FIGHTING THE PRINCE! – Trapped in a Dating Sim Episode 5 Review/Reaction

After what some would argue too many mecha
battles last episode the final duel between
Leon and Julius is finally here!
The school will soon see who will prevail
arrogance or assholery.
While in combat Julius regales us with a classic
misunderstood character story that is sure
to pull at our hearts.
Julius never wanted to be born into royalty.
This cruel unfair world decided he should
become a king and be the only man on earth
who is of great importance.
Because of this curse of fame, good looks,
money, power, women, friends, servants, land,
influence and cool robots, Julius has been
tormented his whole life by these horrible
He was forced to grow up with a girlfriend
who would do anything for him and knew about
everything he liked.
Burdened with the weight of love and power
Julius was the world’s loneliest man.
So of course the natural conclusion is that
it’s okay for him to cheat on Angelica because
you should feel bad for him.
Okay so yes rich people can have problems
but crying about how terrible your seemingly
perfect life is to a guy who died because
of his sister, then was reincarnated as a
peasant, almost sold into slavery, only

make something positive of his life but no
matter how hard he works or how rich he becomes
he is still looked down on as a backwoods
loser, when you complain to someone like that
it doesn’t sound that great.
Projected through the mechs, their speeches
cast over the stadium, they touch the hearts
of many students.
Angelica begins to cry and Olivia makes her
own speech.
Julius responds to this basically saying Marie
is everything to him and Angelica never took
him out for chicken on a stick so she brought
this upon herself.
Leon has a new speech for Julius and others
like him.
Leon mocks Julius like he did with the others.
Really you should just use your authority
as prince to make me surrender, there’s no
way you could mount a comeback so come on
just win by default.
Use those princely powers you apparently hate
so much!
Julius refuses so he is taken down, losing
the duel, his girlfriend and soon much more.
Angelica briefly thanks Leon before running
to the prince.
There Julius tells her about how he’s never
truly loved anyone before Marie and that he
knew it was fate when she took him for chicken
on a stick.
He officially ends their relationship and
Angelica leaves.
Leon meets with Angelica’s family to ask for
his and his families lives to be spared after
embarrassing the prince.
He gives up his noble titles, his spot at
the academy and some money to sweeten the
They accept as a thank you for standing up
for Angelica.
But in exchange they wish for Angelica to
spend time on Leon’s paradise Island to relax.
Leon uses that as an opportunity to get his…mother?…
Of his back.
With a high ranking noble like her around
she can’t sell him into slavery.
They explore Leon’s island and Oliva decides
to go with Angelica to the hot springs which
we are skipping for obvious YouTube reasons.
Afterwards Leon drops some wisdom on Angelica
that the best revenge against Julius and Marie
is to go on to live a happy life.
Back with Marie and her harem, they reveal
that although every single one of them have
lost their noble or royal standing along with
all of their money, they are still rich with
love for Marie!
Unfortunately she likes them for exactly what
they lost so she now lives life as an adventurer
searching for her own food and money in complete
To make things even better for Leon’s victory,
not only was his family spared, the King and
Queen have promoted him to an upper sixth
rank knight for I guess helping their son
leave Marie even though know he’s still with
her platonically and is now homeless.
I was expecting to see some sort of fall out
from fighting the prince but I’m cool with
I actually really like that the Prince and
his friends are happy living as adventurers
with Marie hating every second of it.
The end of this episode felt very complete,
like it’s episode 13 and we’re done complete.
So I’m waiting to see what episode 6 brings
that will get me interested in the next arc.
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