First time flying with Etihad Airways! (Food & Flight Review)

Our first time flying with Etihad Airways – We were flying from Frankfurt to Abu Dhabi on a Boeing 787. This flight is about 6 and a half hours long. On each of our economy seats there were little bags with eye masks, ear plugs and lotion. There were some movies and tv shows. I watched dumb money, but I was way too into my book to bother with more movies. And what I’m really interested in is the foooodd. I love to see what kind of food is offered on different international airlines. I could have eaten five of

these lemon caramel cheesecake cups. I ordered the chicken with rice and it was very tasty for airline food. I was surprised they served the meal with metal cutlery, but I definitely prefer that to plastic. Overall, it was a smooth flight and we extended our layover a few days in Abu Dhabi. Check out our video to see all that we ate in the city.

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