Giant Spears! Mysterious Heroine XX of FGO Summer Anime Figure Review & Unboxing

I knew I had to get this! She’s my second 
favorite Artoria (besides Castoria).  
Her ‘OL just trying to get 
by energy’ is too relatable.
Today on Bad Anime Decisions, we’ll be taking 
a look at this 1/7 scale Mysterious Heroine XX  
figure from KDcolle! At 17050 yen, was she 
worth it? Let’s open her up and find out!
The pose is based on her third stage art by BUNBUN 
and matches it pretty well though it deviates in a  
few places. The most obvious area of difference 
is right at the base. Instead of her left foot  
being submerged in the water with the waves 
passing by, it looks like she just landed at the  
edge of the shore with all the water splashing 
around. Though technically inaccurate, I think  
this was a smart choice and gives her a bit more 
dynamism and gives us a better look at her foot.
The sandals are fairly simple. The 
insoles and soles are painted matte  
brown with minimal shading. The straps 
are painted in the darker shade too,  
but are complimented by the green accents. The 
splash of color really adds to the sense of  
fun especially when you look closely 
and see the color mixing going on.  
Unfortunately there are some

imperfections along some of the strap edges.  
What’s not imperfect, however, are her cute toes 
which have been painted with a glossy finish.
Speaking of which her fingernails have 
also been individually carved and given  
the glossy treatment. The rest of her 
hands and arms look pretty good too.  
Her jacket thing has a nice level of 
texture with lots of folds represented.  
The zippers are tiny, but detailed and 
the pattern is sharply painted all over,  
though the lines don’t always follow 
the etched countours exactly perfectly.
The pattern on her cap is similarly cleanly 
applied though it and the rest of the hat  
does not have much in the way of shading. The 
major points of interest here are the ahoge and  
ponytails jutting out which have a nice sharpness 
in their shaping. Artoria’s face looks pretty cute  
especially with the slightly rosy cheeks and 
looks similar to the original illustration.
When it comes to the rest of her body, what 
can I really say? The sculpting is great and  
she hits that sweet spot between cute and 
sexy. Her curves are well represented and  
that arch of her back is to die for. I 
especially like how you can see a bit of  
definition on her tummy when the lighting 
is just right. The only thing I wish was a  
little different would be her skintone. I’m 
not sure if it’s my screens or something,  
but I swear her skin has a bit more color in the 
drawing which I think would compliment her assets.
Speaking of assets, her biggest pair are of course 
her…Rhongomyniad or should I say her Twinmyniad.  
Their sheer size is quite imposing in person and 
certainly feels grander than the in-game sprite.  
The smaller details are definitely 
here too. The lighter colored elements  
of the lance are sharply etched and the 
panel lines are shaded to bring them out.  
In contrast the dark green elements don’t appear 
to be shaded at all, but the combination of the  
metallic sheen catching light and the 
depth of the marks makes it unncessary.  
Much of the rest of the lance features similarly 
metallic finishes and sharp modeling throughout.
I’ve already mentioned a few areas of 
improvement, but my biggest issue by far  
relates to the base…or rather bases. Don’t get 
me wrong, Rhongomyniad is huge and needs a bit  
more support besides Artoria’s hand, but the key 
point is why is it on its own stand rather than  
being integrated into the main base. The support’s 
base even has an indentation which is supposed to  
go right up against the main base so it’s not 
like it’s off in the distance supporting weight  
far away from everything else. In addition, 
the supplied rod feels like it’s too short  
so Rhongomyniad sits low and thus Artoria’s hand 
isn’t centered on the grip and gets uncomfortably  
close to the lance’s flourishes. In fact, 
this combined with how none of these parts  
are fixed relative to each other meant that any 
movement could sometimes cause her arm to touch  
Rhongomyniad and rub some paint off. I was 
able to clean off most of it, but before  
she got anymore damaged I decided to make an 
adaptor to join everything into 1 super base.
I was originally going to model and 3D print 
the adaptor, but decided to do a rough handmade  
prototype first. It’s really rough, but I kinda 
like the look so I’ll definitely make a cleaner,  
3D printed version later which 
we will detail in a future video.
At 17050 yen, she is a bit pricy and for many 
people it would haven been cheaper to have  
rolled her in-game in the past instead. I know 
I spent a lot of time talking about the bases,  
but I feel like these sort of oversights on 
a premium figure feel bigger when so many  
other things are done so well. Artoria’s pose 
and sculpting are beautiful and Rhongomyniad  
looks great too so I’m certainly 
happy to have her in our collection.
But what do you guys think of this MHXX 
figure? Was I too harsh on the base? Does  
anyone want to get this figure because 
they couldn’t roll her during Summer 3?  
Let us know in the comments below.
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