Giant XTC Jr 20" Kids Mountain Bike | Long Term Review

Hello guys welcome back to my channel and 
today i’m gonna review my giant xtc junior  
during the covid restrictions 
everybody wants to ride their  
bike with their families at nearby park 
gravel trails or even in the skate park.
In this review we will be helping parents who 
want to buy a Giant XTC junior for their kids.  
This bike is the xtc junior 20 inch which is a 
cross-country oriented bike that retails for $429  
in australia. We got this from facebook 
marketplace for a fraction of the cost.  
i’ve had this bike for the last six months and 
it was a journey i took it to my first jumps  
and learned a couple skills with it including 
bunny hops doing the trails probably and jumping  
on my first run at the dirt jumps i knew i could 
do a lot with this bike i did a couple more runs  
and i practiced almost every day i didn’t think 
the bike would be so capable of handling on the  
trail and it would be so easy to maneuver 
it only needed some tiny adjustments and a  
couple of upgrades after those upgrades and 
adjustments it worked even better on the trail  
and wherever i rode this bike used to have um 

rebel shift which is a grip shifter  
but we put the link in the description how 
we replaced it with this trigger shifter
we also replaced the grips moving 
down we’ve got v-brakes we have a coil  
fork 40 millimeters of travel 
to absorb bumps on the trail
moving down we also we’ve got two brakes, a stand 
that comes down. We’ve got shimano tourney tx,  
it’s a one by seven drivetrain and we’ve got giant 
tires 20 inch wheels. This bike does not come  
tubeless ready it comes with a tube though 
this bike is for five to eight year olds  
that are wanting to go up from a 16 inch to now 
a 20 inch or a kid that is just starting to learn  
how to ride a bike the advantages of getting this 
bike are it has a one by seven drive terrain which  
means it’s not as complex as a two by or three 
bias drive terrain it’s widely available in a lot  
of retail stores including online it’s reasonably 
light for its price and it’s easy to learn with  
this is the bike that i thought how to ride a bike 
the disadvantages of this bike is it has re-brakes  
so there’s not as strong as mechanical disc 
brakes or hydraulic disc brakes it comes with  
a rebel shift so you might have to spend a 
bit more money if you want to change it to a  
trigger shifter and it lacks a bit on capability 
when you ride more technical stuff because it  
has a coil fork and not a strong bricks having 
said that the price point is quite reasonable  
there are other alternatives like the polygon 
relic the yuli bike and the rock rider st  
900 between the four i would recommend getting 
either the rock rider sd 900 or the polygon relic  
because they both have disc brakes and they’re 
easier to upgrade for the same price as this  
if you’re getting more serious into my mountain 
biking you might have to go up a price point  
and either you might like to get the marin san 
quentin 20 or the norco charger i hope this video  
helped you if you’re learning how to ride a bike 
you can check out my other video where i teach how  
to ride a bike please don’t forget to hit that 
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