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thank you to liquid IV and Babel for sponsoring this video more on them after the reaction citizens of the reject Nation hello my name is Aaron Alexander and this here is Roxy Roxy gosh darn strier uh Roxy that’s true gosh Dart it I’m a strier Roxy do you know how to snap can you yeah yeah really well yeah all right we’re going to make a handshake right now you ready okay y go this way ba ba ba ba ba black have you any wool yes sir yes sir rebags full today you guys we’re watching Glory

have you seen this movie do you know anything about it have I seen this this be a while have you seen this you taking this reaction no I’ve never seen this I didn’t know anything about it until we said Gloria and I was like Denzel right like that’s the only thing I didn’t even know this was a civil war movie till we saw the cover and it looked like a war movie and I think that that’s what it is it’s going to be great we’re going have a good time uh yeah I agree it was

a good War yeah it was a good War good War uh great results good year for wine leave a comment leave a like ring that

gosh Dar Bell cuz we need it we need your love we need your attention also what do you know about the Civil War did you were you there are you a vampire I don’t know list every fact you know about the Civil War you won’t are there any statues in your town let us know uh thank you so much for uh prepper having us for doing their thing you guys are

the real heroes over there also go over to the patreon and John covers several shows and movies over there where you can sync up with your own copy and you can have a good old time with those boys and watch us have a good old time with this movie too yeah it’s going to be a good time it’s going to be a good old fun time no tears whatsoever you can reach that Robert goldshaw the son of wealthy Boston yay um no abolitionist yeah was 23 years old when he enlisted to fight in the war

between the states he wrote homeo regularly telling his parents life and Gathering Army of pomac these letters are collected in the hotton library of Harvard University I grew up there it was good reading I’m partially dyslexic it’s very hard for me to read sometimes are you really yes but mostly with numbers P The Have and pay the G what did you just say you never heard that never in my life do have you ever been to Boston no you know like you’ll say Hella for up north park the car in Harvard Yard and pay the

guard quarter oh have and pay the guardar do people actually talk like that so kind of yeah sometimes like in actual Boston a lot oh wow anyway it’s relevant to this movie because we’re in Boston I hope they sound like that I hope everybody in this movie talks with a heavy boxing accent no well because they’re soldiers they’re not all from Boston right and also also we’re in a very different time here de mother I hope you are keeping well not worrying too much about me I mean it’s a choice the mustache and the soul

patch you mustn’t think that any of us are going to be killed for they are collecting such a force here that an attack would be insane did they use insane back then it would be insane it’ be wild bro how Grand it is to meet the men from all the states east and west down here ready to fight for their country as the old fellows did in the revolution but this time we must make it a whole country immediately loving the music it’s like Angelic before this War began many of my regiment had never seen

a negro the roads are choked with the dispossessed do you want me to repeat it or do you yeah yeah I didn’t hear them actually we fight for men and women whose poetry is not yet written but which will presently be as enviable and as renowned as any it’s interesting that neither of us knew Matthew brri was in this yeah no I I vaguely knew Denzel and Morgan Freeman were in but yeah I guess no one ever talks about Matthew project but he’s leading as in think it’s strange to see me giving orders to 100

men most of whom are older than I am thank you for sending my volume of Emerson are you here a central character is he about to White save in this movie obviously if there isn’t a white savior is it even a movie The Evil ey can wi that the heart’s blessing can heal and that love can overcome All Odds I’ve learned that not everybody understands my sarcasm on this channel so I’m going to start saying that was sarcastic everyone oh oh carry always As You Wish princess bread oh yes yes he was in Saw he’s

a lead guy in s that’s an interesting oh okay now we’re in Maryland I don’t feel like that’s like the best tactic I don’t think you should just like swords up you know angou hello my name is amig Montoya you k my father prepar to die they call me Zoro how do you do with war movies typically how do I deal with them how do you do like do you like war movies I mean they’re not my favorite I don’t dislike war movies I’m not like gung-ho like oh yeah give me that violence baby how

are you I would like myself to be a not a history buff but a a history Intrigue human okay was one of my favorites subjects I do like war movies but Civil War is tough to show because it was just so disgustingly gnarly you know like not Modern Warfare yeah that was very well timed and the trenches just in like the whole yeah I see what you mean no it was a brutal time that’s why I feel like World War II is the most covered War because it’s when you start to get into more attractive

ways to die yeah way to phrase it but more technology as opposed to just sheer numbers yeah it’s definitely the most brutal time oh that’s a leg do you know who directed this no me neither oh I think my favorite war movie is Hacksaw Ridge you’re saying that because you know you want to hurt me or no why it’s a great movie have you not seen it I’ve seen it Andrew Garfield’s so good in that movie yeah and how did you like Mel Gibson’s direction to the Jew that you told is your favorite movie wait

he directed that oh it’s excellent It’s I’m just giving you a hard time it’s an excellent movie it is an excellent movie oh but I thought you were testing me because Greg’s joke on this channel with me is always that he’s going to give me only Mel gibs and stuff to oh oh wake up you have more war to fight honey why are you slouching oh you all right there cam it’s a wild shot hey it’s my boy we go way back I like that being the opening scene because they just showed us like the

sheer horror the amount of bodies um we know where we are immediately yeah how how desperate they are how down bad but the hope that he had in writing the letter to his mom and the justos of that to this and he was like do not worry and it’s like if she saw what was happening she wouldd be worried sick damn I think he cut himself shaving that must be what happened yeah yeah he was like got to get ready for this battle I do wonder when it was a thing for soldiers to no longer

have facial hair at all huh I mean they have mustaches like but I think that’s all they can have for really in 2024 yeah you haven’t seen like the the generals with just like the stashes I don’t know I can’t picture that right now I just think of soldiers as very clean shaven usually I wonder why they Buzz their head that’s the one that perplexes me I honestly think it might be I don’t know but just like routine in the morning I’ve talked to my grandfather about this a lot he’s a World War II vet

just always being as presentable routine let me know if I heard you resistance I guess maybe at least for Navy latest makes sense I’m making it up I don’t know but I buy it though I’m like yeah that that L tracks who got it from a friend of his who’s one of Stanton’s clerks in the war office he says Lincoln is going to issue an Emancipation Proclamation going to free the slaves did you learn that on Twitter just something I don’t know he’s going to freeze some of them anyway my God on Street also a

head getting blown up doesn’t get you but like getting stitches does anymore please ooh that’s a tough line of dialogue might hurt me Captain I’m sorry there’s no sedatives or anything it’s got to just raw raw dog it booze yep I’m not suggesting this to anybody but if I was fighting in this Civil War I would without out a doubt being an alcoholic what’s the point of not oh yeah no you got to make it through the day somehow interesting too now going to this like up party where everybody the violin the or piano right

they have no idea what they just went through Thomas Captain Shaw I was so proud when I heard I had no choice all the other officers are dead is that that dude from Brooklyn 99 the captain Godot damn are working for your father helping him with resettlement for the freed man’s relief Association Governor you know my son Robert yes good to see you again Robert Robert have you met Frederick Douglas my grandfather’s actually named after him I understand you were at ADM yeah what’s he named Frederick Douglas Alexander and then my middle name is Douglas

after him oh really yeah that’s cool the governor is proposing to raise a regiment of negro soldiers I was named after I was named after the sting of the police song roam I’ve submitted your name Robert to be commissioned Colonel of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry thank you Governor that’s it’s a wonderful idea where in his career are we right now Pride dignity those who have known only degr colored soldiers Rob just think of it I have to imagine is around the sper it looks the same age Splendid job young mant faci here real did he

grow that you think that’s like see that’s car I was yes Chester to much punch wasn’t that funny I mean I know how much you’d like to make Colonel but a color regiment you know how popular that would be handing out guns to a thousand colorss Matthew’s like I’m not even listening I don’t know what you just said what’s wrong this is one of those epic scores I’m going to do it oh yeah it’s going to swell those really dramatic moments I want you to come with me me you if he’s not sliming he’s definitely

going to die can you picture me in charge of a regiment picture me in charge of anything I would be honored to have you is it true there’s to be a colored regiment so it seems then I am your first volunteer yeah is it a volunteer situation oh I don’t know how much Choice he had in that but sure we’ll say it’s volunteer when we going get to fight there is something unbelievably special though about wars where you’re fighting for your own people like again talking about my grandfather as he was Jewish fighting in World

War II like for the release of his people whatever it is watching something like this is kind of you don’t usually see movies like this no yeah you have extra motivation exactly to set them free to win I am your commanding officer it is a great pleasure to see you all here today it is my hope that the same courage spirit and honor which has brought us together will one day restore this Union what union the the north was the union of the the States United States the country the country Yeah country you recruits the

report to your respective officers by the letter of your yeah especially them having extra motivation cuz you know slaves were split up from their families at that time so I imagine they’re trying to get back to their families as well yeah good point shout out to the costume designer on this one too just the sheer amount of people I mean there’s so there’s so many soldiers that we’ve seen so far from the starting battle to just now oh yeah it’s a lot of costumes for period pieces it’s so it’s just so much credit yeah I

wonder if this movie won anything when it came out what about that book all theal that guy yeah H I don’t know I recognize him he’s in more than Brooklyn 99 he’s in a bunch of other stuff we’ll yeah the second you said it I was like I’ve definitely seen him commercials or something for that but the the guy he was talking to I don’t know what I feel like I saw him do like some comedy thing but this was when what year did this movie come out I want to say like 92 somewhere around

there i’ rather let me ask you a personal question were you born yet no I was3 at that point wow just waiting to pop on out it’s waiting were you born at this point yeah I was old as hell I was a full one wait no see that’s my space I sleep better close up on that door why get on mind I F the more a space with more sufficient reading light oh I like it when talk good as white F he looks so young does he not look so young baby face Denzel I am

a free man as was my father so good already bro oh good well why don’t you move your my I have to BU up there ain’t nobody said nothing to you Pap it’s all right by my stars I know you’re not talking to me like that where you from Phil H South Carolina well you ought to know better than that boy hey would you put that what’s your name r what’s your name what he is such a confident actor in all of his choices so charismatic when he whispers how he moves with the drumstick he’s

mute you mean this child can’t talk yeah straight up and in a scene with Morgan freem minutes like how do you own a scene when you’re with it but just so good what about you there Buck where about you from I’m around Tennessee I ran away when I 12 years old I ain’t never look back what you doing since then I run for President also Morgan Freeman and Denzel are two very different kind of actors as well I feel Morgan Freeman’s very much more calm and subdued and then he’s always like dominating his scenes of

like he’s that Center you know yeah Denzel spent a lot of time actually talking about how he as an actor he works from the outside in as opposed to Morgan Freeman who I think works from the inside out so denel is a lot about like um physicalization of characters and learning it uh and like observing other people in mannerisms as opposed to I think Morgan Freeman more starts with the motivation and inside so it’s an interesting comment that it plays differently both equally talented obviously but different performance Styles oh definitely how was your meal the

remad was a trif t but thisav desired more than made up for it and your uh comrades Charming Charming Charming darling a word please oh excuse me just how many people are in this movie I mean so many scenes that have over a hundred people yeah must been a crazy yeah I won’t permit that kind of fraternization it’s only Thomas he’s an enlisted man you’re right of course I’ve sent for help his hair is wild one company H about F you are ugly me Mexican African we’re going to work on this day and night gentlemen

feels wildly unnecessary sir you half wit black bastard did you truly cut your BS off at first I’m going to work on you you bastard till I get you broken compy like even that little side eye moment how many here do not know right from left this is your front this is your rear this is your right and this now you’re learning boyo forward March one one one two 2 1 two 1 It’s like got to be so difficult when you want to punch him but you have to learn from him it’s the only way

to go through yeah you can see the frustration in Denzel’s face he’s like I’m GNA get you sucker and not knowing like just like is he just an everybody or is he specifically only to these guys like right like are you a m of sure it’s a little bit of both little a b com hell no bro what about the uniforms still no word rifles cuz I feel like not everybody that fights for the north just because they fight for that side doesn’t mean they’re not racist yeah obviously like I have my own reservations but

I guess we’ll like have the blacks there too I mean it’s 2024 and still not everybody in the north is not raising yeah it’s like they are almost grave and sedate under instruction different phrases now and they restrain themselves but the moment they are dismissed from drill but boy was still here every tongue is relaxed and every Ivory tooth is visible and you would not know from the sound of it that this is an army camp except this time he said boo which was kind of more like Chef boy Ori yeah he was referencing actually

Chef D big fan they had that back then yeah Oodles of Noodles spaghetti H to set their minds free so quickly it gives them great energy and there is no doubt that we will leave the state as fine a regiment as any that has marched as ever your son Robert who’s done what the Confederate Congress has issued a proclamation any negro taken in arms against the Confederacy will immediately be returned to a state of slavery any negro taken in federal uniform will be summarily put to death any white officer taken in command of negro troops

shall be deemed as inciting servile Insurrection and shall likewise be put to death wow some of them didn’t have a choice Dude full discharges will be granted in the morning to all those who apply that’s still sad if you’re not here in the morning I understand see now we’re going to find out whether he is a jerk like I initially predicted or a good guy which I’m thinking is happening maybe I’m hoping is’s a good guy yeah me too cool shot again not to sound so old but I feel like they don’t make movies like

this anymore it’s like like the silhouette shots the amount of extras just like the pure volume of this movie yeah definitely they don’t capture this feel yeah and the score why don’t people talk about the score in this movie it’s really great yeah just so good at capturing the the mood they don’t really I wonder who did the score how do his glasses stay on his face they don’t have like they just stay especially like I wonder if he sleeps in them cuz I feel like that would really mess them up too well imagine you

roll over and it’s like yeah morning sir formed and ready sir how many I left everyone come on come on let’s go let go oh it’s moments like that that make you want to cry and the music and the Glory Hallelujah I love when people show up for people when they don’t have to showing up for someone cuz it’s the right thing to do you’re not this Bo get up you’ll fall out when I say you up before do you understand I said get over bro I’m G rip that mustache off your face bro you’re

doing too much but like so is every War General ever I don’t know sergant whatever his rank is I wonder if you are treating these men too hard you disagree you may speak freely the boy’s your friend is he we grew up together yes let him grow up some more I see that be all do that even mean do you see that wasn’t much of an explanation I see thank you for explaining let him grow some more aha yes yes yes I concur infield rifle musk that’s the world here N1 you can hand that boy

oh he’s going to die and I’m so sad about it cuz I love him there’s a rumor going around they were to be used only for manual labor can’t believe the kind of things we here it’s not true is it I mean about not being allowed to fight the men are all living for that day I know I am it’s crazy what the mind can do when you’re at War and you just like are messing around like little kids almost just like playing pretend just to protect your mind from what you’re about to have to

do yeah it’s like not disassociation but just like yeah yeah separating yourself from it in a sense Cent you’re a good shot private thank you sir squirrel hunt yeah he’s going to die I know I said it was a squirrel hunting for me I was like nah you going to make it bro reload faster faster faster can you imagine if they still to do that today it’s like does somebody screaming you make you go faster do it now do it again only this time I want it done quickly a good man can fire three aim

shots in a minute how crazy is that that that’s the time it used to take to fire three shots and now you can come in with an assault rifle and just seconds awful faster reload I thought about to put the gun to his head I think so too faster like showing him what it’s like in like war with the do it Mike do it that was your best yet teach them properly major attention Company Ready Aim Fire what about the guys in the back row like don’t hit the guys in the front why do you

treat the men this way Robin how should I treat them like men and what about Thomas why are you so hot on him he’s not a very good soldier I’m getting these men ready for battle he looks so silly in his hat I’m sorry they March well they’re disciplined no thanks to you imagine taking the time to put a feather in your hat for war he just organized it every morning get it right I look good damn who do you think you are acting the high up Colonel you seem to forget I know you I

feel so bad that I call Carrie always slimy when he’s clearly the better one oh yeah he’s a standup dude if you don’t believe in what we’re doing here maybe you shouldn’t be part of it part of what left light left light little finger along the seams of your trousers what did that last part mean I have no clue I’ve never heard that before their lives to be here they have given up their freedom I owe them as much as they have given I owe them my freedom my life if necessary two different schools of

thought it’s kind of interesting to see maybe so do you Kevin I think you do as you wish it’s wild the two different kinds of leaders like obviously as somebody who knows very little about war what is better to be as hard on every Soldier as humanly possible to prepare them or to or like tough love or treat everybody with kindness and respect like got to be some kind of combo of both right yeah some sort of Middle Ground yeah we hear Bonnie Prince Charlie and his little toy bonette you’re not reading your books now

go on go on get on get on now stab me gladly stab me oh is this the thing that they were referencing earlier I asked what the weapon was uh maybe probably you pushy little school girl you’re the worst soldier in this whole company now hit me D see like okay so we know that that’s not the right leadership that can’t be the right Le the tough love but that’s not tough love not tough love but just like BR brutality I should get up forgot the duck that’s all Sergeant deal with that man you got

to teach him right you we secret the only thing you have to learn to do is to keep your M sh that’s why you have subtitles save it son save it carry on Sergeant M I hope Denzel doesn’t die is that him dealing with him I’d like to speak to you for a moment in private if I may like not everybody’s made for listed men wishing to speak to their commanding officer must first get permission you understand private yes oh you think he’s going to die too I hope not hope he rises to the occasion

and becomes like badass yeah it’s so sad cuz we saw him smiling smiling smiling smiling and it’s like literally he had the smile wiped off of his face with a whatever that weapon is just a boy he a weak wide boy beating on make him feel strong ain’t that right snowflake you know he ain’t never been in no West Point and the only reason he in charge is cuz his mommy and daddy fixed it I can’t get over how young he is here he thought he was different didn’t he what you think now I just

can’t help but smile watching him he just so good you just thought you were so smart didn’t you yeah you in real school now or ain’t you what you going to do cry okay I think part of the resentment is like like a house negro and he was out there in the fields and he’s just like you think you’re all up at you think you got what it takes to be out here with us for sure the lady over there giving biscuits and gravy she said if he bring his friends she feed them too only

even think about it B and gravy sound good to me maybe get myself some real shoes honestly sounds pretty good to me too they find out they liable to shoot you is you an old man or is you a old woman I forget not exactly sure what that go meant can’t not be sexist though this man love getting in people’s faces but we all know people like this who really just like cannot mind their own business either just or in everybody’s stuff news today of the defeated Fredericksburg if things continue to go badly I wonder

if I might not end my days as an outlaw leader of a band of fugitive slaves try as I may I don’t know these men their music which is different from ours he said try as I may like are you really trying I am afraid I shall show that I am not of much account I don’t want to stand in their way because of my own weakness I get to know them man I miss Christmas on N sha Island and the smell of the sea mother I don’t understand their negro ways their music their music

though their food is deec he’s literally on the drums like is that the music that you don’t get Merry Christmas Robert Merry Christmas Thomas Merry Christmas Roxy happy happy Hanukkah Ro thank you can we now just say Merry Christmas at any time of year yeah Merry Christmas to you two how’s it going down there oh very well thank you how much longer you figure they last I hear they’re deserting 10 at a time oh you’re misinformed we haven’t had a single incident see I want to start saying that to people you’re misinformed instead of you’re

wrong you’re misinformed you’re clearly misinformed I put in a requisition for some shoes we extremely Limited as to Footwear I’m afraid that kind of item has to be reserved for those units whose fighting Readiness supersede yours oh that’s actual you understand I’m sure no I don’t understand yes I understand he look like he’s trying to be Tony Stark so what they’re going to have no shoes reform your R reform your R reform your R in the ring he was caught with the gravy and biscuits right that must be what happening right yeah I could see

that are they going to whip him bro prisoners in position I think they’re about to whip him the prisoner is to be flogged before the entire regiment not not a this is messed up bro never question my authority in front of others well I is sorry M you’ll be the boss man now and all us Chillin must learn maor fors what a line okay he’s right though I mean what’s the difference between slavery and this if this is the punishment of gravy and biscuits like yeah makes you all know better than the other side you

may commence like how are you fighting for Freedom then if this is what freedom is ooh he’s like been there there’s nothing you can do to me that hasn’t been done to me proceed yeah you can see it all in his eyes oh yeah oh he is so Fierce yeah might as well have been the middle finger he just gave him oh wow with the eye contact too yeah so go on then I ain’t afraid of you this is crazy this is absolutely nuts or in the words of Matthew bradick this is insane wow it’s

like I hate you I hate you now yeah we’re supposed to respect you as a ruler or whatever he is General Stone like not even oh wow man I feel like people have referred to that before as the glory tier that yeah I feel like I’ve heard that before with that one tiar oh no I’ve never heard that Mr Rollins this morning I I it would be a great help if I could talk to you about the men from time to time I I ain’t talking to you that’s all shoose sir give us some mother

smuck and shoes the men need shoes colel yes I know I’ve been after the Quarter Master for some time now no sir now enough’s enough the boy was off trying to find hisself some shoes Colonel he wants to fight same as the rest of us all of the men like this yes most of them ooh good afternoon Colonel you change your mind about that bottle I was talking about it’s like I hate him now but I hate this other guy worse I want 600 pair of shoes and 1200 pair of socks and anything else you’ve

been holding out on us piece of rat fil but we just don’t have any not you don’t I’ll just have a look around and see if you haven’t misplaced them H son of a damn it you can’t I I’m a colonel nasty little cuss 700 Union Soldiers nasty little cuss without proper shoes because you think it’s funny now where would that power come from all right all right calm down slap him look uh have a drink no screw your drinks but it’s like now you feel good about yourself cuz you got them shoes but you

just whipped a man like right I guess it’s all like varying degrees but what the the whipping made him realize the error of his ways now he’s trying to correct his wrongs yeah and it’s better to be good than it was to be bad like it’s better to change than to not change is the movie expecting me to forgive him for what he just did cuz I don’t no go damn h o o and you’re expecting this man to go fight for you oh what a sh shot wow from the water pups so many extras

yeah for real crazy can anything be done they’ve got families we’ll protest this through channels later on what do you think that was about you men enlisted in this regiment on the understanding that you would be paid the regular army wage of $13 a month damn a month that’s crazy since you are a colored regiment you will be paid $10 a month a month I mean this was a long time ago yeah I I don’t want that conversion but we do know that they’re getting $3 less out of 13 so that’s a huge percentage less

like doesn’t 10 to 13 doesn’t sound that different but it’s clearly very different then do it go huh how many a color solders stop a bullet just as good as a white it’s this is so baffling how you’re fighting for freedom but you’re still viewed as lesser yeah it’s just step right up make your Mar get your slave good col Bo goe and sign up tear it’s nerve-wracking cuz tear it up is like then do you not get paid at all stand on business that’s right but this is what you have to do to fight

for what’s right fight for fair rages yeah and the other dude was like settling for Less I’ll just take what I can get you know yeah and it’s it’s like it’s understandable why would somebody would rather 10 than zero but it’s not right yeah fight for what you deserve you putting your life out there too just the same as them if you men will take no pay then none of us will okay all right finally let’s go pay Integrity he’s he’s winning us back slowly but it was still like 15 seconds ago that you did

what you did so yeah maybe he’ll lay his life down for denel by the end of the movie is your their uniforms finally come in yeah okay but what’s your plan about the no pay thing Matthew the point isn’t that then none of you will it’s like then all of you need money so just give us a little plan here babe we’re all going to be homeless by the end of the war I feel like he going get retroactive after they’ve they’ve won they’ll like give them their compensation hopefully or like someone higher up will

Rectify that wrong why did why one here but one here H I don’t know wait Frederick Douglas did the heart right yeah and the guy next to him did this was it the white dude who did this yeah oh cuz I feel like you know no but it was two guys one white dude and Frederick both doing the heart and then one guy doing this I don’t maybe the white dude was down for the cause I’m definitely overthinking it think just like Head Shoulders Knees and Toes see some people cuz maybe they’re not soldiers they’re

not military so they’re just like for respect look at all the AI standings the um coloring of this movie is cool too yeah almost some of the shots look almost like an a sepia tone welcome home boys don’t worry about it take a good look it’s all a memory not of off man come Denzel’s eyes it’s like wherever he’s looking I’m looking mhm Edward Pierce special assignment from Harper’s Weekly serving an entire nation million loyal readers want to know what happens when the men of the 54th see action million in one good one Mr rolands

this regiment was formed with a promise that only white officers would be commissioned to lead it to the South by boat yeah they’re from Boston coming from Boston so oh okay of initiative taken not only for yourself but on behalf of the entire regiment you are hereby awarded the rank of Sergeant Major let’s go hooray can’t believe it he earned it though he got everybody’s shoes mhm I ain’t sure I’m wanting this car I know exactly how you feel do you do you know exactly how he feels I’ve been in your shoes no you haven’t

I didn’t have shoes for a long time screw you yeah I don’t know exactly where we are right now what the kids yeah I’m just like watching their their Heroes their their dads go off to war like wow look at how how great I can be look what they’re what they’re doing for us we run away FL but we come back Fighting Man Tell You Folks how kingdom come in the year Jubilee what’s the year how Kingdom Come the Year of Jubilee I don’t know I don’t know history like that me asking you questions like

year of Civil War uh expert okay so we’re in South Carolina that’s where I thought they said we were going okay yeah so you would just take they probably just Atlantic Ocean all the way man where from massetts weer Soldier thank you Pard it says we Mark like white soldiers even talk like the buer soldier I don’t know that word what word bura never heard it I guess it means white bura man every like like like Christmas what come on you knew he said Christmas like Christmas he said like what come on land see we

don’t understand their music they sing these negro hymns I can’t comprehend oh yes let’s clap for ourselves in our freedom ways so great yes we’re all very excited to have you here sure oh he’s uh very famous the regiment should enjoy their stay here I’ve not seen that guy no no I have no idea who that is no no you have but that’s not why we’re here can’t promise you much action just having the colors around seems to scared the beesus out of the rebs what’s a Reb well I don’t know what a Reb is

Rebel that makes sense meet col Montgomery his hair seem better days Colonel Montgomery is a real Jayhawker from Kansas Contraband regiment is his brain child a real Jayhawker I’m hiking a company over to the Georgia coast in the morning that is if you think your men are up to it they are indeed sir a pleasure the troop is fed and bedded down for the night Sir pass the word along to a company we’ll be going into action in the morning very good sir oh his smile is back please don’t let it go away again what’s

that flag that was being carried I didn’t see it the White Flag you are from Boston are you not it is impossible to imagine Boston with slaves I struggle to read Flags when they’re folded oh oh Mass Massachusetts flag but that’s where I’m from and I’ve never seen that it’s the black Massachusetts flag oh okay we’re in Georgia sounds clean sir ain’t no ribs here just some women well all right you hear that boys let’s clear her out I know he said ain’t no ribs here but it sounded like he said ain’t no ribs here

like I looked everywhere and there’s no ribs where’s the barbecue we hungry that’s how I feel every day where the ribs where are the ribs I came all the way here and there’s no ribs this ridiculous that man is a civilian that man is CES and CES is all the same oh SES that’s the word that I didn’t know earlier maybe it means Southerner you look at them you really think anybody’s going to put these boys into some real Combat damn skippy I mean they’re little children for God’s sake they’re little monkey children hey hey

chill he has no chill you see what I mean children oh my God hey boy take your hands off the white lady come on now come on now now that would not have been necessary if that Suess woman hadn’t to start it they’ll never learn cess tell your men to set torches and prepare to fire the buildings I will not that is an order you will do it or you will be brought up on charges for disobeying your Superior officer are you fully understanding what’s happening right now and by articles of War I am not

bound to obey it he wants them to burn down the town yeah because because of what just happened explain that at your court Marshal your men are placed under my command I think so for Squad second platoon fall out to set torches prepare to fire the town maybe because it’s a southern town like trying to make a statement No but he said we wouldn’t have had to do that unless the Suess woman yeah it’s like I don’t know what to not okay term for me to use I don’t know if CES is like not I’ve

never heard that term in my life me neither so I’m like I don’t want to say something in step in it but is that a derogatory term towards somebody I don’t know SES change the colors sergeant major change the colors of the flag so it’s like they did a great job of create like making soldiers as opposed to the other guy who’s just like using them to burn down towns dear father I need your help like Matthew brc’s troops are soldiers as opposed to the other guy despite my many the guy shot the only for

manual labor who seems like he didn’t train his soldiers to be soldiers which is why that happened right I guess yeah was Canon father cuz we know our guys wouldn’t do that yeah I have written to Governor Andrew as well as to the general staff in Washington but I feel that only a letter directly from you to Lincoln himself can have the desired effect I can think of no other course it’s like they all thought they were going to war to fight and their instead doing tasks silly yeah menial tasks yeah exactly see some they

going let the 54th get into it see and all your trou will be over come on now cheer I love him he’s so great what’ you say boy oh no shut up trip you get up off me snowflake see the way I figure I figure this war be over a whole lot sooner if you boys just turn right on around head on back down that way oh no and you let us head on up there where the wheel fighting is huh that men dying up that road and it wouldn’t be nothing but RBS dying if

they let the 54 in it listen I wish I knew what rebs meant too it must it must just be the southerners right Rebels but they’re not the rebels they’re the strip like on a bull you’re looking at a higher rank Corporal and you’ll obey and you’ll like it what the hell is going on here you what’s your name I’m putting you up on charges all ain’t no cause for that sir just a solders fight sir all right you may move along step where it’s like after everything that he just said and he still protects

them being the bigger man yeah I don’t know if he’s ever been in a movie where he’s not the bigger man trying to think of a single time where he was the lesser man yeah I’ve never seen Morgan Freeman as a villain or anything yeah I’m sure there has been something but I can’t tuck in them big black lips lighten your skin shrink up that nose I don’t have to listen to this where you going boy let me buy let you buy okay don’t be a bully you can March like the white man you can

you can even wear his suits but you ain’t never going to be nothing to him but a ugly ass chimp huh what you going to do about it you want to fight me don’t you trying to toughen him up I don’t think so I think he’s just lost it like he’s so upset over what happened that he’s looking for a fight I think he’s trying to help him anymore so the white man give you a couple of Stripes next thing you know you holler and ordering everybody around like you the master hisself you ain’t nothing

but the white man’s dog what are you so full of ha you just want to go out and fight everybody yeah well that might not be living but it’s sure as hell ain’t dying and dying is what these white boys been doing for going on 3 years now Dying by the thousands dying for you fool I know cuz I dug the grave and all the time I’m digging I’m asking myself when when oh Lord’s going to be our time what time coming when we’re going to have to Handy up Andy up and kick in like

men like men here is you smart mouth stupid ass swamp Running that was one hell of a speech that was really good speech it’s like takes a lot to shut him up right and he’s like okay now that wasn’t funny that was a crazy insult though that’s that’s why I laugh yeah yeah I know I wonder who wrote this yeah me too you can give me in my regiment a transfer to combat command couldn’t do it colonel you’re much too valuable to my operations here oh they were like synchronized swimming just there yes I’ve become

quite a student of your operations in this region 34 Mansions I think it was pillaged and burnt under Colonel Montgomery’s expedition of the kahi 4,000 bales of cotton smuggled through the lines with payment to parties unknown except by you he’s saying you’re corrupt false quad Master requisition major FS here has seen the copy yes indeed tell him Matthew start shall I go on can you I can report you to the war department oh yes I can do that yeah I bet he has a comeback let you take your regiment out to fight that’s what you

want isn’t it show what they can do when you are brighty aren’t you when let be fight I say just as soon as I can write the orders then write them it’s like you would think it’s so weird because you would think that he wouldn’t care as much about black lives so that he would want to use the black soldiers to die in war Canon yeah but he isn’t it’s kind of we like it seems backwards it feels like he’s protecting them but he’s obviously not he doesn’t believe in them I wonder if it’s like

I don’t want them on the field cuz if they win then they get the credit or like we don’t want to give them the credit I don’t know probably a combo of a lot of things right yeah multifaceted line like that’s why ignorance and bigotry don’t make any sense like his logic makes no sense you care less about their lives and therefore you’re keeping them safer like yeah that’s it’s backwards fire oh o I’m shocked for as many shots as they put off that only like four or five of them got hurt but in addition

what was that just now why did none of them on hores fire at all I think they just had swords oh but now they’re coming back right uh oh the one’s on foot here they come like like they thought it was over yeah o o okay oh they just like using them as bait just like just see like see how many or whatever yeah yeah wow this is such a this is why Civil War like this time period such an interesting time to see the fight because it’s like it’s not like Bo boom bo on

all sides you have to keep reloading keep pausing keep whatever yeah it’s it’s in phases oh there had to be like smarter tactics than this well that’s when in World War I we get to like trench warfare and stuff because they learned to build those trenches in the ground I think I thought that they had some trenches for the Civil War as well but I don’t know yeah I’m like they had to learn the hard way that this kind of fighting is ineffective cuz it’s all offense and no defense yeah and like I understand that

my question really is what’s the point of War but like is the point here to kill as many of them as possible until there are like until you kill so many people from the South just like what’s on the other side of this obviously to free slaves is the point of this war but in this specific battle what’s the objective for this battle just kill everybody damn because they’re the other side oo oh no oh no no no no no no no be faster got yeah I was worried that was the moment n he got

this they going to let him die right there we heard he was a good shot so we got to see it so how did Matthew get this like little pistol I he he had it from early on yeah yeah I’m just saying like can everybody have one of those it seems way more convenient yeah you think maybe I don’t know just not high production of them no no thank you Morgan Freeman was that Morgan Freeman was that Morgan Freeman no no teamwork love that moment okay so it’s to get them to retreat maybe to get

to their generals it’s like if they capture the generals that means they’re closer to winning that territory oh they’re taking over they took over this territory because they Retreat right mhm me trying to understand War oh yeah they’re literally taking the land back by Bloodshed yeah one knife gun oh no oh no Thomas not Thomas oh extremely jealous to be back in Boston before me sitting by the fire I’m not going back oh my God Robert promise me that you won’t send me back she’s going to keep fighting promise me all right no you do

right by me I think you should send him back no he wants to keep fighting he I know but he’s going to die he needs to get treated just put some dirt in it he’ll be all right it’s not how that works that’s old that’s Eastern medicine just put dirt in it like stops the bleeding that’s true gunpowder just he’s a magnet I don’t know no he he needs help clearly so how do they do just blend any casualties 42 give me the details I’ll wire it in I don’t think we got a prayer making

the paper I’ll talk to you later in your test what does that mean prayer making the paper like the casualties won’t make the paper because they’re black oh cuz that was the guy from the Harper I don’t know if that’s what it means I would be like it’s a good guess though you fought very well yesterday TR Sergeant Rollins has recommended that you receive a Comm I think you should bear the regimental color well I’m wanting to say something so but I’m not comfortable saying it to you because you had me Whipped I mean what’s

the point ain’t nobody going to win it’s just going to go on and on can’t go on forever yeah but ain’t nobody going to win somebody’s going to win who you you get to go on back to Boston big house and all that I don’t win I lose either way what about us what do we get trade slavery for Freedom well you won’t get anything if we lose it’s like that is true but he’s also right stinks I suppose yeah and we all covered up in it too I mean ain’t nobody clean be nice to

get clean how do we do that we a help them kick in so yeah it’s going to take uh 200 plus years we clean no one will ever take Charleston without first silencing the fort which protect its harbor damn the last 4 days our Navy has weakened Wagner with a constant this man’s mustache is so long the ocean and the marsh leave only a narrow strip of sand a natural defile through which we can only send one regiment at a time now our best hope is that that leading regiment can keep the rebs occupied long

enough for reinforcements to exploit the breach General he’s going to volunteer 54th Massachusetts request the honor of leaing the attack on Fort Wagner that’s crazy it’s Colonel Shaw isn’t it yes sir you and your men haven’t slept for 2 days wow and you think they have the strength to lead this charge I know they do I thought that too there’s more to fighting than rest sir there’s character that’s right there’s strength of heart there’s integrity y you should have seen us in action 2 days ago we were a sight to see we’ll be ready sir

is he going to die could you imagine not sleeping for two days and having a fight like that yeah just running on adrenaline yeah seriously I don’t understand their music it’s okay you can clap Roxy I would just be so scared I don’t understand their music but something about it makes me want to appropriate it for white audiences and I give them credit for it that was another good one by you where is Elvis Presley when we need him sorry that was a low blow sorry sorry he’s living in Austin Butler now straight up he’s

in the um show I asked you about oh shoot so lordy let me fight with the rifle in one hand and good good book in the other that if I should die at the muzzle of the rifle I may know that you are with me he might be my favorite character in the movie is the most heart for sure yeah but like heart meets skill right he’s the one who had the great shot and then it made him better but with that uh stuff in the beginning yeah I definitely know him from something though Lord

we stand before you this evening to say thank you for your grace and your many blessing some of them are offbeat standing here this evening father to ask your blessing priest Morgan yes okay who are you think is going to make it I think Morgan and Denzel are going to make it but I think your favorite guy is going to die yeah he’s been a goner from day one and definitely uh the guy that got shot is going to die too no know what’s going to happen the guy with the glass is going to live

and then Denzel is going to sacrifice himself for him Denzel is going to sacrifice himself for the guy who got shot yeah because like an eye for an eye you know like that’s a sign that he just has respect for him that he cares about him I like what you’re saying I don’t think I what is it when I instead of I think you’re wrong it’s think you’re un what was you’re uninformed is that I think so you’re un yeah I think you’re misinformed you’re misinformed never had no family actually think Denzel’s going to make

it through maybe he won’t die but I think he’s going to get him back for helping him like he’s going to be in a screwed up situation my M you feel funny come on now what did he say killed off my mom they killed his mom I think he said he ran away when he was 12 right y the onlyest family I got well that’s all talk to him come on and uh I love the 54 yeah I know I know ain’t much a matter what happens tomorrow but we men ain’t yes sir like I

feel it on my body dude oh my God are you a singer why does it sound like that yeah I’m a good faker that’s what she said wow Denzel is it’s like if you’ve ever seen an Oscar winner as a actor in every performance across the board it is Denzel oh yeah never a bad performance and like just so committed in every second every moment he’s yeah he’s always fascinating to watch in any movie like have you seen equalizer yeah of course the third one just him like moving the utensils just fascinating to me yeah

I’d watch him watch paint dry truly he would make the paint dry with his his stairs I know if I was that paint I would be like okay all right I’ll freeze I’ll freeze that’s what you want to do to his goatee goed so long it’s only on the front of his chin too I just want to see like a piece of bread stuck in that okay coming it back all right no it’s just this angle I think oh let’s see him from the side imagine one of the soldiers pretty kind of no please where

your feathers biab took him out it’s war time now no feathers for war no feathers in war no a score again the swelling it’s like you’re welcome yeah yeah oh why is that part make me want to cry the smile on Denzel oh they’re finally getting that respect it’s like hard to hate people when they’re putting their lives on the line for you guys huh right always have they’re being the better men yeah this movie is fire I don’t know why I kind of thought I wasn’t going to be into it because it’s like just

such an INT like you hear like intense Civil War drama and it’s like but then it’s just really good the characters yeah it’s it’s really inspiring too yeah personal things certainly also that looks like Charlie hunam you don’t think so no looks like brunette Charlie Han remember what you see here where is Carrie elways you met her relieved oh that looks like nice peter report to the rear is stretcher bearers for what oh man I said it earlier but these the fact that they have like these little kids there too is like they’ve been relieved

oh good good good good get them get them the hell out of there they don’t need to fight they don’t need to be part of us they’re just there for the drums oh he’s been shot he’s on the front line stare into the abyss see the goatee is goatee it was goeing hard what is the symbol fly free little birds flee from this place this music feel like in a different world this would have been called uh the movie would have been called the 54th something like that right I could totally see that 54th yeah

if this man should fall who did he just point out who will lift the flag and carry on the flag carrier oh I will huzzah huzzah oh I just uh I watched The Great and that’s what they always say on that show did you see that show no huz I’ll see you in the fourth Thomas what’s the fourth like fourth quarter of the game yeah I’ll see you after halftime Thomas I actually like that this movie says has a lot of jargon that they’re like you don’t actually need to know what this means in order

to understand but this is maybe what they would have said yeah you’ll get it through the subtext what we’re talking about shoulder bayonet at the Quick Step again the amount of background workers just crazy this movie must have cost so much money yeah especially all these stars in it and just but were they stars in ’92 I mean yes of course but like to the extent that they are today probably not I feel like Denzel is probably getting his start maybe did some movies in the 80s but I feel like Morgan Freeman was already well

known at that point yeah that’s true and Matthew brck I guess was too so carry all way yeah yeah for sure yeah you right a it tricked us damn it why you going to change up on us when we participate job of the Hut oh no that was good what are their bombs back then you know what I mean maybe I think it was like a mix of like different ammo and like like their explosives oh o ooh it’s must been crazy to film crazy wow and the sand creates such an effect do you think

the faster you run the safer you are I don’t know I cuz I don’t think you’re looking where you’re walking you’re just you’re just going for it oh no that guy did the most he threw his weapon oh wow wow keep your rank what is keep your ranks like stand your ground maybe like stay your position take cover in the like I simly simultaneously think this is like not ineffective well I guess so ineffective in the sense that like it’s not just charging straight forward where they can see you is not the smartest way probably

to to have action but at the same time the most in the daytime but it’s the most Brave I think as well can you imagine how like scared shitless they are to just charge into this knowing that that all this stuff is happening or going towards them honestly this is what I was thinking though like many of these men were enslaved so is this scary to them as opposed to like I just think that they have a whole different level of bravery where it’s like nothing worse can be done to me than what was previously

done to me so I’m ready to run Straight Into the Fire yeah I feel like they’re still scared course cuz they know what they’re fighting for they really believe in it yeah but that’s why I think fear looks different like when we see normally I feel like fear looks like how you and I would look when we’re afraid as opposed to hear fear just looks like pure bravery yeah so they utilize that fear that adrenaline all right we’re at night time now they’re just trying to like Outlast them but refer enough into the video so

I can say this their ears must Beed up like from all that blasting yeah yeah I mean most most vets have uh significant hearing loss oh yeah on the colors man on my command ready smart of them to shoot this at night though because it looks so different than any battle we’ve seen so far anything we’ve seen so far oh totally oh look at them going side by side I can’t wait till they get to the top and just beat the crap out of them wreck them yeahoo it’s very nice in Wars where there’s clearly

a good side and clearly an evil side it makes for great movies where you know like who to root for yeah and you really believe in that well even like most of this has been like even the good side is like still like gray and like they’re not even purely good but we’ve we’ve rallied up to this point where we can get behind these guys or they can have we lost any of our people I don’t think so I think they made a moment of it yeah yeah but remember when our guy was shot and

we didn’t know until after yeah that was weird I feel like they should have shown that oh oh not the cannon uhoh he’s going to go no keep going keep going keep going wow the music wow wow wow come on they have The High Ground literally no oh so is the answer that every one of them is going to die I Hope’s not I hope not come on come on not Denzel not Denzel come on I was misinformed yeah I feel really sad right now yeah same but they got up there okay let’s go I

was not expecting Carrie to make it longer than Matthew no right unexpected for sure let’s go knew he’s going to be a badass by the end fire the music again I I know I keep commenting on it but it’s what an interesting in choice right now oh yeah the music’s incredible I hope I hope it won something I mean this feels like an Oscar movie you know 100% come on come on Glory credits you know the rest wow it’s like over just all the every life yeah how many of these do you think are actors

and how many do you think are like just clothing that they put to shoot no oh they won that battle no dude don’t tell me our guys lost we’re going to end the movie with I guess this is just about the 54th right I guess so yeah oh my God even in death his hair is still so Majestic oh my God the flow the flow is real the goatee oh is that his friend yeah that’s where we’re ending it for it was never taken they’re just a stepping stone in the green the greater Victory Edward

zwick never heard of him Kevin jar hm I don’t know why and maybe it’s because I don’t know Civil War history as much I really thought we were about to win the totally thought we were about to win it seems so triumphant I didn’t not think that we were not going to win that battle I’ve never seen a war movie where all of our characters die yeah I mean and just and we lost that battle wow all right reject Nation so today I want to share something with you that has been a wonderful Edition to

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movie that was um I I understand it’s history but I kind of wish they didn’t do that at the end like yeah right I I mean no I think that it’s important to show because we always assume that war movies are going to end with them uh the right side winning right like um and we know what obviously happens at the end of the war but you lose a lot of battles in order to get there and I thought this was a like it makes me want to you know when you watch a movie and

you’re like I want to go look into the 54th I want to go see like how many of these characters were based on real people and like you know a movie affects you and you you want when you want to go do your own research to know more about it the performances were amazing the music was incredible the cinematography was wonderful uh it’s just just like having such a harsh ending yeah is is tough and it wasn’t like a aupt I mean sort of but yeah just that’s the feeling that you’re left with at the

end of this after something that’s so triumphant throughout the entire course of the movie because like they had to fight for this respect over the the course of these two hours and you know they they ended up getting that respect ultimately in the end but and it seems like because this is the battle that we followed it’s like damn like they for nothing but obviously as I said in the the epilog there that they were they were credited and they were like an important uh piece into winning the war I also like I kind of

wish at the end it was like uh Lincoln gave the family members of every person who died the $13 an hour they were owed or feel like okay we like progress was made here uh because even like we never I guess it doesn’t matter that none of them got paid the 13 instead of 10 but at the same time like it there’s just such a feeling of Despair at the end of this and I guess that’s kind of goes back to Denzel’s moment where he’s like what’s it all what’s the point like I don’t want

to wear I’m not fighting your War there’s no winning here and this really that was foreshadowing and we should have known in that moment there’s no winning here for these specific people there’s no winning now for the future they’re helping make other people’s lives uh they’re they’re helping for freedom for other people for future for other people but as he said like for him specifically for Denzel’s character for all the characters we’re seeing here there even for Matthew br’s charact there’s no winning no yeah there there’s no winning but I think that it it definitely

showed Matthew Brer one had he had an arc you know he’s willing to stand on the front line for his black Brothers for his his uh Squad so that was very Noble I suppose even though like he had Denzel beat in the earlier part of the movie yeah but I’m kind of wishing that Matthew brck didn’t volunteer them like like at all to fight no to go first oh remember he’s like yeah when they’re standing there standing on the beach and they’re looking at it and the guy is speaking and he’s like whoever goes first

is going to have all the casual and Matthew Rick’s like how about my people and it’s like and I understand that that was the purpose that’s why everybody was here they were like we want to fight like listen to us we want to fight we want our shot so I’m not saying he shouldn’t have but I wish he didn’t like I wish they hadn’t been the first in cuz it’s like it I don’t know has a Bittersweet feeling cuz like you cut a break it all yeah cuz it went from like not having them fight

at all to them being essentially the the cannon F the first line so the so everyone else can get get the credit for what they started the the progress for you know and that’s it I thought it was a great movie you know I was kind of saying before like the the score was incredible all the performance was really good especially Denzel like thatat man’s a star for a reason yeah truly for his commitment contact he had to have I’m going to look up some award stuff right now cuz I’m curious about this yeah please

do also who hell that guy was yeah who that guy is the the one that I kept saying I knew the one that you believe that I know oh what about the one that I knew I knew and then that it’s both of them that I’m curious about the one that my favorite guy in this I want to know where I know him from and then the white dude that I know that you must know I definitely don’t know this guy you said he’s a comedian no I don’t know I thought I saw him in

a comedy recently I’m not sure like I’m trying to think of what it’s from um okay so let’s see the in terms of awards or actually let’s look at the director Ed Edward zwick cuz I felt like I remembered his name oh he produced 30 something he oh he produced The Last Samurai shakes be love but what did he direct let’s see let’s see as a director he did Jack Reacher never go back he did Love and Other Drugs which I liked he did Defiance he did Blood Diamond he did The Last Samurai really he

did courage Under Fire well Samurai is a good movie so he’s a a Denzel guy um yeah okay that’s a a lot of things why don’t I even see glory on here so so you guys can’t see it but uh after Glory it’s prompting us to watch The Color Purple again I know I saw that which is you know a little cruel you know let’s let’s just go through another uh black struggle movie you know it’s what we need right now uh compact the sadness baby let me see let me make sure oh no I

lied about all of that I didn’t mean to lie about all of it but I think he produced all of that I don’t know if he directed any of that let’s see all director no no he did direct it it’s just weird because it’s not showing that he directed Glory but it’s oh yeah there we go Glory was 1989 1989 whoa even earlier than we thought it was yeah that’s why Denzel just looked so young saying 1990 what the hell I don’t know maybe based on where it’s released I don’t know yeah could be um

okay so then on top of that let’s check out some of this cast the yeah um the guy that you know Andre he died last year yeah great actor that sucks um okay the go guy I know is named Bob gunton that I think you know come on if my internet was going any slower Bob gutton we would have died in that battle uh let’s see he’s done he was in sha Shank Redemption as the warden he was in Ghostbusters he’s in Patch Adams he was in 24 for oh yeah 24 he was in for

like four seasons oh wow um okay he’s done he has 138 credits on IMDb Jesus Christ so you definitely know him what’s he look like now it’s old man come on kinda kind of looks familiar you seen him you looking a little familiar I need to watch more war movies war movies war movies this made you feel that way yeah like I need I need some more death and and War struggle in my life no I don’t think any of us need that fill alive you know I can’t find the cast is kind of listed

in kind of a weird way well it says that one of the soldiers is Mark margolus in this that um uh he is the guy from um better call SA he plays Hector salamona uh oh okay I know that’s just I don’t remember him being in this movie but he was in this this 1989 so probably a lot probably it’s just he’s a soldier just there’s so many random people as I’m scrolling through a lot of people on IMDb that it’s like oh I recognize them I don’t even remember them being in the movie here

was a ginormous cast yeah I mean it was huge it was huge I couldn’t I’m curious also the budget of this but let’s look at awards too see what this was actually so it won three Oscars oh good danzel won for it of course he had to so good it Won welled Won for cinematography and sound so if I was going to pick three things for this to win for it would be Denzel cinematography and sound so really stoked about that it was nominated for art direction as well was nominated for editing which all makes

perfect sense yeah no e even though wow the fact that this is 1989 is even crazier just because the action was so like visceral and very well shot you really felt the the struggle of like this uphill battle literally of what they were going through so it’s three years after Ferris Bueller okay okay Matthew must have been in his prime then oh yeah that was like his prime brri yeah that’s what they call it where are the ribs where are the ribs need them ASAP that’s what I got for you that was good I’m happy

I feel educated I feel informed good glad I I I didn’t educate anybody Google educated both of us wow okay you guys you got educated we got educated what’ you guys think of Glory did you like it were you sad at the end like us if you weren’t go get therapy I don’t know thank you so much for watching see you guys later Chris whof Christopher CH it being the month of love and this guy is engaged I can only imagine just how much alone time you are showing Mrs Wham off right now oh it’s

a grand old time he’s whamming off all over the place you one of us had to say it and he’s got his but they’re whamming off together now they’re joined the beautiful wam drony that means YouTube that means they are uh love listening to Wham they’re jamming off to Wham yeah CU we allorge and and uh with her being a a beautiful Filipino lady and you know poo Pride I’m just really happy about that so this month I hope that you guys are going to jollybee I hope that you’re singing karaoke I hope her mother

doesn’t approve of career decisions and whenever she’s on the right path that is still not good enough yes got to get that overwhelming pressure all through that pressure out there I hope you’re watching a lot of joeoy and who else we got hope you know you got your Manny Pacquiao she right at The Shrine Manny Pacquiao fights I hope you’re doing all the great things with her this this week because you guys deserve it and Dwayne Johnson is not one of our Dwayne John is not one of ours there there’s a period where we thought

he was he’s not oh it’s messed up um yes there’s that but I he’s no Chris Wham off let me tell you that I really hope that you got your financials in order because we monitor that like no one’s business that’s right we’re watching you and I think that you got to show her a great time cuz she’s got to know the man she’s marrying is going to consistently give her a great Valentine’s the bam thank you Wham it is going it’s just through the the house and my dude we still haven’t forgotten just your

overwhelming generosity with the streamlabs and super chats last year that was really kind of you and I’ll never forget it you don’t need to pledge anymore by the way buddy we we we’ll just you beat the game you beat them you you you you pledge for like like at least a few years with the amount you you shown her way there yeah so thank you you no longer get access to any of the tiers that are patreon watch all the exclusive stuff how you want play and we’re never going to mention you again nor will

I ever reply to you here in the first place because yeah you already did it we already won we first all earning yes right so the C resets again man sucker what are you going to do about it nothing nothing you’re powerless nothing nothing nothing at all Chris anyway Chris we love you and I I hope that you’re having some great fried pork right now my friend

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