Hi , Hello Everyone in todays video we are going to see review for the film Following.
Following is a crime thriller movie directed by the great director Christopher Nolan.
Starring Jeremy , Alex & Lucy.
Budget of this movie is just 6000 Dollars.
Story of this movie is protagonist of this movie wants to become a novel writer.
and he wants a story for his novel , So he starts following people.
One day he follows a person and that person realizes that he is being followed by protagonist.
and he asks protagonist that did he follow him ?
At first the protagonist denies and after few minutes of conversation protagonist tells the truth that ,
He is a writer and for writing a novel he followed him.
And that person tells him that his name is cobb and protagonist tells him that his name is bill.
Cobb tells him that he should travel with him and rest of the story is about what happens in life of cobb after meeting him.
In this film a character’s name is Cobb , In Christopher Nolan’s Inception name of dicaprio is cobb. This Movie is shot , edited and directed by Christopher Nolan.
I don’t think it

is easy to make an engaging movie with just 6000 Dollars and it is the least budget hollywood movie to release in theatres.
This movie is very engaging and interesting.
This movie’s best part was narration style of this film.
Present and past life of protagonist is showed back to back.
With hairstyle of protagonist we can know that which is past and which is present.
This whole movie will be in black & white.
But I don’t think its a negative point for this film because this movie was very engaging and interesting from starting to end.
Overall its a very engaging movie with interesting plot.
If you haven’t watched this movie do watch it and I hope you will like it.
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