Film Instructor watches Jujutsu Kaisen 1×24 | "Accomplices" Review and Reaction SEASON FINALE

hi everyone season finale oh my God I cannot wait I cannot wait honestly so yeah today we are going to be reacting to episode 24 of season one of Jutsu kaisen and it’s the season finale I don’t know how to feel about that it has been really quick but season two I mean she’s season two is there so let’s let’s just let’s just dive into it but before we get into into the video please subscribe to this channel if you’re not subscribed yet because there’s a lot of more new reactions coming and you don’t not

miss them so now let’s go to the video oh uh oh oh oh oh it works it works or not oh should oh these two are a be gross aren’t they what the heck oh sounds really bad well free tattoos tattoos are expensive any of them what Jesus that is horrible the composition whoa fore that is bad oh wow what the heck speech speech so they with the other ones mahito and the rest why she laughing for what the heck whoa well done wow amazing Jesus I think he’s moving whoa resist the whoa they’re in

trouble then when he said the the composition and the Decay thing I was like oh shoot like this is big trouble but good good niceee

oh youever r k so it’s released come on guys come on guys wow well done guys well done guys arm on shoulder Jesus oh oh oh she’s so cool she’s so freaking cool I feel a bit bad for him oh let running our away oh the arm the arm should be the yeah for wow spee fore a it’s a sweetie pie he feels bad mahita is in his own world I

mean yeah I felt a little bit bad as well I was like okay fore for foree spee fore fore spee spee what the heck he was so quiet he was so quiet but he was lurking in the shadows waiting for the right time so he’s not like you know he’s not doing nothing he’s there lurking little fore fore foreign spe oh for Fore speeech fore foreign fore I must I I I thought this the on my previous reactions but I I think I didn’t mention I think that oh God damn it what his name I

don’t sake I’m a mess with names anyway a c cursed speech guy I think the words that he says kind of like make make sense somehow it’s pretty basic but it’s you know like yes no and things like that because when he says I think it’s salmon it I think it means yes because it’s like he’s agreeing to do something and you know it is it like that or am I you know it’s like it has it’s not just nonsense at the beginning I thought it was just nonsense just random words I don’t think they

are you see he said yes I think I don’t know what that means for foree foree nice her face no he’s embarrassed like is he going to give them the news nice it didn’t finish like like on a cliff hunger which it’s fine not not every time it needs to be like that they let you know that something more is going to happen but they don’t leave you because I find that like when you need to wait a year or two or more for the next season it’s annoying it’s just annoying good so they they

are maybe going to be promoted oh nice nice and also this other lady is going to be like I assume that saturo is paying her to kind of like look for who could be the not a mole it wouldn’t that wouldn’t be the word but you know the the person you know anyway please drop a comment let me know what you think and let me remind you that if you’re a member of this channel there’s no wait for you for the premieres you can you will have Early Access to all my videos so you can

just watch all of them and I also have a patreon where I upload the full and edited reactions also with Early Access and with any of those to you will be helping me and this channel so much so I can invest more time to create more content for you guys and if you canot this fine just please like share comment this video and that will also help me a lot so have a lovely rest of the day and see you in season two bye

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