Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. 
Today I will be unboxing my January glossybox  
which just arrived. I feel like my box 
always comes late their mama their papa  
and everybody already unboxed and 
mine just arrived now like why?  
But anyway, I will go ahead and show you guys what 
kind of goodies we have in here for this month.  
Now the box it is just a normal pink you know 
standard glossybox box as you can see right  
here so yeah let’s go ahead and take the lid 
off. Now I will have all the information if  
you wish to join the glossybox down below I’m 
going to link my referral link if you want to  
save some coins off your first box so you can go 
ahead click down below for the link. But anyway,  
this is how the inside looks like and you can see 
so let’s take that out and have a look and for  
every box that we receive every month of course 
comes with a magazine and the theme for this month  
it is called the power of beauty. You can see 
this is how the magazine looks like now in this  
inside this magazine is where all the products 
that we have in this box of

course it’s all  
listed in here including the prizes. So yeah, 
I’m going to be referring to this you know if I  
need more information but anyway that is that and 
of course we have the box looking like this. So,  
let’s go ahead take this sticker 
off and have a look for this month  
for January 2021 what kind of goodies we are 
receiving in here. Alright so first thing is  
first I see a daily reusable rounds now this 
one is from daily concepts and looks like this  
I’m already excited about this product because 
I will tell you why in a moment but this is how  
these products looks like. We’re getting two 
of them in here and let me just take them out  
and show you oh okay they feel quite soft. So 
those are the products that we are receiving  
you can see in there and they are reusable of 
course they are rewashable. So, you can put  
them in the machine and wash them and what you 
do with this one here of course you can use your  
makeup remover and just go ahead and remove your 
makeup and I find this to be a good idea because  
it is you know reusable you can wash them. You can 
use them again and it is just good you know what I  
mean so yeah that is not too bad actually I like 
this and it is of course vegan and cruelty free  
as they say there. So awesome awesome those are 
our first product of course usually I do use like  
a cotton you know cotton pads like these ones here 
you can see and they look like this but this one’s  
here they’re just like a one-time use you know you 
use them once and you really throw them away. So,  
I like the idea of this that you can actually you 
know go ahead and reuse them so wonderful idea  
there and let’s go ahead and of course find out 
what other products we have in here. So alright  
second product I see it is a hand cream and this 
one here is from Mixa if that’s how you pronounce  
it but this is how the product looks like so it is 
a hand cream oh, I love hand creams you guys I do  
love hand creams and yeah this is of course it’s 
actually if you have like very dry hands it is  
really good for that as it says here for dry 
hands so that is wonderful okay hand cream  
something that I always need because I have quite 
dry hands. So yeah, this is exciting exciting  
exciting and yeah, I cannot wait to give it a try. 
Let me just actually take a little bit and just  
see okay it smells nice it does have like a 
pink kind of a tint to it oh that smells nice.
Okay I like the scent of this yeah it smells 
really wonderful you guys. The last thing I  
usually want in a hand cream is something that 
is very strong and I just cannot stand the scent  
but this one smells quite present, very fresh so 
I like the idea of that and we’re getting 100 ml  
of product. So, it is quite a huge bottle 
there that can take me a while to finish  
so awesome awesome. Let’s move on to see what else 
we have in here oh they have included a mask you  
guys I do love face mask and this one here is 
from Vitamasques if that’s how you pronounce it.  
I’m sure I’m saying it wrong you guys 
but it is this face mask JeJu green tea  
soothing plus hydrating face mask and it says 
here a moisturizing Korean face mask made with  
extracts of JeJu green tea to soothe and hydrate 
your skin. So, I like the sound of this okay green  
tea who doesn’t want that so that is our face mask 
and I’ll quickly show you how the back looks like  
so right there so yeah that is our third product 
so far so good. Alright so we have a mask we have  
hand cream and we have a reusable makeup remover 
nice combo there alright. Moving on we have  
something from Verso and this one is 
nourishing cream with Niacinamide okay  
look at that you guys so, can my camera for 
a moment please focus thank you very much.
Here we go so this is of course the cream as 
you can see right there from this company and  
we are getting about 15 ml of product in here and 
yeah, this one is of course does have skincare  
ingredient in it so wonderful I cannot wait to 
try this one. So, the next product here we have  
is another skincare okay and this one here is from 
Ecooking. Let me have a look for more information  
about this in the book so this one is of course 
a cleansing gel I’ll quickly show you. I’ve never  
heard of this brand before. Have you guys; are 
you aware of this Ecooking brand? First time  
I’m hearing about this brand but anyway this 
is how the packaging looks like. So, this one  
is a cleansing gel, it is of course suitable 
for normal to oil skin and I will definitely be  
trying this and it says here contains cucumber 
extract and organic glycerine alright. So, wow
a facial wash okay lovely I don’t mind 
to have more skincare in my box but I  
also would like to see like you know like a 
makeup in here as well something you know I  
don’t know an eyeshadow palette maybe or a 
lipstick maybe but yeah and this one here  
how many ml of product 125 ml of product for 
this cleanser over here and yeah for 17,20 €  
okay I cannot wait to use it. 
How is the scent actually like?
Oh, oh that’s strong oh oh that smells very strong 
okay I’m not sure about the scent of this one here  
but we shall see okay. Alright we have another 
product here which is quite interesting you need  
the last one wow okay this is the last one it’s 
more like a sample really and this was not really  
something I expected to see in this box 
but it is of course a sample for… you  
guys look at that tampon yes you 
heard me correct a sample for a tampon  
in here from Mia by the way the company is called 
Mia so they just put one in there as a sample. So  
that was our last product which is very 
interesting all done and I will say that  
I am happy that we did get quite a lot of 
skincare I mean we got a hand cream, we have  
a mask, we have a nourishing cream, 
we have you know daily reusable
pads and we have of course our gel cleanser. 
So, all these to me you know they’re all like  
skincare we don’t have any makeup in here there’s 
no lipstick nothing like that. So, I would have  
loved to see you know like a makeup product in 
this box if that does make sense but otherwise  
overall, I’m not mad at the products that we 
received for this month in general actually  
so I will test some of these and get back to you 
guys and update you on how I find them. I’m very  
excited to use the rewashable makeup remover these 
ones here and see how well they are going to wash.  
So yeah, that was it you guys again if you wish 
to join glossybox I’m going to have all the info  
down below check it out and you know you can 
always save some money of your face the box if  
you wish to. Alright everyone I hope you enjoyed 
today’s video if you have definitely smash that  
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have a good one lots of love take care and  
I shall catch you all wonderful 
people on my next video bye for now.

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