Fifa 22 Tottenham vs Marseille Champions League Group Stage

well a big night ahead for players and fans alike here in north london i’m derek ray ready to bring you match commentary and alongside me is stuart robson and we’ve got so much to look forward to this is where it all begins in europe’s premier club competition the uefa champions league the group stage match day one action it is tottenham hotspur versus marseille well thanks derek this is such an important game both sides will be desperate to start this group well let’s hope we see some great football today so introducing the spurs starting 11. hugo

laurisse is the goalkeeper human son plays with lucas mora out wide and the centerpiece of the attack today is harry kane and here’s how it looks for marseille well they play with the diamonds in midfield which makes the role of the holding midfield player so important is he there to dictate the play with his passing or be a defensive screen i’d hope he could do both jobs it’s the opening match day champions league group stage match day one underway i’m giving it away now room to roam for spurs on the wing lucas and inches away

didn’t miss by very much at all matteo guendouzi of cadios milic read it well no foul spurs advantage romero this looks promising out wide sawn at the ready well decent

save there corner kick played in and clearing us away regular really bright looking attack oh my goodness what an outrageous hit i can’t believe he took it on from there and neither can the goalkeeper well as you can see this is a great bit of skill he hits it perfectly doesn’t he that’s a brilliant strike now now the action underway once more the onus is on

marseille to find a response now well lovely work to get past his man guendouzi and now milik will they get themselves level here superb well he should score of course but that’s a brilliant save it’s a short one fruitful looking attack and here’s back on boo able to close down the shot and splendid goalkeeping well it’s a decent attempt but in the end not enough and as you say good goalkeeping son it certainly wasn’t a clean tackle and the referee has got to book him i think and a yellow card it’s going to be stuart

yeah the refs got that right it’s a yellow card all day long just made sure nothing came of that must be moving the ball forward what can they do from here dangerous ball good pressure to win the ball back high up the pitch and it’s a goal level again what about this is turning out to be well here it is again and the way they’ve been playing that was always going to happen they’ve certainly been piling on the pressure here lucas how about the cross marseille regaining possession he read the situation defensively and did his

job son now can they make something happen fine tackle there to prevent the chance that’s fine play to keep control of the ball well it’s amazing how fans can be so blinkered with their views they’re going mad here oh commanding goalkeeping delivering and you need your defender to take charge i say couldn’t maintain possession to be advised giving the ball away there well that is how to nullify the opposition fabian now harry kane lucas promising sequence pushed onto the woodwork and the keeper hangs on at the second attempt well he’s done really well hasn’t he

great stop and then the reaction we’re not giving him any breathing room getting in there to take it away harry kane tremendous ball played through oh but just unable to unlock the defense li rola worth meleek well slightly off target and that’ll be a throw-in and teammates to play it too son deserves credit for winning the ball back well he has the measure of his man struggling to get it away no more time left that is it for the first half here at the home of tottenham well dimitri payet was certainly busy in the first

half sum up his performance for us well he stepped forward for his team with the equalizer it could prove to be the key turning point in this contest as they haven’t been at their best today you do feel they need to find another gear in the second half though if they are to go on and win it it’s the opening match day champions league group stage and so the second half of this champions league group stage match day one contest commences marseille recovering possession well this looks promising from marseille cross could be useful and thwarting

his opponent in the nick of time harry kane taken away from how about the cross a goal here giving his team precisely what they were looking for now he deserves to celebrate it well here it is again it was a good finish but the keeper has to do better at his near post he was beaten far too easily on that occasion well behind they are tottenham hotspur how will they respond now of possibilities inside the box and caught with ease no real threat from the cross and spurs could be on to something song kane but

still a chance can he finish the crossbar got in the way not to be advised giving the ball away there well they’re so unlucky hang on a minute stuart opportunity unfolding and it’s true for him today a masterful performance the defenders unable to stop him well as you can see the weight of the through ball is key to this goal and his movement’s so clever once he gets on to it there’s only one thought in his head smash it as hard as possible what a good goal well another equalizer what a topsy-turvy game this has

been 30 minutes to go then losing possession here well this is such a good watch both teams have played their part in a great game with plenty of good forward play i’m sure we’ll see more goals before the end and very deftly cut out oh great vision kentucky chance to take the lead you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better save than that lorise time for a change then romero now harry kane giving the ball to the opposition that time what can they do to stop him running at them harry kane tremendous challenge here well here

it is again he goes past his markers so easily with just a drop of the shoulder but there’s still plenty for him to do under all sorts of pressure from the defender he’s just able to keep him at bay and finishes with a plum it’s a great goal what’s a big moment in the dying envers will it prove decisive here well at least he hit the target but he should really beat the keeper from there they should be level now well with the minutes ticking away here’s the big question can tottenham see this out stuart

how would you critique the performance of this one well what a finale we have here both sides have looked good going forward but poor defensively but i do think they have been the better side for much of this game they just need to defend their box with determination in these last few minutes we’re getting it forward but they need an equalizer can he play us in and he takes on the shots oh a goal an equalizer in the closing stages well here it is again and what a perfect cross into the box this is just

inviting someone to attack it and then the shot could not be hit any better struck with such venom great goal um not many sides would have the mental strength to bounce back from adversity like this team give it away goodbye tottenham well what a final few minutes we have here and the fans are certainly playing their part but can they take one of these chances that come their way and win this game oh sure they must score and a goal this is why we adore this game late drama and now they’re in front just look

at this again the combination plate in the top third of the field was so precise and then what a finish that’s been hit with such power and face the keeper has no time to react it’s a brilliant strike how often do you see this tottenham making three changes at once on the personnel front well the dramatic moment near the end and that might well be the decider the block is against tottenham but they might yet fight back makes the move to the inside perfect challenge this might be the perfect counter-attacking opportunity he’s in here bowlers

loose the goalkeeper doing what he’s paid to do another goal from this corner would in all likelihood secure victory trying to deliver it accurately not the result from the set piece they were looking for guendouzi cedric bacombo on the ball it should be superb say from ugo norris delivering and still dangerous well they can bring it out now so the end of the game and a disappointing start for tottenham hotspur where did it all go wrong tonight it’s not the beginning they had in mind in the context of this champions league season yeah they’ll be

disappointed it’s an uphill battle if you don’t get anything from your opening game it really comes down to how they bounce back now vital we see a better performance next time out well it truly was a dazzling performance from dimitri payet stewart what caught your eye most of all about it well that was a great performance his understanding of how to find space was brilliant

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