hi guys, spaghettifrag here! I’m in a queue at the mcdrive for new sandwiches
that someone of you asked me…
there are glasses in offer… two large menu immediately coke glasses as gift two large menus, i eat only one…
from 8th September tho… alright! i just went got out of the shower… i have s*** hair
they go all over the place
first time i try to record the order
mcfurry snickers is here!
I wanted a mcchicken “il goloso” large menu
with coke for drink, a mcchicken “il ricercato”
only sandwich on the side
and a mcflurry snickers
thank you
ok there should be all that
they say, there is always something missing
there is mcflurry snickers! then we see…
i hate taking icescream so soon
but i hate being in a queue
in here must be the two sandwiches
i took the two giallo zafferano mcchicken versions
let’s see what crap is this
normal fries from mcdonald’s
not just cooked, they have two minutes cause
you can still hear the crunch
mc fries tend to… how to say
they get cold right away and then they sucks
eat right away because later they are more disgusting
and this one is from one who knows what he’s saying
i’m like

rocco (siffredi), i know about potatos
“trust someone who tried them all”
finally mcdonald’s mukbang
mc fries are good if they are just cooked
after ten minutes, they suck
they finished! so i can go with the sandwiches…
giallo zafferano number one
giallo zafferano number two
let’s do the thumbnail!
it fell a piece of bacon on the shirt
i’m gonna lawsuit mcdonald’s for this piece
one is “il ricercato” and the other is “il goloso”
so this is “il ricercato”
[ricercato (also means) sought after]
I wonder what he did… ahahah!
look at it, it looks like well filled… nice!
now I will pull it out…
ok… parmigian shred on the box
ok let’s try… it’s disintegrating in
hand… [wordplay, i can’t explain it XD]
very cheesy
it should be the same patty from the mcchicken
the rocket… i don’t know about that…
I like it when I disappear
and it’s only the sandwich upfront
autofocus sucks
boooom… look at that jerkface behind there
not bad… not good as
king bacon which is truly adorable
to be correct this is smaller and
it’s a different format… it’s not bad
now we try the other one “il goloso”
this is “il goloso”, gentlemen
if my cam decides to go on focus (fire)
bacon salad
can’t show a dick on camera
lucky me that i can’t show my dick on camera
let’s see what it will be
the same patty that the other one?
because the other one was less crisp than this one
this one is fresher
they look like different patty, but i bet my balls
they are the same
and the other one was less fresh
infact with bacon is more…
crunk crunk crunk
ok… few sauce in the bun, the other one was more saucy
a thin layer of barbecue sauce
it seams barbecue… it’s not
i prefer this one to the other one
that is more saucy
I don’t like too much sause in my sandwiches
there’s rocket, so you think
ingredients like tomatoes, lighter stuff
not a load of sauce onto it
it tastes good, however
the match doesn’t convince me
this convinces me more, it’s up more to my style
“il goloso” seems less fatter than “il ricercato”
“il ricercato” seems a fatty burger
is there tomato? I don’t see it
salad, patty, bacon and his fuckin’ sauce
family friendly
it seems like bbq sauce
or is it the bittersweet sauce…
it might be
i like more this one because it’s more balanced
nikocado won’t like this one, because there’s enough sauce
“il ricercato” is good, don’t get me wrong
i prefer this one
a sauce shouldn’t dominate on a sandwich
it must be the element that connects the tastes
it shouldn’t be a thing where you can taste only
the sauce
it must not have to cover everything
the sauce is there to be more like
a glue
amplifing the bun taste
not covering everything all over, either way you can only eat the sauce
nice, we finished sandwiches!
bittersweet is a mixture of the two
nice, we finished sandwiches!
this is more a food review than a mukbang here
this is more an aperitif
this mukbang is an aperitif
i used to eat two big tasty sandwiches
when i was younger
let’s go with the icecream!
too much light… flurry with snickers, for tommy!
traitor! the base is the classic icecream
from mcdonald’s and you have pieces of
snickers nuts
i don’t if you ever tried snickers
i can taste caramelized nuts
how everything remained on the bottom
I don’t wanna show it
because it is not nice to see, I understand
what they did you see
almonds they are apart and then they have it
put within the caramel
from the sundae
unpresentable but good, reason why
i never get icecreams right away
because as i eat this fuckin’ sandwiches

icecream melts, infact when i went to bk i took it later
there’s no chocolate here
icecream already melted
what a mess, holy mary!
definitely good the icecream!
fries were the usual fries from mcdonald’s
well done, almost cooked right away
the basket wasn’t raised in that moment
they had two minutes and the icecream is
very good I preferred it to the last
i ate at burgerking
it didn’t conquered me too much
this one tastes really like snickers
a shame that it melted when i was
eat sandwiches,
for giallo zafferano sandwiches
my choice is “il goloso” which
is less “goloso” than “il ricercato”
too much sauce and
the combination with rocket in my opinion
it doesn’t fit as much, perhaps it is better without it
if i would take as a customized sandwich
i will leave out the sause in my opinion
it covers too much… “il goloso” instead
liked the most even though there was
a little of sauce but actually it had a
much more balanced taste
thumbs up for “il goloso”,
“il ricercato” meh… was good
but if I have to choose between the two
i will choose “il goloso”, coke still
the coke from mcdonald’s, so you know it
let me know if you have tried
the new mcchickens… there are other chickens that I saw…
how the f*** they are called
premiere… premium… i saw it out, I don’t remember the
name I’ll write it in the video
probably also try the others later, tonight i wanted to try the two
giallo zafferano sandwiches, i was already afraid of
they wouldn’t be available
you can find me during the week on twitch
see you next week
with other mukbang, take a look to
the channel because i post continuously
videos and clips
livestream replicas, reviews etc. etc.
why i have to be always so hysterical when I’m making a video
it’s nice screaming when nobody is fucking listen to…

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