Fifine T669 USB Microphone ` Unboxing & Review `

what’s up guys welcome back to my
channel today we are going to talk about
another product which is the FIFine microphone.
The FIfine microphone it is a USB mic which you will be able to use
with your deckstop, your laptop so in
this video we are going to test the
audio like we did for the other
microphones that we reviewed on the
channel, in the box I believe you should
get a shock mount arm mount is the arm
that you will scew to the table so
that way the mic can be stable you
should get a windscreen you’ll get the
mic, yes! you will get a tripod a USB
cable we’re going to stop all that
talking let’s go ahead and check the box
to see everything that’s included
alright so this is the Fifine microphone
this is the box as you can see, um and if we
open it you have you got your user
manual right here and that is going to
be 2 pack of rubber strings for the
shock mount with a booklet here we have
the pop filter and one thing I would say
it has a very nice build quality it
feels really good in hand as you guys can
see this is just a company card with the
website and Facebook link and the
contact information this is the shock
mount that is pretty much one piece that
would be very handy in the installation
of the boom arm for your microphone and
here it baby this is your windscreen
with the USB cable this is the cable you
will be using to power up your
microphone this is the microphone it’s
an all-black with grills all around it
as you can see this is the USB port and pretty
much that’s it guys and this is the
volume button just so you can control
the sensitivity this is a 5 inch tripod
with metal legs other than that the end
is plastic and the top is plastic and
here we are looking at a C clamp which
is going to be a very important part in
the installation of the boom arm when it
comes to
attaching it to the table this is the
boom arm it is all black with a very
good build quality it’s all metal
it feels pretty good in hand you can
tell the quality there this is the
FIfine microphone with no windscreen
no pop filter and it is now at 25%
volume we’re going to bring the volume
down we’re bringing it down bringing the
volume up we’re bringing it up it is
now at 50% volume if we bring in it up
we keep bringing it up the Fifine microphone
and it is now at 100% and
right now we’re going to just bring it
back at 15% and about 15% we’re
going to leave it at 25% 25%
This is what the FIFine microphone sounds like
with the windscreen and at 25% volume
and if we bring it down we’re going to
bring it down and now we are currently bring
the volume up we bring the volume
up now the volume is at 50% we’re going
to keep bringing it up we’re bringing it
up and now the volume is at 100%.
And now we’re bringing the volume back to 25%
now it is at 25 percent volume.
This is the Fifine microphone with the windscreen with the popfilter
at 25 percent volume let’s turn the volume
down let’s turn over now we’re turning
their mic volume up and it is now at 50%
volume now we are turning the mic up turn it
up turn up the mic volume is now at 100%
and now we’re going to bring it back to
25% we bringing it back to 25% 25% and
now the mic it is now at about 25%
volume with the windscreen with the
pop filter.
Thank you guys watching this video.
I’m hoping that in some way it was
helpful to you um
I don’t really have much to say um
I’ll see you bye

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