'GET OFF THE PITCH!' 🤬 Adrian Durham RAGES At The Pitch Invasions In The Champions League Final

but Allan I know you’re were watching the Champions League final last night I was at Wembley for it first of all the Dortmund fans were absolutely Sensational I see I see on a Tik Tok this morning I’m all in a row being held up you know it’s so

well planned and orchestrated wasn’t it the choreography of it I mean the German fans generally I’ve seen Frankfurt fans IR TR Frankfurt fans in in full flow doing exactly the same thing that it is all orchestrated and kaph so well but it looks so good and they makes

so much noise and one of the things I really loved about last night the fulltime whistle went and not one Dortmund fan left now you know in in certain grounds in this country of course and particularly Cup finals yeah it just half theum empties doesn’t it absolutely so

I full respect to the Dortmund fans for that and I must mention as well they had some they got some flares into the stadium okay and we know that flares and Pyro banned in this country um and you understand why and a lot of people I put pictures

out on social media of these flares in in among the Dortmund fans and a lot of English fans mess back saying how

they got those in we’re not even allowed to take um bottle tops to into the ground etc etc and I thought it’s a fair question isn’t

it it is unless they have some kind of unique way of smuggling them in which we don’t might not want to talk about my theory on it is yeah exactly my theory on on it is should we move on um my theory on it is this okay now

you remember the Euro 2020 final uh where the England fans were pretty horrific ahead of the Italy game I think the and and I it’s hard to have this conversation without sounding like you’re generalizing I’m genuinely not generalizing about England fans because I’ve traveled with England fans I

I’m an England fan I’ve been away with England as a fan not just working so there are a lot of really good England fans but given what happened uh at that final would you really trust England fans with flares inside a stadium I probably wouldn’t to be honest

with you however I’ve seen German fans and French fans and they they use them and they use in an artistic way it’s not a dangerous way so there’s a different level of trust I think well there there is that of course but uh when I managed in greef

for a short period every game uh you had to wait for the smoke to clear before you could kick off because the flares is just normal it’s just a normal uh thing in Europe it’s accepted to a degree it does create a great atmosphere probably you experienced that

yesterday you know that sort of smokey kind of eerie feeling um so there is a positive to it but yeah the other side of health and safety in the world we’re in now of course there is no place for him unfortunately yeah um and moving on the game

itself um first of all there were some idiots running on the pitch at the start and I said on a that was off the internet wasn’t it some sort of gimmick someone set something yeah yeah I said on air last night and I strongly believe this and I

I believe this with regard to pitch invasions when you’re celebrating as well f do not belong on the pitch they’ not earn the right to be on the pitch if you’re on the pitch you’re a footballer What on earth makes anybody who’s decided I’m going to do this

and run on the pitch think that they’re in the same bracket as Jude Bellingham they do not belong on the same pitch literally as Jude Bellingham so please stay off a football pitch I I do have this thing I mean I I yeah I mean you know the

problem you got you have you know it’s very unsettling I mean obviously I’m been a player and as as a manager and a coach on the sideline when when when there’s an intruder on a pitch you’re not quite sure how it’s going to play out so it it

gives a bit of UNC you you know an un sort of welcoming feeling I mean you know when you’ve won uh something like there’s a promotion and you have that kind of influx of the fans all coming on to celebrate and we see that you know in the

second division or the first division that’s a nice moment and you know you see the players get involved in that I think that’s probably the only time it’s kind of acceptable but in these big European finals and and European championships we got coming up in World Cup you

know these people go on the internet and kind of get all these little you know sort of something’s going to Happ oh let’s do this it’ll promote something remember the guy used to promote the magazine he used to get in a shot of the team team photos and

all that yeah there’s no room for any of that we don’t want none of that AG stick to the SP so onto the game where where Dortmund did well um however didn’t put any chances away and you and I were talking earlier and we both felt that at

some point Real Madrid would get on top and stay on top and it’s exactly what happened yeah I mean you know when you cover all the Press I mean obviously in hindsight it’s an easy thing to say I’ll real MRI were going to win win but generally as

that game was unfolding they had good control of the game Madrid I thought possession they was like you know dominating possession but not creating anything which is so unusual for them particularly in that first half and Dortmund on the break and breaking up play you know had those

chances and it was a massive opportunity for them and I thought they performed very well and the manager did a great job particularly on Bellingham I mean he he couldn’t get a kick can K was around him all the time and uh so tactically I thought Dortmund had

the edge in the first half and second half um without changing too much Real Madrid the the the kind of like um assurance and the the knowing that they’re Madrid and they’re knowing that they’ve won it 14 times suddenly seemed to come out and a few individuals didn’t

it you know and uh suddenly you know they started performing Cruz got on top of the game he’s pass and become a little bit more clinical and suddenly uh once they got the goal there really was only one winner so um I think that was that was a

feeling that you sometimes have at a football match uh and we’ve all had that going into the stadiums all you kind of know what the result’s going to be sometimes in and I think that was about as close as it gets that one yesterday on am on da

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