Filmstro Review and Demo – Royalty Free Music for YouTube (& more)

Filmstro – before we begin the review and 
demo let’s listen to a few 
audio samples from Filmstro.
HI, My name is Arun and in this video we will
see a detailed demo and review of:  
what is Filmstro how to use it what’s 
the pricing how you can get a Filmstro  
lifetime license and how to customize the 
royalty-free music tracks and much more.
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Some of you might be wondering what is 
film stroke let’s say you need a royalty  
free soundtrack for your video projects be 
it YouTube videos, online course videos,  
wedding videos, short films, anything or 
maybe for audio projects such as podcasts  
and audio books – there are some good 
music available from various free sources  
and even YouTube’s audio library is there, but 
not everyone is comfortable going that route.  
That’s why it’s good to have a service without 
any worry of copyright strikes or other royalty  
related problems. so here’s where Filmstro comes 
into picture it has a library of royalty-free  
music composed by real musicians. The tool has a 
simple timeline with three

sliders that allow you  
to adjust the core fundamentals of any music track 
– the momentum so it could be fast or slow music  
and the depth to have it as high or low tunes 
and the power – be it soft music or strong and  
heavy music. This is how any music track can be 
customized to your liking with various variations.  
Speaking of Filmstro’s pricing you could 
get an annual or monthly subscription to  
use all their music covered worldwide and in 
perpetuity – use them for as long as you want.  
Currently there is an offer going on for a 
limited time to get this tool for just $59  
as one time fee and it’s a lifetime price if 
you want to use it for just for the YouTube  
videos – if you want to invest for a long time on 
the other hand into your future creations as well  
that can be a good investment where if you want 
to use it for online and broadcast ads like  
Facebook ads or Google ads and then games or maybe 
even YouTube ads or if you are going to create  
a mobile applications mobile apps you can use 
them within apps and radio or corporate videos and  
wedding videos – be it for yourself or for your 
clients you can get their pro plus version – the  
pro plus plan for a one-time fee of $118 now and 
you can get a lifetime access to their software.  
Now these links are given in the description below 
if not just go to – I  
already grabbed a copy of their pro plus plan 
and I’m loving it. Let’s now see how to use film  
store to get royalty free soundtracks for your 
projects there are two ways to access the film  
store’s music tracks they have an online music 
library and a desktop app to install for pc or mac  
an online music library is given so we can 
browse their tracks online to listen and  
choose whatever audio tracks we want it also 
gives their meta values about the track such  
as the key tempo and other useful tags describing 
the audio track itself simply browse the website  
choose what you think suits your project and 
download to use them we will see all that in  
the demo in the coming in the next few minutes 
when it comes to licensing the tracks that we  
use are all listed neatly inside your account 
within a downloadable license in pdf format
so let’s now begin by starting 
the film store standalone app
so as soon as you open the film store app the 
standalone desktop app i’m using it on your  
windows computer right now you will see that there 
are four sections on top of your left hand side of  
the screen the collections favorites downloads 
and search these are pretty self-explanatory  
where in collections you can find all the 
different types of music tracks organized by  
playlists featured ones mood film and video genre 
instrumental palette and music genre so under new  
tracks you can see that there are new tracks that 
are available and added every single week these  
are marked by this blue icon over here now the 
playlist section is my favorite part where you  
can find a good lo-fi beats and popular trailers 
and stuff picks which are pretty decent and can be  
used in a variety of projects and now whichever 
track you like you can just heart them here and  
which is what we will see under the favorite 
section so you can see that i have favorited  
this menu and this got added under my favorites 
tab and under downloads whichever track we choose  
to download will get added to the downloads which 
is now will be available in our local for editing  
and in search obviously we can search the name 
of the music track if you know uh the name of  
the track after you stumbled on it maybe on the 
web app so you can search them to find them here  
or you can just simply search whatever you would 
like to that comes to your mind and then you may  
hit on a random track which you may find great 
so uh these are the four sections main sections  
here and on the left left side bottom corner 
you’ll find three sliders these are the um  
i would say this is the heart of film 
stroke where we’ll have those three  
uh slider options for each for momentum depth and 
power this is what we are going to use to control  
the tempo or the uh the high and low of any music 
so that it can suit to our scenes or our needs  
with this i would say that we can 
create multiple variations which might  
uh have a lot of probability so you 
can create hundreds of different  
sounding tracks with the same single track or 
maybe you can even mix multiple tracks together  
and on the right side here you will see the 
editing section where if you are going to import a  
video this is where it shows up and at the bottom 
there are some simple couple of buttons which says  
that if you click on this create you can either 
import a video or work with only the soundtrack  
when we want to input a video currently 
film store pro supports only the mp4 version  
so click on this to import your mp4 videos to 
start editing and adding music to your videos  
and with soundtrack you can um choose how many 
minutes and seconds you want to add and then  
start your editing by managing or extending 
the soundtrack that’s available over here so  
clicking on open uh this is where we can open any 
previously worked on and save the sessions which  
will be saved in the format dot sdro which is the 
film stores proprietary file extension and these  
are the files that can get again imported back 
into film stroke now this has the advantage of  
where we can share these stroke file type files 
with our peers team members so that they can  
input it back into their film store and then 
start editing so this way you can collaborate  
with multiple team members all right so now 
let’s do a sample editing with a soundtrack  
so here’s a demo track with the video 
and the audio and this audio can also  
be replaced with whatever you have over here 
by just simply dragging and dropping the track  
into this and editing the way you want it 
so here is the base track for this video
so you can see that the 
momentum is pretty low here  
and i saw it depth is high server down two 
hours and the power goes up here towards the end  
now i’m going to pause this video here and 
then see and show you how the momentum can be  
increased by just clicking here and then 
increasing it the way we want it and then  
gradually to make it increase even higher towards 
the end of the video and the depth is pretty high  
so this we can reduce to and the video volume 
is also fully high i’m going to keep this also  
a little bit lower and the soundtrack is gradually 
increasing as well let’s improve that too
i’m just doing this for the demo purpose as it 
is the sound sounds really good but to show you  
how these sliders work here we are going 
to test this out now let me play the video  
again you can see the the momentum 
increases over here and that
you saw right you can also note 
this slider slowly rising up  
let’s increase this fully so i could add a 
front row seat to them soiling their pants  
yeah but then the light on the 
webcam would come on let’s get this
their website came down well my site what about 
the video volume let’s get the done totally
you can see that the audio the voice over has come 
down totally let’s now decrease the depth as well  
do you see the note do you see the difference 
here let’s get the momentum down if we can observe  
and the power goes up
we now the money
what’s wrong with my site 
then what’s wrong with my side  
all right so i’m going to pause here and 
then show all of these completely raised up
so the depth is up momentum is up as well okay
and the power up
and the video volume up now you will 
easily see the difference of how it sounds  
when we have them all working at the same time
the juice makes you sloppy and you’re 
amazing dummy site what’s wrong with it
i’ll have a car pick you up in the
morning yes ready
we got the money
what’s wrong with my site 
then what’s wrong with my site  
now let’s see if we can get that what’s wrong 
with my sight volume totally down so it’s not  
audible of what is shouting but you only get 
to hear the powerful music in the background  
okay i’ve got the video volume down totally and 
let’s hear the momentum is up the depth is up  
power let’s get let’s get it up completely 
here and now the sound volume is up as well  
except for the video’s volume which is 
totally low let’s hear it out from here
so the voiceover is now not audible just the 
music if at all if you need in this case to  
amplify the story’s audio so that’s how we can 
have the audio tracks customized the way we want  
it as you might have observed the videos original 
volume got reduced here totally and then we could  
amplify the depth power and momentum of this track 
the way we wanted it and this way we can alter  
the music tracks whatever we want here the 
way we want it now here are some low-fad beats  
so as a sample here hit them out i have some 
downloaded already so let’s hear them out here
you see the difference here when 
we change the depth and power
so that’s the difference when 
we get the momentum out of it  
and when you have them all this is how it sounds
that’s how we can customize that so multiple 
variations can be created from the same  
single track let’s hear this one out
pretty neat music really good 
so this is how we can customize
so once done we can either have these uh 
automated time points deleted or have them  
customized and then if you steer liking 
then you can click on this export button  
and it’ll ask you for options like do you want to 
export all of your audio or just the soundtrack or  
the video so you can choose whatever you want and 
i will choose all audio and then that gets saved  
as a way for insert saved in the wav format which 
can then be imported into our video projects or  
any other editing projects where editing tool or 
software where you can add them to your videos and  
then have that production done finally speaking of 
some improvements i could only think of a couple  
of them first the selection of tracks is pretty 
limited but they are growing every single week  
secondly there is a section of people who may 
feel challenging about the entire concept of  
what film store does and they are perhaps 
correct in a way but there is no solution  
to that because it’s just the mindset quote 
unquote it discourages hardworking composers  
and encourages lazy filmmakers who don’t 
truly value original music in their projects  
plus it creates a sense of 
sameness across films and projects  
now that’s not my opinion but that’s an 
opinion i found on the website but if you  
see if if at all we are working on a tune to 
customize that to our liking then there are  
very little chances that the sameness might come 
into this picture because every song might sound  
different depending on what momentum and depth and 
power we are going to use and which part of the  
music is going to be used i hope you found film 
so useful for your needs if you’re keen in knowing  
what Filmstro is working on currently and what 
plans do they have for the near future in terms  
of their development here’s their public roadmap 
until next time i’m arun from tech library tv  
thanks for joining me and spending your precious 
time watching this video you take care bye you

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