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hey guys thank you so much for joining me again today today we are going to be checking out From Russia with Love from 1963 and this is the second Bond movie that I’ve watched I already watched Dr no and I loved it it was super fun so I’m really excited to see this one was highly requested I heard it’s really fun if you guys do want to watch the full link along with me you can find that over on my patreon along with polls this one was decided in a poll and if you could give

this video a like that lets me know you want to see more Bond movies or more 60s movies and I will definitely do those if enough people want to see them so let’s get to it here we go From Russia with Love okay let me get the music turned up for this there’s our man from the Shadows so handsome um we’re setting up a creepy tone here he always shoots down here it’s so his style and It’s gotta be like a spin like he’s right there is he gonna oh no you don’t body behind you

no no oh was this part of bondi’s plan all along exactly one minute I thought he’s in trouble right out of the gate oh

oh well I will say that imposter did have the bond moves down wow secret identity first thing I Like It From Russia with Love all right so we haven’t even seen our bond yet I’m sure the real Bond will be much more dashing oh I literally played a game of chess last night I was very bad at it I do enjoy it looks suspicious you are required at once oh what I

wouldn’t give her a secret message unbelievable I wonder who our villain is in this one and the last one it was Dr no title Siamese fighting fish brave but stupid except for the occasional one that looks just like my old cat that’s the other two fight while he waits until you survive he’s so exhausted he strikes number three so this is our bad guy for sure petting the cat cranston’s effort will continue to be as successful as his chest I’ve planned prospector to steal you lacto decoding machines we need a female member of the Russian

cryptograph section neither the Russians nor the British will be aware that they are working for us number one the operation will be organized I have selected a suitable girl she sounds perfect you’re absolutely sure she believes yourself yet intelligence Moscow has kept my defection secret I hope so because I’ve anticipated every possible variation just like chess they always treat a trap as a challenge they couldn’t possibly pass as lightest chance of an electro decoder selector decoder it is very important I think the expected we have the chance of Revenge for the killing of a doctor

no doctor no there will be no failure all right we got our bad guys for sure number one number three number five oh hello are you the blonde girl welcome to Specter Island it’s the man I requested ready Donald Grant convicted murderer excellent training and indoctrination huh oh that’d be kind of fun I kind of want to do this attitude for experience call him good oh boy statue-esque a perfect specimen didn’t even flinch I like this number three as a villain I want to see our bond where is our man oh she’s been followed by

the beach blonde perfect you know who I am head of operations for for smash state is proud of you take off your jacket let me see what you’re working with you’re a fine looking girl beautiful spectacles then you have had the three lovers no what is the purpose you forget to whom you’re speaking do not mess with number three I was in love and if you are not in love I suppose that would depend this man for instance perhaps if he was kind I have selected youth to give false information to the enemy you will

do anything he says and if I refuse you will not leave your life wow that’s quite an ultimatum man must not know that I’m in Istanbul I will say nothing to him if you do you will be shocked okay labor of love as we say so I believe she’s being sent to seduce James Bond probably not quite souvenir from another jealous woman but I haven’t turned my back on one since oh and he’s always getting it excuse me oh my God a beeper way back then oh that would have been high tech James Bond here

where in the world are you James I’ve just been reviewing an old kid he is not on his way I haven’t seen you for six months you’re okay sounds interesting um how about that lunch I’m excited to see Miss trench right out of the gate we got money Penny in The Mix classic I’ve never even heard of a Tatiana romanovas girls do fall in love with pictures of filter stars but not a Russian Cipher Clark with a file photo no it’s some sort of trap oh he’s already on tour and the mate is a scythe

machine that’s you and her and brought her in the machine but it has to be burnt oh things are fantastic it just could be true but she is very beautiful I wonder if he’ll fall for her if there’s any chance of us getting a Lecter we simply must we’re issuing this to all double O Personnel is it some sort of secret thingy but it’s not ordinary 20 rounds of ammunition yeah and here now if you take the top off you’ll find the ammunition inside what else flat throwing knife oh cool an AR7 folding snipers rifle

50 gold star 25 in either side inside the tear gas cartridge you move the catches to the side the cartridge will explode now to stop the cartridge exploding turn horizontally very cool very Nifty someone is definitely gonna get that in the face good luck double over seven now I know that the double o means license to Kill lucky man I’ve never been to Istanbul maybe I should get you to take me back I’ve tried everything else you know I never even look at another woman let me tell you the secret of the wild oh my

God From Russia with low I think I like the chemistry between Bondi and Moneypenny the most but do we ever see them kiss actually or is it just a flirtation forever can I borrow a match I use a lighter until they go wrong I’ll get the car sir yeah did you follow it already yeah of course he is around your tail bondy I know what you did last time this happened betting Bay suggested that you see him fine who knows this whole thing is a trap I suppose it’s customary to have people telling you they’re

bulgarians working for the Russians they follow us we follow them it’s very friendly thank you for sending the car your chauffeur he’s a rather intelligent young man he’s my son medium sweet medium sweet I’m also medium sweet in my coffee let’s talk about this business of U.S something smells but if there’s a chance of getting a Lecter where can I contact this girl you’ll just have to wait you should spend a few Pleasant days with us here in Istanbul then go home that’s not going to be that easy staying under his own name falsely oh

what is this gadgets I’m afraid the room won’t do if the bed’s too small Haley will need a devil at least that’s all we have except the bridal Suite well the photo will show too good what was that oh is it dead who can the Russians suspect but the British does this guy ever say anything or is he just like Stone Cold I no longer please you be still he’s busy whoa what was that careful with those papers I had visitors yes a lady saved his life it’s unlike our Russian prince to break the piece

this way I think my visit might have something to do with it close up afterwards oh secret lair oh cool quite a place oh rats no no no find your head now wow this is humongous underneath the Russian consulate a present from your name is it a periscope I did just watch The Hunt for Red October with Sean Connery can’t see the face of the other man it’s too bad we can’t hear as well as see does our girl Romanova ever come sometimes I can see the face of the other man now the golgarian they

use as a killer that had trouble with him before this man kills for pleasure the girls just come in how does she look to you things are shaping up nice I’d like to see her in the flesh could you get me a plan of that place I’ll get on to that it will be better if you didn’t stay at the hotel tonight where will he have to stay you like my Gypsy friends I use them like the Russians use the bull guys it’s created a blood fume two girls in love with the same man have

threatened to kill each other I’m just gonna say I feel like we’re about to see some belly dancing I like her little finger things oh green knife Andy don’t get distracted there’s a bunch of bad guys lurking around there’s Hospitality overwhelms me thank you they’ll settle at the Gypsy way I think the girl on the Red’s gonna win these girls are serious most of the death they’re choking each other I feel like bondi’s gonna step in hello juice there’s plenty of men to go around oh oh what do we got here foreign music this is

chaos Monday behind you oh whoa he saved him wants him all for himself no of course we’re making one of the Wounded bulgars talk it was me they were after why would they want me out of the way we will have to find krillenko’s Haider and I’ll take care of this filthy stuff down the hutch you are now his son oh could you stop the girl fighting he says your heart is too soft to be a real gypsy they let you decide the matters if I didn’t have enough problems right and why does he want

to get in the middle of that girl fight the girls are obviously gonna fall in love with him now right said for you to decide they’re both yours might take some time and now all of a sudden neither of them want to marry the chief’s son they want to marry Bondi the third time he will succeed unless I get him you’d better leave it to me yes he’ll handle krielenko yeah infrared lens they’re gonna shoot these police officers my sons oh they will ring his doorbell she has a lovely mouth you see what you mean

I have to pull that trigger you got one shot remember don’t mess that up man let Bondi take the shot it’s in a mess take it take your shot he’s gonna miss oh did he get him I misunderestimated you you should have kept the mouth shut should have kept your mouth shut a body breakfast for one at nine coffee very black I thought he liked his coffee medium sweet Andy I don’t think you’re safe bondy in a towel huh I told you were expecting me Tatiana Romanova did you call me Tanya mine call me James

Bond you look just like your photograph you’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen I think my mouth is too big it’s the right side for me that is oh my getting right to it is it here what look look must we talk about it now cannot we do it first or is it at the Russian consulate I would need a plan of the place we could meet at the science of your mosque why don’t you ask me that later I know all about you guys well I hope you’re not disappointed I will

tell you in the morning this girl is slick she might be as slick as James Bond oh two-way glass dirty it’s funny that they both know that they’re playing each other and they just went for two hat people looking to get it on I don’t know so great read all three columns historical oh look at these Shades he looks slick right she looks lovely spotted bye bye she’s good kit we’re in the gloves that’s so sinister secret message perfect it wasn’t one of my men who killed you she says she works there with the Lecter

she’ll do anything I say she’ll do anything it all sounds too easy to me give a wolf a taste then keep him hungry she’s got your dangling all I want is that Lecter are you sure well well you could have a little fun along the way surely lovely view we must leave him don’t worry cool cameras smile cool as a cucumber uh about the machine that’s all you are interested in business first yeah the Lecter talking to this answer my questions how large is the machine like a typewriter about 10 kilos 24 symbols will you

make love to me all the time I saw the inside am I as exciting once when I was with him in Tokyo thank you Miss money that’s all that’s all morning Penny was loving it merchandise appears genuine go ahead was deal all I have to do is to tell the girl to date the 14th Jesus your clock is it correct always you did say your clock was correct boom very good little distraction slipped right in there take this it’s only to you guys come on quickly let’s get away so far I don’t know right up

in the shop nice Russian security Man Too Late fellas too late oh there’s gonna be a showdown on the terrain that’s sweet train compartments like that Mr and Mrs Somerset 12 children no children I like big families myself I’ll knock three times I’ll go see the conductor you’ll stop the train either Bulgarian Frontier or my sons will be waiting it’s not gonna go so smoothly the lovely two-day honeymoon before us and I have nothing to wear your true soul what is this a little magic trick oh oh look perfect yeah if I’d known I would

have worn my little choker I won’t just like that Curry let’s go to the restaurant guys for that drink we’ll continue the fashion show later everything’s arranged for me to stop the train we’ll meet you there at six o’clock but there are slight complications Benz is on the train but he wouldn’t have had time to contact the consulate perhaps you’d like me to introduce you ticket control not so fast you have the teensiest little guns in this movie not mad about his tail are you I’ve had a fascinating life to hear about it I feel

like something’s gonna happen to that guy it’s almost six it’s tea time we’ll have it in here that will be Splendid I will stay here just do as I say but there are some English Customs to be changed something’s about to go down on this train do I look right Mr Thomas yes oh there it is Somerset you are the fan of Green Bay there’s been a terrible accident keep the door locked I’m killed they killed each other oh no they didn’t I knew it took his little smoky thing that’s like a little pipe or

something right is that is that right when we get to England I tell you I mean she was threatened she doesn’t really have a choice whatever you do no tell me I love you I love you it’s true I don’t think James Bond does love sure foreign guy or not can I go to a match I use a lighter until they go wrong not stop your father’s Dead who did it on YouTube that himself I’ll need some help to get across the frontier strip between Yugoslavia and tries tell him to send someone from station y

to meet I will I think you want these that’s crazy just want to even suspect that the death was suspicious or not I feel like he always knows more than he’s letting on on the gloves means business made quick work of that Captain just gave it all away I only got Tim’s water an hour ago what would him contact you and the lady on the train don’t trust him Bondi this is my wife Caroline Andy don’t be fooled here come on Yugoslavia about three years you look very fit I try to keep in shape is

he buying it so what’s our problem oh my God for sticking this through the Customs would have to jump off I know this tattoo tonight in the back of my hand does he trust you or what you’re going with Captain nice the restaurant Carl joined that in a few minutes whatever you say oh man Mindy doesn’t trust him does he have two yeah yeah okay check him out check them out but why did something happen this year I have the grill so make mine can the red kind I think I’ve got the answer to our

problems that was not an accident what’s he doing smoking the drinks he saw that right yeah yeah she aware of what’s gone I don’t feel very well bring her in here mayor you’ve been drugged sweetheart what was it the stuff you put floral hydrate these guys take it easy oh seven buy Escape Routes only for what the girl or the Lecter the Lecter of course what is your plan explain it better on the map we’re here you see we’ll block the line wait for that yeah let go he’s gonna grab something about 20 miles come

on look alive not good all right now get up on your knees red wine with fish yeah not good should have told me something the other one on your knees is that what you traps and smash call each other slash respect and it wasn’t a Russian show at all you’ve been playing it off against each other in respecter who killed the Russian agent in the mosque you again the other man and Nash I sweated your recognition silencer I’ve been keeping tabs on you saved your life at the Gypsy Camp yeah actually you did we were

keeping you alive until you could get a selector mission accomplished now that we’ve got it you and the girls are expendable no isn’t she working perspectively do you think she’s doing it all for Mother Russia she takes her orders from Colonel Clem kleb works for Specter now the girl doesn’t know that oh my God you have this in a handbag and on you in this letter it’s from her threatening to give the film to the Press unless you marry up what film Bridal sweet at your hotel creepy okay so she didn’t know all right it

must be a pretty sick collection of mine yeah that’s pretty gross they’ll never believe it it’ll be slow and painful how much are they paying you we’ll double it the first one won’t kill you I’m not till you crawl over here and you kiss the wife 50 gold sovereign I should imagine so put your hands back in your pockets oh is he gonna get blasted ice I am very happy about that come on Bondi let’s go wrap it up waste this fool pretty evenly matched fight Audi want to use the knife in your briefcase is

he gonna get him oh he’s got the watch thing that is cool oh yeah oh yes sheesh that was a true body was getting out of that one I mean I guess he would see there’s like 30 more movies so you won’t be needing this old man all right Tanya I’m gonna leave you behind never leave me he’s not a one-woman man girl this is Nash’s Escape time to go doll poor girl she’s like drugged doesn’t know what’s going on I must get the other side of the train okay when they make these movies did

they know like that there would be another one after this and like did they have plans for a lot more or was it just like one at a time dude where are you he’s dead excuse me sweet punch down in one I guess I’m asking like do they wrap this up at the end or do we leave it on a cliffhanger and they’re like next time on bond I guess we’ll see I don’t run away come on good one stay with me you’ll feel better in the morning foreign Man vs helicopter so you’re just gonna

do this all the way over the Alps here or wherever we are well you better snipe them real quick get down shoot it down whoa good shot wow boom thanks it’s uh not finished exploding it I’d say one of the aircraft is missing so it’s got like a little quip here take this and cast the robot all right where’s the key in my coat in the pocket why are they hanging on to this guy you swim is it yeah what’s with the barrels three men were found dead on this ground it was glad’s Choice it

was your plan camera moving it’s unsettling I like how he has buttons for everything I had already negotiated with the Russian inspector always delivers depends on keeping those promises if you fail 12 seconds we must invent a faster working Venom number three there will be no delay number one final push with the bad guys they’re not very precise with those grenade things don’t they have any guns or weapons or anything yeah take the wheel I liked his nautical get up better slow down old boats why are you giving up without those drums the boat must

be light he’s got a plan for sure we’re sending a boat along to take you off I wanna see brilliant so long suckers don’t go away stand up a photo for the live news thank you Avanti uh get me the British console she’s gonna pull something fondy look alive what’s she gonna pull fondue look alive I bet she has a weapon on her we will hello Paul Bond here and Signal the office we’re on our way back will you hey leave that I’ll take it tell him tell him tell him he’ll be routine from here

on him come on do the right thing girl this is her true test the door no don’t do it girl come on if you really love him do the right thing do the right thing clunker clunker on the head and she doesn’t want to leave with this girl right yes okay good as you should the quick acting poison get her get her get her she get her she got her she got it good death you did the right thing Tanya a horrible woman another kicks see another quip boot knife I get it hang on the

company’s time behave yourself hello oh not again I got that pesky sex tape it was right you know what this is I’ll show you so okay all right we’ll return next in Goldfinger so they did plan on another one after this that’s cool that’s cool I like it okay guys well that was from Russia with Love and that was a really good one we had a very cool James Bond in this one once again cool as a cucumber almost always in control although he did get best in a couple of times so I was kind

of good to see because you see he’s not indestructible but he can handle it he can handle whatever comes up and I really liked our Bond girl in this one I wonder if she’ll be back I assume no I assume it’s a new girl in every movie I like the villain with the cat and we never actually saw his face we had a few villains we had blonde guy and the lady at the end MVP I think we have to give it to James Bond he’s the star he’s the king of the movie classy a

handsome dude just doing his bond thing being super cool and getting it done every single time so James Bond obviously you are the MVP Loki MVP I’m gonna give to the music in this one I really enjoyed it I was kind of dancing around the whole time it was very Bond music in this one I really really liked it had a cool theme song at the end had a James Bond theme all the way through so I really liked it Loki MVP will be in music and the worst award like I said there was a

few villains kind of working throughout this movie I’m not even sure who to give it to I guess I could give it to number one number three and number five is that were those the numbers but I feel like The Mastermind is obviously number one so number one whose face we never saw just him petting a cat in his voice which is creepy we’re gonna give him the worst war he’s a good villain and I wonder if he’ll be back because we didn’t get rid of him so very curious to see if in Goldfinger we

see number one back again so number one whoever you are you are the worst overall yeah this one was really fun I really liked another James Bond Caper and I would definitely be into seeing more Bond if you guys want to see that so give the video a like if you want to see more Bond and if enough people want to see it I will definitely check it out thank you guys so much for watching I really appreciate it I had a great time I hope you had a great time too and I will see

you next time bye guys

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