Fatherhood 2021 Movie Review in English

So the movie fatherhood opens with 
matthew getting ready to attend a funeral  
and he’s quite a bit speechless 
through a series of flashbacks.  
We learned that liz after the 
childbirth suddenly passes away  
due to some lung complications and lung 
blockage and some vein blockages and everything  
as a result of that, now he is a solo guardian of 
their new daughter maddie. When we come back to  
the present, we see that he’s during the funeral 
his mother and son friends and some close friends.  
They have some discussions. How they think 
that he will be able to take care of maddie  
and you we are given the ex. We’re giving the 
impression that he is quite irresponsible.
And he doesn’t even know how to carry himself. So 
taking care of a new child is quite impossible for  
him and they try to convince him his mother and 
mother-in-law try to convince him to go back home,  
so that they can take care of maddie and matthew 
will also have a help in hand, but he clearly  
refuses, he feels that he can’t live the place the 
city and go back home. Because he sees he feels  
the presence of liz, everywhere in there and his 
job. He has a good job. He has his friends there,  

/> so he doesn’t want to leave everything and go and 
he takes the challenge, so he takes the talent and  
says that, he will prove to be a good father 
and he will take care of maddy. So the story  
takes place over a course of several years, 
beginning with the infant maddie and continuing  
through her childhood math endorses a multiple of 
struggles that, a single parents would face and  
like meeting new parents, encouraging independence 
and even letting maddie take her own decisions.
So the question is it worth it? Watching without 
any doubting watching, I would say yes, it is  
without any doubt, it is regardless. How you 
feel about her fatherhood is a good feeling story  
that, left me with a smile on my face 
and some parts with tears on my eyes.  
Fatherhood has some silly references and a few 
poorly timed jokes. Highlighting parents failed  
some fails and how they learn this, or everything, 
but overall, it’s definitely more than a more a  
drama than a comedy. Which I genuinely appreciate 
with the given plot. I mean, it’s supposed to  
be more serious. So yes, it is more dramatic 
and comedy. My favorite aspect of the movie is  
character development. The movie did a great job 
of recreating each stage of maddie’s childhood.
So much that, I found myself silently rooting for 
their relationship coursing. When things didn’t go  
my favorite aspect of the movie was the character 
development. In my opinion, the director did  
a really great job recreating each stage of 
maddie’s childhood. So much that, I found myself  
rooting in their relationship cursing. When 
it didn’t go matthew’s way and cheering up,  
when they did with that being said the movie 
is bound to pull your heart strings. So  
get be ready to get emotional, fatherhood 
is appropriate for all types of viewers.  
Children parents or even couples without parents.
I think, it’s a good way to learn and 
to appreciate and we can appreciate  
the dedication that, parents have for 
the children, doesn’t matter if they’re  
single or if they’re not. The only reason I 
think that, it didn’t receive a high rating.
The movie didn’t receive a 
higher rating. It’s because,  
there are some places that is quite predictable 
and you can guess, what’s going to happen or  
other parts, where it’s quite common or it 
is very sort of lame and you’ll just be like,  
oh, yeah, okay. That’s normal. But all 
over I think it’s a really good work.
The inspirational movie, so have a go and let me 
know in the comments below, how did you feel and  
how did you find out and also let me know, what 
other movies would you like to get reviews off.  
So see you next time bye.

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