Full Metal Calling Smartwatch under 2499 | Fire-Boltt Grenade Review

Hi friends, how are you? My name is Nabeel. I have a very amazing Firebolt smartwatch with me today. You will definitely like it. I found it very awesome. This is Firebolt Granade. And I have it in two colors today. And I found the look of these watches so beautiful. Before starting the video, let me show you. This is in black steel and this is in gold steel. So let’s start the video. Unboxing and everything. So guys, I have two boxes of Firebolt Rugged with me. One is in gold steel and the other is in black

steel color. It has more colors and more materials. You get a QR code on the back of the box. You can scan it and connect it to your iOS or Android device. Because it works on both. You can see that there is an iOS and Android logo here. There is a quick start manual in the box. And you get to see some coupons here. Then you get the Firebolt Granade watch. And the magnetic charging cable at the bottom attaches to it and charges it. Now look at the Firebolt Granade, friends. What a beautiful smartwatch the

Firebolt people have made. All the Firebolt smartwatches I have seen so far, I found the best build quality in it. This is gold steel material. You can see

how beautiful it looks. And this black steel material looks just as beautiful. So on different occasions, if you want to buy two watches, you can keep it like this. Both of them look very beautiful. Which color do you like more? Do let me know by commenting. The Firebolt Granade comes with military grade toughness. And this is a shockproof design. You can see that there is a complete metal

construction. From the strap to the case. Only the bottom part is not made of metal. Apart from the display, there are raised edges here. So that you can protect the display in case of a fall. And there are two buttons here. Both of them are functional. If you press this button here, you can access the sports mode. And by pressing this second button, you can turn on or off the display. Or you can also go back from the menu. And this is the upper button. Inside this, you can also see a functional digital crown. So

you don’t have to touch the screen if you want to scroll. And with this digital crown, you can also change the watch face quickly. You can see a small hole on this side. This is for the microphone. And on this side, where it says Bolt, you can see another grill below it. Which is for the speaker. Because it is a Bluetooth calling smartwatch. If you wear the Firebolt Granade in your hand, you will feel very comfortable. Your hands will look very beautiful and elegant. Cold steel color will look like this in your hands. And the

look of black steel color will look like this. When you wear it on your hands. Now let me tell you the process of pairing the watch. It is very simple. You have to scan this QR code from your phone. Tap on the link that comes here. Download and install their application called The Fit. Open the app. And from here, you have to add your smartwatch to your phone. And in this way, your watch will be paired with your phone completely. Inside the Firebolt Granade, you get a 1.39-inch round and large HD display. To show you

the bezels of the display, let me show you the other watch face. So that you can understand how thin the bezels are here. The brightness and outdoor visibility of the display is very good. Its viewing angles are also good. You won’t have any problem using it outdoors. The colors are also very good. It is punchy. And overall, they have given a very good display in this. And in the display of this watch, you can also see race to wake. So you don’t have to tap to turn on the display Now let’s check out the user

interface of this watch. Which I found very simple. If you swipe from top to bottom, you can see the control center here. In which you can directly access the calling. By tapping in the middle, you can change the menu system. By tapping here, you can change the menu view. You can adjust the brightness. You can turn on or off the flashlight. You can access the settings. And what you can see here in the middle, you can upload a QR code here. Like here is my QR code. If you want to send money to someone, you

can send it here. By swiping from top to bottom, you can see your notifications, WhatsApp messages, whatever is there. If you swipe from right to left, you can directly access the activities and applications. If you swipe from left to right, you get a quick menu here. All the recent applications you have opened will be here. And by tapping here, you will come to the menu. There are many styles in the menu. One is this style. Its name is Surface. You can also see the honeycomb style in this. There is also a list view. Which I

like the most because it is easy to understand. You can also see the grid view in this. You can also see a menu view called Levels. Then there is a menu view called Parallel. But I keep the list here so that I can explain everything to you easily. First, let’s look at its health features. First of all, you get to see the activity here. How much you will walk during the day, how much calories you will burn, how much you will move, you will get to see all this here. Then you get to see the

heart rate monitoring system. Which can monitor your heart rate 24×7. Then you get to see a stress calculator. Which will tell you if you are stressed or not. How is your mood? Then you get to see sleep tracking. Which will tell you how long you slept at night. What is the quality of sleep? It will tell you everything. Then you get blood pressure monitoring. Which can measure your blood pressure throughout And can tell you the correct values. There is also an option for SpO2. Which will tell you your blood oxygen saturation level. And there is

also a period calculator for girls. Which will help them to calculate their menstrual cycle. Now let’s talk about its sports mode. So here you get 123 plus sports mode. Here you get to see walking, running, weight training. You will get to see everything. Whatever type of sports you have here, you will get to see it. You can track it easily. This watch has more features. Like AI voice assistant. So by tapping here, you can trigger Siri or Google Assistant. You can talk to it. Then you get to see your local weather here. And with weather

forecast, you can use this watch as a shutter button for your phone camera. You can also use it as a music player. There is also a music player option to control And there are important features like timer, alarm, stopwatch. And there is also a calculator here. Which is very helpful to do on-the-go calculations. There is also a Bluetooth calling option here. In which you can see recent calls, incoming, outgoing. Then there is a dial pad. You can dial the number you want. And there are contacts too. So I have added a number in contacts. Let’s

call it and see how loud its volume is. So as you can see guys, there is a loud and clear volume of the call. You won’t have any problem in picking up or dialing the call. Now let’s check out the features of their watch application. So here you can see the main page. You can see all the health features here. And there is also a GPS exercise option. If you go out for a walk, you can track the route you took from here. After that, there are details of your watch. And here you can also

see 100 plus watch faces. So you can customize your watch as much as you want. Then from here, you can add notifications, alarm, shutter, e-card, which I told you about the QR code, in which you can also add those Favorite contacts, others, and firmware update will also be done from here. And lastly, you can set your profile goal. And if you are an iPhone user, then this watch is also synchronized with Apple Health. Now guys, there are so many features in this smartwatch. So there should also be an IP rating. So you will definitely see

that thing in it. In this, you can see the IP67 dust and water resistance. So you can soak it in water. Now the rainy season has also come. So obviously, you will wear your smartwatch and go out. And the battery inside this is of 350 mAh capacity, which easily gives you a 7-day battery life. And if you use regular Bluetooth calling, then it will give you a 2-day battery backup. Now let’s talk about its pricing. So here are three variants. If you buy the silicon one, then its price is Rs.1999. If you buy the cameo

strap, then its price is Rs.2199. And if you buy these steel strap watches, then its price is Rs.2499. So according to Rs.2500, it is a very awesome looking smartwatch. The build quality, the material they have used, and the look that it will give on your wrist, according to that price, it is completely worth it. So how did you like the Firebolt Granite? Do let me know by writing in the comments. And if you want to buy this watch, then there is a link in the description. You can go there and purchase it. I hope, friends,

you liked today’s video. If you liked it, then do like and share the video. Subscribe to my channel. Goodbye.

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