FIFA 23 – England vs Senegal – Last 16 – World Cup 2022 Highlights – Xbox Series X Gameplay

well this is the kind of match every football fan looks forward to a lot on the line and the likelihood of a tension-packed occasion stay tuned we’ll have all the action for you live here on EA TV good evening and welcome to Alcor welcome to the AL bite Stadium the venue for this one I’m Derek Ray and sharing commentary with me as usual is Stuart Robson and we have a very intriguing match to bring you this World Cup round of 16 tie it’s England I may take on Senegal absolutely this should be a good game

I think both sides deserve to be here but whichever team plays to their full potential should make it into the quarterfinals it’s going to be a good game foreign the England first 11. Jordan Pickford begins in goal John Stones plays alongside Harry MaGuire in central defense Phil foden plays with Marcus rashford in the wide positions and the responsibility of leading the line today goes to Harry Kane and a look at the starting lineup for Senegal eduard Mendy stands between the posts idrisa gay plays alongside shaku kuyate in central Midfield and the idea is to have

just the one Striker up there trying to pose problems for the opposition to be another round of 16 nail biter

this time well that game against Colombia they should have won in the first half they were totally dominant and then they let the opposition back in and that’s been one of southgate’s problems when he has been in control of matches things have changed and he hasn’t reacted quickly enough oh they could put it away Stuart is the opening goal of this match and what a start they’ve made well as you can see again Kane plays

a perfectly weighted pass beyond the Defenders and what a clinical finish this is from foden he hits it with such power that’s an excellent goal so the ball rolling again with the scoreline standing at one nil thank you Kane rashford and a goal a quick one too and they’ve turned this game on its head well as the replay shows us Kane picks out the perfect pass to beat that defensive line and the Finish is brilliant from rashford he hits it so sweetly that’s a top class goal foreign and there it is the halftime whistle idrisa

gay that’s useful play look as though they had attacking momentum but not so Kane oh he’s through here and a goal there he is at the Double they just can’t subdue him well here it is again the through ball is absolutely inch perfect and rashford’s finish gives the keeper no chance he hits it with such Venom and did his job well let’s see what they have in store for them on the break can they take advantage of the situation a goal here killing his team precisely what they were looking for now he deserves to celebrate

it well here it is again he goes past his markers so easily with just a drop of the shoulder but there’s still plenty for him to do and there are all sorts of pressure from the defender he’s just able to keep him at Bay and finishes with a plum it’s a great goal diata idrisa gay giving it a try just made sure nothing came of that trippier and Kane prepared to fire make another launch of goals no less up here well here we can see it again just how well trippier does to get that cross

into such a good area but look at the Defenders they lose their concentration become slopping with their marking and as a result they find the ball in the back of their net just not good enough he had plenty to think about they’ve regained possession foreign can he find the right pass and it’s played into the center and now the end of the contest England have made it through to the last eight well the result was never in doubt was it they controlled the game from start to finish they created numerous chances and they dictated the

tempo a very comfortable win for them in the end as usual Harry Kane difficult to defend against what did you make of what he actually did out there on the pitch well he gave that back line of Tory time didn’t he he was far too sharp for them always looking to play on the shoulder took his goals well soon clearly the Difference Maker today

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