Game Watch – Review [PT-EN-ES]

Hello YouTube people here is your friend
Power mafia.
The kid ah boy.
I’m going to talk to you today about the first
games I had access to the game watch.
I’m talking about a time that did not exist
technology but there were no games.
The first game watch I had access to was a clock and was in a church that had
A colleague that he had and he lent me
was a watch Casio brand and
it was a submarine game.
It is a very interesting thing that today on
day is already treated as a relic until
I would like to have a watch of this type or have some real game watch but unfortunately
the prices are too high the time has passed
and I got a game watch similar to this one when
I studied at the SENAI school. this game watch
to accompany the channel usually see it
inside a frame I took it out to
show better for you and you should
be asking what a game watch is.
For those who do not know exactly this term
game play and watch game in clock and
does nothing else.
And had alarm clock but was already
of the same clock function and was already
included in price.
A game just a very simple game and usually
two levels of difficulty. the game watch
I had been called from Paraguay the staff
called this from here to Paraguay and normally
works with such a battery of clock,
and to have another game you should have another one
device does not exist cartridge So personal
was always in that business of exchanges
game barter.
This is a very interesting thing and I was studying
at the Senai school and we used to change it I know
I had the submarine game was also a
submarine game that I took on ships that
were up, and there we make that
hour roll.
And pick up the ship’s game and put another money
buys my colleague and I bought one
game that I really like that nowadays
I have no game watch but we have the
Virtual = This is the game
Donkey Kong and I’ll show you the best of late
how it worked And there’s this one here in another
and having 3DS I cement factory.
This is something of a time that did not exist
technology is a rather interesting thing.
And what did you get out of it by playing the
game watch?
Earned score was quite interesting
you played and every way you had
You earned one point, the green house you
and I won one.
Every bug that killed you every one in the vineyard you killed would earn you one.
And usually the rule was this and when you
reach 100 points instead of you win
only 1 point per pet or per thing
that you killed you were going to get 2 points
Ah boy thinking what? It was ostentatious
and the fun was to make the highest score.
Or you get to the maximum score
. From a thousand points there, the accountant was reset by
that the counter did not have 4 digits only had
3 digits was pretty funny there turned
the counter and returned to zero point was Hilary.
I’ll show you in more detail those that
I have here ok people.
I’ll show you a bit of what it was like
the game watch and if for example it’s the Mario game
cement factory you are in demonstration mode
the guy has to turn
levers picking up these ramps to prevent
the cement from accumulating in the receptacles,
avoiding like that and it was a really sick rhythm
even crazy thing.
And for each movement of the lever you
turns it gains a point.
I will try to play I will not leave you alone
in expectation or not.
And comes the cement you have to push the lever.
The cement has fallen and comes down.
You have to be careful with these ramps, which
one rises on another descends you have unload.
Will lower the load to the next
truck and Have to prevent it from accumulating cement
it is not.
Accumulating on the left side we have to stay eye
And starts to get crazy the pace begins to
increase Look there and I crashed ah boy.
Let it die here.
This is Donkey Kong Junior here – here is Donkey Kong demo mode
You have to get the little key to free Donkey
Big Kong then the alligator, and the one here
I got it from toast at the 3DS store of the time
that there was nintendo club as you were buying you were entitled
I will try to play because this one I will tell you that I am bad.
The best I got was 56 points.
Since you have to be playing for life.
I’ve already died one.
Then boy and that’s how it goes.
There is also the clock mode but in these
virtual versions I can not adjust
the alarm I wanted to make the alarm ring but
do not give so I’m going to stay here is
a nostalgia that I am bringing to you
a hug from your friend powermafia to you

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