Girl In the Bunker Movie Review/plot In Hindi & Urdu ( Story Explained )

This is a true story, and “Elizabeth” is shown in her classroom.
and a man comes to her class who talks to her teacher about a serious matter.
Then he calls a girl from her class and she goes out with that man.
”Elizabeth” was talking to her friend about that girl
and her friend tells ”Elizabeth” that the girl and her mother are strange.
She tells her that the police also arrived at that girl’s home
don’t know what is the matter about the police arrival?
”Elizabeth” returns home and tells her mother that she has returned with her younger brother.
”Elizabeth’s” family spends a good time together in the daytime. A strange man is shown on another side
he was digging the earth and we couldn’t discover his purpose properly.
”Elizabeth’s” family starts their day as per their routine
firstly, her father moves out hunting with his friend.
Then her mother make her kids ready to go to school
and goes to drop them at the bus stop.
They will go to school then
she asks her mother for permission to spend the night at a friend’s house on the way.
Her mother says I will allow you but before this, you have to ask

your friend’s mother.
”Elizabeth” checks her bag and discovers she has left the mascara at home.
She says she has left mascara at home so turn the car
but her mother says we can’t go back as I am getting late from my job.
They argue about it and her mother says she will not go back
however, “Elizabeth,” you must maintain a positive attitude.
She becomes furious at it but she has to obey her mother.
She doesn’t go back home but goes to school from her school bus.
”Elizabeth’s” friend asks her when they will meet? and they plan to meet
and her friend joins them when ”Elizabeth” was returning with her friend after school.
Now he will go with them at home.
They move out of the school and return home so their friend takes out marijuana
then he starts smoking.
He also offers ”Elizabeth” but she refuses
and ”Elizabeth’s” friend starts smoking with him.
The parents of the boy come to pick him up but he handles marijuana to ”Elizabeth” so they willn’t catch him
he also offers the ride to ”Elizabeth” that they can drop her at home.
”Elizabeth” says no I can go home because the distance is short from here.
She prefers to go home on walking and the boy says they will meet on Saturday again
so return my marijuana then. Now the boy leaves and ”Elizabeth” was moving home alone.
She was near her home and about to reach home
meanwhile, a man with glasses calls her towards him from the forest.
He says he is a police officer in this area.
He tells he has caught her younger brother
at first, she gets scared of going to that man but then she moved toward him courageously.
As the man said that he has caught her younger brother so she wants to solve this problem.
She moves toward him and the man makes her wear the handcuffs immediately.
The man says you have dried the plants of marijuana.
”Elizabeth” tells there is nothing like this and he places a bomb around her neck
and says this bomb will blast if you will try to run.
After it, he took her to make her meet her younger brother.
He says to ”Elizabeth” I want you to be saved and I am doing this according to the police orders.
On another side, ”Elizabeth’s” younger brother is shown at his home
he calls his mother and tells her ”Elizabeth” didn’t arrive home yet.
His mother says maybe she has some task and she will be back at home after some time.
After some time, her mother calls her brother and asks did her daughter arrive home?
He tells she hasn’t arrived yet and she asks him to check on the road
and check the path from where she comes home maybe she is on her way.
She asks him to check the path where the bus dropped her
then she calls ”Elizabeth’s” friend that maybe she is at her friend’s home.
She wasn’t there and ”Elizabeth” is shown in the forests asking the man where are you taking me?
He says it isn’t far just keep on walking and then he tells her that he has kidnapped her.
He says I will end you if you will try to escape
now ”Elizabeth” has discovered the man isn’t a police officer but a kidnapper.
Moving at a far distance the kidnapper shows her an underground bunker.
”Elizabeth” was asked to move inside and there was darkness inside the bunker.
The place was terrible and she was scared that the kidnapper would end her.
”Elizabeth’s” mother is shown worried as ”Elizabeth” was late so she goes on the road to find her.
She meets ”Elizabeth’s” friend and her mother and they advise her to tell the police.
”Madeline” calls the police while hoping that they may track her daughter.
”Elizabeth’s” father has also returned home after an hour of hunting
and her mother goes to her husband to tell him that ”Elizabeth” didn’t arrive home yet.
He wasn’t worried and made his wife believe that their daughter will be back at home soon.
Maybe she has some tasks and we will wait till evening.
The night has appeared and ”Elizabeth” didn’t come home yet and they inform the police
then the police officers are shown searching for ”Elizabeth” in the forest.
That maybe she is here but there was darkness in the forest and they didn’t get any evidence.
It has become difficult to find ”Elizabeth”.
The police officer asks her mother was there any fight at home?
her mother claims that he had a minor disagreement with his daughter in the morning.
Hearing this, the police feel ”Elizabeth” went from house intentionally
and she will be back at home after some days.
Her mother was insisting there is nothing like this and her daughter can’t leave her like this.
Her daughter can’t live without house for a long time.
The police don’t listen to them and leave while asking them to wait for a few days
your daughter will be back at home.
If she will not return inform us.
”Elizabeth” is shown who is still locked in the underground bunker.
Neither she can’t fight the kidnapper nor she can run from here.
She was told there are many bombs and traps outside
if she will try to run from here she will be ended.
”Elizabeth” used to weep all the time and the kidnapper doesn’t like this
he becomes furious at it and says if you will cry I will end you.
”Elizabeth” discovers his name that the mad man is named ”Vinson”
and ”Vinson” come to know while watching Tv that none will come to find ”Elizabeth”.
There was no news on television about her disappearance.
The police officers are again shown at ”Elizabeth’s” home
they visited her house again.
The officers again ask about their daughter
and her mother was insisting that she didn’t leave the home intentionally.
She tells them to prove that her important stuff is at home
if she had left the home willingly she would have taken her important stuff.
She was saying again and again to find her daughter,
either she is kidnapped or she is in huge trouble.
The officers inform Sheriff about it.
Sheriff says the first 48 hours are the most important
and they are taking a slow action.
“Elizabeth” was in the forest bunker when she heard walking voices.
This was the voice of her parents and friends.
They were searching for her there but they didn’t discover their daughter is in an underground bunker.
”Vinson” who was hearing those voices puts hand on ”Elizabeth’s” mouth
so she will not make a noise after hearing those voices.
”Elizabeth” doesn’t make a noise and even stops her tears
because she thinks she can’t do anything as she is alone.
The days pass like this and the media has also reported this.
She becomes emotional after hearing her news and mother on the TV
her mother was telling how much she loves her daughter?
She wishes that her daughter to be alright.
“Elizabeth” is also crying as she prepares to meet her mother and hopes to return home one day.
”Vinson” shuts the TV and then the scene of the fourth day is shown
”Elizabeth” was thinking to escape from here but she knows she can’t do this.
She should be too careful in order to escape from here.
She will be in danger like this
now she gradually started coming closer to ”Vinson” and was also replying to him.
She pretends to have sympathy for him and understands why he kidnapped her?
Actually, ”Vinson” wants to live with his wife in hideout
but his wife rejected him.
He becomes furious at it and thought he can live with someone else except for her.
”Elizabeth” wass unlucky because she appeared in front of ”Vinson” when he was in anger and planned this.
He kidnapped her and ”Vinson” tells her his wife’s name
and he says his wife deceived him and reported to the police that I am cruel.
There wasn’t anything like this so he became furious and canceled the plan to keep her with him.
Likewise, the fourth day has also passed
one day, ”Vinson” was sleeping ”Elizabeth” goes to the gun.
She couldn’t reach the gun
because her neck was tied and then ”Vinson” awakes.
He hears the voice of the helicopter
and they were sent to find ”Elizabeth” from there.
”Vinson” uses the aluminum foil so the red sensors in the helicopter will not detect the heat
now ”Elizabeth” talks to ”Vinson” and wins his trust.
”Vinson” holds her the gun and asks her to shoot
this gun wasn’t real but it can end any human if it will be shot from a distance.
”Vinson” becomes happy to see ”Elizabeth’s” ability
how speedily she has learned to shoot the gun.
”Vinson” ties her hands at night and takes her outside
so he will bring food from outside.
Actually, someone has dropped food for him in the car now they move toward the car
they take food from there and then collect water from the river.
Suddenly, a helicopter arrives, and ”Vinson” asks ”Elizabeth” to go with him
and they go to their hiding place hurriedly.
”Elizabeth” takes off her shoe while leaving
so the police will reach her while searching for her.
She believes the police will find her while tracing her.
Likewise, 7 days passed
one day, ”Vinson” was sleeping and ”Elizabeth” awakes and acts on her plan.
She picks up his phone and texts her mother
but there were no signals in the bunker so the message wasn’t sent.
”Elizabeth” takes the phone to the entrance outside the bunker because of no signals easily
as she takes it out it picks the signals.
Her message was sent and then she deletes the messages from ”Vinson’s” phone.
So ”Vinson” will not discover about those messages.
Then she picks up the gun and tries to end ”Vinson”
and she was told the gun should not be at a distance if she has to shoot with it.
She places the gun near ”Vinson’s” head and presses the trigger.
Then she discovers there were no bullets in the gun
and she becomes worried because her plans were not working as she thought.
The sheriff is shown telling ”Elizabeth’s” parents
that he doesn’t think their daughter is in this area as he has search out the 20 square mile area.
He didn’t find her any trace
likewise, the 8th day was passed and ”Elizabeth’s” mother is shown.
She becomes surprised after checking her phone as she got messages from ”Elizabeth”.
She tells this to her husband and her husband says it means our daughter ”Elizabeth” is still alive.
Her husband forbids her to call this number because this may create a problem for ”Elizabeth”.
They tell this to police and they consider it a prank and start calling the number
but the luck was good and the officer arrives and stops them.
He stop them to call this number this may create problem for the girl.
Then the 9th day is shown and the police track this number
and discover the owner of this number.
The next day’s scene is shown and the police reach the owner’s house that was a lady.
Her name was ”Katherine” and the police remember they come here 3 weeks before.
The lady has reported a case against her husband for beating her.
The police reach her home and meets ”Katherine” and tells ”Madeline’s” daughter is kidnapped
and her daughter ”Elizabeth” has texted from a number and you are its owner.
The police has understood the man about whom the case was reported has kidnapped ”Elizabeth”
and the police say if something will happen to ”Elizabeth” you will also be under suspicion.
The lady has to help the police but the lady says I haven’t met ”Vinson” for years.
The police suspect this statement and they tell we received a message from your cell phone 1 month ago.
The cell phone is registered by your name
and warn her if ”Vinson” will do something with ”Elizabeth” or end her you will also be a part of it.
Now ”Katherine” is shown taking the police to the place where she provides the food to ”Vinson”.
She brings them to the car where we have seen ”Vinson” before.
The police spread their team in the forest everywhere
and ask them to check everywhere and they say ”Vinson” will be in suroundings.
As the lady said he took food from here
and the police say they will use media to capture ”Vinson”.
”Vinson” will try to escape from here when this news will be on TV.
We will capture him as he will try to escape from here
”Vinson” hears the news that his name was taken so he suspects ”Elizabeth”.
He checks his phone with which ”Elizabeth” has sent messages
but she has deleted the messages so he couldn’t get any evidence.
”Elizabeth” tries to convince ”Vinson” that she loves him
and wants to live with him here.
She will never leave him.
She will stay with him and ”Elizabeth” says to ”Vinson” he should move far from here.
The police will find him soon and will reach here while following him.
”Elizabeth” discovers the wife about which ”Vinson” told her
was none other than the lady whom we saw at the start and the man took her
The lady ”Katherine” who provides food was that girl’s mother.
”Vinson” says he will leave as she said
and ”Elizabeth” promises him that she will stay in the bunker until he returns.
She says we’ll marry when you come back to pick me up
and come back when you feel that you are safe.
”Vinson” is shown escaping and ”Elizabeth” waits for him for a long time.
When he didn’t return ”Elizabeth” courageously comes out of the bunker
and discovers that she was told about the bombs and traps were a lie.
She was lucky that the police were searching for her when she came out.
They find the girl as they hear the voice then she was taken to the hospital.
”Elizabeth’s” parents has also reached there
and they meet their daughter after a long time.
At the end of the film, it is revealed that the kidnapper “Vinson” was also apprehended.
He received a lengthy sentence.
This is the end of the true story.

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