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Well, today we have Goasia Adam.
Yes, this is my sales Sim when the shoes were
traveling to one of Indonesia.
Thank you, the same class, thanks for the
traffic jam.
Ayam Mangga Besar, this is a legendary restaurant
on the chicken line.
It’s already very famous, so you never invite
your girlfriend to fashion, yes, it’s always
been in Jakarta, but never ate, right?
It’s halal right there, even though Michael
Scott’s turn is halal and so don’t worry it’s
really delicious, we’ll try it in it, wechseln
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share using Thank you bye Hello Sir Good evening
Sir, see you again, want to make content,
Sir, we want to order food Yes, one chicken,
sir, but half of it is roasted, half is boiled,
okay, then we ask for this Pitan egg, Turkey,
ask questions, yes, has anyone ever been allowed
to do it, then the name of the person, sir,
later there will be salted vegetables, you
can get everything, yes, all of them are there,
what’s more This, sir, is the recommendation,
Sir, I want to know that, you have to arrange
it, yes, just for the name of the person who
doesn’t drink the Farmer’s drink, yes, sir,
OK, I’m asking if the chicken porridge is
also on the skin, so it’s only called big
and the skin is now what year is it sir?
92, yes, it means that you are 30 years old,
sir, almost 30 years is amazing, so it’s never
lonely here.
No thank you very much.
Okay, thank you, enjoy, now, the food has
I’m very satisfied, that’s why the center
is an olshop, so I know the eggs, ah, because
we have it Wow, this is amazing to use at
our party.
The porridge is really good, so it’s empty.
It’s delicious how come there are salted eggs,
that’s rich, right?
I would do this one, Kyuhyun because Kyuhyun,
if you go to Jakarta, eat here, okay, the
fertile has come.
Well, plain porridge, sir, thank you very
much, sir.
This thing is 1000 year old eggs, the eggs
are black right here, so you don’t make your
own, don’t you?
Putri Tina, have a good meal, enjoy it, we
rarely talk about the relationship between
Ramadan and the benefits, after all, this
link is from anywhere from Kalimantan, Sulawesi,
Kalimantan, Sulawesi, tomorrow morning, madol
and his girlfriend are going to SumaTera,
yes, from Sumatra, continue again.
deena hasn’t added it yet, yes, it’s the same
with a title like this, yes, this is indeed
Yakoya’s parents, when in Hong Kong, Aya’s
design is like this, so we enjoy it, it’s
weird, okay, now to call your siprenja, now
we can start eating right away, sip, you can
use it every day we’re both the first ones
this afternoon, you don’t have to take durtin,
you’ll take the chicken, sorry it’s luxurious
Ready OK, sorry, yeah Oh, you try this fine
chicken I
unicode and want to try the chicken first,
the original one Ses first uh Try it, there’s
fat like this
yoi yoi to be honest, yes, it’s really delicious,
you have to eat Putri.
But to be honest, the post-partum team that
we had was half the tail and half the tail
that you tasted sorry, sorry first
here and feel
honest honest really delicious
Yo already
That’s you, 20/30 this year, I’ve been here,
now this is a mockup using chicken using the
child’s burger
You’ve never eaten our eggs, now you’ve taken
the eggs
there is her husband
Well, it’s you again, sorry
It’s really crazy, KMU has been here, it’s
like being here Honestly, the history of going
to Tokyo Drift is really good, this smack
is really delicious and the porridge is the
same as Lombok.
well it’s never
If you use this, use chili, use the chili
sauce, too, this is the same as being honest,
because being honest is really delicious
there has never been one in Jakarta, indeed
there are many In Jakarta, there are also
lucky 4shared Rita, yes, but this is the best,
this nation’s wife is often near the house
too, often here at Mangga Besar 1, OK, here
are four salted eggs, robots again ok
Well, I’ve eaten it, it’s really delicious
Daughter if asked
some of them are there, yes, hahahaha I can
be honest, it’s really delicious
like this too
really crazy Okay thank you to us from beginning
to end
yauch no
Hi Enno, this video on FB is noisy then the
week of these information about Khoirun mukhsinin
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