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Hey everyone, welcome back to Sgcarmart Today we are here at the launch of the new BMW X1 and this is the 3rd generation of BMW’s baby SUV so let’s go take a closer look Expectedly the X1 has grown bigger so it now 54mm longer, 24mm wider, 44mm taller, and the wheelbase is longer by 22mm There is going to be a little bit more space on the inside On the outside though design wise I think the biggest change is up front where you do have a larger grille but it is also much more upright so you

have a much more squared off look to the whole car and I think it makes the car look a little bit more mean looking and I think a little bit nicer At the back, obviously the design of the tail lights are different but you know, the car still looks familiar and nice A narrow window at the back, now boot space… so the new X1 offers 540 liters and that is 35 liters more than before and for a car in this segment I think it is a pretty sizeable boot Perhaps more importantly let’s go jump inside

the car Just a very quick look at the rear seats this is my normal driving position, and I must say I am surprised by how spacious it feels There is plenty

of legroom here, headroom is decent and one nice feature is that if you do need more space back in the boot you can actually slide the whole bench forward so that gives you quite a little bit more space there and even then it is not uncomfortable but I think let’s go check out the front It is here in the cabin where the upgrades are most

obvious this is the second compact class model after the 2 Series Active Tourer to feature BMW’s new generation interior and it’s a really nice space We have this curved display with a 10.25 inch digital cluster as well as a 10.7 inch infotainment screen and this all runs Operating System 8 so that gives you tons of functionality and control and features, as well as access to a whole bunch of safety and assistance features and of course expectedly for the rest of the cabin is very similar to the 218i, so you have a new steering wheel you

have that massive charging pad although this is quite nice there is an ambient lighting strip around it now and we have this floating center cluster as well with the necessary controls and yup, still opens the wrong way All that said, with these compact class models you are getting a little bit more upmarket in terms of interior quality and I think that’s nice for a car in this class Now let’s talk performance, so the new X1 is offered in sDrive16i guise so power comes from a 1.5-liter engine that produces 120 bhp and 230 Nm of torque

so importantly this car falls into the Category A COE and I think that is pretty important because a car like this is supposed to be fairly accessible and fairly affordable as well There are two variants available, so there is the sDrive16i xLine as well as the sDrive16i M Sport and for those that are keen on EVs there will be an all electric iX1 that will be coming some time, BMW can’t give us a date right now but that will eventually be here So that’s a quick look at the new BMW X1 do stay tuned for

our review of this car Thanks for watching this video, do remember to Like, Share, and Subscribe and hit the notification bell so you will be alerted of all out upcoming videos and follow is on TikTok, we are at @sgcarmart That’s all I have for today, I will see you soon bye

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