Food Review- Annie Chun's Wasabi Seaweed Snacks & Easy Healthy Sushi Roll Recipe

hi I’m Melissa from Feel Better Fitness
thanks for joining me for my first
segment of Wednesday wellness I’m
reviewing today Annie Chun’s seaweed
snacks. I originally taped this segment in
2017 before I had a YouTube channel but
I now love and eat these seaweed snacks
weekly and I love them so much I wanted
to share it with you! Tune in to the end of this video for a bonus, I share with you my
favorite healthy seaweed lunch. Make at
home sushi if you would like to order it
I also put a link in the description for snacks to purchase. Hey there it’s Melissa from Feel Better
Fitness today’s subject seaweed snacks.
I’ve been hearing a lot about this it
was on Dr. Oz about snacking on seaweed. I found these at my local farmers market
there Wasabi savory roasted Korean
seaweed snacks 25 calories per serving
here’s the label. I want to be the first
one with you to try these so I’m going
to kind of see I’ve never had them
before so they’re supposed to be high in
iodine fiber vitamins A and C and all
these minerals they’re really good for
you they’re very low in calorie like I

and they have omega 3 fatty acids
which are really great for your HDL
cholesterol your happy your good
cholesterol and it it makes that better.
There good for a lot of different things
let me try it so let’s try it so I’m
going to show you what they look like
let’s take one out look at that, it’s
like pretty, looks like wallpaper. Let’s wallpaper
the house with this thing it’s gorgeous!
well anyway so it’s like a rice paper so
I’m going to take a little piece it’s
like very very thin it’s got a little
crunch to it but it’s a little oily, it’s
got a little oil on it which I guess is
the wasabi I’m gonna take a little piece
it’s a little crunchy not slimy, it’s
like the potato chip of the sea,
the potato chip of the sea! very nice
salt taste, this could
like maybe take the place of a chip it’s like
a sushi snack a sushi crunchy snack so I
I’m gonna give my thumbs up for Feel
Better Fitness. Like I said, I love these
snacks and I eat them every week. I make
a make at home sushi roll with the
wasabi seaweed, I put a smear of cream
cheese in the middle and smoked salmon
and then I roll it up and it’s a
delicious wonderful lunch that’s light
and low-calorie. Well I hope you enjoy
that idea and you for joining me today!
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