"Glow Up" Makeup Challenge | YesStyle Review

Hello and welcome to another video
And today we’re here with
-With our clean faces, without makeup
-Very fresh
YesStyle sent us a gift
Basically, YesStyle sent us makeup
-To both
Different products to both of us
-For us to create a “Glow Up” Look
Goal is to glow us up
-I don’t know if it will happen…but we’ll try
-I mean…
Better than this is not impossible
Sim, better than this face…
-This little face…
-Maybe it will be
At least, I…
While choosing the products, because they allowed us to…
-…That’s why we both have different products…
…I chose a lot of shiny stuff
At least, I will shine
-Yeah the shine, disguise the rest
-Lots of glitter then, Glitter…
I noticed that when my package came and I was like
“I think I overreact on the glitter”
Yeah me too, I have lots of shiny products, but…
-It’s a “Glow up” we need to glow
Shine everywhere
They also sent us a face mask
-For us to use, so we’ll use it now
I look like Santa Claus
And I don’t even know what I am
Catarina put the mask on

me, and I put on her to be easier
But I think I put a lot on Catarina’s face
-It’s for her to be hydrated
I’ll be hydrated
‘Cause yeah, this mask is supposed to do that
You need to leave it on your face fo about
-5 to 10 minutes…15?
-Her name is
-5 to 10, yeah
-5 to 10 minutes
The name is
Cooling Soft Cream Ice Cream Mask
-This looks like ice cream
-I mean
We’re filming with masks on our faces for the second time
We’re not embaraced anymore, we’re getting more closer with our audience
-We’re intimate now
-We look sexy
If you still like us like this, you’ll like us anyway
But yeah, now we’ll do our…makeup?
-This is not a tutorial, don’t think this will be a tutorial
-No, no this will probably be
-The worst tutorial of your life, that’s why this is not a tutorial
-Yeah it’s just
-For you to see us doing our makeup
-Our glow up, at least trying
-Trying, exactly
-Let’s go to the video?
-Let’s watch our glow up
-And this was our…
-Glow up
Glow Up
-Sorry if we disappoint you, we tried
-This was just a shiny makeup
-More shiny, more…To be honest…
-I could’ve put more shine on my face
-Me too, but I was like
“Stop, you’ll not go anywhere”
-I did this because I was looking at myself in the mirror
-See my self esteem? Like…I love me
-But yeah I think
The products I chose…
Did go well with each other
-Mine too
-They suited well
-I’m very happy with what I got
-Me too
-I think it made me like…more…like
-It was an “update” of my face
-Yeah we don’t look so sick
-So pale
-So pale
Which is bad, ’cause we shouldn’t look sick without makeup
-We did look sick in the beginning
-Yeah I looked a little sick
-Thank you so muck YesStyle for sending us these products
-Thank you YesStyle
-We love
-We’ll leave the products link in the description
-So you can see the products
-Go to YesStyle
And if you want any product you can have a discount
-With our discount codes
-Mine is
And mine is ADRIANA08
The product I loved the most was the pallete
-The eyeshadows
-The eyeshadow pallete, yes
-Catarina’s pallete has orange tones, it’s here
-It’s here
Mine’s more pink tones
Look is so tiny, you can take her anywhere
-It’s so pigmented
-So pigmented
-And really shiny
-The glitter one’s are so nice
-Like glitter on the eyes, love it
-Loved it, loved it
-I also have the eye glitter too, I ordered it
-Me too
-In conclusion, glitter, glitter, glitter
-Glitter, glitter, glitter
-It’s a real glow
-If you want, go to the links
-There you have all the links
-From all the products
-Go there
-It’s easir this way ’cause it takes you there, you don’t need to search it
Thank you YesStyle, we hope you liked it
Comment and gives us more suggestions
We’ll see you in the next video, BYEEEEE

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