Film Instructor watches Death Note 1×11 | "Assault" Review and Reaction

hi everyone and today I’m going to be reacting to Death Note episode 11 let’s see let’s see where this is going is light going to already join the you know the investigation and everything like it may it it gives me so much anxiety the fact that both of

them are need to be so careful into everything they’re working on eggshells constantly that would give me major anxiety I be like you know what I’m CU I going to deal with this done too much trouble like everything they need to be mindful of every little step that

they give oh my God anyway before we get into the video please subscribe to the channel if you’re not subscribed because there’s a lot of more new reactions coming and you want to miss them so now let’s go into the video oh we’re back four months oh God

what what or is it just of him making it bigger than it is a TV presenter why is he bad this is his punishment condemn me just condemn him so he wasn’t a bad guy or was it that doesn’t sound like light like he’s he’s losing his marbles

it’s just so weird well he must have something in mind you know he’s not a stupid but this is just weird okay maybe maybe okay if no one

tries to catch me the innocent will not die maybe it’s just a I don’t know a way of you know

because the movement that El did just by telling him who is he and everything put him kind of like into a corner so maybe this is the reaction of him faing corner but it’s just weird what the heck it’s just weird no what is happening oh so he’s

one of the kir task for but how did he know he hasn’t been yet there and meet everyone how did he know his name yeah what the how I don’t think the dad had a big mouth and just tell him everything what the heck maybe he just recognized

him you know maybe he was just waiting and then recognize him and he’s right yeah he’s not happy about it at all like he’s yeah it’s not like he’s being you know oh my God so he oh wow to stop it oh he’s covering himself yeah oh my

God crazy man or you will be killed by me oh god oh wait but he got no this is this is weird there’s something going on he doesn’t know the names of of all of them it cannot be come on like he he he knows all the task

force because you know it’s normal that you will know the names of some of your parents you know co-workers but not all of them this is so fishy the only thing I can think it’s that he got the deal for the Shinigami eyes so he will know the

names as soon as he sees them but they didn’t make I’m surprised that they didn’t make a big thing out of it you know because it’s such a big deal it’s such a big deal this deal so I’m really surprised that they didn’t you know make a a

bigger thing and show us how it happened and why it happened why I assume because you know L Big Move of just coming out and saying hey I’m you know Corner him but there’s something weird going on for sure they covered it good good for I’ve Got a

Friend with that name that I call him that cookie fore fore fore he didn’t so now he’s at he’s after bullies like that wasn’t the case before like he was just you know bad people in general but now he’s specifically on bullies but I don’t see I must

say I don’t see l oh not L sorry light as the type of person that was bullied he’s like the popular guy what the heck is going on I’m really lost maybe I’m just looking too much into this wow for oh okay now makes sense now everything makes

sense and it’s going to be I really think it’s going to be the one with the feathers you know the one one that I said I did call this when I saw that Shinigami I was like that’s the only one of them that is like very detailed you

know and everything the other ones are you know skull type but very very plain but this one was very flashy and I was like I think that one is going to be important oh so someone else is doing it okay now it makes sense I was like what

the heck this is not how he acts so weird I was I was just thinking okay maybe it’s because you know he he feels cornered and sometimes when you are cornered you you can make mistakes but okay now it makes sense yeah yeah mhm why doing that that

why getting that deal yeah exactly exactly like it’s it’s sloppy I don’t know if sloppy is the word but you know it’s just clumsy sloppy weird I don’t know how to say it but I was just like what the heck but yeah wow this is so much juicier

now no no no yeah because it’s too different it’s just weird yeah the word thing and everything is just it’s a woman it’s a woman yeah it’s a woman also the the bully thing mhm yeah but this one oh it’s not is not the one that that I

was thinking of I don’t think I haven’t seen him for but he doesn’t have the feather thing no it’s not silly girl oh my God this it looks like a very bubbly you know girl and for what they you know oh my God this is going to be

a mess but yeah it’s not the shinig gam that I I was thinking isn’t it yeah not at all I don’t recognize this one I don’t think I’ve seen it or if I did I don’t put any attention I thought it will be the you know the other

one if I can find a picture I’ll put it but yeah maybe it’s just you know I’m looking too much into it it looks like this Shinigami cares a bit about her you know but also he cares why he let her do the deal with the Shinigami eyes

oh I don’t know oh my God this took a big turn okay big big turn I don’t know how to feel about this I think she’s going to be trouble she she looks more what would be the word not as smart obviously at at you know doing things

and calculating things I think she’s more impulsive impulsive yeah you know more whatever not thinking twice before doing something but we just seen a little bit so I don’t know let’s see let’s see anyway please drop a comment let me know what you think and let me remind

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