Classic,
after I go through the research,
this one will give me better coffee taste.
I’ll tell you more soon.
Now let us see what is in here.
First, you will see the
manual they give us.
And then, in this manual they
will give you a coupon code.
So, for your first time to buy the coffee.
Then, is the user manual.
If you plan to get this coffee machine
I recommend before you start,
take a look on the user manual first.
So you will have a concept.
They are a little bit different than
the K-Cup machine or the Classic.
So I will say this new one you will try to
take a look on the
manual before you use it.
Then, for this combo they
give 12 coffee sample.
Comes with it.
I think it’s really good deal.
Each of the style and size,
they will give you a little bit
so you can give it a try
before you order which
one is best for you.
Now you can see, this is the milk frother.
This machine is not
huge, but they are heavy.
Okay, let me put those box back.
The sample box for the coffee is nice.
Now you can see for the milk frother.
It’s really simple and
it’s not hard to use.
You see?
The style is nice and easy to use.
After you plug it in,
put the milk and close the cover,
and then you can make
cold or hot milk froth.
Now let’s take a look
at the coffee machine.
For the coffee machine it’s really simple.
From this side you put the coffee cup in
and then the water is at the
back, they have a water tank.
Now you can see, the water tank is not big
but it will be enough for
you to make one or two coffee
if they are seven ounce or less.
You can see they are really slim.
Not take much space than the other style.
Or even the big K-Cup size one,
if you compare both the size,
it’s much better for this new design.
And then you can see they have the
front to hold, for the cup.
That way if you have a small cup
for espresso then you can adjust higher.
And now is the sample.
You can see they show all the different,
and not only different flavor,
they have different size.
The size will be from
one ounce to 14 ounce.
Now let us make some
coffee and see how it is.
So first you put the coffee in,
you close it and lock it,
then you just click one button
and then you will get a nice coffee.
I will let you hear how loud the sound is
when you make the coffee.
I would say it’s louder than
the K-Cup or the other coffee maker.
(machine humming quietly)
(machine whirring faster)
I’m so excited for a nice coffee,
an espresso coming out.
(pleasant music)
Okay, you see where I changed a little bit
and the reason is I just
look at the flavor intensity,
I want strong taste
but I forgot to look at the size.
So I chose the 14 ounce one
so the cup cannot hold it,
so I change another cup.
And the flavor is pretty good.
If you ask me to compare with the K-Cup,
I would say they are two different things.
I will tell you more in a little bit
Let us take a look at the machine first.
As you can see they are easy to use.
After you open and it will
drop so you can throw it away.
And that each of those
coffee they can recycle.
They use, kind of like the
soda can, that material.
So it’s better than use the plastic ones.
Even for the Nespresso
Classic or the K-cup,
those use the plastic.
Compared to this new one, I
would say more eco-friendly.
Now let me say why it
cannot compare to the K-Cup.
Now K-Cup is really common.
A lot of people will use it
or they have it at home
and you can buy it easily for the coffee,
in all the grocery stores.
K-Cup probably will be really coffee.
It’s just coffee.
The Nespresso Vertuo is like,
you make a latte at home.
Or you make Americano.
Or you make all the different
flavor coffee at home.
This one can do it and
K-Cup is just coffee.
Another difference is that
K-Cup is one size of the coffee
and then from four ounce to 12
ounce, you use the same size.
So you can think about,
if you make a 10 ounce or 12 ounce
the coffee flavor that will be less.
And the Nespresso one is different,
if you wanna make espresso, one ounce.
And then if you want to make a coffee
that’s five ounce or seven ounce,
you want to make one jar of the coffee,
then they have a 14 ounce.
So they are different.
The good thing for this one
is that they can make a
nice flavor coffee or latte
but the bad thing is after
I used it for two weeks
the coffee they make is not hot enough.
If you don’t have the milk frother
to heat up the milk in the refrigerator,
then the coffee will not be hot at all,
they will be just warm.
And I didn’t get it as like, sponsor.
My wife and kid bought it
as a father’s day gift.
If you ask me, which one is better?
They are total different things.
K-Cup is like, you have coffee daily,
or you just need to grab a coffee.
And then the Nespresso Vertuo is,
you want to have a cup of latte,
a cup of great taste coffee to enjoy.
So you cannot compare two
because the Nespresso,
as you can see on the picture now,
this is all the coffee
me and my wife make.
And the K-Cup cannot make those.
So I hope this can help
you to make your decision.
You want Nespresso Vertuo,
or you want other brand,
I would recommend to have this one,
but now the bad thing is
they are not popular enough
so you can only order online
or at their retail store.
The grocery store, those don’t
have this new coffee yet.
Other than that, if you ask me, the taste,
they are much better than
the Nespresso Classic
or the K-Cup those.
I hope you enjoy.
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I hope to see you next Sunday.
See you soon.
(pleasant guitar music)

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