yes guys how we doing and welcome back
to another youtube video so it is very
very hot in the UK right now and
especially if you’re living in a flat
there is no air coming in so the reason
you’ve clicked onto this video you want
to see the review for the new Ghost
pre-workout the signature problets it
which is the whiskey sour which I’ve
still yet to try I’ve left it I’ve had
this for like four or five days I’ve
left it until today to give it a proper
kind of race and review three workouts
on a massive massive fan of they’re not
necessarily essential but they give you
fantastic on a palm fantastic focus and
it’s definitely something that I’m
cooperating in I wouldn’t absolutely
like kind of use every single time prior
to a workout so the only have a ghost
pre-workout that I’ve tried before is
the Apple sour which is one of my top
favorites I haven’t tried any other kind
of ghost pre workouts the two pre
workouts at one at the moment we’ve got
the berserk this is the crystal blue
flavour rate this one massively the only
thing with this pre-workout is the calm
down is not fantastic and what by that I
mean it’s like the the pumps really
really good and when you’re in the
session you feel fantastic just
afterwards you just feel a little bit
kind of sluggish the reason why I kind
of feel that I’m not too sure the MVP
which is probably probably my favorite
pre-workout this is actually at the end
now hence the reason why I can I got a
new pre-workout and this is fantastic
this is a brilliant this though no kind
of come down or anything like that to
the new pre-workout which is the whiskey
sour it’s a really kind of odd flavor
I’ve seen the reasons why ghosts
and Rob lips have work to give up for
this pre-workout and it’s pretty cool
and why it’s kind of this flavour if I’m
honest I actually do really like whisky
to add to alcoholic to
so I thought himself yeah I’ll give it a
try notes bit of an odd flavor it’s not
like necessarily like Apple or like
blueberry and it’s gonna be completely
different so yeah I’m very very excited
to try this out before I go ahead and
try this product out go ahead and follow
me on Instagram I produce content on a
daily basis and at the moment if you’re
from the UK with Jim’s still being shots
I’m posting every single morning a home
workout or an outdoor workout for you to
try so go ahead and check my Instagram
out all right so here goes maybe you
probably think and why have I put it
into a glass you got to man you got to
yeah that’s nice man
you know what that’s not what I was
expecting I was expecting to be like
really really strong but it’s not to us
it’s proper subtle really subtle it’s
like a really kind of nice as the word
and the flavors go really really well
together and the lemons not too or like
become the sour is not too overpowering
I went for just one scoops of course if
you you have more than one scoop if you
want to brave it it’s probably could be
a lot stronger but this is the nice man
rate it very very good one minute oohs
I’m gonna finish all of this pre-workout
and I’m gonna go into a leg workout
which I’m also gonna feel afterwards I’m
gonna kind of let you know exactly how I
felt during the session and I’ve got the
pump and the focus that I got and then
give like an overall review at the end
let’s go okay so pre-workout finish
what’s really cool about this pre as
well is not actually that bit see at the
bottom which we find with most pre
workouts cool so me and Carly are gonna
go into a Alaba session what I’m gonna
do is I’m gonna put the full workout on
the screen now we’re gonna start off
with foam roller wall squats and walking
lunges a superset so at the moment
whilst I’m working out at home
I’m mainly doing super sets that you
have seen with somewhere other previous
videos just to increase that intensity
because at the moment I only have
resistant bands and I only have like a
dumbbell that goes up like some 9 or 10
kilos which is obviously not a brilliant
at all but officer we make do so what we
do we do a session we do super sets
through most of it rest time when they
keep rest quite shorts I’m talking maybe
like 30 to 45 seconds super sets the
hallway for we’re gonna power through
two sets per exercise and at the end
we’re going to do a little bit of a
finish are called every minute on the
minute which I’m gonna show at the end
and if you follow me on Instagram you’d
have seen I do a lot
these at the moment like the chippers
every other minute every minute of the
minute like those kind of really
high-intensity work so let’s go straight
into the first exercise as I said at
start of that we’re gonna do foam roll
up wall squats straight into walking
lunges so quads are gonna be on fire
okay so first two done two sets the best
thing about foam roller wall squats as
you get a bit of a nice to feel release
at the same time as it was quite nice in
the back and then straight into walking
lunges make sure when you’re going to
walking lunges guys don’t go straight on
just turn your kind of foot out slightly
so you kind of go knee over toe from all
the kind of pressure on the knee joint
so let’s go straight into our hamstring
superset we’re going to a Nordic
hamstring curl straight into a bandage a
line hamstring curl as well all you need
for this is isoform to put on your your
feet underneath for the Norden hamstring
curl and the second movement all you
need is a band and a calf and one of
these things that you cannot see look
into the door but make sure we do any
kind of resistant bands work that
involves a door don’t pull too heavy
avoids you’re gonna have a hefty no dope
all to kind of hard because you can have
a hefty bill from the what they calls
okay that is the hamstring superset dumb
we’ll go straight into glutes and a
little bit more chords work as well so
we do two different exercises split
lunges and assisted sissy squats this
movement looks very strange especially
if you’re working out at home if someone
walks in watching you doing this
exercise it’s gonna look very odd but
it’s an fantastic exercise for the quads
so yeah let’s go straight to this one
split lunges and assisted assisted sissy
if you haven’t tried out those sissy
squats that go ahead and try them out
because they’re absolutely brutal for
the quads so last two that we’re going
to do to finish this lo session before
we go into the super high intensity
interval training is we’re going to do
glute work you can do exercise sorry
straight into a calf exercise so the
glute exercise we’re gonna do is gonna
be bodyweight again it’s gonna be a heel
elevated hip thrust straight into a
singie single with donkey calf raise
that’s twice now the video unbelievable
let’s go shred the exercises
okay cool so that is the lower session
done we’re going to move on to the every
minute on the minute the way that we’re
gonna structure this is we’re gonna do
five minutes we’re gonna do five
different exercises you can have a
certain amount of reps to do in that
minute so for example the first one I’m
going to do 12 will go to 30 prisoner
squats and let’s say we can do it in 40
seconds you have 20 seconds rest up
towards that minute before going into
the next exercise and I put all the
exercises on the screen now give it a
try guys put in this workout put into
another leg workout was a fantastic
let’s go straight into it
so that was the finish show and as you
can see I’ll sweaty beforehand but I’m
literally I’m not actually that’s
whatever person and as you sweat like
that much but that was very intensive to
see the weather it’s not helping it but
yeah give that session to go guys
give that finisher a go as well and I
said if you want kind of tough workouts
like that go ahead and check my
Instagram out for some workout
inspiration let’s go into your let’s go
into the overall review of the ghost
product which I do very shortly yes guys
how you doing so it was too hot to film
the rest of the video yesterday so this
is the following day I’m gonna give an
overall review of the pre-workout and if
I’m honest it was actually better than
what I thought it was gonna be purely
because I fought the taste and the
flavor was gonna be so overpowering and
maybe too much in the sour sides but it
wasn’t it at all you know you’ve got a
really nice kind of balance like the
whiskey and the kind of lemony flavor
which is really cool
overall during the actual session you
know I had a brilliant session the focus
and the pumpers was phenomenal and most
importantly there was no calm down which
for a pre-workout should be one of the
biggest kind of points to really look
out for and yeah overall is a really
really good product and if I’m honest I
expect nothing less than ghosts because
ghosts are you know the pre-workout and
the whey protein that I’ve had are
incredible so yeah I would say it’s like
a 8.5 a 9 out of 10 is it’s that high I
probably would say I preferred that
apple sour more at the two flavors but
nevertheless this is still a brilliant
pre-workout and if you haven’t already
go ahead and try it out if you have
tried it out before let me know in the
comment section what you think of the
pre workouts thank you so much for
watching this video guys don’t forget to
Like subscribe if you haven’t already
and I’ll see you guys in the next one

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