Gamepad wireless 2.4Ghz Review dan Test penggunaan

hello, hello everyone. See you again on the Bayur channel. Just remember that fishermen discuss
reviews about household gadgets and other products that have Reds agents or labels. In
this video, I will review this gamepad hospital, yes. Hi, it supports various devices for
Android tablets for Android TV My Smart TV box, so yes, before I start working, lift
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so you don’t miss other interesting name information from me when you use
it for purchases, we will get this guide paper, yes, various kinds of Chinese writings
Hi here there’s no brand for this user guide, Om, it’s a Chinese product, but we have
a lot of reviews on it, yes, here it is, the gamepad doesn’t have a brand, it uses
a USB dongle connection, so it’s more stable, doesn’t use bluetooth anymore,
hi pig, there are pluses and minuses with other gamepads the one I reviewed before was
Hi. This one uses a battery,
Hi Ta
we can
save it
. I tried it on my Android TV box using asthma 6 Let’s try to
play the game. How are you doing, the analog buttons work, the left-right, up-down buttons,
Hi, because he uses this dongle connection,

he is more stable, is
n’t afraid of the context breaking in the second game I tried the Motocross game
hi but if you have to save the cob be careful Don’t lose it if it’s gone
you can’t use the stick anymore, now I tried playing Asphalt 8 game smoothly Yes,
no problems, no delay at all, my second device uses a TV Android brand coocaa 43
s7g after being able to use any Android TV Hi here I have installed two games and it turns out that it is
compatible with this gamepad can you use it? Actually, this game can also be played on the remote, but
Hi, it’s highly recommended to use a gamepad, you
can also, actually, the movie is the same as the Android TV box, but because it’s available, I
have Android WiFi, so try it directly on Udin’s TV.
I’m trying to play the old PSP emulator.
Hey, the Metal Slug game, it turns out that the buttons are also supported for use on the PSP emulator.
All the buttons work, if you have any questions, please share them in the comments column.
Hey, about this gamepad, I think this price is mandatory for those who need to remember because of this.
using the Taurus dongle, make sure your cellphone supports OTG. Because not all cellphones can
use OTG, if your cellphone can’t use OTG, batik can’t use this gamepad. It’s
better to buy a gamepad that uses Bluetooth, because this wireless gamepad is more
affordable than a gamepad using Bluetooth. ok that’s it for the video, thank you
very much Have watched the video until the end Thanks for watching Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi

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