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Hi everyone welcome or welcome back to my channel.
It’s been a while since i posted my last video
and I’m sorry if it took a while to post a new one.
But anyway, for today’s video
I’m going to do a makeup review of the brand focallure that I bought 3 weeks ago.
this video is not sponsored and i used my own money purchasing this products.
I bought this at shopee
so if you’re interested on buying some, I’m going to put their link down below.
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let’s get started (LET’S GET THIS BREAD )
eXcUsE mAh VoiCe pLeyAs
for the base makeup, I used their stagenius matte full coverage foundation
and i got this for only 75 pesos.
I never thought that this product will be this small
but It’s really cute and perfect for travel size makeups.
I’m glad that i found a foundation that has a yellow undertone in it
since I’m a Filipina. (pRoUd)
Also, before i forgot
all of their products doesn’t harm on the skin
it’s cruelty free and not heavy on the pockets.
The good things about this product
there are 11

shades to choose from
it has SPF 30
and it’s oil free….
( AyOkO nA mAgvOiCe OvEr )
Since I don’t have a concealer
I’m still going to use it under my eyes
to cover my dArK rInG cIrcLes
and blend it with the same sponge.
so this is my face with and without the foundation.
Now, I’m going to use a brush to blend the product.
I don’t see any differences at all
but i think I preferred using the sponge instead.
I really like how it ended up on my skin
it looks natural under the sun
it’s not cakey
it doesn’t feel heavy
despite the fact that it’s a full coverage foundation
for my blush…
I’m going to use their focallure single baked blush on the shade tipsy.
The cool thing about the packaging
is that it’s really small and sleek
but it feels light
and I’m already scared that i might dropped it soon.
I thought there’s a mirror that comes along with the product
but it’s totally fine.
I realised that it’s not that pigmented at all so…..
you need to work on building the color into your skin.
I know i looked like I’m struggling applying it
but I tend to control the intensity
to get the exact flush I wanted to.
for my brows,
I picked their stagenius superfine eye brow pencil
that I got for 83 pesos.
The packaging is nice
it’s thin and sleek
It comes with this triangular tip lol.
that looks easy to draw on to the brows
and it has a spoolie on the other side.
I’ve noticed that if you want to make your brows precise and sharp
this pRoDuct suits your needs
(i hope everything i said make sense)
it’s creamy and easy to blend??
so here is the before and after
and as you can see..
it defined my features even more
pfffff *chuckles
I’m sorry I’m losing some words 🙁
I will give this… 8.5 over 10 because
It feels like it’s fast to consume
and after using this several times
i found some little bumps on my brows
but I’m not sure if that’s the cause
Since I’m creating an everyday look, I’m going to curl my lashes.
The last thing I bought from their shop
is their focallure soft gel liner
when it comes to the packaging
I like this the most
because it looks
as if you just bought from a high end store.
I was really clumsy and dropped it few days ago
and I really don’t know how to use it anymore
but it’s creamy and
they ain’t lying when they said it’s long lasting
If you’re planning to use this for your cat or foxy eye look
I suggest not to
because it’s really hard to wing it out lol
I guess it’s only intended
for lining your eyes to give it some shape.
the wing didn’t end up nicely 🙁
so I highly recommend
using a liquid liner for it
I was expecting too much about this product but it’s totally fine
there are still some ways to use it.
To complete my everyday look
I’m going to apply
my favorite mac lipstick that my mom gave to me
I felt bad that I wasn’t able to purchased a lipstick
from them
but i will try buying some in the future.
I hope this video helped you if you’re trying to check their products.
Thank you guys for watchingggggggg
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