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the first thing we’re gonna look at
today is safety and both free trade and
trading 212
are covered by the fcsc which means if
you invest your money with one of these
two apps
and the company goes bust you are
up to 85 000 pounds you obviously don’t
want to mess with shady companies and
these two
are heavily regulated so you can sleep
so in terms of safety both accounts have
got the same safeguards in place
so this is more of a draw so the next
is the welcome offer that you get when
you open an account
and for both of these apps you get one
free share
when you deposit at least one pound the
good thing is
the pound that you deposit is money that
you can use for investing
so no money is lost so if you wanted to
make a quick profit
you could open an account on both apps
sell the free shares and then withdraw
your money
see you later alligator anyway there is
a difference on the value of the shares
that you get from these two apps so for
free trade
the value of the free share is up to 200
and for trading 212 it’s up to 100
by the way the only way to get a free
share is to use the link
of someone who’s already got an account
so if you use the links in the
description below
you will get a share and i will get
another share
but at the same time you can then start
and do the same with other people
so you then ask them to open an account
which is totally free
and you would get a free share and your
friend will get a free share so you can
start your very own
affiliate marketing thingy and so the
welcome offer round
goes to free trade because they offer a
potentially more valuable
free share when you sign up with them an
important part of investing
is that you make sure that you don’t pay
any unnecessary taxes
and so both free trade and trading 212
offer an isa but there is a major
that the eyes on free trade is
unfortunately not free and you have to
pay three pounds a month
both ises work the same and you can
up to 20 000 pounds a year and then the
result is that you won’t pay
any taxes on the profits of this
20 000 pounds and still in terms of
trading trading212 also offers a cfd
and i’ll let you in on a secret if you
use a safety account
you will lose money this actually comes
from the host’s mouth as trading 212
states that 76
of retail investor accounts lose money
when trading
cfds with this provider so at this point
it’s your choice and so in terms of
accounts trading 2 and 2
offers a much wider variety and also
their isa
is free so obviously they take this
next we have customer service and i have
to say
the free trade offer a much better
and the reason is first of all because
there is a chat that is answered quite
trading 2.2 on the other hand runs a
very slow system
the only way to get in touch with them
is to get on the website
or the app and then fill in a form and
they will let you know basically
so anyway bottom line for customer
service the round goes to
free trade and then we obviously need to
talk fees
hang on are we not talking about zero
fee investing
trading 212 is totally free however
free trade is not unfortunately
they charge you when they have to
exchange your pounds
into let’s say dollars and that happens
you buy foreign shares let’s say you
want to buy
tesla tesla is an american company so
it’s traded on an american i think the
new york exchange
i don’t remember at the moment but when
they do it
they have to turn your pounds into
dollars and
in that very moment they charge you 0.45
on top of the exchange rate this 0.45
is the main way they make money
obviously they have to make money
to keep the company going and by the way
i forgot to mention it earlier
trading 2 and 2 makes most of their
with their cfd accounts and so that
actually explains
why you lose more than you win with a
cfd account
free trade also charges five pounds when
you want to withdraw your cash
and receive it on your account the same
day but as you can tell
this charge is totally avoidable and if
you are a bit patient you would just
withdraw your money
and receive it after a few days for free
so this round
goes to trading two and two i mean you
pay no fees with them
how can you complain next i want to talk
user friendliness and to be honest the
round goes to free trade
because you can easily understand
what to do when you open the app for
example if you want to deposit your
so the proof is in the pudding though
and if you want to deposit your money
which icon would you click on that’s
it’s the wallet who would have thought
if you want to invest in a very easy way
still have a very wide selection of
investors to copy
then you should look at an app that it
makes investing super easy
called etoro with etoro you can copy
other successful investors
at the touch of a button i’ve made a
full review of
etoro so i’ll make sure to drop the link
to that video
at the end of this video the next topic
i want to talk about
is the variety of investments you can
buy and sell
on both trading 21.2 and free trade
and i have to say that both apps offer a
very wide range
but trading 212 offers a much
wide variety even though free trade is
constantly adding more stocks and etfs
and to be honest they are heading in
different directions
and i’ve just bought an etf on
free trade and because i couldn’t find
it on trading 212
and this etf invests in the
sector you know that the companies will
prosper quite a lot because
obviously everyone is paying to get a
so this etf is supposed to grow over
i bought a teeny tiny amount just to see
what happens
the last time i bought something and i
posted on a review was
tesla at seven hundred dollars and i
just bought
one pound worth of it so i’m not sad
because i bought that little at that low
but i’m dying inside so anyway this
round goes to trading 212
for the wider range of shares and etfs
advanced features
okay that was silly but anyway trading
has got a desktop version it is quite
useful to be honest you can use it to do
quite a few things free trade doesn’t
have a desktop version
and then trading 212 has also got an
auto invest
function where you basically tell the
to invest the money that you put into
trading you want to following a certain
split between the companies you pick
and also trading human choice got stop
orders limit orders
both for selling and buying stocks and
trading 212 has got price that is
live and on the other hand you have free
trade where the price is
like an average over time and also this
is a very important
thing you are able to buy in real time
with trading two and two and so you
place the order
and its action almost instantly whereas
with free trade
you most of the time have two eight and
your orders and other people’s orders
are batched together and placed
so this round goes to trading 212
and the app that would make you more
money is
trading two and two this is based on
two factors the fees obviously the
traded g12 has got zero fees
and the wide wider range of
etfs and shares that tradey212
has got in on offer however i would
suggest to open an account with both
so that you can get the free shares and
links are in the description below
this is very important the easiest way
to start investing
is to copy other successful investors
the video on the screen right now is a
full review of etoro
the app for copying other investors
trades at the touch of a button
stand on the shoulders of giants click
on the video

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