Foodie Reacts to: Uncle Roger Review UGLIEST DUMPLINGS EVER ft. Strictly Dumpling

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have done a few uncle roger reaction videos and he 
just came out with a new video featuring one of my  
favorite food vloggers mike chen aka strictly 
dumpling and if you watch my reaction videos  
before i like to sprinkle in cultural knowledge 
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because i’m the only reaction youtuber whose hair 
matches uncle roger’s iconic shirt all right let’s  
begin and that’s schumann again with the ugliest 
shoe my this guy is like dim sum terrorist it’s  
great this looks like shumai that uncle roger 
looked like jackson wang he looks cute hello  
niece and nephew it’s uncle roger today uncle 
roger gonna watch this video i’d be curious how to  
make every dumpling and i have special guest today 
he knows so much about dumpling and he gonna react  
with me please welcome nephew mike from yay hi 
uncle roger it’s mike from strictly

dumpling where  
i talk about food and travel and more food but i 
just want to say from one of your favorite nephews  
you’re all that in dim sum uncle roger 
so we foodies really admire mike chen  
he’s one of my favorite food vloggers and i aspire 
to be like him you know vlogging about food and  
travel around the world particularly in asia so 
i’m really excited to have him on this episode  
today and all that in dim sum is like one of my 
new favorite catchphrases so i think this is going  
to be a good video oh thank you thank you this 
nephew so nice make uncle roger feel so special  
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i’m king vajanaka and i’m a chef you know a 
lot of westerners use the word dumpling as  
kind of a catch-all phrase for all dumplings 
but i do want to note that in asian culture  
particularly in chinese cuisine you know the word 
dumpling doesn’t do justice to all the different  
kinds of dumplings out there and this video is 
going to touch on a few different examples but  
just wanted to put that out there instructor at 
the institute of culinary education and today  
i’m going to show you how to fold every single 
dumpling the best vehicle to use not every single  
in my experience i used to use a bamboo steamer 
basket the steam coming up goes right through here  
and kind of heats the whole thing you’re also 
imparting the flavor of this basket the bamboo  
you’re also imparting the flavor of this basket 
the bamboo no no no you don’t use bamboo because  
import flavor of bamboo right uncle roger usually 
we use bamboo steamers not for the flavor but  
because it soaks up a lot of moisture so whatever 
we’re steaming is not too moist correct correct  
why you want them i’ve never really checked 
out epicurus before but based on this one video  
they hired a total amateur so already not off 
to a good start sampling tastes like bamboo are  
you making dumpling for human of a panda what 
i like to do is line it and this is the best  
thing to line it with these are banana leaves 
no we don’t usually use banana leaves to steam  
dumplings typically we’ll use some lettuce or just 
some parchment paper i think epicurus thinking how  
do i make this video even more asian i know 
we use random asian leaf maybe he’s using the  
yeah we also don’t use banana leaf usually i 
use the parchment paper with the holes in it  
it just doesn’t seem like it would steam 
properly if you use a banana leaf banana leave to  
you know impart the banana flavor hi so now 
his dumpling tastes like bamboo and banana  
who want to eat that that is weirdest 
combination of flavor ever bamboo and banana  
uncle roger rather get covered so i don’t have 
to taste this let’s start folding some dumplings
this is zhao zee what he’s  
uh it’s pronounced jouts i’m not even chinese 
and even i know that so this guy freaking sucks  
say what’d he say this is jowzy josie what is this 
white people pronunciation right uncle roger it  
should be pronounced jealousy correct why he’s so 
white he’s not even white but he speaks so white  
hi i think this guy whiter than jamie oliver just 
kidding jamie oliver don’t have restaurant anymore  
when you’re rolling we’re working the gluten here 
in the flour as well you want to go thin wow the  
way he’s using the rolling pin that’s not the most 
efficient way to roll dumpling wrappers in between  
you want it to fit in your hand because you’re 
going to be full you can see the dumpling wrappers  
sticking to the board there’s too much water in 
the dough and the way he’s rolling it kind of  
reminds me of how i was rolling it back when i 
was you know a kid yeah seriously i’ll take him  
like two hours to make six dumplings and that one 
dough probably took like an hour i think by the  
time he finished rolling my unborn baby graduate 
university already he really shouldn’t be rolling  
it like i don’t know betty crocker just you 
need to grab it with one hand and spin and roll  
like a true dumpling professional that is 
true i never see anyone rolling something  
like that he rolling dumpling like he’s scared of 
rolling pin i think his mom used to beat him with  
rolling pin before i just put okay so i love 
hate all these beating jokes that uncle roger  
is making and unfortunately it is true i think 
in the old days we were beat by our parents when  
they didn’t approve of how we were behaving it’s 
not something that i personally like about asian  
culture and i hope that it’s not the case anymore 
but ugh all this childhood trauma is coming back  
flower that what you see on my hands it’s 
just flour that’s just so the dough is not  
super sticky our filling here it’s a basic feeling 
no no no why so little feeling are you trying to  
rip your customer off do you hate having business 
that’s right uncle roger i feel like the filling  
to do ratio is making the spirit of my grandmother 
cry and the wrapper is just way too thick might as  
well eat flour why bother putting any meat in 
yeah so the dough is way too thick and there’s  
not enough filling definitely if this were to 
be served in a restaurant i would probably go  
full asian karen and like demand my money back or 
something because that is an atrocity to dumplings  
this dumpling skin so thick remind me of my 
ex-wife auntie helen one with just a little more  
basic like two pleats on top and that’s the glz oh 
my freaking god that is like the ugliest pleading  
i’ve ever seen i think i could do a better job 
than that just that jiaofu looks disgusting  
what the hell what the hell this must be 
the ugliest shelter uncle roger ever see hi
i think he should just start over not this 
rejo but cooking school these do remind me of  
dumplings that we used to make as kids and usually 
whatever dumplings you make you have to eat your  
own dumplings if they look weird so i guess you’ll 
have to eat these himself correct you don’t feed  
ugly dumpling to your grandma your grandma will 
beat you up if you make ugly dumpling you eat your  
own dumpling yeah just like how if you have ugly 
children you eat your children yeah that makes  
sense no i wanted to say you still take care of 
it this nephew mike’s so weird he eat children  
what’s your channel about do you eat human flesh 
nephew mike not every family sustained uncle roger  
i think uncle roger doing collab with psy this is 
one time you want them also pretty much bite size  
you know when you’re eating a soup i feel that 
what you could fit in your soup spoon should be  
able to fit into you what do you think of this 
feeling uncle roger again this is too little  
filling if i was peeling at a restaurant i’d want 
to punch the chef that is workplace abuse uncle  
roger can get behind so we have our crescent right 
there and basically we’re just going to take that  
and fold the ends in and that’s one time 
no no that is not one ton one tongue don’t  
look like this wontons are one of my favorite 
types of dumplings and i would not touch that  
the way he folded it he was kind 
of on the right track but no cigar
the skin for one time should be so thin it almost  
fall apart as translates as it hits the water i 
mean it it looks like an overseas coating it’s  
the canada goose of wontons this one tons so thick 
it looks like it’s gonna do collapse with lizzle  
one ton don’t look round and curvy one time 
not supposed to arouse uncle roger like this
sorry children this is hakao so har gao is 
one of my favorite things to eat when i’m at  
a dim sum restaurant that ain’t har gal but let’s 
follow through with this atrocity anyway hagaw is  
typically served in dim sum basically we’re going 
to fold that in so the first fold is in there  
and then basically we’re going to the folding so 
awkward fold and pinch so it’s also called shrimp  
bonnet you can see the camera guy trying to 
hide his awkward folding with bad camera and  
and that’s ha-gao no no no it’s not uncle roger’s 
so upset i put my leg down from chad this is the  
ugliest hot girl i’ve ever seen so on the right 
that is what it’s supposed to look like that is  
what you’re going to see when you order from a 
restaurant on the left i don’t know what the hell  
that atrocity is i thought the first few dumplings 
already pretty bad but this one ugliest one i’ve  
seen so far who made this dumpling helen keller 
it looked like he making dumpling with play-doh hi  
exactly not supposed to look like tuma you know 
what they look like they look like someone’s been  
wrestling a little too long and their years 
kind of got the california are you so bad hi  
yeah this hawk i’ll look like it need jesus oh you 
know uncle roger these kind of remind me of what  
i saw in the history books when women used to bind 
their feet oh correct this is so disgusting why he  
can’t just go buy dumpling wrapper from store why 
he insists making it himself uh you can get hagal  
wrapper from the store the best ones are handmade 
and they’re very very very thin and again when you  
can see borderline see inside it just makes the 
dumpling more sexy dumpling wrapper should look  
like lingerie for dumpling must be see-through 
but still leave something to imagination  
this is shumai one of my favorite items to order 
in a dim sum restaurant this is like an open  
face dumpling they’re going to go right into the 
steamer that’s why you want to make sure they’re  
flat you could also top it off with with fish row 
and that’s shuma this is another favorite that i  
like to order when i go to a dim sum restaurant 
at least this one kind of resembles shumai the  
outside it’s just awful it’s it’s not uniform 
and you see they’re all different sizes small  
medium to large they should all be uniform again 
with the ugliest shoe my uncle roger ever see
this guy is like dim sum terrorist these don’t 
look like show me they they kind of look like  
just a messy doe cup if you think this looked like 
shumai that uncle roger looked like jackson wang  
these are dao zhou bao abao is a bun and 
our filling today will be sweet red beans in  
filipino culture we call it shopao and is filled 
with a sweet roast pork so he did grow up in the  
philippines but these dumpling making skills 
yeah kind of sad i think that’s why he lived in  
america now when he growing up he make dumplings 
for his mom but he’s so bad at making dumpling  
and his mom disowned him that’s why he have to 
move to america that’s what happened in asian  
family if you suck at making dumpling we don’t 
want you anymore usually when you suck at anything  
they don’t want you anymore that is true if you 
get b in math or b in dumpling making it kick  
you up that’s right uncle roger asian without a is 
sin this is xiaolongbao another one he didn’t even  
show the final product it must have been that bad 
that they didn’t even want to show it but now on  
to xiaolongbao xiaoming bao is my third favorite 
thing that i like to order when i go get dim sum  
so uh let’s see how bad it is my favorite 
dumplings our filling is ground pork which a  
lot of our dumplings are but also gelatinized pork 
stock okay you need this for a long time so if you  
don’t know what xiao long bao is it is basically 
soup dumplings so once the gelatinous pork melts  
as it steams then it’s going to turn into a soupy 
consistency and it’s like eating a soup dumpling  
really really good if you never had 
xiaolongbao definitely try it out  
so we have it in the middle that’s our first pinch 
and now basically um ooh you’re not supposed to be  
just stuffing the filling into the dough you’re 
supposed to be folding with your right thumb  
as well hi uh why he fingering the dumpling so 
dirty this guy don’t think a dumpling it’s not
of consensual dumplings don’t look like the 
other if you’re open you [ __ ] up i love  
these life lessons from your uncle roger i’m 
so happy you’re homeschooling me nephew mike  
were you homeschooled as a kid i was uncle roger 
that why are you weird food is very personal you  
know i’ve seen it firsthand in my restaurant with 
people i don’t know that’s what food’s all about  
it’s about bringing people together correct with 
your ugly dumpling you brought everybody together  
and we all hate you now food definitely does bring 
people together that’s one reason why i love food  
and i love to vlog about food but i wouldn’t 
want to go to this guy’s restaurant if he makes  
dumplings like that uh no maybe he should stick to 
filipino food wow look at this we’ve touched the  
pond i think some of those dumplings turn red from 
embarrassment all the dumplings so ugly this is  
like dumpling cemetery rest in peace dumpling you 
will forever live on in uncle roger uncle roger  
didn’t you always tell me that it’s not just the 
appearance that matters but the inside he didn’t  
put anything inside also so outside and inside 
both back look at this yeah we’ve touched upon  
a great amount of dumplings then you know 
there is no such thing as an ugly dumpling  
uncle roger thought 2021 will finally be here 
where people don’t mess up asian food look like  
it’s not gonna be that way so uncle roger gonna 
continue to be asian food police epicurious why  
can’t you find one chinese chef who actually know 
how to make dumplings youtube so many dumpling  
making tutorials you can’t find one chef people 
see this video they’re gonna think something  
ugly and then they don’t want to eat something 
not good for asian culture dumplings supposed to  
be sexy you’re right uncle roger dumplings with 
their juicy filling and thin almost see-through  
skin are supposed to be very sexy every single 
time you take a bite it just invokes intimate  
thoughts in your head gotta say though he seemed 
like a nice man and i do love his passion which  
i hope is shared by every dumpling lover out 
there and if you’ve never had dumplings before  
go and try some and have one ton you know 
of dumplings and this is just comedy ouija  
don’t go attack this guy niece and 
nephew go subscribe to strictly dumpling  
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roger stick around to watch some blooper bye  
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