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p the team and try and win the trophy. Well, as a Liverpool fan, that wasn’t fun to relive, was it? I will not forget that bicycle kick. Thank you for offering from Gareth Bale, who scored a brace in that champions League final against Liverpool back in 2018. But

he’s won this thing five times with Real Madrid. Know a thing or two about winning trophies with that club and our very own Geoff Shreeves had a chance to catch up with him earlier today. Here’s that conversation. Welcome to a dress code match, the Champions League legend.’m gl

y g t mo,atllyokn, it looks , doesn’t it? Ihink it looks slightly better on you every time you hear five Champions League to your name, it still sends a tingle down your spine, yeah. No, it’s still. Yeah. Still cool to hear, I guess, but yeah, it’s nice. I’ve

obviously been able to reflect a bit now after being retired for a little bit. So, yeah, it doesn’t get old. What did you look at differently when you reflected, I don’t know. You just look back and you kind of see all those amazing memories, great moment Yeah. Just

what you’ve been able to achieve. So it’s nice to look back and have trophies to your name and medals to look at, I

guess. Is there an obvious highlight for your incredible Champions League career? I still can’t go five, yeah. The final goal, the overhead kick is obviously,

the probably highlight of it all, but, yeah, so many great moments, so many great memories, great games. So yes, there’s a lot of good stuff to look back on. Be honest. Have you tried to replicate it a few times in the garden with the kids? No. Theacal tnd

gemeo it. I’m like, I think my body’s ready for that anymore. So I’ll lie on the floor and do it. So it’s a good bit of fun. It’s a simple question, but what’s it actually like when you’re a Real Madrid player and you get to a champions League

final? Is there an expectation because of their incredible record? Yh, definitely, I think I can’t even remember the last time Madrid lost the final. So yeah, there’s definitely an exctation. Never mind. For the final. But to win it from from the off. So, yeah, when you get there,

you’ve got to be focused. You got to be ready to go and you’re expected to win like always. Can youut in words what it is about Real Madrid and this competition that is so special, I think it just means so much. I’ve said it before. I think at

the start of the season, the most important goal is to win the Champions League. Not the league, not the Cup, it’s the Champions League So, all the focus is on that. Every European night at the Bernabeu is electric and, yeah, this club’s just born to win Champions Leagues

I think. What do you make of this current Real Madrid side. Yea No I think it’s a very good one. It’s a lot younger than than previous sides . And they’ve obviously got that nice mix of experience in there as well. So yeah I think it’s exciting, they’ve

made some great signgs over the years and, yeah, they look strong and look young and they look like they’ve got no fear. You know what it’s like to be a Brit to go there. So what do you make of Jude Bellingham’s impa? Yeah No, he’s done well since

he’s been over there. I think he’s had a great first season. I think it’s important to especially when you go to a big club, is to have a good first season, good start and kind of gives you that bit of space to, to give you breathing space to

kind of ease into a bit more the next season. So, yeah, had a had a great start this season and hopefully he can cap it off with, with a final win in the Champions League. Of course, you’ve played with a lot of the current squad, has been much

messaging, much back and forth, no, not too much to be honest, no. I kind of just leave them. Leave them be. I was never one for talking too much, but, yeah, I’ll be there on, on the weekend and cheering them on. Hopefully they can get anoth one. We

talk about fire as well. The likes of Toni Kroos can go to six. Yeah he’s one of a number. What sort of achievement would that be. Yeah I think the record is at six at the moment for Paco Gento. So yeah. To be able to be joint first

I guess is, is a massive thing a yh, obouy eye,hey’ve played very well to get to the final and deserve to be there. Do you have any concerns whatsoever that Real Madrid are massive favorites for this game? And Dortmund are he deogesha woo no. Just from from being

at Madrid. It’s I think no matter who we play, we’re we’re probably the favorites anyway. So no, I think the experience they’ve got in the dressing room and a lot of the team have already won a Champions League. So they have that experience. So no, I don’t think

it’ll weigh heavy on on anyone. I’m not worried. I feel they’ll get the job done like I said, they have the experience in the finals. They’ll be ae rax and know what to expect. And I expect another win. Like everyone else. If there was. I mean, you can’t

say a weakness with the way they’ve won the league and the way they’ve come into this competition unbeaten so far, where would you have any sort of concern? Where could if you could offer a Dortmund fan any words of encouragement, what would they be? Where could they get

at them? How I guess the only thing I could possibly think of, and this is not being disrespectful, is the goalkeeping situation, obviously Tebow is a world class goalkeeper, but he’s been out all season. Lunin’s a very good young keeper, but again hasn’t played in the Champions League

final. So probably the only real weakne I can I can really pick out. And if I was to push you score wise, I think the last four have been one nil. So you can’t go to say no. I wasn’t safe last year and I was wrong. So no,

I think three nil to Madrid. I think, the game will probably start out a bit cagey like it always does. And once the first goal in, I think it’ll open up a bit. And tell us a bit about yourself. Now since you’ve retired, what are you doing? What

are you up to, just being with family, yeah. I feel like I’ve missed out on so much with. With my kids growing up. From from traveling, playing, being awaynternational and, yeah, now I’m able to just be there, do stuff with them, be there on the weekends, make sure

I’ just more present. And, being able to go on holiday now during half terms and summer. So yeah, just enjoying time with the family, the golf must have got a lot better as well. It’s getting there, it’s getting there. I we still like to play more if I

could, but. Yeah I have other things going on in my life as well. So. Yeah trying to play as much as I can as normal. How much of the Champions League have you watched this season, yeah, I’ve watch a little bit. I’ve obviously it’s normally around bedtimehen Champions

League is on. So I don’t get to watch it all, but, now I’ve tried to watch the big games and obviously I keep an eye on Real Madrid as much as I can. So yeah, I’ve watched enough to know to know how well they’ve been playing now. You

were fabled as the complete athlete. If we were to build an identikit of the ideal player in the final, we would put together a superhuman player and you can pick from either side. Okay, first and foremost, whose left foot are you going for? Well in the current side,

yeah. You can pick a Dortmund player if you want. Yeah. There’s left foot you’re going for. I don’t really know. I don’t know who’s left footed. That’s a disadvantage. I know most people are right. Left foot. But they’ve got right foot players who play on the left up

top. Which doesn’t help you, does it? No it doesn’t. No. I’m trying to think who actually is left foot in the team. Okay. Let’s go. With right footed, right foot. Toni Kroos. Why is it what makes him such a special player? I just think he’s always that one

step ahead and he reads the play very well. He. People always talk about he has a lot of time on the ball, but he just has his first touch. Will go into a space where he knows the opponent won’t be. Yeah. Just again, he’s not a fast player,

but his his mind is probably a little bit faster than everyon else on the football pitch. If I said to you, whose brain would you take? His or Bellingham’s probably Modric, to be honest, yeah. Modric or Toni, I think footballing brain. I think again, those two just one

step ahead. Again, it’s just that elite level of just being known with spaces, knowing when to pass the ball, knowing when to keep play, ticking over. So yeah, those two whose lungs, whose energy lungs Dani Carvajal. Maybe I’ll give Valverde probably, yeah.oung legs, very powerful. Quick. He’s probably,

underrated in a way, but. Yeah, very strong, athletic, can run all day. Whose heart are we putting in? Will to win. Neville to win, I’d probably go Carvajal. He’s a bit of a pit bull where he just keeps going, and. Yeah, very kind of determined to not win.

And even when we were in training, hated losing. So yeah, I’d probably go him. That’s not a bad player. Have you taken anything of Bellingham there. No, no. You’re dissing him. No. But obviously the Madrid players are very good experienced and obviously a proven over over many years.

When you look at the incredible talent that they have, what does it add to the mix having the Don in charge. Carlo. Yeah No, just the best man manager I’ve, I’ve definitely worked under and a great tactician as well. I think, he just has that fine balance of

kind of friendship with players. An they also know he’s the boss, so. No, he just he just controls the dressing room so. Well, even if you’re not playing, he still makes you feel important. So. Yeah, just just knows how to run a football player and knows how to

run a football team and obviously without speaking, he’s he’s a great manager in terms of tactics as well. Does he draw the best out of you, arguably, yeah. There was a couple that I enjoyed playing under, but yeah, I really enjoyed playing under Carlo and. Yeah Still. Yeah.

Try and keep in touch and see him when I can. And. Yeah. Great to for him to be in another final, which is a record one I think. What will he be like in the build up. How will he be around the players. He’ll be relaxed as always.

I’ve never seen him stressed of you know. No not really, but yeah, he just like I said, he’s just a great man. Manager and his aura really comes off to the players as relaxing. And I think that does make a difference to the team. It keeps them a

bit more calmer and gives them that confidence that they need to go out and play. Great stuff. You look as

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