Fear Street Part 2 1978 review Movie Recap

Part Two: 1978
C. Berman watches the news reports of the  
recent slayings in Shadyside, with the news still 
suspecting Kate and Simon as the prime culprits.  
She hears a noise from the kitchen and finds 
Deena climbing in through the window. Berman  
nearly attacks Deena until she explains that 
she is the girl that Berman called earlier.  
Deena brings Berman outside with Josh to show 
them that they have Sam tied up in the trunk  
of their car since she is still possessed. 
Although Berman initially refuses to help,  
Deena pleads with her until she relents. 
Berman brings them back into the house to  
tell them the story about how she survived 
her own encounter with Sarah Fier.
1978 – Young Ziggy Berman is running through the 
woods of Camp Nightwing when she is attacked by  
a Sunnyvale camper named Sheila and her cohorts 
because Ziggy stole some money from their cabin,  
and they taunt her by saying she is possessed 
by Sarah Fier. Counselors Will Goode and Kurt  
come to break things up as Sheila starts 
to burn Ziggy’s arm with a lighter.  
Knowing that Ziggy already has a history of 
causing problems, Will orders her to go call her  
mom to pick her up, but first, she goes to the 
nurse to

tend to her wound. Meanwhile, Ziggy’s  
older sister Cindy is working as a counselor there 
with her boyfriend Tommy Slater, having to deal  
with her former friend Alice and her boyfriend 
Arnie doing drugs and having sex. Cindy and Alice  
were friends until Cindy ratted out Alice for 
a crime they committed when they were younger.
Ziggy goes to the office of Nurse Mary Lane, 
mother of previous Shadyside killer Ruby.  
She is haunted by the fact that her daughter 
killed her friends and then herself.  
Mary insinuates that some of the murders were 
justified as she wraps the bandage around  
Ziggy’s arm too tightly. Afterward, Ziggy meets 
up with Cindy, and they argue as Cindy talks  
about wanting to leave Shadyside, but Ziggy says 
nobody gets out of there. More bickering ensues,  
and Cindy calls Ziggy a monster.
Cindy is scrubbing moss off the floors  
in an outhouse with Tommy when they are found 
by Mary. She tries to attack Tommy, but he is  
able to push her off of him and knock her out. 
Tommy is also injured in the back of the head.  
Mary is taken to the hospital, with people 
assuming she is just as crazy as her daughter was.  
At the scene is young Nick Goode, whose father 
was sheriff before his death, and everyone in town  
knows Nick is “heir apparent” to succeed him.
The campers and counselors are preparing for a  
color war that night. Ziggy is preparing for a 
revenge prank against Sheila after finding that  
she and her friends wrote nasty things about her 
in her room. Cindy joins Tommy, Alice, and Arnie  
as they go into Mary’s office to get what they 
think are hard drugs, but is really just Tylenol.  
All the while, Tommy starts to feel unwell. Alice 
finds Mary’s diary, which contains a map of the  
area, as well as the legend of the witch, which 
states that if Sarah’s hand is reunited with her  
body, the curse will come to an end. The map leads 
them to Sarah’s old home, going underground to the  
caverns where the names of previous killers under 
Sarah’s influence are carved into stone. Cindy  
and Alice then find Tommy’s name on there. Arnie 
approaches Tommy, thinking he is just really high,  
but Tommy grabs an axe off the wall and splits 
Arnie’s face open in front of the girls.  
The two-run and make it far enough to cause 
rocks to collapse and seemingly trap Tommy,  
but he manages to make his escape while Cindy 
and Alice are still trapped down there.
Nick helps Ziggy prank Sheila by 
filling a bucket full of creepy bugs,  
luring her to the outhouse under the impression 
that Will was asking her to join her.  
They pull the bucket and dump the bugs on her 
before trapping her in the outhouse. Not far away,  
a Shadyside camper named Jeremy is brutally 
murdered by Tommy. Ziggy and Nick start to kiss  
until they hear screams from campers who discover 
Jeremy’s remains. The counselors gather all the  
remaining campers in the outhouse. Tommy also goes 
after Kurt’s girlfriend Joan hacking her to death  
after she has sex with Kurt, and then he proceeds 
to go after more innocent campers left alone.
Cindy and Alice continue to try and make their 
way out of the caverns. They come across what  
looks like a gigantic rotting beating organ. 
Alice touches it and sees visions of all of  
Sarah’s previous killers, even seeing a vision 
of a dead Cindy and other victims of the murders.  
Alice gets injured when she falls over, and a bone 
pops out of her leg. Cindy tends to her wounds,  
and the girls admit things to each other. Cindy 
admits to having snitched on Alice to save her  
skin, while Alice tells Cindy that she had slashed 
her wrists to cope with her dismal home life.
Ziggy remembers Sheila is in the outhouse and 
goes to find her along with another counselor  
named Gary (Drew Scheid). Sheila attacks 
Ziggy, but then has her lights knocked out by  
Ziggy. Cindy and Alice manage to find 
out that there is an exit above them  
when Cindy finds the same moss from the outhouse. 
They call out for help, and Ziggy finds them.  
As she and Gary try pulling Alice out first, 
Tommy comes and decapitates Gary, causing them  
to drop Alice while Ziggy makes a run for it. She 
is found by Nick, who tries to get her to safety,  
until Tommy comes and attacks. He slashes 
at Nick’s leg while Ziggy runs and sees  
that she has missed the bus taking the 
other campers and counselors to safety.
Cindy and Alice manage to find a way around that 
lead them to the mess hall. Ziggy is there while  
Tommy goes after her, attacking her before she 
wraps the burlap sack around his head that he  
later wears as a ghost. Cindy manages to break 
free from the cellar and stabs Tommy repeatedly  
until he is dead, saving her sister. The girls 
reconcile and reaffirm their love for one another.  
Alice emerges with Sarah’s skeletal hand, and 
they plan to bring the hand back to her body,  
until Ziggy gets a nosebleed and drips on the 
hand. This causes her to see a vision of Sarah,  
as well as to reanimate Tommy’s corpse back 
to life. Just before the girls head out,  
Tommy slashes Alice’s throat, killing her. Cindy 
beheads him with a shovel as the two sisters run.
Ziggy and Cindy make it to the Hanging Tree where 
Sarah died, but they are soon faced by Tommy,  
Ruby Lane, the Milkman Harry Rooker, 
and masked child killer Billy Barker.  
Just as the girls try to put the hand on the 
ground, the killers get closer. Cindy orders  
Ziggy to make a run for it while she fights off 
Tommy. Unfortunately, Tommy gets the upper hand  
and begins hacking Cindy to death, while the 
Milkman stabs Ziggy in the gut repeatedly.  
The killers vanish, and the sisters die 
side-by-side. Nick shows up and manages  
to revive Ziggy with CPR, but Cindy is gone.
In the present, Berman reveals that she was Ziggy,  
as her real name is Christine. Although 
she told Nick that the curse was real,  
he couldn’t back up her claims due to fears 
that it would compromise his future as sheriff,  
so he just tells authorities that Tommy went 
crazy. Christine still insists that there is  
no way to defeat Sarah, but Deena and Josh ask her 
if Sarah’s hand is still under the Hanging Tree.  
It is, as the Shadyside Mall is now where Camp 
Nightwing used to be. While the two are doing  
this, Christine attempts to contact Nick. Deena 
then takes the hand to Sarah’s grave in the woods,  
but as she does so, she finds herself 
back in 1666, where she is now Sarah.

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