Georgia appeals court agrees to review ruling allowing Fani Willis to stay on Trump election case

An update on Trump’s election interference case. The Georgia Court of Appeals will now consider Trump’s appeal challenging a decision from March to not disqualify Fannie Willis from overseeing the case. Willis was accused of misconduct from allegedly benefiting from her relationship with the special prosecutor. Trump has 10 days

to file that would trigger a process that could likely push a trial past the November election. So joining me this morning with how this decision impact is nine new legal expert Whitney trailer Whitney. Good morning to you. Good morning to you. First of all, a lot of people

were seeing this news yesterday. How significant is it that the court of appeals will hear this case against Willis? Yeah, it’s significant. I don’t know if it’s as significant as some people may think because what we’re talking about here is uh the Georgia Court of Appeals which you

generally have a right to what’s different about this is this was an appeal during the case. So the case is still going going on normally with an appeal, you have to have a final judgment. So here there’s obviously been no final judgment or no trial. So they it’s

essentially an interlocutory appeal. So they got permission, they filed the uh appeal and the court of appeals said yes, we’re going to hear

it. So it’s significant in that the court is going to determine, hey, was there a conflict of interest? Was there prosecu uh prosecutorial misconduct or

um, was it not regardless of how the court rules, what are the potential appeals that either side could make in this case? So if the court says yes, this was misconduct, then they could actually remove Finding Willis from the case and appoint another prosecutor, that prosecutor. And why

that’s significant is because that prosecutor may choose to change the charges, drop the charges be even more aggressive. So it’s a question now, depending on how the Court of appeals rules, either side can appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court, but the Supreme Court doesn’t have to take the

case and I’m not sure that they would. So, um, that’s down the line though. First they filed, they have to file the appeal, I think within 10 days and then I think the court of appeals will rule quickly. But that’s another issue is how that will affect the,

the actual trial date. Now, paint is a road map here, Whitney. What are the possible outcomes of this investigation? Yeah. Well, there’s so there’s the appeal and then the Georgia Senate is actually starting an investigation too into uh Finding Willis to determine if there was a misuse of

taxpayer money because the allegation is that she appointed special prosecutor, Nathan Wade and then they were having this personal romantic relationship and he was taking her on trips. And so the question was, was the taxpayer money being used improperly. The trial court judge said, uh that the there

may have been an appearance of impropriety but that there was not a conflict of interest. I think the court of appeals is actually going to agree and affirm that no, it wasn’t a conflict of interest but possibly in just the appearance of impropriety. And really quickly, I wanna

squeeze in on the issue of presidential immunity. We’re expecting to hear a ruling on that any day. If that is actually the case, how would that affect this investigation? Well, the presidential immunity, if the Supreme Court says that uh there is presidential immunity, then that could potentially impact

the federal claims because those are dealing with the federal criminal charges. These are state claims. So, um I don’t know how that will impact it, but the, the real issue is the timing because if this uh appeal and this process delays the trial until after November and if,

if uh Donald Trump wins the election, that will give him so much more leverage as to deal with the case as president. So, um it’s gonna be, I think the timing issue is gonna be uh more substantial and it depends on how quickly the Court of appeals rules

on this, if they keep her on the case, then can they get the trial before November? A lot of people are saying no. Um, and I probably agree with that. I’m not sure they’ll be able to get it done before November. Well, you know, we know that you’ll

be keeping a close eye on this case as will we, and of course, with any updates, we’ll make sure we bring that to you at home Whitney. Thank you.

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