Games Up! Review: Earn Up To $105 Playing Games! – App Earning Potential Revealed

hi everyone Vince here we’ve got a new app for you it’s called games up games up let me break down this brand new money making application so you guys know what to expect and I’ll tell you if I actually think it’s worth your time or not compared to the market standards hope you guys enjoyed please hit like if you did let’s kick this off this is what it looks like when you first launch it up you can see here it has a very sleek and easy to understand design and it is familiar on purpose because

these are the same people that actually bought you pole pay now I’m sure you guys have probably heard of that application before bitburst has a whole bunch of applications on the market and here is the newest one top left corner of the screen you have your account balance of coins underneath the balance you have the offers tab here is where it states you can play games or complete tasks to earn money underneath that message you’ll find the various offer walls you can see we have bit Labs make money wool and ah Studio underneath that area

you’re gonna find a list of offers that you can complete these are man mainly from what I can see here games which is quite

interesting to me to find an application that really focuses on you guys completing those game offers for a certain amount of currency now without you guys understanding the currency conversion rate you’re not really going to understand what’s going on so let’s go and check out the cash out page at the bottom of the screen you have the Redemption tab just like the various other bit burst applications we have two Cash Out

options the first one being Amazon currency and the second one being PayPal or the Amazon currency for 17 500 of the coins you’ll get 25 worth of real money underneath that 35 000 coins will net you a 50 profit PayPal currency is essentially the same but there is a PayPal fee that you must pay as well the fee is 350 of the coins you’ll notice here that they are running a promotion for thirty percent off so that’s pretty cool so going back to the earn tab now you’ll notice the streak button at the top of

the screen tapping on that displays a message this is your survey streak complete a survey every day to keep your street going so essentially the more you complete surveys on here it seems the more you can get a slight bonus to your earnings on a regular basis but the thing is everyone we don’t really want to talk about surveys today because look at these game offers that we’re getting offered here let’s go and check out bitlabs to see what they’re offering the crazy thing about bit Labs there are over 130 of the offers available for

Android and 15 different web offers available as well the frustrating thing is about bitlab is that you can’t actually sort them to the highest paying so you’re gonna have to manually scroll down 133 of these offers to hopefully find one that you’ll find interesting okay and I don’t know if that’s a big problem to a lot of people but I find that it saves time if you can actually sort through the offers like other platforms have is an offer for magnet Miner for 24 600 of these coins how big on an offer will actually display

the multi-tiered leveling system or essentially earning system you can can play one of these and still get a partial reward for instance if you manage to reach 2 000 meters in magnet minor that would mean you completed all four of these sub offers which will gain you at 24 600 coin reward let’s just say you can’t be bothered going the whole way if you reach 550 meters you earn 100 coins if you reach 1200 meters 2 000 coins but if you reach the 2 000 meters 22 500 coins This Is How They hook you into

completing the whole thing you need to pay attention to this area though because it states confirms after 16 days so whether or not that means that you only have 16 days to complete the offer or once you complete it you have to wait 16 days for the reward that’s something to keep in mind so games up actually has a pretty solid bit Labs off a wall system pretty cool stuff now how about the make money wall the make money War at least here in Australia is one of these offer walls that seems to have more

of their premium offers in the sense of you might need to download like gambling applications and deposit money to receive a reward now I’m not saying all the offers are like that but a lot of them are more of those like extra task kind of offers where you kind of have to do extra steps it’s not just simply installing an application or playing a game getting to the end level and then getting rewarded you kind of have to either put real money in or you know give some details like attach a bank account to a

banking app for instance a lot of different offers though to go through here which is quite nice to see price range I have to say it’s not terrible by the way you have a survey junkie offer right here for me to join up and earn five dollars and in return I’ll get nearly 10 000 of the coins as a reward you’ll also notice as well on the mag money wall at least here in Australia there’s a lot of bonuses going on for all of their offers now when it comes to bonuses on offer walls just

remember they set the price in the first place okay so whatever bonuses they’re giving you sometimes they’re actually just undercutting you anyway and saying it’s a bonus so do you know how shops do that in real life with produce and products that’s walls do they make it seem like they’re giving you more when in reality they’re not even paying you the fair price anyway but either way the more you scroll down on the make money well you’ll find some offers that are actually games instead of the gambling ones all pretty basic prices as well as

you can see here let’s go and check out eight Studios hopefully they have some good offers for us so this is what the ah Studios offer wall is giving us in Australia and the thing is about ah Studios sometimes they have promotions sometimes they don’t and I kind of feel a game that it comes down to the application owners that allow promotions on their platform so looking at age Studios right now it’s definitely not the worst paying offers that I’ve seen again depending on Country though you’re really going to have a mixed experience here something

that I like doing and especially if you guys have not joined up to these applications before is joining up to other money making apps for instance easy bucks is owned by the same people that own this app here and all you need to do to earn almost a thousand of the coins is simply open the app log in complete profile questions and one survey that’s pretty simple once you think about it and if you’re going to use Easy bucks as well it’s a win-win again they’re not high paying by any means but they are fast

to complete which is kind of what you want in these situations to try and power through these apps but most of the time you guys out there probably used lot of these applications already which kind of disqualifies you from trying them again this Bingo holiday one is a great offer in my opinion 28 000 of the coins this is a multi-tasked offer though everyone which you need to pay attention to to get the full amount of the reward if you weren’t to spend any money you’d probably only get about 12 or 13 000 of the

coins at best but if you are to spend some cash you would get rewarded the full amount like the bottom of the screen stains again you must be a new user so again a studio is not really the worst but not the best by any means now from what I’ve seen there’s one more major way that you can actually generate coins in games up bottom of the screen there’s the refer attack games up actually has a pretty solid referral program when you refer a friend for a bonus you get 15 Commission on what they earn

for free and your friend gets 250 coins as a starting bonus you can find my referral code in the description below if you guys want to give it a shot so going back to the streak area I’m not too sure what the point of it is since I really couldn’t find any surveys to complete on games up so maybe they have to tweak that or remove it completely so my final opinion on games off is that it’s another legitimate money making app in my opinion since it’s from the same people that have brought you pole

pay and easy bucks cash Baron and of course just like them games up would feature an instant cash out system as well but is it actually for everyone more than likely not just because of I know how these apps vary depending on location so heavily so what you saw in today’s video more than likely is not going to be what you see when you try out games up that’s because I’m in Australia and in your country you might even have better options than me or worse by the end of the day it is another application

that I can recommend on the channel I’ll see you guys tomorrow stay safe out there don’t forget to hit like And subscribe and comment

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