You know what this means… Right?
So first up, we’ve got this gorgeous, little heel designed perfume…
… it smells absolutely FANTASTIC!
the little mechanism goes *gay grunt*
YEAH. It’s good, (telling you now… its gooood)
So, in this gorgeous bag, we have… A LOT.
*dyspraxia said hello, sozzles.*
We’ve got a bunch of products by Clarins, some products by Nourish London
We have two sample size perfumes by Mugler, The Circle…
And let me just tell you now, I can smell them from here…
NEXT UP! We have these two products from Nourish London
They are a Sleeping Pillow Mist and an Illuminating Face Shimmer
I will be using these in my next video which might be more glamour, more drag and how to include good skincare in your routine !
We got this little soap bar sent by Perfumery and MADE by Perfumery & CO
and it smells Fantastic (reccuring theme)
So if you want to hop on over to Perfumery & Co’s website…
I’ll leave the link in the description box!
Annnd i know they’ll take great care of you from there! 🙂
Everything is super affordable and it gets sent very, very quickly!
Like… express *because thats what very quickly means…*

/> So if you want to see more like this, let me know *gays talk quickly, i apologise*
and… yeah!:)
I hope you have a great day and ill see you in the next one !

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