First time watching Maze Runner (2014) & I DIDN'T HATE IT!

he was selfless and now he’s going to get himself stuck in there he’s not going to make it bro no way oh what an idiot that’s so stupid that’s crazy that’s crazy hello welcome to my channel if you’re new here I’m Mary and if you’re a returning subscriber

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Ma rner and at the time I’m not going to lie I fell asleep and so I have no idea what this movie is about okay I’m lying I know that it’s a Sci-Fi type of film I know that it has my girl K Scodelario in it at the

time that I attempted to watch mazee Runner I was very obsessed with Effie stonum from Skins if you know you know I was obsessed with skins back in the day and I feel like Ka scario she had her moment back in the early 2010s and honestly we need

to see more of her because she was so I’m talking about her like she’s dead she is is so talented and I always loved seeing her on screen I’m very keen to see her in a different kind of movie I think I also remember seeing her in a

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channels as well my gaming channel Cherry plays and my Vlog Channel very Cherry all right guys let’s jump into Maze Runner who what’s happened to him this is really freaky oh wait is that a pig how alarming my god um that’s not creepy why are they laughing at

him yo I know this kid he was from Just go with it I think or wither Miller is one of them we got a Maze Runner hey oh my gosh he he runs really fast what is this I don’t know but it’s it’s reminding me of the scene

with Rickard Stark where he’s forced to run and then he gets actually I’m not going to say I’m not going to say in case somebody here hasn’t watched Game of Thrones Maze Runner get your name back in a day or two it’s the one thing they let us

keep except he doesn’t remember his name though what is this place let me show you okay Aladdin you better show him the world they sent them once a month with fresh supplies and a new greeny and a new green this month that’s you congratulations that is so weird

hey there for a second and I thought you had the chops to be a runner till you face planted no time for any freeloaders do your part second never harm another glader never harm another glader Works unless we have trust never go beyond those walls never go beyond

those walls don’t be a freeloader don’t harm a glader don’t go after don’t go beyond the walls three Ralls let’s see if he can keep them tells me that he won’t be able to I don’t know why I clunked my pants three times before they got me out

of the pit clunked your pants what does that mean dude where are you going I just want to see well someone tried to I think I thought no one was allowed to leave yeah what Runners they know more about the maze than anyone oh just said maze I

did can’t take it back now kid he heard you I would be so curious too oh that guy’s strong fight fight fight fight honestly it’s kind of giving Lord of the Flies I read that book like a very long time ago but lost boys what the hell uh

I hope nobody was in there well if they are they’re stuck now welcome to the Glade oh this kind of looks like fun not going to lie I wouldn’t mind being a part of a crew like this it’s just so communial I love it put some hair on

your chest I mean he’s not been there has he how can he trust what he’s been told that’s Mina Mina Mina they run the maze mapping it memorizing it trying to find a way out oh looking 3 years oh my God it’s not easier said than done listen

how do you not live give up hope yeah it’s the main changing no way that’s so futile that is so weird if they don’t make it back before those doors close then they’re stuck out there for the night o no one’s ever survived the night in the Maze

o I’m just chilling what if I want to be a runner no no one wants to be a runner he does want to see What You’re Made Of try last more than 5 Seconds 5 Seconds should be oh oh dang I got to say he’s really good at

pushing people what do you want to be called shank why don’t we just let him name himself here’s an idea I don’t like this guy he’s rude ouch Thomas what oh his name he remembers I remember my name oh I’m Thomas oh yo what a moment I love

how everything flipped and they’re all like loving him now you know what hearing those kinds of noises I’d be like yeah I’m I’m cool with staying here that my friend was a griver a griver don’t worry these are all his memories why is he going to do that

that’s so scary yo if someone did that to me as a way to wake me up it would freak me out why is it just boys though what what does he want him to do with the knife I’m like oh for some reason I thought he wanted him

to cut himself like cut his own hand probably probably dead dark D Thomas they died they is dead you know next time it comes up he we tried that the Box won’t go back down with someone in it must be so annoying we tried it all right must

so annoying for these guys that have been here for ages anything that you think of we’ve already tried especially when like a new person comes go dig us up some more fertilizer fertilizer go get yourself some more fertilizer can you be any scarier um he looks like a

zombie right now okay kind of acting like a fast zombie I saw you really really fast zombie I saw you huh ouch the hell bro calm down it’s gotten into him oh nice let’s go Thomas dude just came out of nowhere oh god dude he really is fast

I don’t know why he’s not a Maze Runner Thomas is oh not fast enough ah whoa what’s up with his eyes oh oh he is a zombie or he’s infected he’s he’s got I feel like they’re probably going to put you down dude I’ve seen enough of these

movies to know that people who get infected they tend to die so what happened to Thomas would be feeling real guilty right now it’s what happens when someone gets stung stung by a griver how could this be my fault weird also I wouldn’t take anything Ben said seriously

what’s going to happen to him I feel like he doesn’t want to know the truth to the answer oh my God they’re giving him up how sad wait I thought they cut his throat kids like I’m out of here they’re going to crush him they’re going to crush

him for real that’s crazy they should just kill him real quick it’s crazy they’re crazy for that they’re nuts why do they have to do this this is too much oh God that’s barbaric that’s barbaric I’m disgusted are they why was that necessary why couldn’t they just kill

him quickly I’m belongs to the maze now I’m so confused what you squished him to death I’m pretty sure he squished also this is just like a boys club I wonder when chos scario makes an appearance then you just got to forget about um Jesus so sad oh

is this a new person this part is so trippy his dreams are whack starting from the beginning every single day would just get so frustrating and especially because the maze changes every day someone had to be first every month someone had to have spent a whole month in

the Glade alone that’s a long time to be fair that was Alby ah and learned that the most important thing is that we all have each other oh wow so in 3 years they’ve been here for 3 years well they’ve been trying for 3 years I’m going to

assume that they’ve been here for 4 years there probably around like anywhere between like 36 to 48 guys I think they should be back by now what happens if they don’t make it they’re going to make it they’re going to make it you just have that much Faith

somebody else would have to be named The Maze Runner right that’s what I would guess come on guys can’t we send someone after them can’t risk losing anyone else yeah I get that come on please that sucks dude oh Something’s Happened are they going to make it run

run run run run dude I actually don’t think he’s going to make it oh my God leave him you got to leave him oh my gosh he was selfless and now he’s going to get himself stuck in there he not going to make it bro no way oh

what an idiot that’s so stupid that’s crazy that’s crazy that’s crazy no way good job you just killed yourself I mean what they get to die together at least honestly Thomas is nuts for that he got stung ah why’ he try to save him his head should have

just left him there if got stung I don’t understand that that’s the part that confuses me just leave him here he is stung or dead like come on at least Thomas is with the guy that kind of knows the maze this is a Shar face all right take

a look around there’s nowhere to go just got to have some Faith bro okay there’s an idea that’s pretty cool how are they still alive it’s like nighttime is that whatever that is a griver they don’t have time they got to move oh oh all right you’re going

to have to let go bro you’re not going to be able to do this yourself oh my God I’m stressed I’m properly stressed it’s like an even more cursed version of the movie Labyrinth what that I watched last year like Labyrinth on steroids there’s literally nowhere to hide

um okay it’s it’s like a massive spider okay if you have a fear of spiders I don’t recommend you watch this part I’m okay I live in Australia I’m Brave it’s not even a spider though it’s like it’s so mechanical from the way that it moves yeah it’s

like a mechanical giant spider thing oh my gosh he’s stuck now hopefully his mate comes and saves him somehow oh oh wow that’s actually pretty cool I didn’t think you’d do that oh okay now now he’s cornered oh that’s an idea he’s got it stuck these Maze Runners

are really impressive because I would not survive a single second if I had to remember where I just was and where I’m going not a chance my spatial awareness skills basically I have no spatial awareness skills let’s just put it that way oh every shuts in on you

but why is he standing there come on is he kidding he’s kidding himself he’s crazy he’s crazy oh oh did they make it I want to assume that they did because I don’t think that the movie would kill off the main guy not so soon wow three of

them roll back yes dude that’s great you saw G he didn’t just see it he killed it someone’s the new maze R someone’s the new maze R for 3 years we have coexisted with these things and now you’ve killed one of them who knows what’s going to happen

now who knows what that could mean for us yeah he has to be punished what when I turned tail and ran this dumb shank stood behind to help Alby I don’t know if he’s Brave or stupid better both whatever it is we need more of it I say

we make him a runner a run wow I knew it dude I freaking knew it he tried to get a chance started and it didn’t work oh great so earlier when he was saying that he didn’t know what that meant for everybody the fact that Thomas killed a

griver I think we’re about to find out I think this is it this is it they oh oh it’s the oh my bad it’s the Box they got another green boy well hopefully it’s a girl hopefully it’s Ka scario it’s a girl yes I was wondering when she

would show up okay she’s just one girl with like a bunch of boys though I’d be kind of scared I’m not going to lie she’s the last one ever what the last girl ever bro Thomas okay that’s so weird because she was in Thomas’s dreams now she’s here

and she knows Thomas’s name also how come he was dreaming about her Thomas has some sort of power some sort of either that or they knew each other from the past and she still has her memory she’s either the last girl some or she’s the last person that

the box is going to send up where are you going back into the maze really doesn’t like to follow order that’s what I’ve learned about this guy the other Runners quit this morning oh can they just quit though I think it’s time we find out what we’re really

up against all right 1 2 3 4 five of them I feel like they should have gone straight away in the morning though I don’t think it’s enough time personally nasty meano trying to be Thomas he trying to be brave he’s still alive uh after that I wouldn’t

want to try and pull it out oh my God ew dude it’s so gross what the what the hell it’s like got flesh and and and organs but also it’s robotic that sound e Wicked it’s getting late let’s go maybe run run yeah yeah so let’s just make

this official starting from tomorrow you’re a runner there you go you know new and Thomas kind of look like Brothers new looks like the blonde version of Thomas I’m not going to lie look at that they look the same you’re telling me they don’t look the same they

look exactly the same that’s crazy maybe there’s some sort of weird plot twist at the end and reveals that they’re actually brothers and their memory comes back and there’s like this really cool reunion maybe am I reaching oh wow this is all the work they’ve done there’s nothing

left to map oh what the hell so wonder if there was a way out we would have found it by now so why does he keep going in every day why he told people needed to believe we had a chance of getting out oh God every night when

the maze changes it opens up a new section today section six was open tomorrow it’ll be four so that’s going to be from Seven that’s a griever from Seven girls are awesome oh oh my God one more of those things honestly same I would do the same thing

I’m warning you I would be scared too like me by myself with like all these dudes who are stronger than me okay I’m going to come up okay well she likes you so that’d be fine I’m sure whoa whoa whoa whoa okay just she’s so funny what is

this place American accent name that’ll come back to you in a couple days it’s like it’s the one thing that’s teres Teresa what did you say she knows who are you she don’t remember that that’s interesting this what all girls are like I guess he doesn’t remember what

all girls are like she sounds since came the Box hasn’t gone back down a last person he’s just staring from the distance why are we different they’re special they were chosen to procreate with each other what Wicked wck k d before you were sent here for a reason

why didn’t he get that wied is good maybe could say I mean for know this thing could kill it Wicked is good though how could this possibly make it any worse I don’t know maybe it could though how did he do that I thought he was someone stays

here and watches him around the clock H was that oh that came out pretty damn oh wow he’s ented it’s for my parents so sad CH why would you give this to me can’t remember them anyway that’s his way of saying maybe if you find a way you

can give it to them for me a I want you to give that to them yourself we’re going to get out of here nice oh my God that’s Grim detecting something the voice is so echoey it’s kind of like a shrine Detective in Zelda brother of the wild

or Tee of the Kingdom meho you ever see this place before no really it’s new to you too it’s pretty cool WC it’s probably Wicked just another dead end oh maybe not ah sure about this uh no no yeah I wouldn’t be sure I’d be like okay son

go home now oh my Lord the door is constantly shutting all the time that’s what I can’t handle this is so claustrophobic they are going to get trapped like it’s happening it’s happening oh my god dude no nope M oh wow the bond you would form with your

fellow Maze Runner because of the trauma oh holy crap okay okay you might want to move oh my god oh no no you you’re constantly running the risk of becoming a sandwich you’re constantly what the hell’s going know know that hell Thomas doesn’t know what he’s done as

usual yeah well at least I did something what have you done huh aside from hide behind these walls all the time done something real I’ve been here 3 years yeah you’ve been here 3 years and you’re still here what does that tell you I remember what you always

their favorite Thomas always oh who’s the male favorite I don’t understand what’s wrong with Thomas if he’s the favorite then Teresa is the female favorite for sure so the doors AR closing oh no oh that’s bad that is very bad I am proper stressed for them I am

proper stressed for them Ras roaring Teresa yeah what the hell Teresa she just standing there as the grief is like running towards them oh no oh no children are dying oh dude that’s that’s so mess bro oh dude that’s so traumatic how how could they help they can’t

they can’t do anything but run okay okay they can lock themselves in here that’s promising oh holy crap yeah Alby has to survive he didn’t go through all that for nothing killing off children one by one oh no oh my God this is getting more and more chaotic

I’m literally grabbing at my skin just holding on to it cuz I’m that stressed oh my gosh get up son you didn’t get shoted up by Wicked just to die oh oh wow go kids close the door oh my God these kids are doomed oh my god oh

not the kid no not the kid don’t let go oh oh they’re injecting him oh wow wow wow that’s amazing yes oh he he’s going nut skitso mode he knows what it’s like that’s why no one else is getting stung as long as I’m here oh oh my

Lord no you can’t you can’t tell me that he gets taken again after he was saved I was rooting for Alby set him here destroy everything and now he has well I mean it looks like he’s trying to help he’s trying to help that’s literally all he’s been

trying to do what the so he just he just stung himself dude this is so weird oh they’re brainwashing him oh oh it’s her too it doesn’t prove anything though but it does prove why giy hates him so much it’s not a prison it’s a test people who

put you hear I worked with them oh oh God the people we were before the maze they don’t even exist anymore true creators took care of that what does matter is who we are now and what we do right now yes I’m with you this isn’t AB banishing

it’s an offering that’s crazy I said tie him up he’s gone completely cuckoo oh yeah oh my God I love that well now the turntables have turned we shall there we have a choice yes they louder for the people at the back let’s go Pronto good luck against

the Griers that’s it that’s rather sad we get through this we get out now but we die trying ain’t there like a few more movies though I feel like they’re not going to be able to do this this is good though there’s a lot of them here and

there’s one griver ah they just got to push it push it off the ledge yes no yes get the key get the key get the key get the key oh no there’s another one that’s not fair push push push yes oh my gosh there’s there’s so many take

three all together no I thought that they had the advantage cuz there were like many of them but like one grieva but now I’m not so sure ah Mino would know yeah go moo yes this is it oh my God another one bro gross it ISS so gross

oh my gosh that guy is getting absolutely thrashed ah wow I was hoping the sequence would shut these monsters down oh Splat okay this is creepy feel like Wicked or wck KD is responsible for this the lights like they know that people made it through who wait why

are these people dead you can’t really ask anyone questions hello oh I’m director of operations of the world catastrophe Kill Zone Department Wicked you must all be very confused angry frightened yeah all of that all done for a reason you won’t that’s reassuring the sun has scorched our

world oh The Fallout was unimaginable oh what came after was worse the flare a deadly virus that attacks the brain oh my God a new generation emerged that could survive the virus the young would have to be tested even sacrificed inside harsh environments oh remember what the hell

Wicked is good oh God so that’s why everyone’s dead because uh the rest of Humanity didn’t agree with their methods oh why do she have to off herself Wicked is good that’s it who do you trust who do you believe what do you think please tell me more

of them came through as well power and numbers what are we supposed to do now go through that mysterious door apparently I wouldn’t trust the outside world though no oh gy he made it it’s been stunned for real can’t leave shut up G it’s really pissing me off

at this point no there’s no escape from this place Al you are nuts Put the gun down oh whoa that was crazy Thomas oh no not the kid he was supposed to find his parents no stupid gley stupid stupid gy oh stop remember I told you that that’s

not fair that’s not fair he’s a baby the youngest of all of them oh stop We Made It come on just to say we’re free wait more people oh they came through oh no oh oh stupid gy that sucks dude what the desert wow they’re really just being

taken away and never going to see the rest of the dudes ever again I was hoping the other guys would like wake up and try and Escape as well it’s safe now okay random man this is so wild wow oh my gosh look at it all relax well

oh she she’s I think it’s safe to say the mze trials were a complete success what the I’m so confused they seem to have taken the bait what evil people wied is not good they’re manipulators begin phase two wow they’re Nots I mean they weren’t lying about the

world the world does look pretty crap wow this movie kind of reminded me of Labyrinth but also the Lord of the Flies I haven’t seen the Lord of the Flies a movie but I read the book when I was younger and I felt like if the Lord of

the Flies and if Labyrinth made a baby it would come up with the Maze Runner it was exciting it was mysterious I didn’t think that the acting was incredible but the main actors I was really impressed with Kaa scario I love her I said that at the beginning

of the film she’s an incredible actress she didn’t have as much time as I thought she might in this film I was beginning to wonder when she would make an appearance because it was quite evident that this was a group of Lost Boys And I didn’t know how

they were going to organically Place kaai scodelario’s character into the story even the way that she appeared was a little bit mysterious and strange considering everybody else is a guy but anyway that aside that plot hole aside O’Brien was really good as well this was the first time

that I saw him act in anything obviously I attempted at watching Maze Runner and failed because I fell asleep so technically I guess I probably watched the first 5 minutes of him in this film years ago but I don’t remember him at all will palter I’ve seen him

in I want to say where The Millers and probably Black Mirror but yeah he’s talented his facial expressions alone like you can see the anguish in his face he’s definitely talented Thomas Brody Sangster he was in Game of Thrones he was also in Love Actually super talented the

rest of them I didn’t really know them like I’ve never really seen them in anything else I feel like this was probably the biggest thing they’ve ever worked on and maybe they dropped off this film was released in 2014 and since then I haven’t seen them in anything

that I can really remember or recall cuz normally I’m like oh hey I know that person from that or I know that person from that but with the rest of them I didn’t have that for a lot of the film I was wondering what was going on but

that kept me intrigued I can see how the lore in this film would have bored me back in the day when I first tried to watch this movie me now I’m far more open to different kinds of films than I ever was before my favorite dystopian movie is

going to be GAA I absolutely love gica I’ve seen it like a number of times as far as dystopian films go it wasn’t the strongest dystopian film I’d say it had a lot of Adventure and it had a lot of mystery and the Sci-Fi elements were quite strong

but dystopian film I feel like it could have been stronger I feel like the dystopian elements of the film were revealed to us towards the very very end when Wicked revealed their plan to the kids but then also revealed to us as an audience that they were completely

lying and something else is going on I was Wonder wondering how they were going to continue on with this story because they’ve got Maz Runner 2 and three I believe I think that’s it just the two and three but I was wondering how are they going to continue

on because if they do get out of this maze then how can there be a Maze Runner two and three but I’ll just have to see they got out of the maze some of them have been left behind and maybe we’ll see the rest of them kind of

make their way out of the maze I hope fingers crossed I’m also hoping that the rest of the monsters have been destroyed I feel like they were but you never know if they weren’t destroyed then I’m feeling a little bit worried for the remaining kids at the Glade

I thought that the CGI was really good the sound mixing as well like all of the sound effects very very intense very strong every time Thomas got into a dream state and he was you know dreaming about his past I thought all the effects there were really well

done it it was just very creepy they got the creepy element perfect definitely I would be Keen to check out Maze Runner 2 and 3 let me know if you think that those two films are worth me checking out sometimes I feel like some movies are better watched

privately and if that’s the case just let me know in the comment section below but if you would like to see more of this franchise just give this video a thumbs up and let me know in the comment section below so I know as far as this movie

goes I thought it was really good it was very entertaining and I enjoyed myself if you guys are off to the uncut version you can find that over on patreon Linked In the description bar in the Ping comments down below you just need a copy of the film

so that you can watch along with me there will be a timer I can be on one screen move could be on the other screen but besides uncut I also provide early access to my content bloopers behind the scenes polls all that good stuff you can also find

me on all the social media handles Instagram Twitter twitch Discord Tik Tok Facebook and you can find my two other channels my gaming channel Cherry please and my Vlog Channel very Cherry all right guys thank you so much for watching take care of yourselves and I will see

you in the next one bye everyone the

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