GAIN.GG Review: Cash Out In 10 Minutes! – App Payment Proof

hey everyone Vince here welcome to my GAIN.GG earn crypto and cash review finally a new application that we can investigate for today’s video I hope you guys enjoy let’s kick this off so this is what GAIN.GG looks like when you first launch it up you can see here it has the offer walls straight off the bat which is a nice thing to see not complicated at all which is exactly what you want when you’re trying to earn money online essentially GAIN.GG has offer walls survey walls and a watch videos area at the moment 8 Studios

is running a 50 bonus for earnings on GAIN.GG but before I jump into anything you guys need to understand the currency system so let me show you what kind of cash out options GAIN.GG has and what you can expect tapping on the menu on the left side of the screen will bring up all the available options on GAIN.GG you’ve got your earn tab which we’re on right now we have the withdraw tab the leaders area and a roulette mini game plus at the bottom of the screen you have your account balance so here are the

withdrawal options on game AJ luckily enough we actually do have a PayPal withdrawal option here everyone now tapping on that option shows us that we need 7

500 coins which converts into seven dollars and fifty cents worth of real money minimum so that’s how you can break down the currency system on essentially one thousand coins converts into one dollar at least here in Australia and I’m assuming in your country as well but you will notice here we have the Litecoin crypto we have Bitcoin Dogecoin Dash bit skins and then underneath the gift cards we have

Visa now for the Visa virtual cards you need a 50 Cent minimum cash out everyone which is so low and for Litecoin it’s the exact same situation Bitcoin is a five dollar minimum Dogecoin a dollar fifty minimum dash 50 cents and whatever bit skins is it’s 50 cents as well okay so great variety to start off with here on Dane GG and let me show you how I can actually earn these coins okay I’m gonna go check out ah Studio to begin with here I’m sure you guys are super curious about this 50 earn bonus

I’ve only got three offers available everyone and they’re very low paying this m crypto offer though is really easy just install it play a game and then you earn one dollar for free but other than that it’s pretty disappointing at the moment how about CPX research now this is the way I was able to actually test out GAIN.GG for today’s video surprisingly they actually have surveys that pay you quite decent so I’m not complaining here we have surveys that are roughly going to pay around a dollar or so upon completion you can see we have

1080 of the coins for 11 minutes of my time definitely not the worst thing in the world but the problem is of course with surveys there’s no guarantee and you guys know that out there as well I was disqualified about three or four times before I was able to complete a survey on GAIN.GG and I’m sure you guys probably will be as well what about offertoro all right so Alpha tour is faring a lot better than ah Studios at the moment we have achieved Almighty offer for 169 everyone after that we have the mafia City

offer for 93 underneath that we have the Vegas casino in our slots offer for 88 pretty much operator is a much better option than a studios in my opinion for GAIN.GG at the moment at least in my country so in your country it might look a little bit different but from what you’ll notice it has much better rates there’s also a GAIN.GG off a wall here’s where you can claim three coins every single day plus if you join their social media you can get extra coins as well something to keep in mind though to claim

those coins you need to generate at least one dollar within 30 days on their platform I wanted to show you the watch videos area of GAIN.GG but when I tap on any of the categories it states that I need to update my Google Chrome even though I’ve actually reinstalled the application for you now and it’s just really strange to me I can’t really get past this screen so I’m gonna try the computer version of GAIN.GG as there is a website for it as well everyone that you can use from your desktop computer alright so on

Hideout TV’s website this is where GAIN.GG takes you by the way I have 27.8 points gonna hit start redeem and now you’ll notice that I have my GAIN.GG account linked to my Hideout TV account and that means I can withdraw the points that I earned from watching videos 27 of The Hideout points equals 24 coins so that’s actually not the worst conversion rate there for watching videos now is it now how about the leaders tag so just like most of these get paid to platforms it seems that actually has a leaderboard system which rewards

its users either on a daily or monthly basis this user here is going to earn 10 000 coins for free and that’s for first place second place is going to earn five dollars for free third place is going to earn 2.50 for free and then essentially the lower you go the less amount of reward you’re going to get pretty straightforward stuff now for the monthly leaderboard though those prices are a bit different first place for generating the most coins for the month is 100 guys AKA 100 000 coins second place is fifty dollars there and

third place is twenty five dollars and again the further you go down the less amount of reward you’re going to get so the whole idea essentially generate coins and and try and get as much as you can now what about the roulette game this little mini game I actually think is quite interesting for the people out there that want to risk their coins you’re more than willing to do so here but the chances are you’re probably gonna lose just like in real life with gambling okay but it is cool that they do have this

beach for people that may have some spare coins that they either want to try and double up or make more of you can see it literally just landed on zero which would have cleaned a lot of people out I like that they keep the previous numbers as well here betting red will get you two times your coins betting green will get you times 14 and betting black will get you two times a game I’m pretty sure most of you guys know how these little roulette games work on the profile tab you can see here that

you actually have account levels and you even have the stats and on the platform plus this cool little earnings graph at the bottom of the screen showing your earnings per day there is also a referral program on GAIN.GG you can share your referral link to get five percent of all the offers completed by your users including the name bonuses but this does not count for when they watch videos apparently you can either join through my link in the description below or scan the QR code at least this platform does have some kind of bonus available

so that’s good all right so now let me talk to you about my cash out experience on GAIN.GG because I think a lot of you guys need to know what I’m about to say before trying it out okay so now we’re on CPX research I completed a single survey which only took about 10 minutes guys to earn 583 of the coins now if you don’t know how much that is that’s literally about 58 cents or so worth a real currency thanks to being screened out a few times I was actually able to generate a few

more coins because CPX research gives you like two or three coins if you get disqualified either way I took my currency to the Litecoin Cash Out entered in 623 of the coins and there was absolutely no fee which was great hit withdraw but then my account got blocked everyone and I had to contact support to see what was going on apparently this is like a some sort of anti-cheat system they have I guess trying to stop people from using VPN but after I talked to support they unblocked my account and then I had to withdraw

again but I am happy to say I was then in instantly paid my Litecoin currency and that makes me believe that all the other Cash Out options on GAIN.GG are actually instant as well so to me this is like another free cash kind of platform essentially exact same type of setup but it is 100 legit at least when I’ve tried it today now does that mean GAIN.GGs for everyone look it honestly depends on your country age and gender because all these awful World providers will give you guys different methods to earn with depending on those

factors so here in Australia I had a decent time with it in your country though it may be different you’d have to let me know in the comments hopefully I’ll help someone out there please check back daily on this channel to see other money making platform reviews see you tomorrow

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