GODZILLA x KONG: THE NEW EMPIRE MOVIE REACTION!! First Time Watching!! Monsterverse | Movie Review

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video reject Nation all right ready I’m ready I’m ready are you taking the charge are you leading no I’m not leading Oh I thought you were Oh I thought you’re in the middle you’re leading we were told you were I’m supposed to lead oh my God I am

I got it I kept saying I’m ready not out of friendly I’m so sorry no I was waiting for him all right let’s do this citizens of the reject Nation it’s me Tera ericon and I’m with two other rejects for the first time it’s this guy say your

name out loud toy jro wow this guy Andrew Flash Gordon we’re watching Godzilla Kong the new Empire wow I haven’t seen it obviously we haven’t seen it we’re here and we’re ready we’re stoked and I just got to say Kong is probably my favorite we’ll just get that

out of the way I’m team Godzilla let’s see how this goes I’m also team Godzilla appropriately yeah exactly the whole time baby now you

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there if you haven’t already now are we ready do we feel ready yeah and I want to see Godzilla and Kong speaking accents in this film now oh terra’s gotten me ready that’s my Kong now you guys got to do a Godzilla good we’re ready all right ooh

I like this all right he’s got that whole underground world of like bisexual lighting ready for Rave yes almost like we’re going to Hollow Earth with this I’m wondering if that’s where like one of them stays a part of the movie to rationalize them not teaming up earlier

oh right CU I assume budget won’t allow them to be together the whole movie o I love this the mood nice shot oh we starting in that underworld I think we’re starting in Hollow Earth y cool oh it’s so beautiful sick it’s a little claustrophobic but it’s still

beautiful oh I love this yeah I love me some good tracking shots I love that we didn’t know we were inverted because it’s all disorienting mired Mountain’s on top mountains on bottom hi buddy this is just a race right wa yeah sick oh oh my God there’s so

many I don’t think you’re going to make that one Kong his face oh uh-oh it’s like I faced Godzilla last movie y’all ain’t nothing yeah little dogs he looks great wow those look awesome yeah I love it heck yes he looks like he got Nickelodeon slime yeah right

he won best kiss imagine being F Ray or someone from the first Kong and like seeing this right like you we did this with like monkeys on wires and we got this now we have the yeah crazy what we’ve done with CA making a meal of this ow

oh he’s got a too no I see K like old bad teeth don’t you take his food oh he’s just a Kong trying to get by he looks old and gray I thought it was like the dust and now I’m like wait he just looks old now oh

I don’t like him looking old time happens for us all that’s beautiful he gorgeously shot so far I like how inventive all the creatures are yeah he’s like a parrot frog we believed that we were Earth’s most dominant species sounds like eileene what else were we wrong about

so many things been the villain in Iron Man 3 koi she was supposed to be stupid Studio like mutter but our ecosystems are linked in ways we never could have imagined we are not two separate worlds we’re one just like us reject we’re one what what about Godzilla

Godzilla is on the surface Kong is below right as long as they don’t Venture into each other’s territories we’ve got nothing to worry about Godzilla’s fighting the battles we can’t cool nice oh what is this all right do your thing Godzilla yeah baby here we go it’s like

a spider with an octopus mouth it looks like those giant like crabs off the coast yeah those demon crabs look at that thing yeah it does it does actually look like a crab for sure if he doesn’t have any te problems he’s going to have some crab legs

tonight I love me some crab oh yeah baby oh my God damn Adam wiard loves the goo he does it baby all right I got to find a waterfall now just jump in the ocean Cal I think Godzilla stays dirty yeah Kong is more sanitary oh he’s sleeping

in the oh that is adorable oh precious big baby that’s his little Godzilla bed s detected in Sector 5 that’s Kong’s hunting ground oh oh all right we’re already at it oh no what’s deeper what’s coming up more electrical anomalies I don’t think so man I haven’t seen

anything like this before I always should tell director Hampton i’ Ty it up pretty fast yeah try to get the message out cuz this from the sensor array yeah we’ve been getting some pretty weird spikes and what about Godzilla he’s still sleeping like a big angry baby so

adorable oh wow they have a base Academy okay oh G oh yeah let’s make sure we Circle the an really a I like that making it distorted like she’s her perspective that was me in history class y’all that me in every class no thank you is this nightmare

on Elm Street did she just fall did she just fall asleep and now she’s in a dream oh The Crossing universes G what did you draw creepily yeah oh wow it’s always the way wow she draw all over the desk before she stopped or that’s a lot yeah

she had like 20 minutes what happened yeah they’ve been getting worse three mountains or whatever we have a number of students who are culturally displaced sure but her culture is not displaced she is her culture she’s the last Living member of the ewi tribe we’re just trying to

reach her that was one of my favorite parts of the first movie Her connection with Kong yeah I thought they were really special adorable it like made me cry oh oh that’ be so hard I you oh come on ah Volkswagen ad I now want to buy that

car for centuries the E tribe with that is a dope house yeah I really like that house I want that long driveway over the give me a break jungle modern treeh house with only a single member of the tribe having survive a young girl found and rescued amid

the punishing storm it’s just normal that exists now I love that they’re like it’s part of the news yeah oh she wrote that on her Scantron interesting I don’t think she passed oh she can feel the like the seismic activity how they communicate yeah wow that’s that’s awesome

whoa wrong with you that’s tough I mean what could she do being a parent hard I can’t imagine being a parent to the sole survivor and then you know the supernatural stuff on top of it how will you protect and how that mirror Kong is going to be

fun like churching for something yeah we got Bernie back yeah Brian Tyre Henry’s the best what episode are we on now I think it was like What episode 42 or something weird like last I’m going to unbelievable what hi Bernie E Andrews we met in Hong Kong yeah

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Hong Kong that was so long I love that editing my hair was long did you cut your hair highlights too it’s nice these are drawings by my daughter Gia I know that you think outside of the box and they sent you here because

no no one sent me I came here you know that’s what’s ironic you know Monarch wouldn’t confirm my crucial party taking down Mecca Godzilla which cost me thousands hundreds of subscribers on my blog hundreds they question every single thing that I put up especially this one troll this

one troll named gdor stand 64 you ever heard of damn trolls great because he’s a trash bag okay look at the damage in Hong Kong how do you read the message boards Brian is why I am here can you help me or not like the way that was

lit right there are you the new boss down at the mess the Monarch Hollow Earth station the mhes the mess yeah nobody calls it that they probably should director Hampton is in charge of General operations well director hton doesn’t have a kid who can talk to Kong you

want to go to hollowood I’m so glad I didn’t have to say it I thought you were never going to ask well if this happens and that is a big if then Monarch would need whatever you guys call it Final Cut on it whoa who I’m sorry Final

Cut no no no no no you know that will destroy my journalistic in documentarian get Final Cut I could make you a producer okay okay Godzilla is on the move again oh colum built a wall around it such a great way to show scope yeah yeah respect oh

I didn’t respect the wall Pizza whoa that was a nice Bridge thousands of years Godzilla it’s like it’s speci place they’ll rebuild it’s all good looks awesome if Godzilla’s on the move he senses a threat coming and I am telling you Senator that Kong doesn’t leave Hollow Earth

which is why Godzilla has no reason to rali oh oh baby needs to visit his dentist what’s he doing up here no idea just Godzilla know not that we can tell yeah I think he knows and what happens if Godzilla starts hitting this way and we all run

like hell good plan scientific approach yeah you’d have to go outside and just see that somebody get him a new implant of a tooth please he’s in pain this is a call for help y’all oh please help him I’m glad they keep coming back that I thought they

were going to just shift away from that after the first time we saw it this is just an infected tooth but luckily you’ve come to the best doctor in town dead Steve is dentist to the Apes love it I got you Trapper you are clear to swap the

damage tooth with replacement nice this would be good advertising as a dentist the ultimate resume you sure you gave him enough to knock him out yeah this sucker’s ready to come out yeah clear damn all right let’s go oh oh my God all right that tooth is massive

wow I would slap that puppy in my front yard yep boom boo statue you know what’s up hey you got to keep that as a collectible you sure it’s going to be strong enough the tooth yeah that’s the same polymer composite they use on the vehicle heat shields

how’s the kid doing struggling trying to find her place in the world don’t worry should be all right a guest has been asking for you is it burn please don’t take this way but see this kyora first encounter with Godzilla so what you’re saying is that these signals

are just random patterns your daughter is seeing these symbols there something down there is calling for help yeah this is something that we have never encountered and it’s getting strong you got a working Theory you’re a telepathic alien language signal from what or from who well whatever is

this is is why Godzilla’s on the Move we can’t say for sure but it seems that way what monsters haven’t we discovered yet is that the actor who plays the commissioner in the Batman oh yeah good call I’m giving you full operational oversight take a small team male

make it fast and don’t let anyone die we’ll be in out there before night for mission do you feel like going for a ride I do thought you never asked this quite a day for him the radios must be done well then that’s our for a stop cool

Godzilla suits throwing my words back at me yes yes cuz she’s smart also not true that is a good point I mean you don’t want to put your daughter in danger but that is a good point she’s the one that can communicate every turn so far H unlike

Jurassic world it does make sense to bring the kid this time yeah so many movies it doesn’t work narratively right you’re like why would you put children in this situation but she has a psychic l i mean she has a link with Kong and also felt this since

yeah exactly this actually does make sense all right narrative we buy it so I see how it is when you need something it’s all you’re so smart how you how you not going to bring him capable Bernie I’ll subscribe to your Titan Blog the rejects would subscribe yeah

we got you Bernie yeah this could be dangerous I have no stranger to Danger I didn’t mean to rhyme that time he’s so good this could be like last time when we saved the world remember I mean he did come in clutch in the last movie PR a

SE for one more dude his comedic pacing and delivery is I am going to Hollow Earth I would love being on the ship with him there’s no parachutes no flotation devices touch any this stuff you lose your hand and if you die make sure it’s outside my vehicle

nice pep talk all right M let’s punch it cool all right all right Hollow Earth Here We Come on your Andre let’s go go pretty cool upgraded ships from the ones we had last movie from Apex whoa we’ve all been there man yeah that kind of reminds me

remembering Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 when they’re going Travers it through yeah love the sound effects correct that’s how you do it cool dude these tracking shots are money yeah I’m really impressed with lingard’s vision for the movement all systems good dog how with do you were

right never better yeah he’s got to be passed out right right oh he’s never been so quiet in his life oh wow that was me the first time I went on a roller coaster really hours later scary a really scary one proximity alert Predators 9:00 vertices Mel they’re

called vertices they problems unless you get them riled up and then they pack about a lightting b worth of Bio electricity wow Predators know to stay well away which makes them the perfect chaperon if you happen to have a cool bio mimic Cree camouflage that’s cool damn this

is really an upgraded ship from the last one this is sick that is sick Godzilla coming yeah I must be right Godzilla just made lall in France ground team is five clicks out it’s making his way to you wait he must I like I think they said earlier

he senses that threat right that’s coming from Hollow Earth what a cool way to make a globe trotting movie than tracking Godzilla across the world oh my God it’s a nuclear facility uh-oh it’s got to power up damn get high R Godzilla shot yep oh whoa boy wow

that looks amazing that is such a cool shot oh wow not the time or the place all right make a choice why are you attacking you know he doesn’t harm W WAOW doesn’t even yeah get out of here whoa that was so ill advised he’s Earth’s protector now

he’s got to recharge you’re just making him do more dang it oh god oh well no that doesn’t look good now does it you’ve seen the stock guns that’ll prepare us oh crap wiped out the Outpost yeah almost getting like a Jurassic Park type of vibe exactly I

was just going to say that that’s like what Jurassic Park look like after herey do there’s a camera here you reckon you can pull any footage J that I had a feeling we were going to go there yeah oh it’s big it’s real big huge oh my gosh

that’s not K that’s something else yep another Titan Big Boy Jesus oh I’m curious to see what it is I love that I don’t know I’m glad they didn’t put in the trailers or anything I got to admit so far this better than I expected especially the year

of Godzilla minus one cuz it’s a very different movie and I was afraid how good that was would make me but since it’s so different this is a VI totally this is just it’s fun entertaining it’s it’s a good popcorn fun yeah I’m glad it’s leaning all the

way in though like I’m glad it feels scopey but not trying too hard yeah it’s very visually appealing like every shot the colors and the way that he he uses like his tracking shots it’s it’s awesome to to stay engaged I mean it’s not it’s not even fair

to compare to Fest one but yeah but like it’s a different type of movie and totally totally I like that it doesn’t have too many Cuts like we’re actually getting to see stuff to your point like it’s staying on things that are beautiful of course that’s awesome we

got Stormbreaker back yeah and I know people it’s not Stormbreaker need to hear that in the comments but it’s like Godzilla versus Scarface like it’s it’s such a different animal or even like Godfather versus Goodfellas like this is fun good felly and the Godfather’s like minus one they’re

both they both exist but separate but SE yeah I mean this just looks dope I would print out that as a poster SI up on up on the wall heck yeah yeah now the visuals in this film are impressive what is this is it just going to be

so tiny now what what what what what son of Kong is that a baby oh what who are you oh oh why are you so cute I love you Kong is supposed to be the last of his kind right yeah I mean that’s a baby for sure yeah

ow buddy that wasn’t nice kids kids these days oh there you seen some stuff oh oh wa no oh no I don’t like it oh no no no no no yes get him off woo yes Kong oh my gosh this little TI the baby so hard to fight

a baby toss the baby there you go that’s sorry baby did it to yourself yeah you were a lot Buddy at this point self-defense i a h all of it all right oh respectable yeah he doesn’t want to have to do it it’s like guys like are you

done yet oh oh dang it ah couldn’t have just relaxed buddy nice yeah try to give him a chance oh no oh he’s not letting it go I mean yes nice hit that was quite a throw wow you thought about baseball brushed it off you going to adopt

that little rapid scallion yeah you teach him a lesson mad respect to this little chimp totally for going something four times it’s like the little small dogs they’re the ones that will like fight a black bear but big dogs are like nope a you know I don’t like

it when they leave weapons behind but I was okay with that cuz he still was holding a weapon and it was a conscious Choice yes here’s a weapon for you no thank you okay I my ass it looks like an ape but that’s impossible out okay okay okay

what same electrical disturbances were happening at the Outpost come on she says it’s coming from that rge point I’ll okay as close as I can like I’m just going to stay in the ship you guys go ahead I’d be like no I’m I’m heading out yeah the hollow

Earth got to get this for truth Titan podcast no one will question me ever again he can write whatever he wants yeah I have a feeling that tape’s going to get destroyed by the time he gets back there’s no no doubt that R she pointed out is about

2 mes straight ahead I’m getting eaten a alive out here is that a foreshadowing oh yeah be interesting I must be tasty too kill her only female mosquitoes drink blood yeah so they can grow their eggs she needs it call me West Nile Hollow Earth West Nile is

probably way worse yeah don’t risk it Dan stev it’s real bad I bet that blood’s going to some mutant we’re going to find out later yeah right it fed a giant mosquito I yeah I was kind of thinking that too not this way now we got to take

a detour there’s something here no I’m not picking anything up something doesn’t smell right it’s not just you making that Rotting Flesh it’s probably just a carcass of wind we keep moving hold up listen okay he’s gone I’m going to trust my the thermal over your Ace Ventura

hippie dippy six he does look like Ace ventur there’s no need to call people names for you fre show if you don’t shut it I’m going to take that camera I’m going to shove it right up your ey he’s going to get bit right now he this is

his last monologue he’s such a goner there he goes there he goes it’s always that front shot the tree ate him that was a very obvious for shadow either one minute he was there right he was right in my face and then a tree out of nowhere I

know man I know that’s heavy that’s a natural world man red in tooth and Claw he is very hippie all about let love clasp grief come hum we think we took ourselves I love the contrast between these two it’s great we better move on we’ll mourn later I

do like that big concept of of taking ourselves off the food chain and putting us back into the circle of life yeah you know with Dan Stevens it’s making me not miss Alexander scar guard as much yeah there’s enough charm we can’t get any closer than this Godzilla

is burning with radiation they do a good job with these wide shots in there showing us like the whole environment I really like it the scope of him yeah look how cool he looks all like puling with radiation amazing he’s electrified Godzilla’s current trajectory is showing him heading

towards the Arctic Ocean what Titans are in the area no Titans all of looks like he’s hunting teifi file I thought he was heading for Hollow Earth tiitan extremely aggressive territorial weaponizing her body of razor sharp scales Arctic lay sits in the direct path of electr magnetically charged

solar winds making it the largest stockpile of energy on earth oh he’s going for the energy whoa we saw him supercharge right in uh king of the monsters I believe took out gadora I wonder if there’s something bigger down there than the Apes yeah cuz that ape didn’t

he didn’t have that hand superar also yeah he he wasn’t that big there has to be something else well they said when they were looking at the video like this is an ape but really okay I think they said that I think it’s going to be bigger though

yeah beting there’s a par parallel humanoid like a human people down there is is revelatory for her yeah cuz remember when those these white things came down when she was doing the seismic now it’s and you made the nightmare in El Street reference y now we’re back back

baby oh this is remarkable oh right he’s a conspiracy theorist he doesn’t have anything that can trace him that’s why he’s using old school stuff yeah the mini DV cam totally I forgot about that from the first or from Godzilla vers Kong the previous film know arra ah

Queen of the monsters and Hollow Earth her lineage must go back further than we thought that’s awesome they worship Mo cool Mathra Like a Phoenix going to be reborn I think it’s showing her to push that thing right that triangle yep must be oh I gu yeah cool

nice enough pressure swim kind of a irrigation system it just keeps going wait wait wait sorry who oh wa great M scly look at that X Files reference I love it see people I’m not the only one who makes references other people do as well other people with

blogs and YouTube Pages yes encyclopedia we got our own Bernie well even male called him Ace Ventura so oh that’s true sh people who make references apparently um wow all right the scientific approach yeah shove it just push it you see me doing that whoa wow inside Hollow

Earth this must be the source of the signal going to check Hollow Earth oh cool son of Kong yeah I have a surrogate son now I love it though I do love that he used him earlier like Hulk did with Loki and ADV smacked him around like yeah

now you’re my son T of respect wow gorgeous almost feels like the lake uh Captain Taylor landed in and the first aie we watch it does kid is a Vibe he’s the real raver here yeah I mean he’s probably still what like 30 feet tall right this small

ape what is that so little Kong looks like he knows oh no did he just set him up for a trap not he’s or is he going to tell him I don’t think he he is I think he set him up for a trap W that’s a big

boy oh sheh oh yeah it does the snake thing where just strangle him use use that new tooth oh yeah I wonder if that’s going to come to play I wonder if he did set a it looks like is he going to see that feel bad and try

to go back oh nice Kong’s good he’s doing okay that is a way to save on budget not showing the whole battle but also setting up the plot for this like interaction I like that yeah yeah Kong looked like I’m getting too whole for this he’s definitely the

Mera of the scenario right I like how casually we’ had 10 monster fights so it feels like just the world right like we’re so far into the franchise you’re like all right another one yeah oh he’s oh share yeah and it’s got the green blood you’ll enjoy it

it’s tasty this is how we bu little buddy this is how we build a rapport and Trust little one you’ll see it’s delicious that’s the circle of life a just that and the music says it all he’s got a little closer they’re both less lonely take his forward

Silent Running five nuts wa uh-oh woo cool awesome there’s always a bigger fish oh is he going to absorb the purple energy and the blue energy and then I think that’s what he’s trying cuz the opening lighting was that color yeah it’s like ain’t trying to get a

supercharge right yeah like a different flow oo n waa that’s a cool shot wow again we haven’t needed to see the fight cuz we’ve seen so many the ramification actually feels bigger of course no it’s a good point cuz it’s going to feel repetitive if you have long

drawn out fights fights over and over like yeah we get it yeah cuz you know there’s going to be yeah you know there’s going to be a long one in the end so and and the impact to the end has been enough twice she says we’re not alone

that caught me but your chair didn’t fly back so that’s good I’m all right are these the ewe I think so oh keep thinking we we have the last of Kong the last of the e but that’s a great point oh god dude get your camera out this

is prime stuff why are you filming this it’s an entire e civilization protected within Hollow Earth these structures they look like they’ve been carved from they took it it looked like a quartz crystal energy source I’m feeling the energy but let’s just keep it together all right oh

wow interest oh I hope she’s not the feeling I hope she’s not going to want to stay with them after this whole ordeal it’s an undocumented Vortex like several of them actually routs to the surface these could lead all over the Earth you should make eye contact with

them it’s considered polite this is not working for me how are they communicating telepathically I like how he delivered that line cuz it sounds crazy but it’s just what’s happening it’s exactly what’s going on no no no you can’t take her oh well now it makes sense too

earlier in the film how she was feeling all do yeah yeah and I wonder if the pyramids are like AER transmitter the drawing too oh that’s true there’s three of them but just like how it could absorb to Upp her maybe like sending it up yeah I don’t

know how telepathy Works maybe it is we don’t know oh is that Mom yeah that’s what I was thinking whoa great casting they have the same smile and everything yeah agreed what if that’s her mom I that’s what I was thinking I mean like in life like do

they just cast her mom smile right jeez oh thank yeah cuz she knows that she’s taking care of her her whole life the the beacon that we’ve been following it’s the E calling for help Asos for what they already live in a nightmare monster hell skin what could

possibly SC them she can understand everything that you said she understands me and a nightmare monster hellscape is a wonderful place to raise a family he his arm oh my God so good that bridge is amazing yeah it is yeah that mini Kong can just go over it

I’m like big Kong could maybe break that bad Bo like this is not a good time to be 30 ft tall I know what you’re thinking ter it’s the P the P the peny from Harry Potter and the Goblet fire right cool that’s giving me Indiana Jones Vibes

I can see that too this whole room is covered in E scried wonder if she’ll be able to read it in the beginning Hollow Earth lived in harmony with the surface world the Titans were the Guardians of Nature and the great apes became the Protectors of humanity oh

but a great evil threatened the peace a powerful and ruthless ape desperate to conquer the surface World LED his tribe into war against the one they call the monster Who weigh a star Godzilla the war with the Apes nearly destroyed Godzilla but after a great battle he imprisoned

the Apes in a fiery realm of Hollow Earth their false King remains obsessed with reaching the surface the ewe call him the scar King oh it’s like scar oh because they had that that red paint right that we saw and then we saw that red uh print yeah

how big’s that boy oh he’s wouldn’t be surprised he’s like ice Kong size or more that’s why they got to team up doesn’t look friendly this space it’s like there’s more of me so many yeah but he’s what enslaved them yeah this is not not good vies ooh

ooh ones who fall out of line a oh the one he threw the Rock at right yeah yeah he we got to get Kong Run in this he could become like Caesar yeah definitely uh Planet of the Apes Vibes oh for sure yeah ooh ooh oh no I

don’t like it oh no oh he’s growing he trying yeah definitely Caesar Vibes yeah Apes together strong yes smack a just a punch in the face correct yeah you tell them oh I mean ueg Hey listen if you all team up against the the big bad you think

you got a shot yeah oh they they’re bringing out the red guy I want to see the size of this guy yeah he’s lanky oh oh damn those are menacing eyes wa oh my God is his spine on it outside of his body oh no that’s just a

thing okay he’s wearing a spine yeah I got it like Chewbacca yeah cool this is the evil ape version of Chewbacca I like that it’s got like a blade at the end too yeah Kong does not bow o see his bottom teeth coming out of his mouth he

need a dentist it’s like Kong so well we got Dan Stevens on the island so we know he can do the job maybe he’s just grouchy cuz of mouth pain I’ve been there I thought he was going to be I’m I’m sure he’s a big a lot taller

uh you’re not one of us you know what that reminds me of The Cone Heads movie when they saw he got his teeth work done and they’re pointing at laughing yeah yeah see he rules with Fe not respect he’s no benevolent leader oh my God whoa you challenge

me who do you think you are whoa all right he’s got a spinal whip ouch all right I that I thought his finger got sliced off for a sec yeah I was worried too o d o oh no not the weapon oh oh no no no come on

do some WWE get in there flip him over oh yeah toss him in the lava toss him into the the fires of Mordor he’s earned it whoa oh oh that’s the bigger he was a mini boss yeah okay all right I like this now let’s see this that

makes more sense now wa oh my God he freeze everything he touched she D wow reverse Godzilla right oh oh he can control it with that thing he’s like shocking him like a it’s going to say yeah oh dang it now he’s oh right you can absorb with

that yeah oh oh ooh run dude run go hide come on Kong Jak Godzilla and come back yeah the scar King harnessed a terrible power the ancient Titan shim he controls her with pain her power covered the Earth in the last ice age oh wow he’s been looking

for others like himself going deeper into Hollow Earth and getting closer to their prison okay so it makes sense why you didn’t find them right away that’s why they’ve been calling for help and that’s why Godzilla is changing he’s giving up for well war three okay but but

he barely survived last time what’s Godzilla going to do on his own he won’t be on his own Godzilla xcong Bernie yeah the E we believe that at the end of the world one of their own will return and awaken M oh yeah I had a feeling like

like a phoenix cool good call born an E from Skull Island well Mathra gave the supercharge too to Godzilla and King of monsters all roads led to this that seems like a lot to put on one kid there’s so much mythology in the series yeah yeah that was

pretty good use of exposition there yeah I liked it oh man his hand frozer bured oh he’s got traps w damn oh yeah we did see at the beginning he he’s quite a Str a strategist yeah oh damn oh yeah he’s going to release those rocks dang it

be awesome if it was Godzilla who pushed those rocks but I don’t think it was yeah good job little buddy going to say that was a very well- earned moment what to after that leader threw his buddy or compan or you know into that LA and makes sense

that he would do that after the attachment they have for each other you know I made a deal with myself when I became a mother I said to myself I don’t care what you have to sacrifice you will do right by that little girl she going to be

able to let go yeah I’m wondering I just never thought that the thing I’d be giving up would be her oh yeah this is the life that she wants then I have to give her up it was three I could didn’t see that it was three before but

now yeah I don’t know how they can do it but somehow they’re able to move the pyramid’s positions which disrupts the gravitational pool down here and that’s that’s how they run their City an entire civilization built off the manipulation of gravity God I wish I was streaming this

live this place is special man this magic how long do you think it’ll stay like that if you start posting that about got to think about other people than yourself any isolated tribe or Community how many of them survive contact with the outside world yeah you already saved

the world once can’t take that away from you could you say that all again that’s great I like that giving them a little bit of an arc that’s it’s good very validating for three movies of like buildup of loneliness yeah yeah I like how everyone’s lonely in their

own way in this movie absolutely for sure like that’s everyone trying to find compion daughter yeah burline Trapper totally Kong yeah everyone’s lonely everybody maybe they have some sort of special healing methods they can do there oh man he looks beat up how did they find this place

he must have SED J he s the dentist a no wow what a shot yeah that arm looks bad sh that’s worse and bad is he going to have to take it off no get a mecha arm yeah I got to imagine the E they have some kind

of healing abil something to fix it and they can speak telepathically to they can change gravity I kind of like that he’s not just a bigger ape but he’s ruthless and has like a Titan yeah cuz that makes more sense for the last fight totally I hate how

like she’s controlled by fear I just like bugs me oh here we go here we go come on now shake things up pink Godzilla yeah that’s a great shot of Godzilla’s eye Well I likeing this we got a little bit of a contrast cuz last movie Godzilla needed

Kong versus the batt versus Mecca Godzilla and now this time it’s reverse yeah I do like that detecting altered energy signature oh my God it’s changed I know I know nobody likes a dentist depends how gentle the dentist is he’s not going to last a day down here

with only one arm yeah communication to the surface is still out if I can get back to the Outpost I think there might be some supplies that we can use thinking more along the lines of uh amputation project Powerhouse oh that prototype was almost finished when they pulled

the funding all right well what are you still doing here I love you too doc well didn’t one of you guys say that that there were some threats that even Kong couldn’t face I don’t remember what that was we started working on some minor augmentations think he’s going

to me AR yeah there you go like a prosthetic arm of some kind making one of the strongest Titans even we got shut down nice it’s going to be like Jax for Mortal Kombat the Prototype had already been transported to Hollow Earth for testing it’s stored in the

Armory at Outpost one yes such a great music CU love it so much oh it’s like a Transformer there’s the billions of dollars they were talking about this company had to to spend yeah nice cool only the best for Mr Kong oh here it comes got Atomic and

Ice about to face off kind of reminds me of Game of Thrones with the ice dragon I’m just worried about mini Kong at this point yeah those injections should heal the frostbite up nicely oh okay good oh it’s like a Healer whoa that means he Dr Adrenaline Rush

all right there he goes cocaine there’s enough acid in those vials to make Kong happy for weeks I need some of that juice it’s like I am 20 times stronger than I realized he’s also seeing all sorts of shapes and colors he’s either going to love it or

he’s going to rip it off with his teeth I just get yes woo it’s just in time uh-oh scaring yeah hey hey what are you telling me we do yeah Godzilla won’t come down here unless Kong brings him okay the last time those two met up it was

almost the end of Kong he’s taking a hell of a RIS I mean it’s either that or you’re all wiped out yeah might as well Kong draws Godzilla down here they can make their stand in Hollow Earth and and there’s a chance that Godzilla can stop scaring and

shimo from reaching the surface he’s going to be like so dude I helped you last movie you owe me a favor just saying there’s another one are you down there and it’s not nice yeah you got a three pyramid theme in this movie strongly I wonder if the

implication is like the people that came up had known that Civilization and like mirrored mirror right the pyramids and like because of how ancient the ewu are under there right that they built that as a way of like replicating their homage like yeah and it also seems to

be parallel geographically to what yeah ah all right Godzilla’s got to feel that presence all right now now it feels like a transformer in Egypt with that yep jeez all right here we go the rocket gibralta supercharged I love that sound wow that’s I love that from underneath

that was a cool shot we are absolutely certain that she can pull this off right it’s why Gia was called here only an ewie from Skull Island can awaken Mothra wa so cool is the key to Godzilla protecting this place and its Pathways to the surface I so

would have brought a slinky there if I was on that side wow oh it’s going to connect that’s cool wow uhome back marra cool awesome wow that’s awesome Gravity the pyramids and gravity yeah yeah I got it I got it now me on the way come on come

on uh while we are throwing random at the wall uh permission to take the heat to the surface no there’s no time no this idea is way weirder than that I love this character he’s awesome he’s a lot of fun too I love those shots of Godzilla just

where you see the spikes on the top yeah God the power the amount of damage the Titans do it’s insane wow cool awesome whoa oh no we don’t talk oh good old dir stand the eye yeah that’s awesome whoa that’s cool was that a suplex dude oh nice

new Arm coming in handy dude get on the same page or we’re nothing’s going to be around anymore yeah wake up buddy he’s trying to tell you something oh it’s like all right dude I need that dentist you had earlier yeah just dragging down in there you better

get him in there quick oh no no oh man dude save this for the fight wa no oh no no no no no no oh no MRA yes cuz moth and Godzilla mathur and Godzilla are totally on the same page with each other and she saved Godzilla big

time in King Of Monsters And there’s no way Godzilla was going to listen to look at this wow that’s that’s iconic look at that this is amazing that’s great sound design too yeah Kong why did you just say so look at that beautiful that’s Titan look at that

the three of them one shot beauti little tiny dot of Gia on the yeah exactly where she belongs that little actress has Bragg rights for the rest of her life I’ve been on screen with the three biggest Titans absolutely with the chemical reaction this liquid metal becomes an

engineering mechanism forcing the two electromagnetic pyramids together causing an anti-gravity shock wave but only for a few minutes or maybe less which should keep those things from the portals after that everything that is up will come crashing down wow it’s like a like that Shield barrier got oh

uhoh broke right through it well I think cuz he got that that a yeah I think before they probably wouldn’t have been able to I hate him we’re not going to make it there’s not enough time we need something to slow them down but what else can we

do verticy mating season and is something Weir yes oh that’s a great Plano your Carriage awaits buckle up you beautiful people away woo doing a good job of the use of the soundtrack in this film too yeah it’s like oh oh oh they’re here and he’s pink thee

wooo awesome they stand side by side not subjugating the other yeah oh yeah Avengers Eat Your Heart Out that was awesome dope woo and now a gravity goes down all right just for a second this is interesting for Godzilla cuz he’s never fought in this type of atmosphere

yeah oh wow whoa get him this is reminding me of uh Titan in Infinity War totally oh M who can fly and help that really helps in this situation nice nice way to come through moth girl moth is the MVP oh just clutch ah stupid yeah yeah Kong

I like that he’s Donkey Kong just throwing barrels I wonder if he’s like an iguana where they can get Frozen and come back from it like C blooded he’s that’s whatever right right right yes Mathra nice catch Mathra is just saving everyone doing the work that’s why she’s

the queen Oh yay baby oh I’ll oh nice oh no oh no no no a oh where are they going to land oh okay now it’s a fast and furious crossover I was just thinking that that’s so funny these people are about family yeah it’s the crossover we

never thought we we were going to get but we need it yes I love this tracking angle wow oh that’s a fun oh that’s cool all the way around 360 love it woo the DP had a blast with this movie yeah I would be traumatized to go to

the beach ever again after this yeah we now going back I’d be like let’s go see what’s happening at the beach oh yeah he would never have seen the sky yeah H oh yeah yes oh oh not just do that someone take that freaking spinal whip out of

that dude’s hand and freaking kill it I hate it so much I want him to stab him with it oh me too I cannot stand this guy wow oh yikes oh oh got bring him his X yes yes yes yes mini good job little buddy you are awesome

oh you better chop that tail into pieces I can’t wait whoa damn this is a cool POV Rio’s gone yeah woo oh y’all ain’t seen nothing yet spank woo w fight that whip I hate the whip so much yes be done with it and now the other guy

is free yes yes good oh we’re going to get you these tracking shots are incredible laughing long Chuckles you celebrate too soon woo oh I feel that Tad bad for that thing cuz he’s being controlled know and I thought like if they can destroy that thing maybe won’t

be yeah cuz you know that thing wants to annihilate probably him yeah for the way it’s been treated since the Ice Age yeah Manny Kong all right now you got three three against you Manny Kong makes four oh yeah four there you go one for you yep oh

no no don’t you hurt him good daddy Kong yes oh yeah just play little ping pong back and forth uh the city’s destroyed might as well just keep let me help you guys out I’ve been I’ve been controlled since the Ice Age let me yeah oh yes woo

and that’ll clear the skies right right the new team Titans a I really love the sound design on Mathra proud of you look what’s the decision that’s tough I know that this place you like home and I I want you to know that whatever you’re if you decide

I support assume you want to stay a yeah could be your home no I belong with you you belong with me so she’s telling her that she’s staying there with her fine finding out oh there we go I got back to my home time to rest his little

bed I’ve earned my rest his dog bed is precious God he is so cute it really is adorable you are so adorable Godzilla family I’m glad he’s not controlled anymore I really did feel for him look at that little stack of homies look at this little fam I

shall rule with respect yeah K pets a little beard of dragon yeah mini oh so cute a damn I forgot to ask if there’s a mid or a post but I guess we’ll find out I guess we’ll find out huh no Dan ma whatsoever movies just like yeah

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was fun that was a very fun time ride Apes will I I just have to say one thing before I forget I love so much how wait if you’re listening to us an app our Spotify I always forget to say that you got to give us a five

star rating greatest hi leave all the comments we love you now listen mini Kong when he throws the rock I thought about it back where I’m like he learned that from like his filling dad from Kong when he first through the rock I was thinking and they they

did the call back and I love that so much and then you see him at the end I’m like my family that was a major theme in the film right finding people to not be lonely around so good getting out look share who wants to go first share

your thoughts get in the juice tell the people uh I really enjoyed it look um not fair to compare it to Godzilla minus one I mean that’s I mean a lot more focused on on the characters and there’s barely any Godzilla and it having said that I still

had a very fun time this was uh you know a popcorn very fun entertaining and I still thought it did a pretty good job job with the the characters that we did get with it I mean you had uh is it Brian Tyler Henry that his name uh

he the comic Rel Tyree Henry Tyreek Henry excuse me thank you very much uh I thought his uh comic relief was very good organic uh he made me laugh quite a bit um and also too I I actually like the little bit of the arc that he went

through you know because everything was about his podcast and making people believe uh and everything that he was talking about and then actually know hey like there’s a purpose on why I’m here and what I’m doing so I actually like that you know the film was oh sorry

my buddy did costumes I didn’t realize B on costume I just that’s just nice when you friends was your name Jun wanted to give him a shout out yes we appreciate everyone who works on these films no no no dude you don’t have to apologize we appreciate all

the hard working people on these films thousand of people a lot of hard work um I mean there were just so many things I appreciated about this film I mean uh from the so many different tracking shots I love how the film just started you know with I

mean it was kind of like almost a foreshadowing like how everything was going to start uh you know with that thing with what they did the E people where they made everything go upside down so it was kind of a little bit of a foreshadowing there but um

no it was it was a really fun good time I got I definitely got a lot more stuff I want to get into but also too I love that the film just centered on the theme which a lot of these films have been centered around is family it’s

like they all found a home yeah and that was like that one of the last lines is like she feels home and they did too and it runs uh you know a lot deeper than just blood family too like you know surrogacy and all that stuff so I

just I appreciated that you know it’s deeper than I was expecting it to be so yeah all right give him the juice koi super impressed that the arcs all felt like they paid off considering how many there were I was a little worried Godzilla X Kong they weren’t

together that much and that was one of the only things I had heard negatively about the film but they both were setting up their Journeys and they wouldn’t have been able to succeed without the other so Godzilla was doing his stuff in the surface Kong was doing his

stuff underground I liked that when they came together it wasn’t long but it was momentous so I was worried about that throughout the film that by the time they did cross paths I’d be like all right well I guess it’s over and it felt big and so I

I was impressed with that I love Mothra as like the third party I really liked that Dan Stevens Brian Tyree Henry uh Rebecca Ferguson like everyone felt like it was an emotional payoff that wasn’t just a b-plot because a lot of times these Godzilla movies and these Kong

movies you don’t really care about the people you just want to get back to the monsters and there is like a bit of balance of how much do you split between the melee and that and I was also worried once they showed their proficiency with we’ll show the

beginning we’ll show the end but it’ll work because I I mentioned that a few times I was then worried that the humans would be at Cost yes and so when that landed and the monster stuff landed I’m I’m super impressed because this is the American like through line

of Godzilla movies while minus one crushed it’s completely different as an experience uh Godzilla minus one is a sit down restaurant this is delicious casual dining so I really like that this felt like its own joy that I wouldn’t get watching something that felt so illustrious and Oscar

like this is a summer film that is a fall film and uh I really I was worried about that because of how much I loved minus one so recently but I got a lot out of this and I know everyone’s going to be like don’t compare they’re different

they both have Godzilla so I was worried for myself and i’ never I never felt like I was missing out that’s good cuz I didn’t see minus one but I love like you guys know I always complain if the movie doesn’t have heart in it get me out

of it and especially for this at the end yes of the Titans like together and they’re they’re they’re finding their home and they’re together there was also heart between the the girl and like her deciding between what’s her real home of like saying with the e e e

e people or like her you know her Earth mom I guess I can say it now but um I really like the way that they followed that story but also as you were saying early with Bernie’s sort of how he acclimated to being like you guys didn’t believe

me and like please take me on this journey and then once he was there how I mean his comedic timing and pacing he is like to me so perfect in this movie but also what he goes through and at the end there’s also heart there like you actually

feel that he has learned something especially when Trapper is like hey if you if you give this to the people with when he’s sitting at home and he has a podcast he’s like I wish it was thousands of people it’s hundreds who listen to me he now has

the juice to carry that through and now have millions but he with that talk with Trapper you know he’s going to decide like what’s best because he’s a good human meaning you can’t just H shine a light on all these people and ruin their what they’ve built just

to get these people to believe you and I like that that also was heart in his journey yeah for sure um him not needing it was really special like I think I think especially in 2024 we don’t know the effects of of social media on kids in 20

years we know it’s affecting us horribly but we don’t know like the macro and I do think we’re going to look back in like 30 years and this will be what we were afraid TV was in the 50s I think there’s a a crippling like pandemic of internet

addiction and social media clout and wanting to be liked we aren’t meant to be exposed to 100,000 people we’re we’re we’re making this video for over a million people subscrib to a channel that is terrifying and not like the human brain is we don’t have enough gray matter

so it’s it’s crazy we’re exposed to that but overall reject nation is kind so we don’t have to think about the uh the detriment of it here blissfully which is why we’re here but someone like Bernie who’s like conspiracy like think think are tracking him that’s such an

anxiety and I loved his Arc was just accepting himself and accepting he doesn’t need the feedback to know it was real for him and I think that’s a really like in a movie that’s so flashy it’s an important message to accept yourself others be damned and that’s what

Kong did that’s what Godzilla did that’s what B he did Steven already had he already accepted himself he loved himself love that I hadn’t actually seen Dan not to my recollection I hadn’t seen Dan Stevens I don’t think in anything but right away I and again I didn’t

uh uh love Alexander skarsgard’s character but I like him as an actor um but I always like that continuity seeing characters from uh previous films and I liked actually his chemistry with uh Rebecca Ferguson from uh Rebecca is it hall or Ferguson oh I think you’re right it

is Hall I might have said Ferguson yeah re I’m just obsessed rebecc Rebeccas yeah um uh I I thought they had pretty good chemistry and I like the history uh between them from the first film but right away I think I appreciated Dan Stevens uh Stevens character just

uh his blaring of Music his uh personality his Charisma and I like right away that those two actors did such a good job I felt the history right away with those two they have such good chemistry with each other and I just the whole time I was just

having a ball with him he’s just so much fun he’s got so much life in him and I think he did such a great job but the whole time too like again I I always say like I love seeing characters like in terms of continuity from the previous

film not for one second was I missing Alexandra Skarsgard so uh I appreciate it just again he did a great job they did a great job casting I mean everyone in this I never thought like cuz it’s hard when you make a movie like this I think it

was in one of the I can’t think of the name of the film right now but it’s it’s trying to be like action adventure and I think there’s monsters in it you guys know my memory sucks they try to add in comedic timing with characters and it fails

like the pacing and the tone of it and the delivery and I’m like this sucks how is no one watching this being like this you are not funny and the pacing is off it was never off with him I mean I think Bernie’s character was the leader of

that Trapper followed right behind and the rest of them like within the within the um the script that they wrote it added them in so nicely they all understood each other and it was never like what man like here’s another like joke it just it just worked yeah

and he was with two kids last movie which I thought it still worked but seeing him with trapper in this film it was just again so genuine so or organic and I love that Trapper helped him understand like you know hey just accept yourself for who you are

you’re awesome you’re great and again it just it worked for me they were great together their chemistry was awesome there was just so many different characters their interactions that work together and was just so much fun to watch on screen on top of like the the Godzilla and

the Kong Kong stuff and all the action also too I’m glad we didn’t get a lot of uh action that was just like repetitive and over the top like there were so many monster fights it could have gotten there tot totally because once we got to the end

of Once We got to that big battle I’m like all right I’m like yeah I’m still excited to see this but I’m like I’m just so tired from seeing so many different of these battles I’m like I’m glad they saved it for the end there and they saved

some really cool angles and dynamic choices for the end like obviously all the fights were dynamic in a different way but I loved how scopy the pyramid fight was and we finally had a relative ey line using the pyram cuz one thing I did notice in the opening

the first 10 minutes I was like this looks awesome but since everything’s big it’s hard to tell how big the problem Ant-Man 3 you’re like well they’re big or small because everything is in Quant I don’t care about the but then by the time we got to the

end they kind of saved that like pyramid big so like there’s such a scope uh we’ve talked about the actors quite a bit but I do want to also give some love to Adam winguard um I do think this directing was exceptional because not only you’re dealing with

the human element and that story but you’re directing those human actors and then you’re mapping with your cinematographer the DP needs a lot of love as well the scope of this movie and that dichotomy often really separates like you were describing at that action adventure film where your

heart is in the film so not just in the writing and acting but I think even directing those two disparate films is such a task and you can really tell Adam winguard is a fan of Kong and Godzilla and is a fan of this human human story and

I was really impressed with with wiard’s work here because all of his behind the scenes stuff all his interviews he clearly loves this and was hoping that would translate but sometimes loving something costs you like sometimes you’re too beloved and then it like doesn’t and this actually translated

I felt the Love on screen yeah I absolutely agree and I feel like in in what you’re saying too is that these actors are working against something that is is totally fake and you can lose sight of that and not get them in the right mode with the

right delivery and be like I don’t feel like they’re there right now or the the com the comedic like tone of it is like there’s some happening in the background why would there be a time right now now for a joke all of it felt really nicely timed

which is why I’m like giving so much credit to the comedic timing and the jokes and where they’re placed within this film and I know Bernie delivered a lot of that but it was delivered in in a really great way because this could this could really f up

in a point where there’s some big fight going on and we don’t need a joke and it totally Falls flat they didn’t do that and I appreciate that and Brian Ty Henry’s drama work is good too like we’re talking about bur like if you haven’t seen Atlanta if

you haven’t seen uh oh at incredible and he’s great in eternals which is more of this kind of genre like he’s one of the leads of eternals playing a scientifically based character like Brian Ty one of those actors that have you seen um bullet train I still haven’t

seen I’ve had so many people Aaron Taylor Johnson are assassin best friends and Brad Brad I’ve had so many people saying you need to react to it oh dude react to that cuz the two of them are Aaron Taylor Johnson and him are yeah Bri Tor Johnson very

three named guys two name it guys Teran I need react to that Yes actually my my dad actually said to me the other day you’ve never seen bullet train what’s wrong with you I love that movie David Lee directed it David Leech of the co-creator of John Wick

Atomic blonde RAC uh the Fall Guy okay we shall anyway that’s about another director that’s incredible no no no no no you’re good um I was going to say to one other little thing I appreciate it’s just like uh things like continuity things for instance like with the

that tooth problem that he had I honestly thought they were going to cut away with it with a monster movie like that it wouldn’t have bothered me that much but just paying attention to the details I like little things like that that actually was part of the part

of the plot and part of the storyline so I was like okay I appreciate that there’s a movie you and I watched recently I don’t know which is going to air first but that was a key factor was the color of another limb you you were invested in

that too yes very true I I appreciate those little details it feels more Rio lived in with something that’s completely fantasy so um also too I’d say one of my favorite things I kind of mentioned during the reaction was the relationship uh between Gia and Kong and also

too like she kind of foreshadowed this in the previous film she said your family could be down there uh you know on Hollow Earth and so both of their families technically were down there with the E and then uh you know with more Apes down there I guess

if you will so I thought that was a cool foreshadowing if you rewatched the previous film but um the the the yeah with the uh but the relationship between them was one of my favorite things of the previous film I thought again I I appreciated that very much

so in this film as well uh I think that was done very I it wasn’t uh a ton in but I love that Gia got even more screen time in this film and then that whole moment was so damn epic and like I said she’s got freaking bragging

RS for the rest of her life that shot was so damn epic MOA Godzilla Kong and her like so beautifully done so elegant chef’s kiss yeah I agree I think my favorite moment was when they finally took that spinal Whip and they broke it because I hate that

guy I hated and like just said letting mini Kong do that was earned well because too I mean it was that mini Kong I don’t know if it was his father or His companion like we saw that big battle like Ken yeah it was Vengeance so yeah it

was a well earned moment I agree because that the one thing that you’re you’re breaking it it’s like you don’t feel bad because it’s not a a a being it’s this thing that’s taking control over someone else that should not be and I hate that so I just

like couldn’t wait in that moment so gratifying for me along with vengeance for like his buddy who was kicked and he’s such a little that does something to you when you’re little right and so I’m so glad that he got to seek his Vengeance and now he has

his like rightful family his family that has like a heart and I love so much like it gave me all of the feels when Kong pet him and gave him love and I was like that’s the first time he or she has gotten love I don’t know if

it’s a boy or girl but I just I love that so much and that’s why it reminds of Caesar it’s giving me Planet of the Apes Vibe because Caesar’s a benevolent leader and so is Kong and he’s going to now it’s like the they have family and they

can live like peacefully yeah I feel totally I feel so bad for all all these cities that have to repair uh rebuild and rep that’s rough the world would be dead but Millions have still died uh last thing I want to speak on is the uh the character

design I think that Not only was mini Kong effortlessly cute and and like they didn’t they they didn’t have to do much but it was always enough to be like oh right I’m and dear but also how lanky and fast and just malevolent the evil ape was absolutely

I was really impressed that you immediately felt something for these creatures and like they’re all ones and zeros and and the special effects were great but if you have special effects that are great but the creature design doesn’t endear you emotionally it’s not going to land as well

so I was really impressed with not only the special effects but the the choices the design the style of everyone and the sound design so well done cuz giving little Kong those cute adorable green eyes bre right you’re you really are endearing us to that character right off

and the Blackness of Kong’s eyes makes you endear to him differently like when you look at Kong’s eyes you feel like it’s not like that didn’t work but the brightness of his eyes give it a youthful exuberance give it more of a connectivity yeah so I really like

that and I also think um the the malevolence of the 1A plus the the ability to have Godzilla kind of play both because of his characterization I was just I would really impressed the character and also too just in terms of the visuals like we talk about visual

storytelling like even when there’s no subtitles for them but you can always tell what they’re thinking when ex when the other shimu I think the name was that was like practically smiling when it was freed like an iguana looking face like that’s happy like that’s impressive story absolutely

good call for sure all right let’s get some trivia some trivia okay by the way we did a movie the other day which we’re not going to mention the trivia that we were going through we’re like holy bananas apparently there’s a documentary all about a featur link documentary

we have to watch and there’s a director’s cut about that movie know I didn’t know about yeah I know I heard yes true uh so the image used for the blueprint of the Beast glove is the arm of the Pacific Rim uh J Jagger gpsy danger oh I’ve

never seen Pacific Rim this was a Pacific Rim crossover too never I’ve never seen Pacific Rim so I didn’t even understood thater a long long long long time ago it’s all about fighting Kaiju which this is a Kaiju film effectively right yeah wow that’s cool Godzilla’s movements and

mannerisms namely the scene where he’s sleeping curled up inside the Roman Coliseum were based off director Adam wiard’s cat Mischief yeah oh that just makes all three of us who are cat people that makes sense all three of us like this is adorable this seems familiar and I

wonder if his cat if he has a black cat because we saw in that picture the might his cat my God me Adam had the that’s very cute I love that this guy’s relating to excellent trivia Godzilla has 8 minutes of screen time it felt like so much

longer wow it just spread through which as actually the least amount in the monsterverse movie at the time of release for comparison this is 3 minutes less than Godzilla vers Kong which was 11 minutes and 2 minutes less than Godzilla king of the monsters which was 10 minutes

and Godzilla 2014 which was 10 minutes it really do such an effective job of making you feel like it’s more feels like a lot more 5 minute fight at the end yeah it feels like I mean obviously we know Kong was in the movie Joker’s only in 12

minutes of Dark Knight or whatever it’s like a very small amount he ledgers barely in Beetlejuice was only in about 17 minutes of the Alec Baldwin gling Ross that one scene like if it’s impactful it’s so good oh my God that’s the scene you think of in that

movie it’s impactful like you said it feels longer you don’t even your brain doesn’t even tell you it was barely in the movie like Jaws he just cuts into the frame and leaves so like you remember the Joker but at the actual screen time yeah like you don’t

even think about that in Dark Knight it’s only 12 minutes feels feels like the whole movie almost while you’re looking your uh although never mentioned in the film The Mini Kong’s name is suko which was revealed on toys it carries significant meaning as when written uh phonetically in

Japanese it can be broken down into two characters that ultimately mean essential child interesting interestingly suko is typically a female name in Japanese and perhaps coincidentally in a Filipino world for surrender oh okay the change in color for Godzilla’s Atomic breath going from light blue to reddish tint

signifying a total boost in power is identic to high highy Incarnation sorry if I mispronounced that having the far more destructive red spiral Ray as the sheer strength of his attack is more powerful than his default blue colored Atomic breath pink is supercharged we get it uh it

was Empire was only 12 minutes of Vader was where that had that number from 12 minutes of Vader ire in the nearly two and a half hour dark knigh he is only in 32 minutes I can’t believe vad was only in 12 minutes I knew I had 12

minutes my for reason 12 minutes V but still only 32 minutes so a fifth of that is such an effective 12 minutes cuz Vader’s my favorite in Empire and that’s 12 minutes in Empire and then Heath is 33 of the two and a half of is that crazy

I it was something that’s one of my favorite movies and you never think that the AR that people are like oh this a Joker movie I’m like no it’s a Batman movie with a great performance but like you really doesn’t the Batman doesn’t work without the Joker’s impact

but it’s not about him right but yeah 33 minutes uh heat letterer wow all right you getting his spoilers uh it’s spoilers get some spoilers Adam Wingard revealed that despite scar King being a cool character he did pose A peculiar problem for the production they couldn’t tear him

to pieces he stated and I quote in the previous film we had meca Godzilla who’s obviously a robot but killing him was really fun because we could do kind of a Sam a samurai bloody death without it being bloody because Kong chops him up and he’s being he’s

bleeding oil everywhere so it allowed us to do this visceral almost gory sequence but with scaring it’s like yeah you hate scar King he’s bad but if you started eviscerating scaring you’d have some kids running out but we eventually found it with this ice thing SM okay using

so many movies do that where they break ice and you’re like you know that’s goryan graphic but it seems safe yeah right totally um while shu’s exact age is unknown I believe that’s mini Kong shimu exact age is unknown the fact that she’s been referred to in some

sources as the first Titan indicating her to be older than any other Titan puts her here by default that’s the the Trap that Godzilla ice one shimu was the The Ice Godzilla yeah cuz the little girl is soku or something you said oh you’re right you’re right suko

I’m sorry sorry my bad yeah sorry not encyclopedia today I guess I guess so what’s wrong with me all right I’ll do one more one more spoiler and Scar last one in scar King’s throne room several female Apes holding red or orange uh uh furred uh infants can

be seen the strongly implies that he reproduced with these females and that’s suko is one of his many children another another clue that he’s his son suko is also a two syllable name with the letters s and K just like the scar King which is also a two-

syllable word and has the letters s and K oh D all right so that obviously like we said the one that he kicked was obviously a very close friend his dad was a dick like so see you later dude like he got his new he’s got a new

Dead like we talked about runs family runs a lot you know deeper than blood y so yep well we love you guys thank you for joining us here make sure that you like this you got to share it with all the Godzilla C people out there comment tell

us what you think what else should we watch tell us all the juice you know we love you don’t forget to spread hug hugs love and laughter and we will see you on the next one bye David Gandy David when I imagine God in my mind’s eye I

just imagine you you know because you have a very calming presence but you also have a a look in your eye that suggests that you’re seeing across centuries you know with a hint of disappointment with a hint of disappointment because of course you know like this experiment down

here on Earth has just not been panning out let me tell you but yeah not to insult your handiwork you know your Gandy workor but uh but yeah when I think of a benevolent ruler a benevolent King of Kings uh you know I like to think of you

because you calm my spirit you make my soul feel light and uh and even though I know that you are always watching my every move and judging me intensely for I don’t feel like that’s what happening so I’m able to skate by and uh and you know continue

on this path to Hell uh you know at least without feeling too much like I’ve let you down I’ve disappointed you know which even if that’s the case at the very end you know even if uh San Pedro keeps me out of the Pearl Gates you know it’s

fine because at least on this Mortal coil I have felt supported and bolstered just by your presence alone praise David I say I mean Jesus was from the House of David which means you are his dad because that’s your house so like the logic only checks out David

Gandy um Plus you know you’re a man of many disciplines and uh you know you’re always creating worlds and things like that through the lens of your camera lens your eye uh and you remain here omnipotent sometimes we don’t hear from you for a minute but you’re always

there even when we didn’t real like when I look down and I only see one set of footprints in the sand I know it’s because you were carrying us all along Dave Gandy uh and you’re again one of the primordial patrons you know you’ve been with us ride

or die for so long you have built this congregation alongside us the the rock of the Church of reject is largely thanks to you and your endless support and benevolence David G so uh hey I hope you’re feeling good I hope this shout out hasn’t been too Blasphemous

and uh if it has you know where to find me you know where to smite me and uh I suppose because you take martial arts training you could fight me and since I haven’t brushed up on mine in a while you would win and that’s uh you know

it’s as it should be so uh keep at it we love you and we’ll see you next month in the name of the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit I’m glad I could sit here it’s okay I know you were in prayer and it’s good to

not you know adver TI be out here like oh guys check my prayers out you know you were being the most Pious of us like when David comes down and the Rapture happens he’s taking you to heaven and you’re going to leave me so you just earned your

way up really just uh threw you some material here you did yes and G yes and all right this is going to go for 10 minutes DAV Gandy to just strap in we love you buddy be well a

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