First Time Trying French ?? Food – Season Final Review of “Power-Ghost 2” – Egg Benedict

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um good
hey you guys welcome back to my channel whoa
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tina [ __ ] tv okay how you guys doing today
today today y’all
tinabeth’s tv tina tinabeth’s tv you are watching
tinabeth’s tv okay all right you guys um i’m
at this place called petite ciao or particular
per teacher it’s some type of french restaurant
that i pass by all the time when i’m at work
today’s a day off so i say you know what i’m
gonna go up there and try something so today
i am trying two things but i’m gonna show
the other one later but the first thing i’m
gonna show you is the eggs benedict and yes
honey i never been here before but you know
i wanted to try it yes look at that uh-huh
i guess it comes with the i don’t know uh
whatever i think it’s ham and the some type
of um hydrogenated sauce i don’t know if i’m
saying it right and i got a little salad on
the side with the look maybe it’s like uh
i’m not sure what kind of leaf that is with
the tomatoes chopped

up tomatoes and i asked
for some avocado because i like avocado with
everything look at that again close up
mm-hmm but i want you to guys see
this part see if we do it i don’t know you
see that oh so don’t you see that you see
that ooze do you see the ooze as you cut into
the egg i want y’all to see the ooze come
uh-huh yes honey that’s what you live for
right there look at that again yeah uh huh
it’s all over english muffin so let’s take
a bite well first let me say my prayer heavenly
father thank you for the food i’m about to
receive for the nurse of my body for jesus
sake amen and i pray for all the people who’s
watching me and supporting me and loving me
because i love them right right back i really
do bless them in all the ways possible and
you’re loving his son’s name jesus amen all
right let’s begin like i said i’ve never had
this before never
i watched like a different french cartoons
and they talk about or even certain cooking
channel shows to talk about the eggs benedict
let me try to sell it first let’s see what
they’ll do
let me see
not bad
i can just eat this right here and be happy
y’all tell me what colors this is
it’s so good
stopped earlier and i got me a
energy drink watermelon flavor never had this
before either
i am not gonna lie this salad part alone is
the bomb it really is oh my god i want a couple
more bites on the side before i eat the the
main dish
um this place is um memorial drive kind of
right before you get to boulevard petit charles
who talking about delicious
i’m actually sitting in there their driveway
or parking lot rather because i ain’t want
to pull off i want my food to be nice and
oh here we go i’m gonna try this without putting
it up i’m glad to put avocado in here anyway
eggs been a dick y’all
delicious this is so good what have i been
missing all my life
hunty come on shallot mmm let’s try this pizza
i think this is the meat part i’m not sure
but it’s hollandaise hollandaise honda sauce
never had it had it before but as i watch
the cooking channel a lot and some of the
videos on youtube they use it
i didn’t think i would like because i think
they put like lemon and i just didn’t know
if i could like the flavors of it mm-hmm
it’s giving me so many vibes y’all
it’s nice quaint restaurant right here off
of memorial
drive it’s kind of like it depends where you’re
coming from if you’re coming from downtown
atlanta it’s right after you pass oakland
cemetery and then look to your left it’s right
there it’s like a blue building try it out
you pass the capitol i mean uh open cemetery
if you’re coming from downtown
it’s gonna be too low now if you coming from
like just you know wherever the opposite direction
if you’re going towards the downtown it’s
gonna be right to your right kind of right
before you get to boulevard
oh my god what have i been missing on my life
i like avocado like on basically anything
i already do
but anyway today i want to talk about
man it’s a season finale with the other day
what do you do
what day was it sunday
something like that
come on some here you go get you a cup get
you a couple of gups
but yeah
it’s getting deep on that show like i really
want to know how they’re going to start the
next season because it’s like everybody undermining
shading everybody i’m so serious like tyrique
i can’t think of very by name y’all tyree
guy everybody know that name but like he finally
got off
that murder case they had on him because people
were doing some shady stuff so he can’t and
he had things on people that they basically
had no choice but to have his back and um
daddy when i came to his name the one
mary j blige character her name and her character
start with the m2 i can’t think but um
this is so freaking good oh
oh my god y’all yeah this is so
i’m going to collect them from flats now baby
pepper lip blue oui [ __ ]
why can’t
i think of zeke zeke i think zeke is the basketball
player he’s the athlete i wanna if i’m wrong
correct me but man you know he had to thank
for that one teacher lady and i know y’all
been watching it and how she basically hung
herself or didn’t marry or whatever her name
is maybe they buy his character killer
we don’t know the truth yet but
what i can say
it’s kind of messed up huh for years and years
and years he was thinking that she was her
what’s his auntie
i’m like
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and make sure you share this out because sharing
is caring
but yeah like zeke
was really into that teacher lady the professor
at the college that he played at i believe
yeah he played the same college that she taught
it and like i mean she was wrong for you know
having relations with a a student because
it was totally against the the policies at
the college you know but she did anyway they
just had this dying
damn trust her thing with the method man character
i don’t remember his name but he’s the metaman
character the one the lawyer guy we’re gonna
learn how i made this hygiene am i saying
hygienist sauce hydrogenase hygienist
whatever it is it’s delicious i gotta learn
how to make it but yeah she had relations
with him because he he really got her good
in court that’s why i don’t know if she actually
killed herself or didn’t marry j blige character
killed her because basically marriage advice
was the last person to see her alive you know
what i’m saying and then all of a sudden they
see her huh
i may marry you by qatar
i don’t know we didn’t see that scene
but the whole thing is just crazy and then
the husband
you know not to have zeke’s father the real
is the one
who basically basically was having tyrique
well now tyrek but uh the other guy on lockdown
because he felt like he stole his stuff or
whatever and basically didn’t let him go nowhere
but they all was plotting to get first they
were plotting to kill the father but then
i was just like the underlay for the overplay
but they really gonna kill the zeke’s real
dad you know what i mean
it was just the whole thing was just like
blowing mind blowing like one thing happened
anything happened then guess what the
actual husband
kill zeke crazy
the actual husband kills it
but he thought he was killing the other guy
jake’s father
this is absolutely delicious oh my god i’ve
been missing this i’ve been saying i’m gonna
give me eggs being dick one day and i never
do then i kind of got scared like i said i
know what really was in the holiday sauce
back when i saw the ingredients and how they
made it like um i’m scared but that’s why
you always should be able to try new things
but how y’all feel yo about the power thing
what’s going are y’all keeping up with it
oh y’all keeping up with it
i think yesterday last night they aired the
other part of the ghost story with the um
i can’t think i’m not president y’all but
i can’t think of his name but the white guy
that’s really you know he bought that life
they had him that was um ghost’s partner at
one time then they became enemies that guy
can’t think today i can’t think a name i can’t
think of the name blame it on the senior moment
i got that from queen geo herself senior moment
yeah let’s start with his show yesterday it’s
gonna be good too i can tell i can tell
but back to power y’all and then like tyree’s
little girlfriend the light skinned girl with
long curly hair like she is a sneaky son of
a son she don’t want to actually kill the
other girl that he would like him
because i guess at one point she had a wire
and he found out about it and so he was gonna
pay his homeboy the white guy that he was
tyree’s homeboy the roommate he was gonna
pay he basically got him to take pay her to
disappear not kill her to disappear but then
old girl shows up snatch her out take the
money and all of a sudden this girl end up
being crashed with all this money and that
you know make it look like she was trying
to run and then got an accident
yeah when i say this is the bomb diggity it
is the bomb it’s almost growing up y’all know
i always eat all my food on camera because
i can’t always eat a lot but this is like
that i get a perfect portion for me plus it’s
two days i’m good to stop but yeah she’s sneaking
his life and she’ll go back and tell him y’all
gotta excuse me she’ll go back and tell oh
i can’t think i think he played one of the
ten one of the um
new edition people in that one that movie
i can tell you the his character he she the
light skinned a girl with like the long curly
hair she’s really pretty and stuff we always
lay in bed with tyrique and everything she
go back and tell oh do something you know
i’m constantly like playing playing each other
apart you know what i’m saying i’m telling
my like mary j blige’s son that one then um
then also marriage obliges daughter what’s
on some sneaky stuff too you know what i’m
saying it’s like we don’t we don’t know some
more stuff next season i’m trying to tell
you it could be some more stuff revealed about
everything and i think when tyreke find out
the truth that he killed that old girl killed
old girl because i think he was liking little
girl because she wouldn’t want too much trouble
you know i mean i look at her like more mainly
mostly of an innocent bystander than anybody
on the show kind of you know saying
even when it comes to marriage by a son that
wanted the one that liked guys it was kind
of like it was messed up how they beat him
up and stuff like that but oh dude came to
his rescue y’all gotta watch you y’all better
bench watch that y’all know if i got i don’t
know if it’s on netflix um for review i mean
for reruns or either it could be prime time
video could be who i’m not sure i got all
but next season it’s gonna be that everybody
will reveal who did what and why and how and
who gonna
reap the repercussions i can’t wait to keep
up with that one
yeah i am so proud of myself i ate basically
a whole meal not ready for well it’s kind
of like maybe the second third time on my
channel because normally i can never eat a
whole meal but i am getting a little scared
y’all because i mean i’m not really getting
that much it seemed like i am but i’m not
but i’m kind of getting a little nervous because
y’all know i had to get your bypass and i
lost a lot of weight then i got sick at one
point i couldn’t eat i was sick all the time
there was no eating or if i did it was coming
right back up all this other stuff and so
um lately since i have and i kind of gained
some weight back so now i’m like oh i’m nervous
i’m still confident all the clothes the new
clothes that i bought that you know i still
can wear my clothes but at the same time i
do not want to i’m scared but
i’m eating
i’m eating but at the same time it got me
to a point where like this probably be the
only thing i eat today because it’d be careful
because with the back that’s your bypass your
thumb goes on what’s so sides uh so little
they make it so small whatever but if you
eat too much you can stretch it right back
out and gain all your weight back and even
then some your girl is not the one mhm
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me a comment showing what your opinions are
about power because this ain’t no joke they’re
not playing on that show
the last bite was the best i’m sorry i’m gonna
share my last bite with y’all
i’m just greedy enough
and everybody that last bite did it there’s
no way i can eat anything else after that
no more food from blue wild i might eat an
apple or something later on
i did purchase two different things from them
if i get to the point where i can handle it
i’ll share the video with you guys i will
make a video later on today it’s like what
time is it
i ain’t got my white phone i thought i did
put my watch on oh hope i lose it
i don’t know what time it is um whatever time
it is probably one or two o’clock p.m
but i might eat something later on and i might
not i’m not sure
see gotta clean up gotta clean up what i messed
up start my life over again remember that
song but anyway um oh yeah i’m so excited
i got i started the business was um i started
my business last week monday no
yeah last week monday and this past monday
i started my second employee um the box trucking
company that i have here in atlanta but um
i’m so excited so
gonna be hiring two more people in a minute
and i’m trying to at least get about eight
to ten truck drivers and helpers so we can
go ahead and uh deliver and service our community
because a lot of people first with the cobia
19 a lot of people don’t want to deliver so
they hire contractors like myself and voila
the business is booming so if you do know
some people in the atlanta area this is so
this is a real serious deal please hit my
instagram super amazing tina your information
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some things that you have to qualify for i
mean you have to have good background be able
to pass the drug test also um you got to do
the application and well at least have some
type of skills or type of know how to install
appliances as far as right now because right
now that’s all we’re doing is appliances and
things like that for a home refrigerator dishwashers
dryers uh
washing machines uh freezers microwave gas
stove lecture stove things like that and that
nature that’s what we’ve not do it you know
deliver and install that that we need those
qualities so if you do know someone please
let me know that’s in atlanta area you know
that um is willing to work and want to make
that money we’re paying
but anyway you know how i like to end each
video i like this video by saying that if
you feel like you’re going through something
and you feel like you’re the only one going
through it just know deep down in your heart
just know it just look around the society
what’s going on in the world even your neighbor
even one of your closest friends in your family
co-worker anybody you there’s someone’s going
through something way worse and i’m not saying
that what you’re going through is not important
because it is but just kind of know that someone’s
going to weigh worth so you can fight through
this you know what i’m saying fight through
it keep your head up love and be loved do
the right things for the right reasons and
be kind on purpose y’all and know that tinabeth
tv loves you with all her heart yes i do bring
it in come here
for you you and you
okay i love you guys make sure you comment
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time i come on come on here i’m trying to
get better trying to get better let’s get
better together all right love you guys until
next time and this french cuisine was full
song magnificent
bye y’all
thank you so much for watching until next

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